10:42 The house guests are woken up for the day. We see Shelly in the have not room rocking herself against the bed like she's going crazy in there. She tries to fix her hair and fixes her microphone and starts contemplating something.

Adam and Brenchel are talking on the couch's Rachel states that her and Brendon don't share a bank account but that Brendon would be okay with them sharing one so long as she didn't have the password. Because it's really smart to put all your money in a joint bank account and have no access to it. . . Brendon says he's worried about living with Rachel because she has so many clothes. Adam talks about the rock and roll hall of fame and how he writes the president because his favorite bands still aren't in there. The topic then get's turned to who Dani is going to put up in Adam's place. Rachel thinks it's going to be her and Brendon tells her to get over herself.

12:00 Rachel and Brendon talk, he wants her to be quiet because he's trying to convince Adam to keep him. He was saying that the guys are the target this week and that him and Jeff are bigger targets than Adam is so it would benefit him to keep them in the game. Brendon yells at her to keep her big F bomb mouth shut that she's running her mouth and it's getting them into trouble. He's mad that she told Jordan about Shelly and thinks that Jordan is now going to talk to Shelly and believe anything that Shelly tells her. He says that last week is over and now they have to really play their cards right and not show everyone their hand. Rachel breaks down and cry's and he tells her to lay her head in his lap and get herself together.

1:52 Shelly is out of confinement and she got her phone call from home. She thanks Jordan for letting her have the phone call from home and said it means more to her than the Veto. Wow. Said that she's going to do something nice for Jordan and her mom when she gets out of the house to thank her for letting her have the call.

3:00 Shelly is by the pool talking to Jordan and saying that they are going to have a hard time with voting this week. Jordan says that they haven't decided anything yet until the Veto is used. Shelly says that if they keep her she's going to get them farther in the game. She says she's going to go talk to Dani and Jordan says that it doesn't matter, Shelly insists that it does matter, but Jordan thinks that Dani is going to back door Jeff and they are just going to be all around screwed.

3:30 Jeff and Adam are eating the corn on the cob that Jeff made on the grill. Jordan is wearing a unitard. She says she doesn't mind it and that she actually kind of likes it and it's not that bad. Her and Adam go out to the back yard couch and Jordan is working on getting Adam to keep Brendon in the game over Shelly with the logic that Brendon is a huge target and the longer they keep him in there the longer they will be safe because Dani will continue to focus on Brendon. He's agreeing with her.

3:55 Shelly is talking to Jeff and tells him that he has a "keeper" tells him that she wants info from him about Jordan's family's favorite places to eat or if they like movies or whatever. Jeff says she doesn't have to do anything special for Jordan that it was nothing but if she really wanted to do something to get her a gift certificate for a place called "On The Boarder" and Jordan will love her forever. Shelly tells Jeff that he's wonderful and that he can do anything with his life (basically that he doesn't need to win the show) and worst case if he can't find anything good to come to her and she promises him a 6 figure job where he can make his own schedule and won't even have to move. (ed note if it sounds too good to be true it probably is) She says that she know's for a fact that Jeff is not going up because she talked to Dani and that's not what's going down. She says that she just has to make sure that she has the numbers to stay this week he deflects that conversation and tries to talk about something else. Shelly then throws Rachel under the bus and says how Brendon is going to marry someone who's bat poo crazy and who shoots venom in her attacks and that soon those attacks will be directed at Brendon. Ouch!

4:30 Everyone has to go outside for a lock down. Brendon is cooking on the grill, Rachel is hanging in the hammock alone, bunch of people on the couch's and they tell stories of childhood accidents. They then talk about pets they had and Kalia says that at one point in time everyone has had a dog named King. Guess I didn't get the memo on that one :) Half hour later lock down is over and a couple of the girls are making dinner. Jordan enjoys a big salad. Porsche got in trouble with production for having spiked muscle milk. Interesting choice. . . It's not exactly clear but I guess Jordan got a shake and didn't know it was spiked? I think she's also in trouble for stealing stuff from Brendon and Rachel and they told her to return a duck she got from them.

6:00 Dani and Porsche are talking in the HOH room. Porsche is complaining about getting into trouble. Dani is saying she's going to pretend to put Rachel up and then switch to Brendon. They seem bored. Dani complains that Rachel is always up her butt and never lets her have alone time, she thinks it's a strategy move so she can't talk game with people. Dani tells her about a talk she had with Brendon earlier he said to her "I know you have a long list of people to talk to but Rachel and I would like to talk to you later tonight" She think's he's going to throw Jeff under the bus and then she's going to go back and tell Jeff what he said so that Jeff will get more mad at Brendon.

6:30 Jordan had a bloody nose and it's first page new's thanks to Shelly running around telling everyone. Jordan is confused how everyone know's about it but Kalia and Adam out Shelly for spilling the beans. (ed. as usual lol)

6:43 Adam and Dani have a talk in HOH this just in he's going to vote with Kalia and Porsche to get Brendon out. He's worried that they are going to hang him out to dry and she assures him that that's not going to happen and that she's never steered him wrong. He says that Jordeff and Brenchel have been working him hard for his vote saying that Jeff and Brendon are going to be bigger targets than him and he needs to keep them in the game. She tells him that they are the biggest liars in the house and he needs to just stick with the plan. Soon as he leaves Brenchel come up. .. but Dani has head phone's on and is watching the spy screen, either she doesn't hear them or doesn't care!

7:30 Not much going on except Rachel changed her clothes and Brendon and Porsche think they are too revealing. Brendon asks her to please be careful when she changes not to show the internet her everything because what if his family see's it or their kids see it someday. She doesn't seem to be taking him seriously. ..

Not really anything of note going on till 8:55 when Shelly and Dani were talking about Dominic and how he was looking at Dani when he was standing in the back yard trying to get back into the house. They think that his girl friend is going to be mad at her and that she won't come to the after party.

9:00 they get booze and Jeff want's wine. Rachel get's all mad about it and tries to get him to drink beer instead he says he will if he can have two beer's but then she decides Brendon might want a beer so he has a glass of wine instead.

9:35 Brenchel finally understand that one of them is going to be a replacement when Adam takes himself off. Rachel is upset about it because she feels she has no one in the house except for Brendon and she really wants Shelly gone this week. At 9:50 they finally go talk to Dani and she says she wants to put one of them up with the intent to keep them. Brendon tells her that if he's up against Shelly he'll be the one going home. They offer to vote with Dani if she keeps them off of the block and bring up the point that Jeff has a solid 4 and that's enough votes to control the house. Brendon tells her that if she keeps them they will still act like they don't like her and Jeff and Jordan will throw HOH to Brendon or Rachel to get the blood of getting Dani out on their hands and then they will turn around and vote put him up!

11:13 Brendon and Rachel bring some Queso dip to the backyard and it seems everyone is enjoying it and getting along. Some of the guys are playing pool and the girls are talking about hair and Shelly mentions her phone call and that Josie might be able to watch some of the feeds and how proud her husband is of her. The love fest continues for about 3 hours.

1:45 Kalia and Dani make a fake "used" condom and put it on Adam's bed as a joke. They fill it with aloe lotion. Not even 10 minutes later Rachel and Brendon go in that room and start getting it on- now it's really going to look like they tossed it there! Adam get's into bed anyways and doesn't even notice it and the camera man is having a field day zooming in and out on it.

3:20 Jeff and Jordan have a tiff about the covers and it ends with Jeff telling her to stay on her side of the bed tonight. She says she always does.

So who's going on the block tomorrow? Does Dani really plan to keep Brenchel in the game? Only time will tell! Thanks updaters your wonderful!