Jokers: Hi Roger!
Roger: hello

Jokers: Roger, you were great fun to watch. How did you get interested indoing Survivor?
Roger: I watched the first Survivor and told my wife that I could get on theshow. She said no way. The rest is history.

Jokers: Like a dare? LOL
Roger: yes

Jokers: Was she happy that you did Survivor?
Roger: Yes, however, she didn't think I would get as far as I did.

Jokers: What was the audition process like, for you?
Roger: It was pretty exciting and trying.

Jokers: I bet it was shocking to get 'the call'?
Roger: Not really I had a good feeling about being picked.

Jokers: Did it not bother you to know you'd have to starve, or eat weirdthings?
Roger: No, that was the easy part of the game.

Jokers: Why do you think people voted for Jenna over Matt? When Matt wasclearly a harder worker and more pleasant than the evil stepsisters? Is
there something they didn't show that we missed?
Roger: I gave this answer of Sucks-- Heidi because there was no way shewouldn't, Deena no way she would NOT vote for a woman, Alex because he wasjealous of Mateo, Rob because there was no way he would leave the game withJenna not liking him. Dave and Christy because of the sympathy factor.

Jokers: So, it wasn't some strange thing that the jury put together?
Roger: It was not some strange thing. Alex tried to flex at the finale. Iwould have voted for Mateo.

Jokers: Roger, what do you think of Jenna and Heidi posing nude for Playboy?
Roger: Their posing for Playboy was planned and discussed the moment wemerged. I told them both that I thought their stripping for food wasdemeaning for them.

Jokers: Who would you have voted for?
Roger: Mateo.

Jokers: Roger, how much interaction was there with the film/staff/crew?They didn’t tease ya'll with food by eating in front of you did they?
Roger: They really gave us no responses. Interaction with the crew wasminimum. They couldn't eat in front of us.

Jokers: About the stripping for food on TV, it doesn't show them actuallyHAVING to strip for the food they just jump down. Is that how it really was?
or did Jeff ask them to strip?
Roger: The whole strip thing was planned by the girls before they got there.The challenge was just a vehicle.

Jokers: Hmmm speaking of Matt, do you think he was edited to be crazier thanhe really was?
Roger: Mateo is not crazy. He played the game better than anyone. Go see theSaturn DVD-he did exactly what he said he would do.

Jokers: OMG. so they had actually discussed it prior?? Yikes. Did they saywhy they wanted to do it?
Roger: They wanted to get in Playboy.

Jokers: Silly question but did the truth ever come out about the candywrapper?
Roger: No

Jokers: How was that very first day of the actual show when you finally meteverybody? You seemed so confident.
Roger: It was a shock on the first day to be an all male tribe. I clearlydid not want to be with all men.

Jokers: and you built most of that shelter it looked like.
Roger: the shelter was built by all of us I just directed the construction.I only was in the Amazon one day after being voted off.  We then went on ourvacation.

Jokers: did you get to see any of the region you were in after you werevoted off?
Roger: I can't tell you where we went but I can say that it was thegreatest vacation of my life. the downside was my wife wasn't with me.

Jokers: What were your first impressions of fellow Survivors, and did theyturn out right?
Roger: my first impressions were right on The people that you saw on theshow were pretty much accurate displays of their true self regardless whatthey may say about editing.

Jokers: have you had any funny experiences with fans since the finale?
Roger: the fans that have approached me have all been great especially thekids.
Roger: I ' m very surprised at how many fans there are out there.  We havebeen fans of the show from the beginning but till I came home from theAmazon I didn't know that all this stuff was on the internet.

Jokers: Did anyone get hurt/sick that we did not know about?
Roger: no

Jokers: Were there any major surprises, once you were voted out?
Roger: not to me . I told the 6 others on our vacation that I thought Jenna& Mateo would be the final 2.

Jokers: There is a rumor that Matthew is a long time friend of Julie Chenand Les Moonves, the CBS president and his girlfriend. Did anyone on the
show know about this?
Roger: No at least this is the first time I have heard of Mateo being afriend of Julie or Les.

Jokers: How do you feel about Rob?
Roger: Rob is a kid that played the game for face time. Everything he saidto the camera was to get maximum air time and it worked.

Jokers: Are Jenna & Mateo dating now..they looked awful close at the finale.
Roger: No they are not dating.

Jokers: Do you think Survivor can be played with integrity, and won?
Roger: Yes. If I wasn't so stupid and got ride of Heidi instead of Jeanne Ithink I would have had a great shot at winning. But you must remember' LUCKplays a big factor in this game.

Jokers: What type of tests did they give you before you went on the show?Psychological, medical, physical endurance, personality, any of those? Any
Roger: they gave us all the tests you listed
Roger: but we did have extensive interviews

Jokers: aside from survivor, do you watch any other reality shows?
Roger: No only Survivor

Jokers: How hard is it, to have serious idiots (IMHO) like Heidi about, andnot vent at them?
Roger: I did vent at Heidi you just didn't see it...Editing.

Jokers: Would you do another reality show?
Roger: I would do Amazing Race.

Jokers: oh! would your wife as well?
Roger: Yes she would.

Jokers: Would you do Survivor again?
Roger: Sure I would do Survivor again.

Jokers: When did you decide that you wanted to be on the show--and how hardwas it to make the audition tape?
Roger: After I watched the first show . The audition tape was easy.

Jokers: do you keep up with any of your fellow survivors? who?
Roger: yes Dave, Butch ,Mateo, Shawna
Roger: it is to early to tell but I think I will have a lasting relationshipwith Dave & Butch

Jokers: if you had a friend who wanted to do survivor, what would you advisethem to do in their audition tape to get on the show?
Roger: I would advise them to express your desire to be on the show.

Jokers: Deena? keeping up with her at all?
Jokers: Out of the women, she seemed.. dunno.. most together, did she to you?
Roger: Deena was the alpha female and I was the alpha male.

Jokers: looking back, would you change anything you did? or alliances?
Roger: hindsight is great and yes I would have changed the vote for Jennaand voted Heidi off.

Jokers: Roger, I don't know if you have kids. IF you do, how did they reactto this while you were gone, after you were back, and finally, when it all
got onto TV. Ignore if you don't have kids.
Roger: I have a daughter who is 26 years old and a 4th grade teacher. She ismarried and expecting a baby in November. She is everything Heidi and Jennaare not and very beautiful.  We lost our other daughter when she was 16.

Jokers: I'd love to know if your wife feels you have changed since you werea Survivor!
Roger: My wife and I have been together 35 years and no she says I have notchanged.

Jokers: If you could redo the experience of being on the show, would youchange anything that you did/said and if so what?
Roger: Right the Heidi vote and maybe played it under the wire when wemerged.

Jokers: What food did you miss most being on Survivor?
Jokers: yeah, what was the first thing you ate when you were voted out?
Roger: peanut butter, Oreos and coke and I didn't have to take my clothes off.

Jokers: I feel you played as you.. and that's always a winner!
Roger: thank you

Jokers: LMAO on the clothes... did any of the guys talk about going naked?!
Roger: No we did plan on going to a challenge in our Speedos though

Jokers: was there anything really funny that happened, that we didn't get tosee, that you can tell us?
Roger: Rob, Dave & Alex wrote these great Haikus & Limricks.

Jokers: did y'all bitch about the women after you lost those earlychallenges? ;)
Roger: No we didn't bitch about the women we bitched about Dan & Ryan

Jokers: How wild was that finale?? it looked like so much fun!
Roger: The Finale was great fun

Jokers: Roger, what were the rules pertaining to killing any of the animalsaround for food??
Roger: We could not kill any animals except fish

Jokers: Who did you disliked the most when you were on the show?
Roger: Heidi

Jokers: Who is the coolest person you've got to meet, since/because of beingon Survivor
Roger: No one

Jokers: Did you go on Letterman??
Roger: No he was out sick

Jokers: Who did you believe deserved to be in the Final 2 and who to winexcept you?
Roger: Mateo and Butch

Jokers: Did Christy have more problems than we saw?
Roger: Christy was great

Jokers: Thank you Roger! Stop by anytime!
Roger: No problem, thanks a lot.