Last night was a big night for our house-guests but Wednesday is always the biggest work day of the week. It's the day when everyone has 2 things on their mind. Eviction & HoH competition. As a house-guest you either want to mend the fence with those that you are been fighting with, just in case they get hoh & were thinking of putting you up: and 2, if you're on the block you have to work the house to ensure you have the votes to stay. This day is no different than any other Wednesday in the Big Brother House.

7:00 AM in the Big Brother house finds Jordan in the kitchen because she can't sleep.

Ronnie & Jessie hit the ground running with the scheming. Ronnie tells Jessie about his conversation with Jeff & Jordan last night to try and get a sympathy vote. He thinks it would be amazing if Lydia goes home. He told Jeff & Jordan last night that he would put Russell up, not knowing that Jeff, Russell & Jordan are in an alliance together.

10:00 AM
Jessie tells Nat that Ronnie thinks he has a possible Jordan sympathy vote. Nat doesn't buy it but Jessie thinks it's better than counting on Michele's vote.

12:00 pm
The house-guests have been sleeping the whole day away. Finally BB begins calling each HG into the DR for goodbye messages.

Russell & Michele are outside. Russell tells her he use to trust her but now he's not so sure. Russell had heard that Michele had told Chima that her and Russ had talked about sexual dysfunctions. Russell ask why she would tell Chima something like that. Michele said she thought it would be funny. Jeff thinks Michele tells different stories to everyone.

2:30 pm
Russell gets the HOH camera, takes a picture of Michele & Jeff in the pool then hands the camera to Jordan to go nuts.

3:00 pm
Jordan admits to Lydia that she had kissed Jeff (lol)
Lydia of course teases Jeff about it.

3:30 pm
Here comes another BB blow out. This time poor Michele is on the receiving end once again. Chima wants to confront Michele on her lies. She tells Russ if he doesn't call a house meeting then she is going to go out there and go off & Michele.

4:00 pm
Russell begins the house meeting. He explains to the house that he was wrong about Ronnie all along and to Ronnie he is very sorry. He now knows that it was Michele that is the snake in the house. He tells them about her running to Chima and back to him telling Chima conversations he has with Mich and telling Russell conversations Chima has with Mich. Michele starts to defend herself and Ronnie steps in and starts calling her a liar about her saying she wasn't in the green room with Jessie & Natalie. Michele denies she was ever in that room for that conversation but it seems to fall on deaf ears except for the look of total fear on Nat's face. She knew if someone caught on to Michele's denial she would have to do some fast explaining to a mob mentality group.

Chima said she believed Michele over Russell because Russ has lied to her before. Russ says it's fine if she doesn't believe him but she's not talking about the facts of the story. Chima says it's not Michele telling her these things. Chima tells him she's not going to believe him again and again. Russ says he's just trying to get it out that Michele is a liar and never tells the truth.

Chima brings up another time when Michele comes up and admits to lying to Russ. Michele says she needed to do it cuz she felt Russ was accusing her of lots of things. Nat accused Michele of playing both sides. Chima asks Michele what side she's on. Michele says she's on Chima's side and they can talk later. Chima doesn't want to talk alone, she wants to get it out now. Nat and Chima continue throwing random accusations at Michele. Nat throws out the accusation that Michele said she would put up Jeff and Jess. Michele calls Nat a liar and says that's why she would go up. Kevin starts to get in the conversatom, and Michele says she was joking, Jeff doesn't think she was joking but doesn't know. He says " I don't know this house is crazy, what should I do start breaking ***** now?" (lol)

Nat accused Michele of having alliances with everyone and lying to everyone. She calls Michele the rat. Michele says she and Jessie are the ones running the house. Nat is being pulled away by Jesse by her sweatshirt. Kevin and Lydia bail on the fight and go to the Red room.

Russell apologizes again to Chima. Chima seems to walk away from Michele not believing what she was saying. Michele says you know I'm not a good public speaker. Thanks Ronnie and Jess and Nat. Michele goes to the WC and sees Jeff. She asks Jeff what the hell just happened. Jeff says he doesn't know but keep his name out of it. She is not communicating well after this and Jeff seems upset at her too. he walks away.

Jeff tells Jordan if you lie in this house you get caught. He said Michele f'ed up. He still thinks that other side is trying to keep Ronnie in the house. He said Ronnie is still the rat. Nat comes outside and tells them there is now a fight between Kevin & Michele.

Nat tells Jeff, Jordan & Russell that Michele really did do the green room lie and that she is playing both sides (they still don't know this is a jess & nat lie) Jeff calls Nat on the fact that she never confirmed or denied the green room story. Russell & Nat both said yes she did.

Jeff: "No mater what, Ronnie is still the rat, as much as you try and make Michele out to be the rat, Ronnie is still the rat" (lol)

Jeff: "Michele isn't as smart as people think she is and Jordan isn't as dumb like everyone thinks she is"

Jeff tells Nat & Russ that what Michele does is tell little lies that always blow up in her face because people always stay friends or will become friends again. Like with him and Russell when they argued, they yelled at each others faces but they didn't go around after spreading sh*t about each other because they knew eventually they would be friends again.

4:30 pm
Chima & Michele talk. Chima doesn't trust Russell but now she's not sure if she can trust Michele.

Michele: "Jeff hangs out with Russell all the time too:
Chima: "you don't think I notice that sh*t"?

Chima admits to Michele that part of her anger towards Russell comes from a place of hurt.

4:45 pm
Nat, Chima & Jessie begin their pull on Kevin to get him away from Lydia so they can get his vote to keep Ronnie in the house. They all gang up and tell him that Lydia threw him under the bus. He doesn't believe them. (it was true)

The whole time Nat, Chima & Jessie are tag teaming Kevin for the vote, Ronnie is in the splash room listening to every word. Ronnie takes off out of the room & goes to find Jeff in the WC. He tells him if he can have his vote he promises to put up Russell, Kevin and maybe Michele. Jeff tells him that he would not be loyal to him because his loyalty is to Chima, Jess & Nat.

5:00 pm
Jeff confronts Nat & Michele about the green room story. Michele says it was a lie, Nat says it's the truth. The argument escalates.

5:30 pm
The Green Room Gate continues between Michele & Nat. Jeff finally says, so there's no answer, that's it. Chima blames Russell.

6:00 pm
Lydia denies to Kevin that she ever threw Kevin under the bus to Jessie & Nat. She says they are trying to break them apart for the vote. Kevin agrees

Kevin says that Nat got caught in a lie about Michele in the green room. He said that Nat said she never lies. (lol)

6:30 pm
Nat tells Jessie to go tell Jeff that Lydia screwed us and we want to know if you want to make an agreement and become a team. Jessie said that Michele is outside screaming at Jeff right now so the girls need to make him something to eat cuz he's going to go take a nap.

7:00 pm
Lydia is packing

7:30 pm

Lydia is in the green room. Jessie comes in to go to sleep. Lydia is eating. She tells Jessie to get out of the room, she was here first. he said no he is going to take a nap. They fight about who has hurt who. she tells him he has abused & used her. He tells her that she used him to stay in the house.

Nat is outside the green room looking like she is going to kill someone because Jessie is going against her orders and talking to Lydia. She goes to Chima and tells her she is done with Jessie.

8:00 pm
Kevin is laying down outside by himself. He looks over and notices a tower over by the hammock with a light on it. He jumps off the couch and runs over to the tower & hits the light to come on. Over the loud speaker comes messages that fans have called in to keep the HG awake all night long.

The messages seem to break the mood in the house. Jessie & Lydia hug when they realize that something exciting might be going on tonight. Russell wakes up in the HOH room and comes downstairs to hang out with everyone while the messages play. Jordan & Jeff are giggling and saying how two of those messages were for Jeff.

Lydia and Russell talk about the fight with Chima and how it's not about the game and that they need to talk it out.

Jordan tells Russell he missed a lot during his nap. There was a lot of fighting going on. Russell said that Michele glued to Chima all day.

9:30 pm
Michele comes outside. She talks to Jeff & Jordan at the hammock. She said that the DR wanted her to talk about Russell and told her that she should be sad. She gets up and walks away to the couch's and curls up into a ball and starts crying. It's heart breaking to watch because everything that has been said about her has been a lie that Jessie & Nat have made up to get Russell away from her and back on their side and to also keep him from knowing the truth that they were breaking away from him and wanted him backdoored.

Jordan realizes Michele is crying and runs over to her. She asks what's wrong. Michele said she thought Russell was her friend and she's just really hurt because she doesn't understand what happened. She thought they were fine, then he calls a house meeting and throws her under the bus. She said every time they talk it gets worse. She is crying hard (it made me cry for her). Jordan tells Michele she needs to talk to Russell. Jeff ask if she wanted him to go get Russell right now so they can talk. Michele said that it seems that it will only get worse. Michele said the stress of the house is just getting to her. Jordan tells her it's good to cry and get it out.

10:00 pm
Jessie is freaking out because Nat said she was done with him. He drags Chima into the storage room 3 different times to tell her what really happened with Lydia. That he got trapped in the green room because Michele closed the door on him when he went in and Lydia was in there. He wants her to go talk to Nat. Chima tells him now isn't a good time because she won't listen to anyone about it right now. She is very angry. Jessie starts talking game and saying that Lydia & Kevin are just trying to regroup because they know we (jess, nat, chima) are coming after them.

Jessie gets Jeff and takes him to the green room to plead with him to vote to keep Ronnie. He tells Jeff that it would be in his best interest to keep Ronnie so he had numbers. Jeff tells him that Ronnie burned him bad and he doesn't trust him. He knows that the only person that Ronnie will benefit by staying is Jessie. Jeff tells Jessie that Ronnie is totally loyal to him like a dog.

12:00 am
Russell & Lydia are talking about Michele. Russell said she is lying about the green room and that Nat & Jessie told the truth but Michele's ego won't allow her to admit the truth. (bangs head on desk)

Chima sees Lydia talking to Russell and says she is going to go outside and confront Lydia in front of Russell.

Chima asks Russell if he told Lydia that Chima was making advances towards him. He said I never said she was getting all jealous. They start fighting about who doesn't like who between each other but they aren't yelling. They go back in forth. Lydia puts her two cents in about how both of them assumed the wrong things about each other and they got hurt and took it all personal.

Lydia asks Chima if she did call Lydia a whore. Chima said yes but she was just joking. Lydia ask her how she would feel if Lydia called her that and said she was just joking. Chima said she would be mad.

Chima tells Russell he made her look like a hard up ho. Russell said he doesn't want to talk about things because he has a problem talking about his feelings on national tv.

1:00 am
Chima tells Russell it's good to clear the air but she is not ready to accept his apology but Lydia accepts Chima's for calling her a ho. (eye roll)

2:00 am
Michele can't sleep and goes outside to find Jeff & Jordan. She asks them if Chima & Russell made up. Jeff thinks they are talking but wasn't sure.

4:00 am
Ronnie picks a fight with Michele so he can gloat to Jessie. Michele hid Ronnie's glasses under a hat. Ron goes through all of Michele's stuff thinking she took them. Jeff peaks his head in and sees Ronnie searching through everyone's stuff. Nat is egging Ronnie on. Ronnie calls Michele a bitch. Michele asks Ronnie is that is correct language for a teacher (lol)

Ronnie tells Michele if he leaves this house without his stuff then she is officially a thief. He tells her she has a pig nose. He tells her she has the ugliest picture on the memory wall. Michele tells him second only to you.

Ronnie finds his glasses under a sombrero and wants to know where his hat it.

Jeff tells Nat he thinks she instigated everything tonight. Nat laughs and tells him no. He says half joking LIAR.

Jeff about Ronnie "I'm about to snap him in half"

Ronnie is gloating to Jessie and Nat how he told Michele off. They all want to go in the room and throw water on Michele.

Jessie, Nat & Ronnie all talk about all the mean things they are going to do to Michele tomorrow to torture her.

By 5:00 am all the house-guests & house-rats are sleeping.
I'm looking forward to a day where Michele isn't the center of the lies and attacks but that's just my personal opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

peace out