AT 8:30 am there's a stir in the house as Russell is the first to get up. He goes through his morning routine from the rest room to making coffee then folding laundry in the backyard. He's followed by Casey. By 9:30am the first wake-up call for the house-guests is announced followed by 5 minutes later a second announcement since no one got out of bed the first time.

Casey is telling Russell he dreads if Lydia wins the HOH. He feels she will be very "bitchy" with all that power. Apparently Lydia went on a major cleaning frenzy last night. They both feel Lydia will use this as a tool to complain about everything today.

While Russ & Casey are having their conversation outside, Jordan & Jeff are up and in the storage room getting fresh batteries. Jeff, Jordan, Michele & Laura slowly files into the wash room for their morning routine.

Casey and Russ discuss the water waste in the house. They complain that Ronnie does too much laundry and hardly ever changes his cloths.

It's 10:00am and it's still just Russ and Casey outside talking. They are always the first two up so it is easiest to have private conversations. Russell tells Casey that Ronnie mentioned to them that he would put Casey up. Casey is angry over this and lights another cigarette. They talk about Braden and Chima, who are both on the block. They agree that Braden has pretty much dug a hole for himself with his racial slur towards Kevin. They agree that getting rid of Braden is the best thing while they can because Chima's mouth will get her in trouble down the road.

While the guys switch gears and start talking sports, Lydia comes out and Casey tells her the house looks really nice. Michele comes out and her and Russell talk about how they shouldn't take stuff so personally in the house that other's say. Things get very amplified in the house and last nights argument was a prime example.

Jordan & Michelle are going to work out in the backyard. The begin stretching while Russell & Casey watch. Russell has a smirk on his face. Jodan is trying to figure out a lady like way to stretch then tells Michele she is proud of her for sticking up for herself last night. (argument between Nat, Chima & Michele)

Braden comes out and is talking to Russell about his body. Russ said he was 20 lbs lighter 2 weeks before coming to the BB house because he was preparing for a fight what ended up being cancelled. He said he is normally lighter and more shredded when preparing for a fight.

10:30 am, BB makes a 4th announcement in an angry voice.
"Jessie, Natalie, Chima, I said get up!!!" (lol)

By noon different HG are now laying out, swimming and just chit chatting.

Jeff & Jordan are talking poolside. Jeff tells Jordan that in the HOH competition if it comes down to him & her, he will throw it to her because he wants his clique on the block & booted out. (apparently Jeff missed the message from Julie during the first hoh comp that said if anyone in your clique wins hoh then you are also safe from nominations)

Jeff has a plan for Braden to go apologize to Kevin & Lydia for the fight the other day in hopes that he can sway them to vote out Chima instead of Braden. After the fight between Michele and Chima last night, Michele had stated she would evict Chima. Braden heads off to do some serious butt kissing for the day.

1:00 pm. House-guests, this is a lock-down. Please go inside & close the sliding glass door.

1:30 pm: Jessie gets the HOH camera & the HG begin taking pictures.

2:00 pm: Jeff and Jordan are talking about foods they ate that make their breath stink.
Jeff: "Wanna make out now"?
Jordan: "Heck No"!
Laura announces: "Jeff & Jordan are strategy's". (lol)

In the exercise room Laura and Jordan discuss making an alliance with Michele, Jeff & Casey. They discuss the votes that they might have to keep Braden. Michele, Jordan, Jeff & Laura. Jordan thinks she can get Ronnie and Casey, then Ronnie walks in. Laura tells them she is going to try her hardest to get HOH. Braden comes in to take a few pictures of them with the HOH camera. Everyone leaves the room except Jordan, Laura & Ronnie. Jordan asks Ronnie if he would leave the room so she can talk to Laura for a second.

Ronnie leaves. Jordan's talking to Laura about her idea.... since Michelle is now against them and on our side, and if we had Braden, that's another person. I KNOW we can get Ronnie, that's six, and Casey's swinging back and forth. I know Michelle or Ronnie wouldn't put us up.
Laura: you don't think he would? I don't trust him!
Jordan: I think he would put up Russell and Casey. Because Russell always talks crap about him, and Russell would try to depend on him in the end cuz he's smart. do you think it would be a bad move? I didn't like his remarks, but we have to look out for ourselves.
Michele was saying before to Jordan, that she doesn't need Chima.
Laura: I don't think Ronnie will vote Chima out, they're on the same team.
Jordan: what if he agreed to? then it's 7 of us against them.
Laura: we need to talk to Ronnie about what's your opinion about Chima and Braden. I think I can talk to him and ask him, without telling him we need to do it.
Jordan: I think we can get Michelle too.

Jordan tells Laura is Ronnie won't vote Chima out, she won't either, she doesn't want to be the bad guy.

Laura: "we need to be careful what we say to Ronnie".
Jordan: "if him and Michelle agree to it, should we stick to that plan"?
Laura: "I think so, but I don't think they'll do it".
Jordan: "I think if Braden stays, it will throw everyone off. After that fight last night with them, I was thinking maybe. Russell's been scheming again. when he was in there with you, I was trying to look at you".
Laura: "he doesn't talk game to me, it's just bs".
Jordan: "I know Nat wants me out, I can tell by how she looks at me".
Laura: "it's ridiculous how her and Jessie act".
Jordan: "she probably won't have a boyfriend anymore".
Laura: "she shouldn't"!
Jordan: "who do we need to get out"?
Laura: "Jessie, Nat, and Russell, any order. If I win HOH, Jessie. it's the only way. I am not going to let them threaten me".
Jordan: "I told Jeff they showed their colors too fast. I think Jessie thinks he's going to win this".
Laura: "he's NOT going to win this! Not if I can help it. He's toning down his personality for tv this season".
Jordan: "they have Lydia wrapped around their finger".
Laura: "if they get HOH, it's over for us".
Jordan: "that's why we have to keep Braden".
Laura: "I agree, but I don't think they'll vote Chima out".
Jordan: "Jeff is closer to Michelle, he can talk to her. I can talk to Ronnie.
I like Chima, but in the game Braden's on our side, she's on their side. If Chima goes home, it'll be 10 times easier for us to get them out. If Russell or Jessie or Nat get it, I would die"!
Laura: "only Russell and Nat can get it".
Jordan: "Don't get caught up in Russell whatever he says".
Laura: "I only trust you and Jeff, period".

Jordan decides she is going to talk to Ronnie first, if he's game for the flip then she will talk to Michele. She said Lydia wants to stay so bad that she's playing both ways. Jordan said the racial slur Braden said wasn't right but she has to think about the game.

2:30 pm Lydia is cutting Jeff's hair.

3:00 pm Braden walks up to Kevin and tells him he is sincerely sorry for what he said to him the other day. He didn't mean for things to go that far & it was hot and they are all stuck in the house and it just got out of hand. Kevin thanked him for apologising.

Laura and Ronnie talk about the possibility of Braden staying. Ronnie thinks Russell will flip out if that happens. Ronnie says he's scared of Russ. He said he doesn't trust Michele because she won't tell him who she would put up. Ronnie said she's lying because she knows exactly who she would nominate.

6:00 pm Ronnie tells Jessie in the storage room that Russell is in serious danger next week. Everyone wants him out. He said Laura and the other's have all said they are going after Russ. He said Nat was in danger too. He mentions that Michele might vote Chima out. Ronnie assures Jessie that he is with him and Nat and only tells them stuff. He feels that if Russell gets evicted that Jeff will come back to their clique.

Jeff is in another room talking to Braden. He told him Russell is promising everyone final 3 and is threatening people not to put him up(lie). Jeff says he wants Russell out next week.

Jeff & Braden talk to Ronnie about getting Russell out next week. Ronnie wants to backdoor him but Jeff is afraid the POV won't work out. He might get chosen and win it. Jeff wants either Russell or Jessie out next week. Ronnie tells Jeff that he never talks to Jessie, that he has only said like 8 words to him. (lol)

Ronnie thinks Jessie doesn't respect Russell and maybe they should keep Jessie off the block and bring him to their side. Jeff not liking the idea thinks Jessie needs to go up. Period.

Braden tells Casey in he pool room he thinks he might be staying and that it will be an amazing upset. He tells Casey that he apologized to Lydia & Kevin. Casey tells him that he shouldn't have resorted to racism.

6:30 pm: Jeff, Jordan, Braden & Laura are all around Jeff's bed whispering about talking to Casey to get him to flip the vote. Kevin walks by, the go quiet then Jeff said everyone this looks fishy, disburse.

Jordan & Laura go into the doom room and Jordan tells Laura that they have enough votes that if they can get Casey they can keep Braden.

7:00 pm in the wash room, Natalie asks Kevin what he thinks of Michele. Kevin called her a wild card. Nat mentioned that Michele said she was keeping Chima. Kevin said that Michele won't tell him anything just like Ronnie, he says nothing to me but he talks to everyone else. Nat said that Ronnie doesn't talk game to her but to Jessie. She said that Ronnie told Jessie that he would put up Jeff.

7:30 pm the lock down is now over.

Kevin asks Nat what the worse case scenario for the HOH comp would be. They both agree they don't want Jordan or Michele to win hoh.

Ronnie gets Nat and tells her he needs to talk to her. They go into the storage room and he tells her that if they don't win hoh then Russell is going up, that the other side wants him out. Nat thinks she will be the one hat is up. Ronnie tells her not to worry about that because she is small potatoes. Nat said, we'll see, then tells him they need to get out of the storage room because everyone is walking by.

8:00 pm, Ronnie is sitting outside of the HOH room for a long time. Nat walks up and asks why he's sitting out here, that Jessie is inside. Ronnie said he didn't know he could just go in.

Ronnie is talking to Nat & Jessie.
Ronnie: "Guys I'm going to put myself out on a limb, did you offer Laura a deal for her not going up after the nomination ceremony"?
Jess & Nat tell him no, that she came up and said thank you for not putting me up.
Ronnie: "I'm going with my gut feeling. You two are 100% solid. Russ keeps coming in...... door bell rings, it's Jordan & Michele wanting a bubble bath. Jessie says he wants to work out. Ronnie doesn't get to finish his convo. (lol)

Jordan, Laura & Michele take a bath in the hoh tub. They said they want Ronnie to come in.
Laura: "I promise you they all (athletics) offered me final 4 and told me to go after Ronnie".

8:30 pm, Nat comes into the HOH bathroom to talk to the girls while they take a bubble bath. They are telling Nat that Jessie is really into her and ask her what her boyfriend will think. Nat said she is in love with her boyfriend.

Michele gets out of the tub while Jordan takes her swim top off with her back to the tub camera, she tells Laura she has nice boobs.

Dinner time. Chima has cooked steaks, backed potatoes & a salad.

9:00 pm: Kevin & Lydia are playing pool. Nat comes from the hoh and tells them all the girls are upstairs getting all cozy together. Lydia said they have now taken Michele under their wings when Jordan couldn't stand her the first week.

Nat: "Yea they are all showing each other their boobs".

Nat mentions that even if they get enough votes to tie it that Jessie is still voting out Braden. Lydia said, just watch Ronnie flip the vote.

Nat said that Michelle has committed her votes to Chima & Braden. Lydia feels Michele & Ronnie are playing both sides. Kevin said to win hoh and put Michele up. Nat said she was going to.

They all think if the plan backfires on the other group and they do try and vote to keep Braden then they will all be outed.

Lydia says when & if she gets hoh she will put Michele up and tell her dude, there's 12 HG here, you need to learn to take a joke. Kevin said when Michele isn't talking game with you that it just means she's talking it with someone else.

The girls have finished taking their bath. Jordan says she has to talk to Casey because if they don't get him they will have to vote out Braden. Michele wants to know how it goes so she knows how to vote because when Russell ask her who she would put up she said maybe Casey and Russ had said yea I would put him up eventually. They all agree they can't trust Russ. Michele is worried she will end up being the only one that voted for Braden and they all agree it would be very shady. Michele says she was alone with Jessie and he said he may have made the wrong choice.

Ronnie corners Lydia in the storage room and ask her if she is still voting Braden out. He said Russell scared him when Braden talked to him. Ronnie has been going to each person tonight and planting seeds about getting Russell out.

9:30 pm: Jessie is undressing in the hoh room and getting ready to take a shower. Lydia walks in and tells him to come outside & not take a shower yet. Jessie is flexing for her, she tells him that does nothing for her. Jessie smiles and said, well it works for me. Lydia grins and goes back down stairs.

Outside Jordan tells Casey that all the girls have been talking and she's found out some big stuff cuz they were all comparing notes and she has lots of stuff she wants to talk to him about later.

10:00 pm: Ronnie is outside talking to Jordan & Jeff about Russell. He said that he will not win this game. He said he hated him. They all are talking about getting Casey to flip his vote. Jordan said that Casey was going to go on the block. Ronnie said, oh yea, he was going to be the replacement nomination. Jeff thinks he has the in with Casey because he smokes with him and they talk all the time.

Casey comes up to the group and says, What's poppin, talk to me.
They proceed to tell him their plan. First Michele tells Casey that she is not after Casey. She said if Chima stays that it's her that she's going after. Jordan tells Casey that they would put him up or he would be the replacement nominee next week.

Casey says his concern is his teammates will be upset with him if he flips the vote (Kevin & Lydia). He says it isn't a blood brotherhood. If I do this and go up later, I have to know that I have the votes from you all to stay. He says he is getting sick of Russ walking around giving him the cold shoulder for no reason. (they just talk every morning before the house wakes up). Jeff said that Russell is showing his true colors now.
Casey: "I'm a nice guy. I like Jeff and Jessie but I have no problem sending Russ home. I don't want to see Jessie on the block".
They all say no they wouldn't put up Jessie.

Casey said he would rather have Braden over Chima because she is getting on his last nerve. He knows Russell will be pissed off but bring it on. Jordan tells them all to watch out because Nat is lurking around the sliding glass door. Jeff & Casey say, so what, they can't do anything about it now cuz we have the votes.

11:00 pm: Ronnie and Casey talking. Ronnie confirms to Casey that he heard Russell say he would put Casey up.

Casey tells Jessie about the plan to keep Braden. Jessie says he's getting nervous then goes to the bathroom.

Ronnie looks at the camera and whispers "shocker tomorrow baby"

11:30 pm: Ronnie goes up to the HOH and tells Jessie that it would suck if the house ended up going the other way. Jessie tells Ronnie that it would be to his advantage to vote Braden out and keep the person on his own team in.

Lydia and Russell come to the HOH and they all talk about it possibly being a 5-5 tie vote. Ronnie starts bad mouthing Jordan & Laura.

Downstairs Casey tells Jeff & Jordan he told Jessie what was up. Jeff and Jordan are annoyed about it. Jeff tells Braden that Casey spilled the beans and Braden is not surprised.

Ronnie gets called to the DR. Jeff & Braden see him come out of the HOH room.
Jeff: "what the heck"?
Braden: "Wild wold of sports here"

Casey comes into the kitchen and Jeff asks him how much he told Jessie.
Casey: "Probably more than you wanted me to but that it's ok, not to worry".

Casey said he told Jessie what was up because they had an understanding and appreciated that he was kept safe. Who knows, Jessie and Jeff might become friends down the road. Jeff says that he's open to being cool with Jessie but not Russell. Casey tells Braden to keep looking nervous tomorrow while campaigning.

Casey says that he's completely committed to this as long as he's sure Ronnie & Michele are good. Jeff assures him. Casey then says it's a done deal then.

12:00 pm: Ronnie comes outside to Braden, Casey & Jeff. He says he really hates Russell. They all think it would be great if Laura won HOH. Casey tells Ronnie it's a done deal tomorrow. Ronnie says they are all going to flip out on him tomorrow. Casey said he will be taking a lot of heat. Casey said that Russell pulled a Brian.

Jeff & Jordan said that Jessie will tell Natalie and Nat will tell Chima. Casey says that will be his loyalty test.

12:30 am. Ronnie tells Jessie & Russell that he has no idea who Michele is voting for. Russell goes to bed and Ronnie tells Jessie that Casey told him Russell promised him final 2 (liar).

Jessie: Every 6 hours everything turns upside down but what we have is sincere. We will take it to the end. It's seeming more like you, Chima, Nat & I can win this. I'm not saying final 4. I'm not saying that".
Ronnie: "oh yeah I understand"
Jessie: "I truthfully told you everything"

Laura told Natalie that she is voting to keep her team mate Braden because no one could expect her to vote against her own team. Jessie said to Laura, how about you vote the other way.

Laura: "I'm not gonna be railroaded by anybody. You should be careful I could get hoh tomorrow night".

2:00 am: Laura goes up to HOH and tells them she is voting to keep her team mate. Chima is shocked because Laura promised her 2 times that she was voting to keep her. Laura is saying she is not voting against her team mate.

Jordan & Jeff wait for Laura to finish downstairs so they can hear what happened. Jeff figures he's being badmouthed big time upstairs.

Nat tells Laura the bottom line is you're going against people that tried to save you Laura. I told everyone we could trust you.

Chima: "I'd appreciate your vote, I was trusting in your word"

Thursday show is going to be a nail bitter. Will they or won't they. lol