We've now had two weeks to check out this group of survivors and while some things are changing much remains the same. This week
we'll look at the tribes themselves and the individuals which comprise them.

Chuay Ghan

Made up mostly of the older survivors, this tribe looks like it's enjoying the time on the island and making the best of a bad situation. They have time to relax and have fun which gives them time to get to know each other. This may play in their favor if they can ever get it together enough to win a challenge. Once this tribe has gotten over the hump and won a challenge they will keep winning. If, that is, they don't lose too many tribe members first.

I had thought Tanya might actually go far but hadn't counted on her being so sick. If you can't keep down food and water you can't survive on this show.
Ghandia still gets on my nerves. Someone needs to get her a decent bra soon before she turns too fast and knocks out some of her tribe members. She might actually make it longer than Helen and Jan but I'm not so sure. 
Clay is doing great. He's bonded with the men and seems to be in no danger of leaving soon, unless of course Mark Burnett pulls a tribe switch on us. Still he bears watching.

Jan is a heart attack waiting to happen. All through the search for water I kept expecting her to fall over dead. In fact, when
Helen returned to the canoe for water and Jan was floating in the water I thought we finally had our first survivor death. No such luck. Poor Jan will keep struggling till after either Helen or Ghandia are gone since the older tribe members like her.

Brian is turning out to be a surprise so far. He's bonded with the men, played his guitar for the whole tribe, and might actually be able to stay a while despite his profession as a used car salesman.

Helen is just digging a hole for herself. She stands out from the tribe only in the fact that she seems to have learned nothing from past survivors. Seems she never learned that the tribe will see you as bossy if you act bossy. Unless she can convince her tribemates that Ghandia or Jan needs to go next, she will probably be the third member of this tribe to take that long walk into the forest.

Ted is still a strong man and a strong threat. The lack of protein for that huge frame may be slowing him down a bit but don't count him out yet.

Sook Jai

There is a huge divide in this tribe. Sure, they have managed to win a few challenges but unless they can become one tribe they will start losing soon. It wouldn't surprise me to see them lose immunity on purpose next week just so they can get rid of some dead wood.

Jeb is tied right now with Stephanie for the most worthless tribe member. He thinks because he boils water that makes up for him sitting on his butt while everyone else works on shelter. Guess he never figured he could put water on to boil and still help his tribe.

Stephanie is right there with Jeb for being the dumbest and laziest survivor ever. She claims she got food but if so, guess Mark Burnett forgot to show them cooking and eating. Now she's sick so she may actually leave before Jeb unless she can get well and start doing something other than laying around. 

Shii Ann is now flying under the radar. If she can stay away from Robb and go along with the tribe she will last a bit longer than first expected.

Robb has actually started to look good next to Jeb and Stephanie. Unfortunately he seems to be trying to ally himself with the two losers Steph and Jeb and is writing his own ticket home that way. He'll last till the two fools are gone then he's history.

Jake still seems to be holding his own in the younger crowd. He appears to be wearing down fast though and his age may begin to be a factor in the next couple weeks.

Erin is in a tribe with a bunch of young men. Her built in floatation devices will be enough for the men to keep her around a while.

Penny can still pack up and go home. She will last longer than the first two votes for her tribe only because Sook Jai has bigger losers than her that need to go first.

Ken has worked hard and is in no danger of going home yet. Some of the weaker tribe members may join together to try and get rid of him but they won't succeed. The lazy ones will go long before Ken walks off into the night alone.

There you have it. Look for Sook Jai to lose immunity soon as they can't hold it together much longer. Don't believe the promo's that evil Mark Burnett has shown us. The problems at Chuay Ghan between Ghandia and Ted won't be enough to keep them from winning this week. And once they've won one watch for Chuay Ghan to keep going.