Jokers:  What made you audition for Canadian Idol?
Kelly-Ann:  I have been singing/performing since the age of 4 and I love pop/rock music! I have been singing with a 10 piece R'n'B band for 2 years now and they all wanted me to go for it and my friends all did as well. Not even so much to win but for the cool journey they thought I would get from it. My mom and dad encouraged me as well.

Jokers:  What did your family think of all of this fame?
Kelly-Ann:  It's so funny because my mom works at a bank and everyone would come in standing in line talking about it! It's funny because when I was in Toronto I couldn't go anywhere without being recognized and asked for autographs. When I came home people were totally cool about it! I get stopped in stores but just long enough to get a pat on the back and people say "you were awesome!" so the support has been incredible. Newfoundlanders aren't freaked out by anyone with fame and they never bombard people, they're very respectful of their personal space!

Jokers:  What do you believe went wrong that you weren't voted on the TOP 10?
Kelly-Ann:  I don't think anything went WRONG. I think it totally sucked for those of us in the first group of 10! We were the first ones and this had never been done before. Did you notice what assholes the judges were on my show? ha ha They just weren't nice! They were alright to me. Some of the comments throughout this whole thing seemed rehearsed in my opinion. I was a competitive gymnast for years and that's in my bio, so the whole "vocal gymnastics" comment really pissed me off.  Here it have 1 min 15 seconds to show Canada what you got! That's why I did what I did. People have said "Georgia on my mind" is a stupid song!  I would personally like to kick those people in the crotch because it's such a classic.  I'm not into teeny bopper pop crap that's why I chose that tune.

The top 10 is a crazy mix of people and if you look at who went through from my week it was Billy the "Creed" rocker, Mikey the "Backstreet Boy" boy band guy and, Candida the "J.Lo" dressed girl! As you saw on Tuesday, Candida was the first to go. I DO think Billy has staying power of those three! The coolest thing about my performance is that if I had to do it all again I wouldn't change a thing!!!

Jokers:  Who is your favorite judge and why?
Kelly-Ann:  I've always loved Sass Jordan because I saw her in concert when I was a little girl and like some of her tunes but she never really has a whole lot constructively to say! The whole "pitch" issue is driving me fu#*ing MAD on this show.  Musicians know when musicians are flat and it seems that the judges are nailing the wrong people for it!

Jokers:  What do you think of your fellow Newfoundlander -- Jenny Gear?
Kelly-Ann:  Jenny is awesome! People either get her or they don't.  She's a folk singer, which is the funniest thing in the world!  Jenny was a friend of mine before we even did the show. We are both into theatre and did a show together a few years ago. She is totally different, which is why people like her. This is totally not her scene and I've agreed with a lot of the comments the judges have given her about being a fish out of water, but it seems to be working for her and I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I think she is the "artist"!

Jokers:  Who were you surprised in the TOP 30 that didn't make it and deserved to make it?
Kelly-Ann:  That's a tough question!  I will say that if this show wasn't a TV show, it would be a whole different can of worms!  It would be a completely different competition! Vocally, I though Joni and Tara Martel were excellent and of course Sherry St. Germaine!

Jokers:  Did you feel that the process was too long or fun?
Kelly-Ann:  I had a laugh!  The first time I went to Toronto, I was there 6 days and the second 9. You tell me if 15 days, paid for, in Toronto is "too long" or a BLAST!

Jokers:  Is there anything dramatic/fun that didn't air on TV?
Kelly-Ann:  Lots of stuff! I made such great friends when I was there and spent a lot of time with Billy, Tara, Danny and Andrew Leader so we had a ball. We came back from downtown one night and had a jam in our room and wrote tunes that would be in bad taste for me to tell you about! We had a lot of "wait" time the second trip with just 10 of us so the shit we would get up to was hilarious especially with Danny there because he is one of the funniest people I've ever met.

Jokers:  Who do you think will win? Why?
Kelly-Ann:  I'm not sure. I think Audrey has a great chance because she is absolutely holy shit beautiful, charming in a very sincere and naive way and has a beautiful voice and a great look!  I also love Gary's voice.  He blows me away when he sings and he is a sweetheart! And of course maybe Jenny!  Oh Toya you're amazing as well!

Jokers:  Who do you think does not deserve to be there? Why?
Kelly-Ann:  Ouch...tough one.  First of all let me say that there is NO WAY Kevin should have come back!  I wasn't surprised when Candida performed like she did the other night.  Besides that, it really is anyone's game the way the cookie has crumbled so far!

Jokers:  Do you have any projects after this?
Kelly-Ann:  I sing in a 10 piece R'n'B band called Billy and the Bruisers and I co-wrote and released an album with them last year so we play full time. We're in Halifax playing this month and are booked for the next year and a half playing Newfoundland to Southern France. We are currently writing a Christmas album!  I'm performing in the musical "Cabaret" in Nov.  I'm currently writing for my own independent album on the side.  I also just completed a script for a theatre show featuring Billy and the Bruisers that we are hoping to get up and running this Fall.  If anyone's in Halifax August 13-14, drop by and see us, we're headlining the Busker Festival!

Jokers:  Are you gonna have a record label anytime soon?
Kelly-Ann:  The first thing I want to do is an independent album!  Starting off,  I would rather make $5 an album and Socan fee's, than have someone write my stuff and have to split my $1.12 between 4 people.  I want full creative and artistic rights so I figure the first time out as a solo artist let's do it on my own THEN shop around!

Jokers:  What do you think of Ben Mulroney?
Kelly-Ann:  I think he's a bit of a dick!  He was alright, but John Dore should be hosting the show because he's hilarious and the audience and competitors LOVE him!

Jokers:  Is there any way that the Canadian fans can keep in touch with you?
Kelly-Ann:  Oh Please do! I would love feedback.   I love to meet new people and love to share new ideas!  You can reach me at or check out the Bruiser website at and you can pick up a CD if you like!

Jokers:  Any last words?
Kelly-Ann:  Thanks a lot!Thanks for the support! My family, friends and complete strangers from all over the country have been amazing.  I would also like to say that if any of you want to enter a competition like this, there is only one rule to follow...BE YOURSELF and if they don't like it..F*CK 'em because other people will!

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