Sunday 8-9-09

10:00am Wake up time Houseguests! Jordan works out on the elliptical, Lydia in BY on couches chatting with Jordan. Regular morning routines going on inside the house; changing battieries, showers, hair, makeup.

11:00 Lydia,Nat, and Chima discuss a tipsy Jessie last night Lydia also reports that Michelle went into Splish Splash room to hang out with Jeff, Jordan, and Russell. They don't seem happy about it. Russell telling Lydia not to let Jessie "reel her in" by pretending to care about her. While Jordan was getting dressed, Chima talked to DR, but production audio leaked You could hear a woman's voice saying "Hey Chima", "The lockdown may take awhile" and"We'll put that in for you". Nothing juicy. But when Chima got back out (quick talk), Jordan asked if she was standing outside the DR door. Chima says no. Jordan tells her that she was able to hear what production was saying to her, and that someone else was saying "stop talking, stop talking" in production because they caught their audio leak.

1:00 Nat, Chima & Jessie are talking about how much Jessie drank last night. Jessie asks Lydia to give him a little hair trim. Playful bickering going back & forth between Lydia and Jessie. Jessie takes the trimmer and tries to
finish the trim himself whe Jeff walks by and offers to finish it. Lots of giggles as Nat, Chima & Lydia watch. Russell comes inside and beings singing "Chima-pet".Chima does not find this amusing and begins calling Russ a terrorist!Russell and Chima screaming at each other, Russ says Chima is a hypocrite for calling Braden a racist. Lots of back and forth insults. They are really going at it. Chima is calling Russ a terrorist because he terrorizes everyone in the house. Russ is saying SHE is the racist in the house. They are both screaming over each other... Lydia is hanging back in the hallway by the bathroom...not sure if she should laugh or not. Jordon asks what he is screaming about now?'s movie time for the winners of the food comp. (should be fun!)

2:00 Losers of the food comp, Jeff, Michelle, Kevin, Lydia all enjoy a little fun in the sun. Michelle & Jeff play basketball in the pool, Lydia & Kev hang out on the couch chatting. Kevin messes with Jeff and asks "Hey where is Jordan?" Jeff replies "She is upstairs at the move, what you automatically think she is a loser" (lol). Jeff goes to hang out with Lydia, Kevin & Michelle on the couch. All talking about how much they hate slop. Kevin asks Jeff is he and Jordon are on good terms. Jeff says Jordon's my rock. No one is talking game, just small talk, jokes, etc.

Lots of FOTH this afternoon, feeds are in and out.

3:30 Movie is over HG come down with lots of candy and are talking about how much they enjoyed the movie. General chit chat moves to high school experiences (causing more FOTH...thanks guys!)

4:00 Chima states America likes her more than Russ. Chima, I want him to hit me, the producers will have to kick him out. Russ tells Jeff he can live with anything he said to Chima b/c he didn't go racial. Jeff advises russ to not talk to Chima because it's a lose lose situation. Jeff & Russ decide to sunbath for a while. Chima, Nat, Jorddan, Kevin, Lydia, Michelle
are on the BY couches talking about past seasons, high school and other things that are causing FOTH.

6:00 Chima & Jessie in HOH room discussing Russ' pending eviction. Chima doesnt think anyone will vote for him to stay. Jess and Chima going through votes - Jessie said he knows for sure that Jordan still doesn't like him, so they definitely have her vote. Chima saying that BB probably won't show Chima calling Russ a terrorist. She doesn't care if the people watching live feeds were offended. (Chima's terrorist comments are causing all the FOTH this afternoon!). Lots of chit chat and joking around in HOH between Jessie
and Chima. Natalie decides to come in a join the fun. Meanwhile, evryone else in the house napping, except Russ. Russ is making steak and eating alone in the BY. Seems pretty adjetated. Back in HOH, lots nof Russ bashing by Jessie & Nat but headed by Chima. We keep getting fish because of Chima's terrorist comments. She said she hopes he hits her so he will go to jail and get raped up the a$$ everyday. (Classy Chima). Chima wants Russ to hit her. She says BB can throw her out 2 if Russ hits her. She read that in the rule book last
Monday. She also wants to get Jeff out because he is hanging out with Russell. All I can say is Thursday...and more FOTH (Can I say that on
Thursday when they call her to HOH to talk to Julie, they just need to lock her in ther until after the live show, simple as that. She has stated multiple times that she is going to go off if the power is used, and destroy the live show. BB is now giving us FOTH everytime she mentions it).

7:00 More HOH gabbing, Jess telling Chima and Nat. about fans and haters... After the show, he says don't be surprised by the comments on
youtube and other site featuring u. Talks about various chats he was in and all the negative remarks he received. They all laugh about it. Jessie heads downstairs to grab something to eat and runs into Russ in the kitchen. They talk about workouts and weight. Jessie offers advise on nutritional advise to Russ who is worried about his weight. Chima & Nat watch on the spy camera and make jokes that they should go save Jessie. Jeff wakes up (thank god) and chats with the boys in the kichen for a few before heading to BY.

8:30 Jeff & Russ in BY not saying much, general chit chat.

9:30 Russ opens a bottle of wine in BY. Kevin & Jeff outside with him on couch. Talking about Veto comp. Russ says to Kevin: "So, Kevin, now
that I'm leaving. Why do you hate me so much?" Kev says he doesn't hate Russ, and that his fight with Lydia was more about her breaking her
confidentiality than about her talking to Russ. Kev also says he gets more mad at Lydia for getting hung up on things and then not following
up on how she feels - like she said she can't talk to people who were mean to her, but she still talks to Russell and Kev gets annoyed. Russ telling Kev that he apologized to Lydia, and was confused when it didn't seem like his apology was accepted. Russ tells Kev that he has never said anything bad about Lydia or Kevin, and like everyone else, he wants to win money.Kevin is calmly venting about Lydia with Russell as Jeff looks on silently. Russ saying he trash talked Kevin during comp to rattle him, not out of real dislike or anger. Just as a competitor he wanted throw his game off to gain an advantage. Russ is trying to explain his actions and letting Kevin know he does like him, but as a competitorhe will behave in a certain way, it is not personal. Again says he is different than Chima in that he is cool with people talking with her, while she wants Russell to be ignored...says the disagreement between Chima and himself is just that, between them.

10:30 Jeff & Russ finish playing pool. Russ is now pretty tipsy, BB gave him 1 bottle of wine and 6 cans of beer? (wow). Russ rubbing in the fact that he's "tipsy" while Jeff is not. Jeff jokingly demands more alcohol for next week. Russ is giggly. Jordan and Jeff are smiley but are low key compared to Russ. Russ goes in house and Jordan is talking about Jessie acting shady, repeatedly walking into the room while she's napping. Jeff says he did the same thing to him. Russ told Jeff and Jordan that he thinks 'chia-pet is a bigot'. Jordan asked what that meant. Russ claims he is going to call out people in his exit speech, and he plans to "redeem Braden's name" because Braden is a "stand-up guy". he gestures for and receives a hi-five from Jordan. Jeff also told Russ "If you stay, we need to rock this sh*#. Russ says it's on from there if he's still here. Russ also told Jeff if he goes up tomorrow if Ly comes down, he won't say anything against him, will bow out (he's still slurrin words) Jeff says he appreciates it and will do the same if he's there. But let's just wait and see what happens tomorrow.
Jeff droped another hint saying well if u come down someone has to go up. Russ bragging about how he made Chima look like a hypocrite today.
Jordan and Jeff are not quick to agree or disagree. They are simply letting tipsy/drunk Russel speak his mind. Russ says to both Jeff and Jordan, "I'm not saying you're the wizard or you're not the wizard, but if I stay and join you two, the other side will be $hitting bricks!" Jordan thinks Michele or Kevin is the wizard - Jeff agrees - Russ thinks Michele. Russ says if he's up against Jeff he wouldn't slander or compete. Back to trashing Chima and her tactics. Jordan asks if he regrets evicting Braden and he does - Russ is saying good things about Braden, but his regret is more about his dislike of Chima and his vote helped keep her in the game. Russ goes inside for a minute leaving Jeff and Jordan alone on the backyard couch...discussing game/HGs and what Russ had been saying. Jordan says there's only one person in the house she trusts. Jeff asks "Who?". Jordan gives him a look and then jokes back "Jessie!" and cracks herself up laughing. Jordan complains about not working out, eating junk. Jeff agrees, but tells her it's okay, it's Sunday. And Russ comes outside with fresh baked cookies to share with her.
Russ back to talk about schooling Jeff on some time lines of the game. Says if he can't win it, he wants Jeff to win. Jeff says that if Russ stays they will run the house. Russ tries to backtrack on his comments about backstabbing J/J. He says he wants to win the money, if it's down to the 3 of them, he'd do whatever to win the money.Jeff starts telling him there is different ways to play. Russ says he picks Jeff n Mich as his Final 2. (Russ is still drunk and slurring his words, while Jeff trying to be rational with him). Russ tells his game strategy. Then Jeff states his very different game strategy.
Jeff talks about keeping your head, being back stabbed and turning the other cheek to get through the day. Russ listens and says to Jeff that's why I pick you for final two. More talk then Russell back to saying he want to give them the dates/event info in case he goes home this week. Russ states again that he picks Jeff to win. Then says to Jordan that he really hopes she comes in second. Jordan brings up the money for America favorite player - and Jeff doesn't seem to know about it. Jeff laughs that he's not a favorite because everyone else has made him look stoopid with the teasing about tech-no-tronics and toona. And they laugh. Russ is now claiming that an important line his father wrote in Russ' HOH letter was referring to the Jeff/Russ "relationship."

12:00 Kevin in HOH spilling what Russ said to him outside. Jessie is analyzing (pretty accurately) that Jeff will use CDT to nom. him and Natalie and people will vote to keep Nat. He points out to Chima that Michelle is probably still aligned with J/J (because she said that she would never nominate J/J at some earlier point in the game) and is just kissing Chima's ass to make sure that Chima doesn't make her a replacement nominee if Kev uses the veto.Chima says that she doesn't think that Braden or Casey were really that bad, but Russ is bad to the core. Jessie is repeating how unhappy he is that Russ picked Jeff then Russ wanted Jess to vote for him to say.Chi and Jess talking about reasons to put Jeff up. Russ picked him for veto, Both Jeff and Jor didn't come up to HOH to talk to Queen Chima. Other random reasons they are trying to think of to justify it to him. Jess says it might be a risk vs reward. Chima saying she could just tell Jeff she feels like he might be a vote for Russ to stay. It sounds like during fish they figured out to say things on Thursday during hoh lockdown to tag team his (Jeff's) butt. Jesse is going to use Jordon by telling her that they were wrong about Ronnie, but they aren't wrong about Russell. Jesse wants to make them see it their way. Jesse is planning on staying in their faces until showtime. Chima is calling it the Thursday plan.
Jesse says if it doesn't apply to Jeff and Jordon it is obsolete. Jesse telling Chima to change her tactics on russell and not give it back to him. Chima saying she will respond with questions to his question. Jesse saying russ will not be saying questions but chima will. Jesse saying that jeff only wants to know the truth. Talking about how it was easy to make it
look like michelle was the liar when she was not.Chima talking about russell bringing michelle into the mix, and jesse saying it wasn't one sided, that she intended to set russ up to get out the door. Chima says good for her.

2:00 More HOH convo. Talking about jeff not forgetting about russell attacking him. Jesse saying that he and natalie have to wake up early and put in enough face time with them (jeff and jordon). we're putting in the time and not coming after them .Chima telling how jordon was telling her that her and jeff were talking about them in the red room before she came upstairs and jordon told her how much fun chima was and how much she liked her.Jesse telling chima that they cannot talk to them about game, because they don't like that.jesse saying that they don't want reassurance, rather assurance.

Russ alone in BY. Russell has his with hand on his head and says "man this hurts...fck". Russ says "sorry Dad, I wanted to win this one for you". Russ deep in thought, hands folded in front of his face.

2:30 Mic is worried she or Jeff will be going up as a replacement. Jeff tells her do not worry, you will be here. He seems very confident talking to Mi. Telling her she's not going nowhere, and next week and he points to the sky like they are going to the top. He tells Mi that he is not goin to worry about 4 weeks down the role he's gonna make a move. She tells him it's about time.
She asks him if he's worried at all. he says not really. Talk turns to have not restrictions... Seemes very confident talking to Michelle. Jeff to Mi "I just cant be a sheep the whole time. It's time to make a move" She tells him she hopes they are there till the end, a couple more months in the BB house. They are sitting/laying next to each other. He says they got start winning. They fist pound. Jeff says he's tired of being a sheep.She doesn't think he's been a sheep. Mich sitting on Jeff's bed telling him about being up in HOH with chima. Saying it was just trying to save herself from going up this week. He asks Jess or Nat if they were up, I think she says Jess, but she could go for Nat to but i'm not sure it's hard to hear. jeff talks about how he's just thinking alot about competitions and days of the houes that it happened.Mi starts telling him about past comps on memory and how hard they can be. Jeff says it's tough to remember all that stuff. Mi says it's easier for her to remember stuff in comps when she plays in them. Jeff says he
doesn't remember much he just goes at it hard core, he lacks patience. Mi says he has to have a lot of patience since he's not blown up and been so calm. Jeff says he just learned to think before he acts. In the house it's even more important to remember that. Jeff tells Mi he feels the momentum is coming there way. He says he doesn't know for sure but just feels it. Mi does too. Jeff and Mi are worried about Ly cuz she loves Jess and won't vote him out. Mi says Ly went hard core for the veto. Jeff says he messed up in the veto by dropping the egg and he was tied with Kev for the lead but it dropped and he was out. He talks about how he would have redid his strategy for the comp to do it faster.

3:30 Nat, Jessie & Lydia outside playing pool and arguing about a bet if Nat or Jesse loses. Nat wants Jesse to wear only underwear that she picks out for Jessie to wear 24 hrs, arguing about Jessie needing a blanket when he naps. Nat has to wear a thong over her eye like Lydia, arguing over how long to wear it. Still have not played pool yet as they are arguing over the bet. Nat relents and says Jesse can go only 10 hrs with the underwear. Lydia pipes in once in a while. Jesse said I didn't ***** ing do anything while she cheated. Lydia and Nat both give him lip. Jesse, big sigh. Lydia sitting on the washing machine wrapped up in a blanket watching the game and backing Nat up against Jesse. Down to their last couple of balls. Nat takes a shot and silently says, Fu*k. They are both now working on getting the black ball in the pocket.Jesse won the game. Now Nat yelling it's best out of three. Jesse arguing no, I won! Nat calls Lydia in for backup. All three arguing. Jesse says he won and Nat says it's best out of three. Both getting upset. Nat still saying it's best out of three & Jessie saying. you lost! Lydia saying stop it. This is going nowhere. Lydia tells Nat that you have to wear a thong on your eye like me.
Nat still arguing that it's best out of three. She is welching on the bet. Voices are raised. Jesse said that if you won Nat, it would have been fireworks going off etc. etc. Jesse pulls Lydia in the arugment again. Nat is not budging. Being very stubborn. Arguing turns to laughing between Jesse & Nat but both are still saying Jesse won and Nat saying it's best out of three. Lydia threatens to dump a cup of juice on both of them. Jesse now relents and gives in to Nat and says ok, it's best out of three.
Now they are back to fighting about it. Jess/Nat need a pool 8 ball and Ly won't give it back unless Jess/Nat give her a blankie.

5:00 HG sleeping except for Nat Jess and Lyd who continue to goof around. Now, I am off to work, these guys will still be up being stupid for a while.