Survivor is back with a new group of castaways, a new location and some new twists. The Thai island is a beautiful location to dump these losers. I only wish they could leave them there and go on to Survivor 6. Alas, that’s not to be so lets take a look at the 16 men and women trying to win a million dollars.

Lets start with the women. Stephanie could actually go far if her accent doesn’t scare everyone away. She looks tough and might have what it takes.

Ghandia might as well pack up now and go home. She will be no help to her tribe and is irritating as hell.

Erin has that cute baby look going for her. I think she’s a lot tougher than she looks and might surprise everyone.

Helen is a definite threat and will probably be voted off right after all the deadwood on her tribe is gone. If they don’t get rid of her before the merge look for her to go far.

Penny can also pack up and go home now. Where did the producers find this one? She’s in sales, has an annoying accent and probably couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag.

Shii Ann has my vote for the female most likely to be despised by her tribe. If her abrasive nature doesn’t get her voted off quickly she may end up pulling a few tricks out of her sleeve so lets not count her out quite yet.

Jan is to put it mildly the loser of all losers! This is an old lady who is in way over her head. Her picks for her tribe were random and not well thought out. She will not last long before being sent packing.

Last but not least is Tanya. Tanya may actually be able to go far in this game. She is a social worker and may have an advantage knowing how to work people. Keep an eye on her too.

Now for the men. We start with Clay, an older out of shape man. He does seem to have the personality to stay at least the first few weeks and if he can actually cook look for him to last close to the merge before he’s dumped.

Robb. Oh man, can we say LOSER? He goes to a Thailand island wearing a stocking cap and toting a skate board. As if that’s not bad enough he’s irritating and just plain annoying. It would not surprise me if Robb’s team chooses to sacrifice him to the island Gods as soon as possible.

Kenneth is a New York City police officer. One point in his favor. If Kenneth can avoid being seen as a threat and can make the right alliances he could make it all the way.

Brian is a used car salesman. Nuff said, bye Brian.

John is a pastor and could have gone far but he forgot most of what he might have learned from past survivor shows. Never separate from your tribe the first few days, never be seen to be bossy and never ever play a prank about the tribes drinking supply.

Ted is a strong man and has people skills. He’s another one that can go far if he can stay under the radar and make the right alliances.

Jed can pack up and go home now. His only hope is that his other tribe members are weaker and more annoying than himself.

And then we get to Jake. I had counted Jake out until I actually saw him in action. He’s still in shape and works like a draft horse. He has a natural leadership ability and knows how to delegate without offending anyone. In my opinion Jake has the best chance of winning this season.

Did I peg these folks right or am I way off? Guess we’ll just have to watch a little more to find out. I also reserve the right to change my views on any and all survivor cast members as the show goes along. Its my article and I can do that.