The third episode of this season’s Dexter is named “Buck the System;” me, I affectionately call it “Check out My Lizard Brain.” In the opening scenes of the show we see Dexter as he’s about to have a colossal melt-down while waiting at the post office. Waiting at the post office is chaotic enough for normal folks like you and me, but you can amp that up ten times for serial killers such as Dexter. When he finally arrives at the window, the woman slaps down a "Closed" sign: instantly he reaches over and slits her throat. No, just in his imagination: he snaps back into reality and gets his anonymous package mailed while Deb waits for him.

Dexter and Deb get back to the station where he attempts to take a DNA sample from a suspect, who smarts off. Another snap, but this is real: he goes completely ballistic on the guy. Deb pulls him out of the room and asks what the heck is wrong with him. He’s a serial killer, duh! Dexter says something bad is going to happen if Deb doesn’t get off his back. He can’t take her watching his every move. I couldn't either! She agrees to loosen the leash a little, but still sticks to him like glue.

In the meantime, Dexter starts his next hunt, Ray Speltzer, and begins to single-handedly bring down Louis. The first step is getting him fired by anonymously mailing the Ice Truck Killer hand to the lab at work where Masuka opens it, freaks out and fires Louis. Step two is sending a sleazy video of Louis with a hooker to Jamie, his girlfriend, who promptly dumps him. Now Louis is looking like he's about to have an aneurysm.

Deb is still stalking Dexter and follows him to a bar, then calls him. He says he’s at the gym and that he intentionally led her there. I think he knows, deep down, that Deb is as crazy as he is. Dexter tells her he’s vetting his next victim, Speltzer. Deb promptly goes off the charts and tells Dexter he has to follow the law and this isn’t acceptable behavior. I would think that by the time one is five years old they’d know killing isn’t acceptable behavior. In another effort to keep Dexter at bay she makes him go with Batista to get a DNA sample from bus smashed Randall’s partner in crime from 15 years ago, Hannah McKay. You can sense a connection between Hannah and Dexter: I have a hunch this could be another Lumen type relationship.

It could be that lizard brain effect once more: it seems that male lizards are more attracted to experienced female lizards. Could he sense that Hannah has had a similar experience, and thus be attracted to her?

Dexter continues his quest to convince Deb that the system doesn’t always work and that sometime you need to rid the world of the garbage that otherwise goes on killing. He continues to gather evidence to prove that Speltzer will kill again. Deb tries to get a warrant to check him out and finds out that Dexter might not be that wrong after all. Dexter finds the final piece he needs and tries to contact Deb but surprise surprise he can’t get cell reception to call her. She goes to Speltzer’s house and catchs him in the act of killing his next victim at an abandoned house with a twisted maze and bad industrial music playing. If you are going to try to kill me at least play some good music! Dexter saves Deb but, unfortunately, the woman is dead. It’s then that Deb tells Dexter she understands why he does what he does but she can’t support it and he needs to move out. Dexter looks upset but inside I think he’s ecstatic that man-jaw Deb is no longer tracking him all around town. I see a team up coming in the future.

Other episode happenings: More strip club drama as the cops try to catch Mike’s killer. It appears that the guy that Dexter killed in episode one was wearing a tracking bracelet. The strip club mafia track him down to the ocean and Dexter’s boat. Louis happens to be on the scene to blow up Dexter’s boat and is ultimately killed. Score for Dexter! Joey is being seduced by a stripper which really isn’t anything new.

On a side note: Lizard brain. I have never heard that expression before. In this episode it was used on several occasions; the first was Dexter's explanation to Deb about how he knows when someone is going to kill again. I know, I had the same dumbfounded expression on my face as Deb did. Deb uses the same phrase while informing a confused LaGuerta how she knows Speltzer is ready to kill again.