Catching Up With True Blood: Season 3 Episode 1

Last season left us with quite the cliffhanger. After Bill proposes to Sookie, she runs to the bathroom to gather her wits. While she’s in the bathroom, we see Bill strangled with a silver chain and Sookie returns to find him missing. She calls the police but Kenya won’t file a missing persons report for another 48 hours. Sookie decides to search for him herself.
Meanwhile, Bill is being held captive by what looks to be four biker dudes.

Bill tries to get information from them as they hurtle down the highway in his car. They are positively giddy at having caught Bill and proceed to cut him to drink his blood. The bikers seem oblivious to the fact that they are practically draining Bill dry. In the mean time, Sookie shows up at Fangtasia, believing that Eric has something to do with Bill’s disappearance.

Sookie confronts Pam about Bill’s whereabouts but Pam doesn’t know where he is. Of course Sookie demands to see Eric and goes looking for him. Pam makes a lame attempt at stopping her, I guess because she either knew what they would find and would enjoy the “show” or she just wants to watch Eric squirm under Sookie’s questioning. Either case, it was pretty funny when Sookie catches Eric giving it to his new stripper. Eric, in all his naked glory, turns to Sookie and asks her if she likes what she sees.

(At this point, I have to tell you that I was watching this with my 72 year old mother. When Eric turned around and walked toward Sookie, we got a FULL rear view of his naked splendor and my mother says, “Yeah, that’s more like it, show us some ass!” My husband busted out laughing and I just know my jaw hit the floor...anyway…) Sookie tells him Bill was kidnapped and demands to know where Eric has been all night. He tells her he was there screwing Yvette. Sookie says “For six hours?” And Eric says, yeah and makes a comment about Bill’s stamina not being up to snuff. Eric tells Sookie he’s not responsible but as Sheriff, it is his duty to look for Bill. Sookie seems unconvinced but turns to go. As she’s leaving, she reminds him that he owes her $10,000.00 for the Dallas job.

Back in Bon Temps, Tara is devastated by Eggs’ death. She and Arlene get into it inside Merlotte’s because Tara feels Arlene is being unsympathetic. Arlene says something to the effect of “who hasn’t fallen in love with a serial killer” and Tara totally wigs out. Lafayette drags her out of there and takes her to Sookie’s house.

Jason runs home and is freaking out about killing Eggs. He can’t get the images out of his head. Andy shows up and tells him he has to act normal. He tells Jason that there are holes in their story and that Sheriff Dearborn won’t figure it out if they keep calm. Andy tells Jason he has to go out and chase some tail despite Jason saying that was the old him. Andy screams at him that for now it is “dick on”, at least until after the case is closed.

Jessica returns to Bill’s house after having been with the truck driver. She finds Hoyt’s flowers but before she can really enjoy them, her dying victim groans and asks to be taken to the hospital. Jessica tells him she can’t take him there and he calls her a whore. She drags him into the house and hides him in her cubby hole.

Back at Fangtasia, Eric is on the phone yelling at someone for his failure to capture Bill. The guy tells Eric that Bill was already taken by someone else by the time he got there. Pam tells Eric that he needs to inform the Queen that Bill has been kidnapped. Eric refuses and tells Pam that if he wanted her advice he would ask for it. Pam leaves the room in a snit and tells him she’s going to ground.

Bill is able to somehow overtake his captors, killing one of them but in the process causing the car to flip over. He makes it out of the car and tries to “call” Jessica, but she doesn’t respond. (He’s her maker so he has that connection with her.) Meanwhile, Sam is on the road to Magnolia looking for the Mickens, his birth parents. The only information he has to go on is the scribbled piece of paper Mr. Merlotte gave him.

Sookie returns home and hears from Tara about Eggs’ death. Sookie tells Tara that she had helped Eggs remember what happened and Tara loses it again. She attacks Sookie and Lafayette has to drag her off of her before pulling her out the door. Lafayette takes her to his place so he can keep an eye on her.

In an OSM (Oh S*** Moment), Bill shows up at Sam’s motel room looking for his help. Bill tells him that the blood he gave Sam helped him track him there. Never has a scene been sexier between two men than this one. Bill is shirtless and he stares into Sam’s eyes as he asks to take a shower in a silky voice. Sam agrees and offers to give Bill the shirt off his back. Sam takes his shirt off and the two just stare at each other. Smoldering. Bill asks Sam if he wants to join him in the shower and Sam tells him yes. They lean in for a kiss and rrrriiinnggg !!! Sam’s cell phone ringing wakes him up!

The next day, Hoyt explains to Jason about the falling out he had with his mother and the truth about his dad killing himself. Jason tells him that sometimes the truth is worse than the lies people tell. Hoyt tells Jason that he left his mother’s and hints at needing a place to stay. Jason agrees to let Hoyt crash at his place for a while.

Sam discovers that the Mickens supposedly moved out of the Magnolia area but that their son works there at a gas station. He goes to the gas station but the guy claims to be somebody else. Sam doesn’t believe him and follows him home. He checks the mail in the mailbox and discovers that the Mickens live there.

Lafayette calls Lettie Mae to keep an eye on Tara while he goes to work. Lettie Mae tries to apologize for pointing a gun at him but he tells her that no bridges will be built between the two. He also tells her that she is selfish and that she needs to think of her daughter right now because she’s not in a good place.

At Merlotte’s that evening, Arlene discovers that she is pregnant and freaks out. Meanwhile, Hoyt calls Jessica and they sort of make up but Jessica remembers the body in the closet and hangs up on him. Jason is putting Andy’s advice to work and picks up two college girls to take back to his place. Unfortunately, he’s unable to get it up because he keeps seeing bullet holes in their heads. They run off scared while he makes gestures at his wanger for not cooperating.

Back at Fangtasia, the Queen and the Magister show up. The Magister tells Eric that a vampire is supplying “V” to humans to sell and questions him about it. Eric says he knows nothing about it. The Queen tells Eric she knows she can trust him because she has bugged his office. Of course, she claims to know nothing about what the Magister is talking about too. Eric tells the Magister he will investigate and the vampire leaves. The Queen informs Eric that he needs to sell the “evidence” as soon as possible to cover their tracks and because she’s broke. Eric tells the Queen about Bill being missing and she says to let Bill rot.

Later, Pam shows up at Sookie’s house with a check. Sookie is surprised because the check is more than the $10,000.00 she and Eric had agreed upon. Pam says Eric said Sookie went above and beyond what she was hired to do. While there, Pam gives a little shiver and Sookie asks her about it. Pam explains that Eric is calling her and heads over to Merlotte’s. She accosts Lafayette and tells him to get rid of the “V” immediately, to sell it at half price if that’s what it takes. He tries to tell her that’s not enough time and says that Tara is in trouble. Pam tells him that she doesn’t care about his problems. When Lafayette goes home, he discovers that Lettie Mae has left Tara alone in the bathroom. As he tries to break the door down, Tara is shown swallowing a bunch of pills.

Sookie heads over to Bill’s house and asks Jessica if she felt Bill calling her. Jessica tells Sookie she felt something but didn’t know what it was. They get into the car and start trying to locate Bill. Over in Mississippi, Bill crawls out of the ground, refreshed from the earlier attack but hungry. He stumbles to a house and is invited in by an elderly woman on oxygen. She offers to make Bill something to eat, not realizing that she’s on the menu. He glamours the old woman and gives her a wad of cash when he’s finished feeding from her. In the background, wolves can be heard howling outside.

Sookie and Jessica discover Bill’s overturned car. Jessica pulls the dead body out of it and searches for some identification. The only thing she finds is an odd shaped tattoo around the guy’s neck area. They use Jessica’s phone to pull up images on the internet and discover the symbol means “Operation Werewolf”. Meanwhile, Bill is running through the woods and gets surrounded by wolves. He says, “I warn you, I’ve fed!”