Jokers: Hi Camille! Welcome to Jokers!!!
Camille: Hi.

Jokers: So how has life been after the Bachelor?
Camille: My life has been very full.

Jokers:  Any new stuff TV wise?
Camille: Well, I am auditioning all the anything could be coming up.

Jokers: What was it like doing the Batchelor?
Camille: Very interesting...not exactly what I expected...but, it was fun.
Jokers: How was it different than what you expected?
Camille: I did not expect to be sequestered before the first night.

Jokers: were sequestered? Why would they do that?
Camille: I guess they didn't want the girls to meet before the first show. I think, they wanted to see tension...that may not have been there if the girls had become friends.

Jokers: As talented as you are, having seen your charmed clip, why did you decide to do the Bachelor?
Camille: I did the Bachelor for fun...and a little money.

Jokers:  I saw her on Dragnet.
Camille: Hooray...I loved shooting Dragnet.

Jokers: What was your first impression of Aaron?
Camille: I thought Aaron looked like a jock...not really my type...
Jokers: So you weren't all heartbroken to go, eh!
Camille: Not heartbroken at all...although I would have loved to stay in that great house though.

Jokers: What was taping Charmed like?
Camille: Charmed was very cool.  I didn't get to meet the girls though...which would have been great.

Jokers:  Would you do it again if so what would you do different?
Camille: I don't think I would do another reality show...It was a little to un-real for my tastes.
Jokers: How so?
Camille: For one thing, there is no way that a guy like Aaron would have ever had the opportunity to meet so many great girls.

Jokers: Did you watch the rest of the show?
Camille: Yes...I had to watch the show, after having met the was totally interesting to see.

Jokers: Was Christi really crazy? :)
Camille: I don't know her too well, but, yes, I would have to say that she was acting kinda crazy at the time.

Jokers: Have you stayed in touch with any of the other girls?
Camille: Yes...actually we all were on a trip together in Las Vegas a few months ago.  I had to leave early, because I booked an acting job.

Jokers: And Aaron? Anyone see him?
Camille: I don't really know if anyone keeps in touch with Aaron. I heard...from one of the people who worked on the show...said Aaron got a really big head by the end of it.

Jokers: Do you think reality shows enhance an acting career? And has it done anything for yours?
Camille: Yes, some of the casting people have been excited to see me after watching the show.

Jokers: He certainly wasn't the fav Bachelor, if there is such a thing.. Would you have preferred the first guy?
Camille: Hmmm...I did meet the first guy too...Yeah, I think I would have preferred him, at least he was funny.

Jokers: What about your boyfriend? Do you have one?
Camille: Yes...I have a great boyfriend.
Jokers: That's great!
Camille: Thank you.

Jokers: How much fun was that Imodium commercial? LOL!
Camille: The Imodium commercial was great...We kept teasing the guy in it that when he went to get Starbucks...that people would be telling him not too.

Jokers: What would be your dream acting role?
Camille: Wow, my dream would be to do a film like Pretty Woman. It's a great movie...really funny...and brought Julia to instant fame.

Jokers: You wouldn't want, say, a permanent spot on a TV drama also?
Camille: I would love to be on a cop show or a show like Alias.
Jokers: Alias for sure. Bet you could take Garner. LOL
Camille: That's what I would be a bad girl on Alias.

Jokers: Has your life changed for better or worse?
Camille: I would say for the better...

Jokers: How was the Charmed shoot? We have an entire board that is dying to know :)
Camille: Charmed was really fun...I was nervous that day...
Jokers:  Nervous??
Camille: I am running in the scene I'm in and the director wanted me to keep running the camera would catch it.  I felt so stupid running soooo slow.

Jokers: I heard you had some cool 'power'?
Camille: Yeah...I could mimic power and when the bad guy threw a fire ball...I was able to capture it and throw it back at him.
Camille: The entire set was great on Charmed.

Jokers: You said you enjoyed Dragnet..what was it like?
Camille: I loved working on Dragnet...Ed O'neal is just awesome.
Jokers: Is there a chance you would be on it again?
Camille: If people write letters...there is a good chance I could be on it again.  I definitely had the kind of part on Dragnet that could come back.

Jokers: What was it like? (I missed it) .. the role, that is.
Camille: can actually go to my website and download my demo reel...It has it on there.  My role was pretty gritty...I was a porn star who is being interrogated by the cops.  Actually it was an awesome role...they didn't want someone who really seemed like a porn star...they wanted it to be really shocking.

Jokers: I loved that montage.. how did you put that together?
Camille:  A professional editor did the reel. It's the same thing I send out to casting directors.

Camille: My Imodium commercial is doing a national print campaign...I know it's been in People already.
Jokers: THAT was one damn funny commercial

Jokers: Is your boyfriend and actor?
Camille: boyfriend is actually my agent.

Jokers:  I missed the early questions. I hope she, more than a lot of the rest, is happy in what she's doing.
Camille: I am very happy with what I am doing.
Jokers: You deserve it, Camille.
Camille: Thank guys are sooo sweet.

Jokers: Did you always want to be an actress?
Camille: Yes, I have wanted to be an actress since I was 4 years old.

Jokers: Does your family support you?
Camille: Now, everyone does, but for the longest time it was just my mom.
Jokers: "Not a solid job, etc etc?"
Camille: You mean do I work at a solid job now?
Jokers: No no. Did the rest of your family claim that acting wasn't a solid job?
Camille: Oh...yes...definitely.
Camille: My dad wanted me to be a doctor...But, hello, I'm scared of blood.
Jokers: Much better to be a doctor on screen

Jokers: Have you gone to school/taken classes?
Camille: I have been studying for years...Went to Emerson College in Boston for my BFA in Acting.
Jokers: Excellent school, I hear.
Camille: Yes...great school.
Jokers: Do you also sing?
Camille: I used to sing a lot more than I do now. Sort of have let it go. It's hard right now to do a lot of things at the same time.
Jokers: What was your fave stuff to sing?
Camille: I love Natalie Cole...

Jokers: Are you more into dramas, would you say, or comedies?
Camille: I like comedies and dramas.
Jokers:  I would love to see you on Alias!
Camille: Thank you!!! I would love to be on Alias...It's such a great show.

Jokers: What was the scariest audition you ever went on, the one that caused the most nerves?
Camille: Hmmm...That would be when I auditioned for The Beach Boys...because John Stamos was the executive producer and he was in the room.
Jokers: how did it go?
Camille: Well, I booked the job...but I had to let them know how nervous I was.
Jokers: What did they say when you informed them of your nerves?
Camille: Well, John said he understood...and they ended up calling my back for the final callback...and John asked how I was doing.

Jokers: And have you ever had a real blooper moment? LOL
Camille: Uh...yeah...the Blooper would be on the Bachelor.
Jokers: What happened on the Bachelor?
Camille: Well, on the Bachelor, I ended up saying the F word on national television...Big mistake.
Jokers: When did you drop 'f@#k' into the convo? We knew we liked you. LOL
Camille: Goood....
Camille: Well, when I was leaving, I think I told Aaron that I was happy to get the f out of there.

Jokers: What do they ask you on application? Your preferences in men?
Camille: I do not remember the application...
Camille: My preferences in men....someone who is going for what they believe in.
Jokers: Someone strong, like you

Jokers: Did we ask how the hell you wound up doing the bachelor in the first place? LOL
Camille: Well, they did pay that was good.
Jokers: Some of the reality shows have small stipends..
Jokers: I think it's 750 a week for big brother

Jokers: Do you think it's possible to find love on something like the Bachelor?
Camille: Yeah...I think it is possible. But not probable.
Jokers: Why so?
Camille: The thing is that ABC parades the guy around like he's God's gift to the world. Makes it difficult for him to then want the relationship he developed on the show.
Jokers: That and maybe the time when he can't see her.
Camille: I am dying to see if a marriage actually comes out of one of these things.
Jokers: I mean, they force him to wait friggin MONTHS after the show, right?
Camille: Yes...months.
Jokers: Why on earth? Any idea?
Camille: Nope...but they want time to edit the show the way they want it, depending on who he ends up picking.
Jokers: it seems if they want the couple to make it... they should let them SEE each other.
Camille: Absolutely.  I don't know that ABC cares about what happens after the show is over thought.

Jokers: Do you think they portray the women as well as they do him?
Camille: I think they have to edit so that it seems like everyone is interested in him...Otherwise the rating would probably suck.

Jokers: How did they treat you while you were on the show?
Camille: Except for the sequestering...which was awful...they were very nice.  Although...they are always asking you leading give the show spice.
Jokers: Do you remember any questions they asked you?
Camille: Yes...Who do you not like? Why would the bachelor want you and not the others?

Jokers:  Camille, would you be a Bachlorette?
Camille: I would would definitely love to be the one picking...but of course, now I already have a boyfriend.
Jokers: Did you meet him after Bachelor?
Jokers: Awww, well that's a loss for us all as viewers! But we're happy for you.
Camille: Well, he was already my agent...but we didn't get serious until after the Bachelor.
Camille: Thank you...I wish love for us all around.

Jokers: What do you think about the new show "For Love or Money?"
Camille: I haven't seen it, but I've read about it.  Lately, I've been avoiding the reality shows...they are so addictive.

Jokers: Do you ever watch Big Brother?
Camille: No...I never saw it.
Jokers: Survivor? Could you imagine doing survivor?
Camille: No way...I'm way too much of a wuss to do survivor.
Jokers: Even for the million bucks? hehehehe
Camille: Sounds fun...I could use a million bucks.

Jokers: What would you tell any girl hoping to get on the bachelor? Do it or not, and if so, how to get on?
Camille: Hmmmm....I don't know...I think if you just look at it as fun...then sure, do it. You just go to ABC and apply I think.

Jokers: Do you like the extra attention?
Camille: The extra attention is fun...

Jokers: OK, got to know... have you met Tom Cruise? LOL
Camille: Yes I met tom...he is awesome.

Jokers: Camille..thank you so much for joining us! We really appreciate it and wish you the very best in your future endeavors!
Camille: I hope you all can check out my reel.
Jokers: We will link to it.. and thanks so much for the chat!
Camille: You are sooo welcome....I had a great time. I will make arrangements to come back again.
Jokers: Fantastic!!
Camille: Bye!!!

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