hey lance... I have but one question. Are you gay?? (Figured I'd get it out of the way early!)

Lance: Nope
Lance: 100 percent hetero
lacy: YAY!
Jokerette: good place to start! But you played one helluva one on tube!
Lance: LOL
lacy: well you do a fab job!
Lance: Thanks

Jokerette: lacy> How did you hear about the show?
Jokerette: agent?
Lance: I got a call from my manager, telling me that there was an audition where they wanted improv actors. They wouldn't tell me what the show was, but they asked me to act like I was in a Waiting For Gufman like film
Lance: Natural, not to over the top

Jokerette: OMG - so you didn't know it was reality show?
Lance: no idea, not till a few months later when they offered me the roll

Jokerette: did they ask you to do the gay thing? or was it improv?
Lance: They auditioned me for the asshole, the buddy, and the gay guy

lacy: where did the accent come from .. that is awesome!
Lance: I got it because I was the only one that added a bit of ethnicity to it

Jokerette: What shows did you do prior to Shmo, and is there anything else on the horizon for you?
Lance: I was a co-host on The Cindy Margolis Show, which was soooo bad, and I was the worst thing on it! I was also on The Downer Channel on NBC. It didn't last too long, but it was great working with Steve Martin
Jokerette: Steve Martin must have been a hoot

Jokerette: Kaz> Is Kip a character you have played before elsewhere?? You played it so well.
Lance: It was a version of a character that I came up with in my improv days in Atlanta. Kip was just bit more subtle, if you can believe that

Jokerette: phusion> Describe us the cast with ONE WORD...
Jokerette: ++++++++++++++++++++
Jokerette: Including RALPH
Jokerette: ===========================
Lance: Professional
lacy: is that for Ralph?
Lance: the entire cast or each one?
phusion: Each one.
Lance: oh
Lance: okay
Lance: David - cool
Lance: Melissa - classy
Lance: Brian - nut knuckle
lacy: lol
phusion: LOL
Jokerette: bwhaahahhaha knuckle
Jokerette: Lance: master of improv & funniest
lacy: he is funny!
Lance: Ralph - porno
Lance: Angela - BOOBS
Lance: Gina - Who?
Lance: Frank - Salty
lacy: I guess you didn't have much time with Gina?
Lance: Kristen - Sweetheart
Lance: Matt - Heart
Lance: that was soooo gay
Jokerette: you think so too, eh?

lacy: What was your favorite competition?
Lance: the eating game (meal not quite fit for a king) It was so funny and impossible not to laugh
Lance: I also enjoyed fake diving in the pool
Lance: too fun
Kaz: That was hilarious Lance

SarahSchmo: did you know going in the food was fake?
Lance: yes, we knew that the food was fake ahead of time, still... disgusting

Jokerette: Have you been posting on some message boards as Kingkidda?
Lance: My friend was posting as kingkida for a while, then I took over

Jokerette: Is it a blast, Lance?
Jokerette: or are they rough?
Lance: It is sooo fun. I'm loving it all.
Jokerette: great

Jokerette: Do you still talk with Matt??
Lance: I can't talk about that till the last episode ends. sorry!
Jokerette: OK

Jokerette: Kaz> Matt seemed like such a likeable guy. How hard was it to stay in character around someone like that??
Lance: I was actually easy for me, because he was always sticking up for me and looking like such a good guy
Jokerette: he seemed great.
Lance: he was such a good guy

Jokerette: sassy> Throughout the show Matt expressed his friendship and high level of trust in you. Did you ever feel bad for him knowing what was going on?
Lance: he really surprised everybody
Lance: so nice to have a reality show that has a heart, ya know?
Jokerette: we could see that.. especially after he cried that first time?
Jokerette: and yes. It's rare.

Jokerette: was that the first indication, when his friend left? or did something happen before?
Lance: We all felt terrible after he cried, but the show must go on!
Jokerette: yes!

Jokerette: DreamWeaver> Did you really enjoy your role and would you do it again?
Lance: I would love to do another Joe Schmo, maybe as a different character, but I don't think that will happen. If they do another Joe Schmo, they will probably have to use a different cast.
Jokerette: makes sense.
Lance: Kip was fun, but after doing it for so long, I need to give him a little rest
Jokerette: the accent alone, and the wrist pain?
Lance: LOL

Jokerette: Ralph told us there was an alternate 'shmo', did you meet the guy? As nice as Matt?
Lance: no, I never met him

Jokerette: phusion> How did you feel when the PornStar said ``Is he joking?`` when you were diving in the pool?
Lance: I didn't hear her. I was too busy drowning, but when I did later... yikes!
Lance: I love that Matt stuck up for me!
Jokerette: He loved you, he really did
Jokerette: or he was one helluva actor

Jokerette: Fleurginblurgen> Lance, I almost burst a vein in my head watching you try and cannonball the model. Did you have fun doing it?
Lance: It was so fun. I love physical comedy.

Jokerette: Dreamer> Did you watch the movie Boat Trip? If so did you pick up any fashion tips for your role?
Lance: I actually picked all of my outfits.
Jokerette: well done, too

Jokerette: DreamWeaver> Do you think another Joe Schmo will work considering the public now knows what is going on?
Lance: I guess they could do it in Europe, ala Joe Mill. Even though it was very popular, a large majority of America has not seen it, so you never know
Jokerette: Do you think..
Jokerette: they might do it with a female? Madame Shmo?

Lance: That would be too mean!!!! A woman? Evil!
Jokerette: babyblue> Lance, I LOVE your website; are you getting a lot of jobs through it? Will you be in anything else that we can see you in soon?
SarahSchmo: Please plug your site - what is the URL, Lance?
Lance: Thanks! I am pitching a show around town over the next few weeks. A sitcom about loosers in Hollywood. You know, my life story.
Lance: ha
Jokerette: LMAO
SarahSchmo: You are no loser ...anymore!

Jokerette: how to do a real reality show and survive?
Jokerette: (you were hit of Shmo.. ask us!)
Lance: I also get cast in Monk from time to time. Tony is a friend of mine so he throws me the occasional bone
Jokerette: how kewl is that!
Jokerette: crieky, now I wanna ask Monk questions LMAO

Jokerette: Did Dr. Pat REALLY got hurt or..?
Lance: Yes, very hurt. We were all worried! She is fine now. I actually saw her today. I love her!
Jokerette: awww is she ok now? no long term?
Lance: she's fine now

Jokerette: SarahSchmo> Was there any behind-the-scene, in-real-life rivalries between actors, that we didn't get to see on the show?
Lance: none at all actually! We all got along so well. There was a great deal of trust that we had to instill in each other right off the bat. We still all hang out.
Jokerette: how kewl, it isn't always like that on a show, is it?
Lance: no, it's not!
Lance: a very unique situation to be sure
Jokerette: you'd have had to be uber tight to pull it off, it seems.

Jokerette: phusion> Who was the guy playing Molly's boyfriend.. was he related to anybody of the show?
Lance: no, he is a very gifted improv actor here in Hollywood. Nice guy too
Jokerette: looked the part he did, didn't he

Jokerette: Fleurginblurgen> We never stopped roaring with laughter watching you. We love you. Where can we look for you next?
Lance: outside of pitching my new show, no where yet. I'm developing quite a bit of material, so you never know
Jokerette: do you do stand up?
Lance: No, I've only done improv. I ran a improv theater in Atlanta called Whole World Theater. That is where I got my chops
Jokerette: wow. wow wow.
Jokerette: impressive stuff, improv.
Jokerette: is there anything harder?
Lance: great if you are too lazy to read

Jokerette: JustMeIsAll> Since Matt has been so quiet since the show started, will he be brought back live for the final interview? Maybe even get a prize for being so quiet?
Lance: Yes, he will not be sued by Spike TV!
Jokerette: LMAO good one

Jokerette: Did you hang out with production crew? Any funny tales?
Lance: We were all one big happy family. During our breaks, I taught the PA Tae Kwon Do. she was sooo cute!
Lance: Production Assistant (PA)
Jokerette: ROFL I can see you in your outfits.. doing that
Lance: Me and David had a crush on her
Jokerette: did either of you get the girl?

Jokerette: phusion> Who do you think had an hard time playing his character?
Lance: Earl had the hardest time. He was so close to his character, and the only difference was his character history, so he would forget things.
Jokerette: like the swimsuit?

Jokerette: DreamWeaver> Can you say if "Hutch" is really a great guy?
Lance: Hutch was so cool. Very talented and really a gracious actor to work with.

Jokerette: THE_Anti-Hutch> Can I make a comment? Why wouldn't they be able to do several more in the US? A different cast and "Show" and anyone could be they're Schmo... because it is played just like the real thing. They would just have to watch the slipups a little more each time.
Lance: true, it is very possible!

Jokerette: (Your host said it would be difficult, also, to do another Shmo, and that he'd love to host!)
Lance: he is such a whore
Jokerette: ROFLMAO
Jokerette: I think he'd agree
Jokerette: he said he wanted to slip Molly the tongue LOL
Lance: no comment
Jokerette: BWHAHAH I bet

Jokerette: TheMemoryBook> What became of all the photographs? Who has them now?
Lance: I think Matt does. I still have my plate though! I didn't break when Ralph threw it in the fire.
Jokerette: wow, got lucky

Jokerette: fluffynurse> Lance, your acting was brilliant - did you base Kip on anyone you know personally?
Lance: I based the original character on a guy that I knew in Atlanta. Michael Snow! Oppps. Did I just out him. Oh well....
SarahSchmo: oops
Jokerette: roflol give him Jokers link !
Kaz: eeeeeks

Jokerette: DreamWeaver> I LOVE Monk! Any time slots we can catch you there?
Lance: Not sure when they air. I just did one that won't air for a month or so. I was Floppy the Annoying Clown in Monk goes to the Circus. That episode has aired already
Jokerette: I remember that!! damn good job
Lance: Do women like the show as much as men?
Jokerette: aw hell yeah!!!!
sassy: absolutely!
Jokerette: although the Monk char bugs the shit out of me LOL
Jokerette: How hard was it to stay in character from the moment you woke up?
Lance: Fortunately, I got some time away from Matt to get into character. After a few days though, it was actually pretty easy. Just a few wrist bands and scarves and presto!
Jokerette: talent

Jokerette: babyblue> Lance, all the men who watched would like to know your secret as to how you remained in character, while having two women on your lap in the HotTub that night? We were all wiping tears of laughter away that night!
Lance: I stayed in character from the waist up
Jokerette: bwhaahhaha and prayed for bubbles?
Lance: exactly
Lance: lol

Jokerette: OK, I don't get this next one LMAO Q. Please tell us who muggum is ~ Reese or Wernick?
Lance: Reese
Jokerette: kewl
Lance: busted
Jokerette: usually happens, hereabouts

Jokerette: Did you feel badly for Joe when he so evidently freaked out, when "Earl" left?
Lance: Yes, we all felt horrible. We had no idea that that would happen. Is was a wake up call to be sure
Jokerette: awwwwww.

*** Lance (~JokersIrc@*.com) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
yzzzguy: Well - we DID have a mini-quake out here about 20 minutes ago...maybe affected his ISP...
yzzzguy: Just a quick jolt...around 7:17 then another quick jolt a few seconds later.
yzzzguy: Couldn't have been more than maybe a 3 or 4
*** Lance has joined #jokerschat
Jokerette: re lance!
Lance: damndamn
Lance: sorry!
Jokerette: Quake get ya? lol
Lance: keeps freezing
SarahSchmo: NO worries whatsoever
Jokerette: we just heard you had a quake out there
Lance: really?
Jokerette: yes..
Lance: where?
Jokerette: erm
Jokerette: hell!
SarahSchmo: LA
Dreamer: Orange County
Jokerette: Orange County and it was a 4 they said.

Jokerette: it's your turn, room

Fleurginblurgen: Lance you're hilarious
Lance: thanks!

Jokerette: Fleurginblurgen> After watching last week's show, we all (both guys and gals alike) mentioned how we were going to miss "Kip" when the show is over. Do you regret anything you did while doing the Joe Schmo show?
Jokerette: or didn't do?
Lance: so as far as regrets, I wish I took some more comedic chances in the earlier episodes, but we were all so worried about fuc#ing up that we had to be careful to not be to big at first

yzzzguy: So Lance..did you create the "Real Magic" video on your web site BEFORE or AFTER "Kip's Magic Act"?
Lance: before

Jokerette: lacy> Did you ever mess up while talking to Matt? If so, what was the worst thing you did?
Lance: I never messed up, thank god

Jokerette: your quake was Huntington Beach area...Orange County..

Jokerette: babyblue> Lance, if you ARE part of another Joe Schmo Show, as what character 'type' would you like to be cast? What 'type' would you most like to play next?
Jokerette: Molly! He does the Molly part next!
Lance: A stoner or a Brit punk rocker
Jokerette: oh what a hoot or an anal Tony type
Lance: or a Vietnamese refugee!

Lance: Good night guys!
Jokerette: Night Lance.. and thank you so much!
Jokerette: you give wonderful chat
Lance: send naked pictures!!!!!
Lance: if you haven't yet, please visit and send me a note!