9:00 Shelly is up and in the kitchen. Brendon is the next one up. Shelly goes outside to smoke and Brendon goes with her. They talk about his knee's hurting from the competition. Shelly goes inside and Brendon talks to the camera's. Says its 72 degree's Keith is gone, Dick is gone and Cassi is leaving next. Shelly comes back out and Brendon says that she is safe with them and he wants to go all the way with her (not in a sexy way). Shelly said that she feels bad for Rachel because she's on slop for the next 2 weeks. Sounds like the competition was a "what would you give up" kind. Brendon says if he can throw HOH to Shelly he will so that she can experience it and Shelly tells him how good he and her husband will get along in real life. Adam comes out and joins them and Shelly spouts some doctor Oz advice that you should always use sun screen but not for the first 10 minutes because your body needs the vitamins from the sun. They notice that the hammock is gone and someone says well it wasn't really made for five people. Adam is glad he is safe this week but he says he already knew he was safe this week and that it puts a bigger target on Dominic. Brendon says hell yeah.

10:00 We get front of the house guessing this is the wake up call? Rachel and Porche are up and in the bathroom. Jeff and Jordan are up in the HOH bed. Cassi and Dominic are up in the have not room. Dominic complains about his hip hurting from the uncomfortable beds. Brendon goes back outside and tells Shelly that the house got up for like five minutes and complains about what Julie did to someone on the live show (guessing Dani) Adam is working out and complains that no camera's are on him. Shelly tells him he should shave for the last show and he says he's planning on it. Rachel joins them outside and she says sorry for the way she acted yesterday and Shelly says that it's ok she's just really competitive and that Shelly is really competitive too.

12:00 Jeff talks to Adam saying how he just wants to get rid of the golden keys. Jeff says next week is up for grabs especially if the competition is questions it's anyone's game. Jeff wants to get rid of the weaker players first so that all the strong competitors have to go against each other in the end. They talk about survivor and Jeff asks why their prize is one million and Adam says it's because they have better ratings! A bunch of house guests are talking about their first jobs, Brendon worked at Target for three months and he was about to say why he hated it but we get fish.

12:42 Cassi has a pity party about how she didn't come to get famous she came to get far in the game. Boo hoo! She says Julie is going to have to keep cutting her off because she's got a lot on her mind and is going to tell the world. She says she won't campaign against Shelly. For someone who thought they would make it far she sure hasn't thought her strategy very well.

1:14 Dominic and Kaila talk about who to align with after this week she says he wants to align with him and Danielle. They both agree that Cassi should go this week and Lawn next week. Once they are individually competing she wants to go after Brendon and Rachel. She also says even though she loves Jeff and Jordan she wants to break them up so she can align herself with Jordan. Dominic says they should also both align with Shelly and Adam. Kaila says that all Porche cares about is TV time while she's there and that Porche is stupid. Dominic agrees and says her strategy is cooking. Then they both agree on how stupid she is. Kaila then says that she talks to her because she'll be on the jury and she wants to be able to say "Hey I was nice to you when no one else was" Dominic agrees.

2:30 Cassi Shelly and Jordan are talking, looks like Jordan doesn't want Cassi to go and is thinking about putting up Lawon and Kaila instead. Says that it sucks being HOH and having to send someone home and that people are going to be mad at her. She says that she really wants Cassi to stay and that she (meaning Jordan) plays with her heart too much. Cassi asks why she doesn't put up Brendon and Rachel while she has the chance and says that in a couple of weeks Rachel and Brendon are going to put up Jeff and Jordan and that it pisses her off!

1:17 Brendon says that he thinks that Obama is a puppet and that it's a sad thing. Interesting. Very interesting.

3:10 Jordan talking to Jeff, says she feels really bad that Cassi cried during their conversation, Jeff says yeah she didn't look too happy. Looks like Cassi told Jordan if she does go home she should trust Dominic in the game. Jeff is mad because he wants to keep Cassi and says it's not fair that Rachel gets to keep Porsche her little lap dog and they don't get to keep Cassi when they want to. Says he's going to take Porsche out the second he gets a chance. Jordan tried to say that Brendon and Rachel have Porsche and they have Dominic but Jeff corrected her and said that Dani has Dominic and that he's more loyal to Rachel and Brendon because Rachel calls him her little brother. Jordan agrees. Jeff says he's proud of her for the way she handled her conversation with Cassi and Jordan said she felt bad that she wasn't allowed to tell Cassi if she was going or not. Rachel comes up and says Dominic wants to make a deal with them and Jordan says send him up we got time to talk now but be quiet about it.

Rachel said something stupid about how Jeff and Brendon can't beat Dominic in an endurance competition and leaves. Jeff get's mad and says "What the hell he beat us in one competition that means we can't beat them? How about when I beat you and send your butt home and you can go jerk off" (meaning Rachel) Jordan says she wants to do something dramatic and Jeff says that he will stand by her and let her pull the trigger if she wants but its not time yet and Rachel is going to shoot herself in the foot and if they keep her around she'll be a bigger target than them.

3:30 Jeff and Jordan talk to Dominic and ask him who he'd put up if Lawon and Kaila get POV. He says "What do you want me to put up Brendon and Rachel? Right now I have no loyalty to any of you and I fell Brendon and Rachel are a stronger couple" He also says that in the long run he wants to play with Jeff and Jordan that he loves them as people. Jordan says she wants to make sure he's really with them because Brendon and Rachel have Porsche and right now they don't have anyone. She says that her alliance wants Cassi out but they want her out for stupid reasons. All three agree that they can't trust Lawon and say he's slipped up a couple of times already. Jordan says she doesn't want to wait till final six to get rid of Rachel because she's too dangerous.

3:44 Cassi and Kaila are talking. Poor Cassi says she's just going to ride it out till Thursday and go home She says that she's for sure going home unless Jordan back door's Rachel. It would be smart for her to do it, but she doesn't think Jordan has the balls to do it. Kaila feels bad for Cassi getting a bad reputation and feels like its partly her fault. Says it seems like everyone is gunning for floaters when they should be taking out the big guns. Says soon as the pairs and golden keys are done Jeff and Jordan are going to be the big targets. Cassi says she's not bitter and she doesn't hate Porsche she just feels like she'll flip to easy and that's why she wanted her out. Kaila says she would never want to be in the finals with someone as likeable as Shelly.

4:00 Jeff and Brendon hide pieces of bacon in Adam's pillow so that he would smell it and think that he was going crazy!

4:50 Dani tells Rachel that Cassi wants Jordan to backdoor Brendon and Rachel. Rachel has a hair flip and wants to go crazy on Cassi. Brendon talks her down. Brendon then tells Dani he's frustrated with Rachel because she had a fight with Jeff yesterday and he doesn't like that she's friends with Porsche.

6:13 Big Brother calls an indoor lock down. 6:21 the lock down is over and they go out to see that the hammock is back. Yay.

6:30 Cassi is talking to Shelly and saying she wants to talk to Rachel and ask her why she went back on her deal and what is the real reason she wants her out. Everyone knows its because Rachel is jealous of how pretty she is and afraid someone is going to get between her and her man ha ha! Says that Jeff and Jordan are in for a rude awakening when Brendon and Rachel turn on them and that out of all the vets she was happy that Jordan won and now here they sit on the block. Cassi says that she hates that her dad is watching TV right now thinking everything is cool and she's worried about him when he watchs on Wednesday night and see's that she's on the block. She says she hopes Shelly goes really far. (awe) Cassi says that if the conversations don't go well tonight that she's going to eat even though she's a have not. Shelly tells her not to and that that's not her personality.

8:00 Dani talking to Brendon in the storage room and asking him to please make Dominic comfortable. Says that if he had to pick out of the veterans he'd put up Jeff and Jordan but that Rachel is ruining her social game.

8:30 The moment we've all been waiting for Cassi and Rachel finally have it out! Cassi asks Rachel "Is there something that I've done to you? It's obvious that I'm going home this week." Rachel gives some bull excuse that she said something about Porsche. She then goes back and says that it's obvious that she was going to go after Brendon and Rachel and that she was telling everyone downstairs that they have to have the balls to put up Brendon and Rachel when they get HOH. Cassi says that it's not true and that they had a deal and she intended to honor it. Rachel says a bunch of people told her and Cassi says well they are all lying. She says its a game and that eventually everyone is going to put everyone up logic being even if she did say that it doesn't really mean anything. Rachel says that everyone lies in this house and Cassi says she doesn't that she's the most honest person in the house. Rachel says "Oh yeah you really think that you were one of the ring leaders for the newbie alliance." Cassi says that's not true I was one of the first people to come to you to start an alliance. Rachel says again that she doesn't like the way Cassi goes around the house complaining that Porsche is mean to her. Cassi replies that she's not twelve years old, to witch Rachel says well you act like it! Cassi replies that she doesn't do that she doesn't run around the house with the he said she said stuff. She wants to know why she's going up. Rachel says that she doesn't have to explain herself to Cassi and Cassi says I'm not asking you to I'm just talking to you, I'm just asking you why am I going up? Rachel says because she's got bad game play. Cassi finally cuts to the quick and says I feel like your sending me out for personal reason's because I'm a female. Rachel says she's got no problems with females. Cassi says well it's word on the street that you do. Rachel is insulted. Says that she's friends with Dani and Jordan and the whole not liking females things is stupid. Cassi says that everyone is talking about getting Brendon and Rachel out and that she'll see soon. Rachel says she's lying and that Cassi was going after Brendon and Rachel and her alliance and she has to protect her alliance. If the veterans want to get far in the game they have to play smart. Rachel says that Cassi always acts like she's a victim. Cassi says that she liked Rachel and she pulled for her last season that Rachel came in here thinking this was her second chance but she's a catty catty girl and an ugly person on the inside. At this Rachel gets very upset and storms out.

8:30 Rachel tries to talk to Dani about her talk with Cassi but Dani has no patience for it and tells Rachel to go clam down and they will talk about it later.

8:50 Rachel is crying to Jordan in the HOH room and Jordan tells her that she comes across as bitchy. She says that the comments Rachel makes and the faces she makes makes people think she's a catty bitch. Rachel crying saying that she doesn't feel threatened by Jordan or Dani and that she's confident about her relationship with Brendon. Rachel is crying to Jordan and begging her not to backdoor her and Brendon. Jordan telling her that her mouth is getting her into trouble and she's lucky she only went off at Jeff during the competition because if she went off on someone else they would easily backdoor you. She says that Rachel's mouth is making the vet alliance a bigger target. She's not wrong. Rachel is really freaking out and saying that even Shelly was selling Cassi out saying that Cassi was downstairs telling everyone to take out Brendon and Rachel. Jordan says she's just upset that she's going home and offers to have Cassi come up so they can talk it out. Rachel says she doesn't want to talk to Cassi because she's evil and that she complimented Cassi on her bathing suit. How these two events are related I have no idea. Jordan gives Rachel a pep talk and reminds her not to make her snide little comments all the time because people will see that as bitchy and she needs to watch her mouth. Jeff comes up and uses the rest room and then comes back to give Rachel some water. Brendon comes up and Rachel says that she's mad at him that he's not supportive enough and he makes her feel stupid. Jeff says not to let things with the newbies get to them that they are trying to make cracks in the vet alliance and no cracks are going to be made by them. Also not to take what Cassi says seriously, that she'll say anything because she knows she's going home. Rachel continues to cry to Brendon for another hour so that he'll give her compliments and sympathy he eventually calls Cassi a whore. He says that Jeff and Jordan are jealous of their relationship because they are not affectionate. As if.

9:00 Cassi is re-hashing her conversation with Rachel to Dominic and saying how it sucks that she's getting voted out because of her looks and how she got cast in just because of her looks.

9:50 Jordan and Dani are in the purple lounge room talking about Rachel and how she's too much. They say they both hated her last season! They agree that Rachel and Cassi have to work it out on their own and that they don't want to get involved. Jordan says she feels bad that she made Rachel feel bad but she was just telling the truth and trying to help her. They agree that Rachel likes to play victim.

9:55 Cassi is talking to Adam about her talk with Rachel and he tells her that you can't talk rationally to an irrational person.

10:45 A few house guests are bored and drawing pictures with jelly beans. Other's are playing a pool tournament.

11:46 Jordan fills Kaila in on her talk with Rachel and complains that it's so high school in there. Jordan says she feels like Dr. Phil lol!

2:22 AM Cassi tries to convince Jeff to get Jordan to put up Brendon and Rachel, says they will get one of them out and what's Rachel without Brendon?

3:00 Cassi is trying to get Dominic to not use the veto and he's counting votes he thinks he'd have if he didn't use it but then says he can't count on them because of what happened to Keith last week and you just can't trust these people. He's not wrong.

4:45 AM Dominic tells Cassi to please not blow up during the nomination ceremony. She's not promising anything.

Finally at 5 something in the morning everyone is in bed. Will Cassi go up? Will Rachel run her mouth so much Jordan will just get sick of it and put her up? Only time will tell. .. .