(Date Unknown)

Jokers: What have you been up to, since you've been out of the house?
Marcellas: Since I left the house I've been going on auditions and having meetings.
Jokers: Anything good come from BB3, job wise?
Marcellas: I've worked for Target and Kohl's as a model.
Jokers: Paper? Print I meant? hehehe
Marcellas: Print yes.
Jokers: Do you have a web site?
Marcellas: www.marcellasreynolds.com www.marcellas-reynolds.com
Jokers: There ya go! Visit there for updates

Jokers: Now that BB4 casting is happening, what was it like for you last year?
Marcellas: BB3 was an amazing thing for me! I'm not having that oh we've been replaced thing. I'm happy they are doing the show again. I hope the new cast gets everything they want out of it.
Jokers: Casting too? Or rough? I heard the psych interviews were a bitch
Marcellas: The psych exams were awesome. The psych guy knew exactly what I would do! It was creepy. I almost didn't make it thru because they thought I was too sensitive.
Jokers: For real?
Marcellas: Yep. They worried I would put other people first and not be a competitor.
Jokers: Golden veto! They had a point! You good guy. You don't regret it, do you?
Marcellas: No I never thought I was going to win anyway! I was there playing for the outside

Jokers: Hmmm..advice to anyone wanting to be on bb4 this year?
Marcellas: good question give me a moment.
Marcellas: It's so hard to not be emotional or not allow yourself to become emotionally attached, but I really think you need to be cold to stay in. You have to stay completely focused. I didn't. I got caught up in who deserves to be there and that was my undoing. That and Danielle! : )
Jokers: Do you regret that? Or feel like you were you, and to hell with it?
Marcellas: No, I loved the final 4 people in that house.

Jokers: What about Danielle, speaking of? In contact with her?
Marcellas: I've talked to her a couple times, but we aren't friends. It's odd. I liked her so much and now I have to trust the people in my life. Especially now.
Jokers: Who do you still talk to on BB? I miss Lori, do you still talk to her? What is she up to?
Marcellas: I talk to Amy, I stayed with Chiara for a week in New York, I love Lisa and talk to her often, Jason I talked to yesterday. Lori called me in New York.

Jokers: Jason doing ok?
Marcellas: Jason's great! : I'll see him this week!
Marcellas: Eric, Chiara and I had a sleepover in New York. So fun!
Jokers: Any good dirt from that?
Marcellas: No Chiara has a beau now who is so nice! I had dinner and hung out w/ Kiki's mom several times in N.Y.
Jokers: How IS the wild Kiki?
Marcellas: So good!
Marcellas: She had 2 birthday parties. One in New York and one in L.A.
Jokers: Her birthday!
Marcellas: Yes Kiki is 26!

Jokers: Marcellas - what do you think of the resemblance between you and the guy on the Joe Boxer commercials? And do you want his job?
Marcellas: So cute that guy! He seems so charming! People think it's me! I had a mean person say they sent hate mail to Joe Boxer for using me in the ad. I was like idiot it ain't me! LOL!
Jokers: Why the hell would anyone do that, to begin with? BB is long over and you WERE one of the most popular
Marcellas: There are people out there who did not like me on the show. Can you believe that?

Jokers: You see what they wrote on Kiki and Danielle on the web? Jokers was HELL on Danielle <snark>
Marcellas: I know I hate that. Kiki is an amazing person! Danielle deserved what she got.
Jokers: Danielle took most of the grief.
Marcellas: Well Kiki has hate sites out there. I have one also!
Jokers: I was, erm, aware of Kiki's. Didn't know YOU had one
Marcellas: No…you didn't ?
Marcellas: It's all fair you have to be ready for it if you put it out there!
Jokers: You think it's massively painful, though, for those like Danielle?
Marcellas: I think you make a choice to do it and you stick by that. You can't know or control anything, least of all the viewers and press! Yes it's painful! I cried may times over things that have been said about me in the press and on the web. You have to be strong and realize it will pass.

Jokers: Who do you think didn't deserve to be there? In house, they mean.
Marcellas: I don't understand how Gerry and Tonya made it thru the casting process.

Jokers: Did you know Gerry was, at beginning, very popular?
Marcellas: I heard Gerry was popular until the speech, right?
Jokers: Yes...Gerry died after the speech. The hygiene thing cost him some popularity as well.

Jokers: Marcellas, what's your favorite reality TV show besides Big Brother?
Marcellas: I love the Amazing Race! I'm sad they cancelled it! I would have done it!
Jokers: You would? Survivor too?
Marcellas: They asked Amy and I to do it!
Jokers: Did she agree?
Marcellas: No I would never do survivor! Me w/o my bathrobe?
Marcellas: No we both didn't want to do it that soon!
Marcellas: I am working on my own ideas for a television show. I may do a little clothing line.
Jokers: TV show? Can you spill?
Marcellas: No I can't talk about that. It's in the very early stages! I may open a clothing store. It's something I've always wanted to do!
Jokers: Where? And how neat!
Marcellas: In L.A. I was working on a prospectus before I left Chicago.

Jokers: How did you happen to want to do Big Brother? (and, would you do it again, knowing what you do now?)
Marcellas: I thought my boyfriend (@ the time) was seeing another reality TV person, so I thought if that's what you want I'll do a better bigger more popular one.
Jokers: Did it work? Did he see it?
Marcellas: I got on TV and I got him back for a bit. It didn't work though we tried. I love him. He will be great for someone else.
Jokers: Which Gay reality TV contestant did you think he was seeing?
Marcellas: I will never tell who I thought he was seeing!

Jokers: Who would you have taken with you beside Amy for the F2 out of everybody in the house.
Marcellas: I would have taken Danielle to the end. I loved her. I never would have turned on her!
Jokers: Surprised when you got out, and saw her diary rooms?
Marcellas: I can't believe Danielle played that way! So sad and pointless, she could have won w/o that!

Jokers: I wanna know if Jason is still a virgin and looking to be deflowered...LMAO
Marcellas: Jason is not seeing anyone that I know of. I'm trying to fix him up w/ my roomie! She is lovely!

Jokers: Can you tell us what the most difficult moment was being in the house?
Marcellas: The most difficult moment for me was the last day I was in the house. That moment when Julie asked if I would use the veto. So much harder than chicken livers!
Jokers: It was a hard moment for us on the outside. I think we all held our breath that night
Marcellas: So emotional! I think everyone watching yelled "no" at the same time!

Jokers: If you could do it all again, would you?
Marcellas: I would do it again in a second. Wait no I wouldn't. The mystery is gone. I think the show was amazing! I never watched bb before!

Jokers: Have you seen or heard from Roddy?
Marcellas: Yes Roddy came to my birthday in November. I just missed him in New York. He was getting there today and left Wed.! I'll talk to his fine ass in L.A. next week!

Jokers: Will you watch bb4 on the Internet?
Marcellas: No I won't watch bb4 @ all. I wish them all good luck and happiness! I'm not really into reality television. I like cop shows. I'll be watching Law and Order!

Jokers: If a dear friend told you they wanted to do BB4, what would you tell them?
Marcellas: I'd tell them don't do it! You have to be so careful. You really need to know why you want that and what you want out of it!

Jokers: Whose bad habits aside from Gerry drove you the most nuts in the house?
Marcellas: Danielle's teeth grinding made me insane! The rock chewer! Amy's drinking, I didn't like that either.

Jokers: A lot of people want to know what happened to Boo
Marcellas: Boo is retired. He met a really nice troll girl and they are trying invitro fertilization!

Jokers: Did you see that whole Danielle needs thing?
Marcellas: I missed that!
Jokers: Marcellas, what did you think of Josh's playgirl pictures?
Marcellas: Yikes! My eyes! My eyes!
Jokers: Should have seen jokers on that one!
Marcellas: I never needed to see that!

Jokers: Who would have been better, for playgirl?
Marcellas: Me, Eric and Roddy were approached. We passed. Roddy would have sold so many mags! There are so many pics of him naked on the web!

Jokers: Also, are you and Tonya still friends after what you told he she was (whore etc..)?
Marcellas: I hope that Tonya forgives me for the things I said about her! I was harsh on her and she did not deserve it!
Jokers: Do you still talk to her?
Marcellas: I spoke to her in January. She was doing well!

Jokers: I'm gonna name you a person of the house. Tell me ONE word to describe him/her/it.
Jokers: Gerry
Marcellas: That is hard am. Am I nice or truthful?
Jokers: Lay it out there. Truthful.
Marcellas: I can't plead the 5th?
Jokers: Nope!!
Marcellas: Gross.
Jokers: Gerry = Gross?
Marcellas: There I said it. He did things that I did not understand. I'm so grateful that he saved me, but after I got to really know him his reasons for sparing me were so awful.

Jokers: Chiara
Marcellas: Strong. Chiara, she was magnificent. A real individual.
Jokers: (so were you)
Marcellas: thank you so much!

Jokers: Lisa
Marcellas: Now Lisa. Beautiful. Not just outside but inside too.

Jokers: Roddy
Marcellas: Wow Roddy... Charismatic! And fucking hot as shit!
Jokers: Bald spot and all?
Marcellas: Well we aren't all perfect!

Jokers: Josh
Marcellas: Vile.

Jokers: Lori
Marcellas: Kind. Lori so very kind, warm and fantastic.

Jokers: Eric
Marcellas: Eric=Foxy! Really a stone, cold fox!

Jokers: Amy
Marcellas: Angel! Like the kind you had on your tree @ Christmas when you were little!

Jokers: Jason
Marcellas: Sly. We underestimated him from the start. It was my downfall. He is as culpable as Danielle. It took 2.

Jokers: Tonya
Marcellas: I won't be mean about Tonya, so let me say... forgiving. I hope she is forgiving!

Jokers: Danielle
Marcellas: one word can't describe her. Let me think. Misunderstood, hard-hearted, friend, ally, teacher. She hurt me badly, but I can't be mean.

Jokers: Last but not least...Marcellas!!
Marcellas: Fantastic!
Jokers: Personable/marvelous

Jokers: Marcellas, Jokers thanks you for the chat I'm going to open the room so folks can talk to you. Feel free to hang or bail at will!
Marcellas: I hope I was amusing!