Jokerette: Welcome to Jchat, Ralph!
RalphGarman: Sorry I'm late
Jokerette: Hey your show was hot tonight
RalphGarman: LOL ... I haven't seen it yet! West coast time here

Jokerette: no?! Have you seen the rest?
RalphGarman: not yet
Jokerette: Excellent they really are.
RalphGarman: thanks so much
Jokerette: We have a few questions for ya are you ready?
RalphGarman: let em rip!

Phusion: How do you cast for a reality show on reality shows? What did you look for in your actors?
RalphGarman: The producers looked for actors with improv skills ... people who could act on their feet
Jokerette: you certainly got them!

<lacy> How did you hear about it?
RalphGarman: Yes we did!
RalphGarman: I was the first once cast

<lacy> What was your 1st thought of the idea?:
RalphGarman: the producers were going to make me one of the new hosts of the Man Show, but that didn't work out
Sarah_:  This is a better gig
RalphGarman: so, they said ... we have another show .. lol I loved the idea as soon as they told me!
RalphGarman: That's unheard of to reach the aired shows ... but who knows what goes on behind the scenes
RalphGarman: How do we know Jeff Probst hasn't had a hissy fit, but we never saw it in the final cut? LOL
RalphGarman: Matt thought a lot of what happened would be cut out

Phusion: For Joe, how sophisticated was he? Had he seen or participated in other reality shows? Which? It was hardly believable for him, when the host showed up in bee suit and actually complained. That is nearly unheard of.

Phusion: Did you hang out with production crew? Any funny tales?
RalphGarman: I was lucky enough to hang with the whole gang ... because I had a lot of off set time.  I ended up helping with a lot of the story ideas and direction. And I ended up watching the raw footage as it happened a lot.

Phusion: Who did you like the best out of the 8 actors?
RalphGarman: I'm closest to David Hornsby and Brian.  But, I love them all.  However, Gina and I didn't get very close, becasue she left so soon.

<lacy> Ralph I talked to Brian and he wanted me to tell you HI!!!
RalphGarman: I talked to him today, too! He's doing my radio show tomorrow.

Phusion: Underwear challenge How funny was that to set up?
RalphGarman: That was a nightmare! We had to rearrange all the answers because Matt got so many right, and had to lose ....
Jokerette: LOL! were y;all laughing back there?
RalphGarman: That's why Earl screwed up who's was who's ... lol
RalphGarman: It got VERY confusing!
<lacy> that was so funny when Earl messed up!!
RalphGarman: For you! lol
RalphGarman: We almost had a heart attack!

Jokerette: Do you think it was harder than most reality shows, to produce?
RalphGarman: Yes We had so many different levels goin on. The parody of Tv, plus the deception, and the backstage stuff ... very stressful

Jokerette: <Jokers9424> Do you have a website? And is there a place to download "episodes" of your radio show? Our interview with Lance (Kip) is up there now ... Lance is another close friend now.

Phusion: When Matt blew it, what did y’all think behind the scenes?
RalphGarman: Our heart stopped everytime he through us a curve ball ... we never knew if it was all gonna be over!

Phusion: Touch of Honey challenge.. Why did they blur the Brian's nipples?!?
RalphGarman: LOL That was a little inside joke on Brian The producers thought it would be funny to blur the nipples on his man-boobs in one scene. We were all watching at my place that night ... we fell over with laughter!

Phusion: Other than when Earl left, was there any time during the show that you were concerned for Matt's well-being?
RalphGarman: Everyday ... I don't know if it came through, but he was so homesick. He'd never been away from his folks that much
RalphGarman: he was depressed about that
Phusion: He's a family man?
RalphGarman: but, it came and went and we sped up the show to get him home sooner. He really loves his Mom and Dad

Phusion: How hard was it for you to keep your cool and not let anything slip that any of it was real?
RalphGarman: I had it pretty easy ... it was the other guys who had to live with him 24/7 ... I came and went as I wanted prety much and I was playing myself ... (more or less) not the Smarmy part! lol

Phusion: How did you manage to keep a straight face during the eviction ceremonies (or any other time for that matter)?
RalphGarman: Fear!
I was afraid that if I laughed the whole show would be ruined! But, I did bust out laughing several times.  Kip's magic act.  And when Hutch was rubbing Earl's feet.
I was dying!

Phusion: Is Earl really THAT serious in Real life?? lol
RalphGarman: nope .. he's a sweet funny guy ... but he's a real Vietnam vet ... tough guy. Used to be a sniper! (Yikes!)

Phusion: Why do we keep hearing music from the Reality TV show ``The Mole``?
RalphGarman: Same producers as our show ... Cost effective! And it's another inside joke.  Stone-Stanley produced both shows.

Phusion: ralph, what was your favriote game on the show?
RalphGarman: tough question ... I think I'd have to say, "Money/Honey" ... just BEEcause of my costume! but LOVED the Talent show, too. Jerri was so much fun to work with

Phusion: Tell us about the kissing scene with Molly
RalphGarman: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Phusion: Was she a good kisser?
RalphGarman: One of my favorite moments!  RalphGarman: oh yeah ... and I was her FIRST showbiz kiss, so I'm very proud.
Sarah_:  HA and a good start at that
RalphGarman: Angela's a sweetie, so it was fun. I wish we could've really gone for it .. but it would've been too much.

Jokerette: <Dsnyguy> will that ruin her potential because she kissed you?
RalphGarman: nah ... she'll have a big future as an actress ... she's beautiful and talented! Her and Melissa, both.

Phusion: Did you feel bad for leading Matt on? And if so at what point?
RalphGarman: Only when he cried after Earl left. Other than that, he wanted to be on a reality TV show and knew it would be rough at points.
Phusion: True to tht
Phusion: He knew what he was getting in
RalphGarman: He was a big fan of Survivor and Fear Factor, and we're nicer than those shows!
Phusion: You think so???? LOL
RalphGarman: hell yeah!
<sassy> much nicer!
RalphGarman: We don't starve anybody for a month ... and don't make people eat horse penis!
<lacy> LMAO!!!
Sarah_:  Ah, that answers my next question
Phusion: Some people wants to know if you post on ANY message boards?
RalphGarman: I post on the TiVo board once in a while
<lacy> I saw where you posted there

Phusion: Did you have your own bedroom in the house? Are you married? What does your family think of all this?
RalphGarman: I commuted to and from the set each day ... so I got to sleep at home (The rest of the cast was VERY jealous ... lol)
* Jokerette thinks that house no hardship?
RalphGarman: I'm a single guy ... but, my mom and dad and sis LOVE the show! Well, they didn't sleep well because they had to share bedrooms and worry about waking up in character
Sarah_:  that must be so difficult, talk about method acting

RalphGarman: It was ... I don't think people realize just how good our cast was ... I'm so proud of them
Sarah_:  I am beginning to
RalphGarman: the critics have taken some unfair shots. Calling them nobodies and stuff but they had to cast unknowns, so Matt wouldn't know them
Sarah_:  exactly, they just didnt get the premise
Sarah_:  critics schmitics
Phusion: <leosqtpie> On some boards people are saying that Matt may also be an actor is it true?
RalphGarman: Matt is NOT an actor. I promise.
<lacy> really?
Sarah_:  I have to admit, Ralph, I thought he was too an actor
RalphGarman: He's just so good on the show, people suspect that
RalphGarman: nope .. a regular guy from Pittsburgh

Sarah_:  Its a Burgh Thing indeed
RalphGarman: lol ... he's the real deal!

Phusion: Is Asheleigh really a bitch in Real Life?
RalphGarman: NO WAY! She's so sweet in real life ... much more Molly than Ashleigh! I'm pals with her and her boyfriend, too. (Sorry, fellas.) lol
Phusion: Damn!
Jokerette: <JonOtis> Is that you promising, or is that "The Smarmy Host" promising?
RalphGarman: I PROMISE!

Sarah_:  You all seem to have this bond with one another now, did that carry over into real life?
RalphGarman: Absoulutely .. we all hang out together all the time ... it's really great. It's like we went through a war together!
Sarah_:  No doubt!
RalphGarman: Or summer camp, more like it. lol

Phusion: If they do a Joe Schmo 2, will you understand if you're not asked back, because your participation might raise a red flag to the next Schmo....
RalphGarman: Absolutely. I'm under contract to do another, but can't see how they could use me again, so I won't be hurt

Phusion: How were things when Matt wasn't around? Did you all stay in character while talking, or did you laugh together about certain things Matt said/did?
RalphGarman: We all broke character behind his back ... we almost had to keep the storylines going ... we compared notes a lot

Phusion: Were you happy with the part of host, or would you have preferred being a contestant?
RalphGarman: I loved playing the host!  First, I knew I'd never be voted off ... lol ... and I had those great Eviction ceremonies to play!
<sassy> didn't want to give a foot rub too? >>giggle<<
RalphGarman: lol ... no thanks!

Phusion: If you had been in Matt's position, how would you have reacted to finding out it was all a "scam"?
RalphGarman: I like to think I'd laugh and have a sense of humor about it. And think it was cool that I was the star of a show!

Phusion: You wouldn't have been a little pissed that the cast took advantage of you?
RalphGarman: more disappointed ... I'd miss the friends I had made ... I wasn't even Matt, but I still miss Kip ... I loved him!

Phusion: Did Matt ever show any signs of being suspicious during the taping?
RalphGarman: He thought something was weird with the "network executive"
<lacy> That guy was a RIOT!!
RalphGarman: We talk all about that with him in the finale .. so watch!
Sarah_:  Um, yeah, a lit, live set upstairs with two chairs LOL I would too
RalphGarman: exactly

Phusion: Who would you say enjoyed their character the most? Who was closest to their character? who had the most trouble with being their character?
RalphGarman: Lance loved playing Kip .. so wild and over the top! Frank is closest to Earl, And Melissa had a hard time with Ash ... she felt so bad being a bitch!
Sarah_:  None of those surprise me... they all did such a great job
<sassy> lance did a fantastic job as kip
RalphGarman: So funny! Really brilliant.

Jokerette: did we ask if the dog crap was real?
RalphGarman: the dog crap was fake .. all the foods were, but VERY realistic
Sarah_:  OK, I want that recipe!! lol
Phusion: Is there going to be a Joe Schmo II?

RalphGarman: They're talking about it .. and we're a big hit for Spike. Which translates into big money. ... So, I'd bet yes. But, I don't know if we'll be back. I hope so.
Sarah_:  Jane Schmo!
RalphGarman: Maybe we can go "international"! lol

Phusion: During the Master Debator challenge, did you get to see Brian's junk? Is he worth stalking? LOL! What a brave man.
RalphGarman: yes .. and I'm still having nightmares! I saw WAY too much of Brian ... lol

Phusion: Did the producers have an additional option for MATT if he discovered the game too early?
RalphGarman: A back-up Schmo. There was another in a hotel to take his place. I'm glad it never happened.

*** Kaz is now known as KazlovesRalph
RalphGarman: I love you too, Kaz!
Phusion: Will there be a DVD with all the extra scenes?
RalphGarman: We're all hoping so .. but that's a producers decision. You guys missed SO MUCH great stuff!
Jokerette: tell! like what?!
RalphGarman: like Kip's magic act which went on for about 15 minutes ... Hysterical!
Sarah_:  was it meant to go wrong?

RalphGarman: And I had about 3 other big hissy fits throughout the show Yes .. and it kept getting worse and worse
Jokerette: and we missed it!

RalphGarman: And you missed Hutch's 20 minutes of bee jokes when I was in the costume! very funny
Sarah_:  Oh he was so terrific
Jokerette: <captain-fantasy> whats Matt up to these days?
RalphGarman: Matt's back in PA now. We all miss him .. I think he's still working at the pizza place. I catch up with him after the finale and see how he's doing and how he feels
Sarah_:  Tell him JokersUpdates loves him!

Jokerette: JonOtis> I think what we all really want to know is, Will you be naked on the DVD, if there is one?
RalphGarman: LOL
Jokerette: heheheh
RalphGarman: I was smart enough to stay clothed!

Jokerette: okers0534> How did the producers decide who was going to be voted out
RalphGarman: it was done for the best storyline Gina was funniest to go first, because she was SO gung-ho ... things like that, and we knew Hutch had to stick around to make everybody miserable
Jokerette: LOL he did that well!
Sarah_:  the plate taped up is hysterical!  glued even
RalphGarman: I'm proud to say the plates were MY idea! I did get to adlib ... the "headshots as gifts" was an idea I came up with
Jokerette: fast on feet, you!
Jokerette: <Xaveri> Were Hutch's comments his own creation, or were tey scripted? He was great!
Jokerette: was it mostly ad libbed?!
RalphGarman: mostly his own creation ... David's so funny and quick ... the only reason I wish I was a guest instead of the host would be to work with him more

Jokerette: <Jokers9999> did u ask if he knows he resembles the talk soup host?
RalphGarman: I get that alot ... Actually John Henson, is a friend and we kid about that

Jokerette: <firebird350> did they have set costumes for the cast? because i know kip wouldn't have those outfits normally
RalphGarman: yes .. everybody was wardrobed ... and I got to keep my suits! Woo-hoo!
Jokerette: where were they from? your suits?
Jokerette: (You looked stunning
RalphGarman: *kisses*

Sarah_:  even the bee suit?
RalphGarman: sadly no ... that was a rental ... lol

Jokerette: <captain-fantasy> did everyone actually get the big screen tvs and stuff?
RalphGarman: no .. and the cast was bummed!

Jokerette: <pryor> did any of the girls wanna hook up with matt after finding out how nice he was
RalphGarman: not in our cast ... but I sure have heard that from a lot of viewers! He's gonna be getting very lucky!
Jokerette: I bet you too, for that matter!
RalphGarman: *blush*

Jokerette: <yzzzguy> That reminds me...what did "PAM" mean on The Hutch's t-shirt?
RalphGarman: I have no idea! I'm gonna have to ask Dave that one.

Jokerette: <Jokers0534> I don't know if you can give this away. But was Matt given 100k, or more?
RalphGarman: no comment ... lol ... remember, he was never PROMISED the 100k ... just the chance at it.

Jokerette: <yzzzguy> Were you upset that everyone else got a commemorative plate but you didn't?! LOL..
RalphGarman: nah ... I got to kiss Molly! Plus most of the plates were smashed .. and there was no back-ups!
Jokerette: that's scary.. no net
RalphGarman: I know ... I was a fraid to drop them

Jokerette: <aj_persephone> If there is a Joe Schmo 2, has there been any discussion on what the new "fake" show might be like?
RalphGarman: They haven't told me about JS2's plot
Jokerette: ah but there will be one

Jokerette: are you surprised at the popularity of this show??
RalphGarman: I would guess yes ... this one was a hit, after all. Thanks to you guys!!!! OVERWHELMED!
Sarah_:  You deserve it - everyone did a terrific job
RalphGarman: It so much fun to be part of it ... and I'm so glad people found us.
Jokerette: Have you seen your ratings?
Jokerette: Oh I'd say you're found, all righty

RalphGarman: yes .. I admit, i bug Spike for them EVERY week!
Jokerette: are they huge?
RalphGarman: for basic cable ... VERY big.
Jokerette: that is excellent!
RalphGarman: and they increase by about 50% every week .. it's wild! People are talking

Jokerette: (here comes reality emmy, betcha)
Sarah_:  Do you qualify for Aces?
RalphGarman: no .. but we might be up for a reality TV emmy next year!

Jokerette: <aj_persephone> Were there any parts of your performance you would do differently given hindsight?
RalphGarman: yes ... I would slipped Molly the tongue and REALLY made the kiss over the top .... I think Matt's face would've been priceless!

Jokerette: <xackly> What do you think of the copy cat shows like the Windy City Heat FAKE movie?
RalphGarman: lol ... acutally Jimmy Kimmel is a VERY good friend of mine ... And I know they were working on that for a long time. We just got on the air first. I feel kinda bad for him now

Jokerette: <captain-fantasy> i want an autographed photo, how do i get one?
RalphGarman: Send me an e-mail with your address and I'll send ya one Well, gang i gotta get going soon ... got some friends coming over to watch JS, so I'll take a few last questions
Jokerette: fair enough.. you have been more than kind

Jokerette: <firebird350> how did they come up with the location for Joe Schmo??
RalphGarman: a location scout looked at a bunch of houses ... and found a great one!

Jokerette: <aj_persephone> What happened to Kip's plate after the ceremony? Did Lance get to keep it?
RalphGarman: yeah ... since i couldn't break it ... lol

Jokerette: ask him what his radio station coworkers rib him most on his performance as the host.
RalphGarman: the bee suit mostly ... and my smarmy "Probst" impression
Sarah_:  and please plug your radio show, Ralph
RalphGarman: It's a local LA morning show on KROQ-FM: if you're ever in LA ... tune in!
Jokerette: Is there a site with?

<lacy> Thanks SO much for chatting Ralph!! You did a fab job!!!

Series Host Ralph Garman is portrayed by himself. Garman has an extensive career in both television and radio, and is currently the comedic part of Los Angeles top radio station morning show,KROQ 106.7-FM . He also provided various voices for the Fox animated comedy "Family Guy," had several appearances on NYPD Blue, and even had a recurring role in the soap opera, "Days of our Lives."

The Joe Schmo Show (2003) - Host
NYPD Blue - Off. Gruden - Meet the Grandparents (2003)
NYPD Blue - Officer Gruden - Meat Me in the Park (2002)
NYPD Blue - Uniform #2 - Less is Morte (2002)
Family Guy - Bernie - From Method to Madness (2002)
NYPD Blue - Uniform #2 - Here Comes the Son (2002)
Rendez-View - Himself - Kinky Canoodling (2001)
Family Guy - motel clerk, veterinarian and Ted Turner - Screwed The Pooch (2001)
Family Guy - Paul Simon, Agent Jenkins and Jeff Foxworthy - To Live and Die in Dixie (2001)
NYPD Blue - Uniform #3 - Johnny Got His Gold (2) (2001)
Family Guy - Gene Rayburn - Mr. Saturday Knight (2001)
Family Guy - Dustin Hoffman - The Kiss Seen Around the World (2001)
NYPD Blue - Uniform #2 - In the Wind (2001)
Digimon: Digital Monsters - Newsman - Digimon: The Movie (segment 2: "Four Years Later") (2000)
Charmed - DJ - The Devil's Music (1999

Ralph's Movie Beat KROQ -Top 10

Ralph Garmen A.K.A. THE HOST

Born: Philadelphia, PA

Lives: Los Angeles, CA

Professional Zenith: Hosting Lap of Luxury.

Professional Disappointment: Losing out to Ryan Seacrest for the American Idol gig.

Hairspray: Model’s own.

Interests: Has appeared on Ginger Lynn: The E! True Hollywood Story and Rick & Darva: The Million Dollar Mistake: The E! True Hollywood Story


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