Cassie slithers by everyone, Italian Stallion is stopped and the super fan chows jellybeans

8:00 am – Shelly is the first to awake and make coffee. By 8:15 BB had everyone woken up. They all got up and did their morning routines and started getting ready for the food competition, they were told to dress in athletic wear. Shelly starts stripping the beds to wash the sheets (Ok in the 12 seasons of BB I have seen maybe 2 people actually wash sheets and it is only week 2 and she is washing everyone’s sheets! ) Didn’t she say she was not going to be anyone’s mother and clean up after them?

Shelly is the first one to go to the HOH and talk to Jeff and Jordon. She told them she wanted to be with them to the end and would never put them up and that none of the newbies have asked her how she voted yet. She told them that they blame Adam for the second vote against Keith. She told them she wanted Dominic out too, and that Cassie would go to their side once he was out. She also said that Porsche and Rachel are jealous of Cassie’s looks and that is why they want her out so bad. (Really they just want to keep Dominic)They talk about how Lawon can’t be trusted and Shelly tells them she never tells him anything.

11:00 – Food Competition, feeds go to trivia and the competition begins.

2:00 – Feeds return to Dominic asking how to make slop (guess he is a have not for the week), Dominic, Adam, Shelly and Cassie are all have nots. Danni and Jeff were happy because the “snorers” will be in the have not room and all will get sleep this week. The have nots this week also got Jellybeans and Jerky to eat.

Kalia approached the HOH to talk to Jeff and Jordon about the nominations. She tried pushing them to put up Cassie because she does not trust her and thinks she can control Dominic. Kalia leaves and in walks Rachel. And Brendan, Brendan really does not listen to Rachel her rational, he kept talking over her. Then left.

In walked Dominic who basically told them that he was targeting Brenchal and that he thought that the newbies would all stick together and they didn’t so he basically was alone. He said he didn’t trust Adam because Adam told him about the deal he had with Dick and the other vote must have come from Kalia. However he still wants Brenchal out and not them. He did admit that he said that in the beginning he said he wanted Brenchel then them (Jordon and Jeff) out. Jeff said that their goal was to get to jury time together then all play for themselves, that he wants the weak people out. Jeff said that if he could guarantee them that he won’t put up him, Jordon, Brendan or Rachel until the couples split they would consider not putting him up, but he would have to vote their way 100% until then. Dom leaves in walks Cassie.

Cassie tell them that she does not whisper behind backs or get into anything, She said that she thought she was in good with them. That she likes them. Jordon tells her that she is so pretty that people are intimidated by her. Cassie said that Brenchal is the one on her radar and she wants them out. She said she does not care when she leaves as long as it is after Rachel and Brendon and that she will not lie to anyone, She said she tries to be respectful and not embarrass her family. ( blah blah blah! )
Meanwhile in other parts of the house Danielle is still all flirty and chummy with Dominic and Dominic with her. She never went to HOH to try to persuade J and J not to put Dominic up. Dominic told Danielle that he can cry on demand too and he would if he had to.

5:00 pm – We get Trivia for the nomination ceremony. When the feeds return we see Jeff and Jordon in the HOH talking about having to talk to Adam and have him throw the VETO. They talk to him and he listens but does not commit wither way. Dani comes in and starts telling Jordon that Cassie is a liar. Dani starts complaining about the golden keys and said it was stupid and that the game is not being played right.

Cassie goes up to HOH and talks to Jordon. Jordon really didn’t talk game to he. Rachel interrupted and just sat there listening to their conversation, once everyone left Jeff entered. He told her to watch what she said to Cassie because she just ass kisses the HOH and once she gets HOH she will come after them.
Right before bed Jeff and Jordon discuss Cassie. Jordon thinks that all the girls are just jealous of her and that is why they want her out, especially Rachel. Jeff thinks she is a snake and needs to be watched. Jeff agrees with Jordon that they should be nice to her so that if Cassie wins HOH she would put up Brenchal over them.
Dani tries to convince Dom to try hard for VETO that he shouldn’t give up. Dom said he feels like a loser and he won’t win.

All House guests are asleep by 3:45 am.

Who will win VETO, will Cassie continue to slither around everyone? Will anyone ever figure out which two newbies actually voted to get rid of Keith? Will Dominic even try to save himself? Will Adam throw the VETO? Who knows…….. until tomorrow!