Season Two - Episode 9 - I Will Rise Up

While escorting Lorena off the premises, Bill tells her that she is dead to him. Lorena runs away and fades into the distance. Suddenly, Bill senses Sookie’s fear but before he can act on it, an explosion rocks the house. He rushes inside to find Sookie lying underneath Eric, who had used himself as a shield to protect her. Eric dispatches Bill to catch the humans. Sookie shoves Eric off of her and starts yelling for Jason. His pops up among all of the debris relatively unharmed. Sookie realizes that Eric is hurt and tells him to heal himself. He tells her he can’t because it’s silver and says she’ll have to suck it out. Sookie begins to protest but he says he doesn’t have much time and seems to lose consciousness. Reluctantly, she gets to work on sucking the metal out of the vampire. He grins slyly as she sucks on his chest. Outside, Bill has captured a teenage boy and sinks his teeth into him. He doesn’t drain him though, instead he tells the kid to go back to Newlin and tell him that the vampires can show mercy.

Bill returns to the house and finds Sookie ministering to Eric. With one arm behind his head, Eric looks entirely too pleased with himself. Bill explains to Sookie that Eric has tricked and he was in no danger. He says that now she and Eric will have a connection and he’ll be able to sense her emotions. Sookie gets upset and tells Eric he is an A-hole and thumps him on the chest. Eric, just to be a wise ass, says that Bill is right, he can feel her emotions. (I don’t think her huffing and puffing was very convincing. I mean, come on, she called him an A-hole. Is she a grown woman or still in grade school? A ten year old could come up with something better than that.) Later, in the privacy of their hotel room, Bill and Sookie talk further about what the “connection” will be. He tells her she might have sexual feelings toward Eric and Sookie can’t seem to grasp how that would be possible because she detests him. Bill says that Eric was determined to form this bond with her and Sookie replies, “I could kill him!” Bills concurs.

Later, Sookie and Jason are too upset to sleep so they have a heart to heart about the past few days. Jason explains why he was at the Fellowship. Sookie asks him if he took into consideration what Gran would think about all of it. Talking about Gran clearly upsets him but Sookie tells him they have to keep Gran alive in their memories. Jason realizes that it’s just the two of them left, they have no one else. Sookie says they have to stick together and take care of each other. On the TV, the Newlins appear giving an interview along with Nan Flannigan, the vampire spokeswoman. The Newlins have a spat in front of everyone, and Nan says she can’t talk to them if they’re going to be like that. The bickering between the Reverend and his wife amuse Sookie and Jason. Later, while sleeping with Bill, Sookie has an erotic dream about Eric. (WOW! Eric is naked. There are not enough words to describe this scene. Eric is naked. It is intense, playful, serious, loving, and sensual to name a few. Eric is naked. The chemistry between them is absofrickinglutely unbelievable!!! Eric is naked. I mean, DAMN, it can’t get any hotter! Did I mention Eric is naked?) Eric tells Sookie that “This is only the beginning. Unfortunately, Lorena keeps intruding into her dream saying what about Bill? Just as Sookie is starting to “feel” good in the dream, she wakes up. (Bummer.) Startled by the dream, Sookie turns to Bill laying next to her and grabs his hand for comfort.

In Bon Temps, Jessica is still fretting about being a virgin forever. She is hoping that maybe there is something that can be done about it. Hoyt tells her not to worry, that they will deal it somehow. Jessica is surprised when Hoyt tells her he wants her to meet his mother. But he warns her that his mother is prejudiced against vampires. As dawn nears, he offers to sleep in her hidey hole with her but she tells him no, it’s not comfortable. He says he’ll build them a double wide vampire safe place so they can be together. (Very sweet!) Meanwhile, Tara and Eggs wake up to discover they’ve been beaten and battered. Neither can remember what happened and Maryann tries to convince them that there is nothing wrong with them. She tells them that losing control is a good thing. She says that a few bruises are a small price to pay for bliss. (You can tell that Tara isn’t really buying Maryann’s BS but she’s afraid to say too much about it.) When Tara arrives for work, Lafayette sees the bruises covering Tara’s face and accuses Eggs of doing it. Tara says that Eggs didn’t do it to her but admits she doesn’t know what happened. Lafayette and Eggs get in a heated argument much to the amusement of the bar patrons. Eggs tries to hit Lafayette but hits Tara by accident. Tara gets between them and shoves Eggs out the door. Back by the kitchen, Arlene asks Terry about what happened between them. When Terry admits that he can’t remember, Arlene is relieved and admits she doesn’t remember either. (Strange that they are relieved that they can’t remember. I’d be freaked out and want to know exactly just what the hell I did.) Maryann arrives at the jail to see Sam. Realizing that she has come for him, Sam shifts into a fly and escapes.

Hoyt comes home to an angry mama and confronts her about all the hate she harbors inside. As he lists the things she hates, she makes excuses for herself. He tells her that he wants her to meet Jessica. He says that if she is not nice to her, he will move out and be done with her. Later that evening, Hoyt and Jessica meet with Mrs. Fortenberry and she is very rude to Jessica. She tells Jessica that she can’t give Hoyt babies and Jessica runs off crying with Hoyt chasing after her. At Sookie’s house, Maryann, Tara and Eggs are playing cards when Lafayette and Lettie Mae burst in to rescue Tara. An argument ensues and Tara and Eggs turn into their demon/zombie sides and attack them. Lafayette is able to get the better of Eggs and snatches Tara off of Lettie Mae. Lafayette tosses Tara over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and they run out the door. Eggs tries to chase them but Maryann tells him to let them go, that Tara will be back. Maryann goes to Merlotte’s looking for Sam. She yells to room “The God that is coming wants his sacrifice! Bring me Sam Merlotte!” All of their eyes turn black.

Back in Dallas, Sookie and the vampires are meeting with Nan Flannigan. She basically tells Godric he was an idiot for not having better control of the situation. Godric apologizes and takes full blame for the fiasco. He says that he will make amends. Eric realizes that Godric means to destroy himself. Godric leaves to go to the roof, but before Eric can follow, Bill punches a distracted Eric in the face for what he did to Sookie. Eric simply tells him that “it is done, I‘m part of her now, get out of my way”. Bill looks a little surprised by Eric’s non-reaction, and slinks to the side to allow Eric to pass. Sookie goes to Bill and tells him she has to go find Godric. He doesn’t want her to because he knows she can’t do anything for him. He offers to go with her but she doesn’t want him to be harmed by the sun.

Sookie finds Godric and Eric on the roof. Eric is begging Godric not to do it. Eric falls to his knees crying, pleading with Godric to change his mind. Seeing that it is no use, Eric says that he won’t let him go alone. Godric tells him, “Yes you will. As your maker, I command you.” As Eric leaves, Sookie tells him that she will stay with Godric until the end. Godric and Sookie discuss God and she says that God doesn’t punish, God forgives. Godric says that he hopes so, and Sookie says that we all do. In the end, as dawn nears, Godric turns with arms outstretched to embrace the sun. With a smile on his face, he dissolves into a silvery mist. (The entire rooftop scene is one of the most emotional and poignant ever!!! The acting is superb and you can feel the characters’ anguish.)