Big Brother Recap August 14, 2009
Childish Acts, Chima’s meltdown and departure Oh what a night X 2

Big Brother woke up the houseguests at 10:00 am. Jordan, who slept in the HOH room with Michelle, immediately went downstairs to find Jeff and tell him that Michelle said she was going to nominate Chima and Nat. Lydia true to her word of last night got up and started making pancakes and bacon, she wants to give some to Michelle to bribe her to put up Russ. She ended up just offering them and eggs to Chima and Nat Nat and Chima start again whining about Jessie being gone, how much they miss him and how he must be sleeping all day today.
Then Chima being Chima found Jeff’s rosary beads and said that she couldn’t believe that Jeff left them in their room, (he didn’t they took them the night before) and then made the comment He is not even catholic, he is some extreme Muslim terrorist. Hmmmmmm. When Jeff walked into the room to change his shirt, Chima then said to him that America must like voting for As^&$oles because he has proven that over and over again.
At 12:15 Michelle came out and said that it was time for the have and have not competition. It was some kind of eating and identifying food completion. When the feeds return we learn that there are no have nots this week (Is that because Chima and Nat said they would refuse to be have nots and sleep in that room?). The competition was food for the week by day of the week, and some luxury prizes. The house won food for all but one day and two out of three luxury prizes including a BBQ grill. Russ complained to Michelle in the HOH saying that Nat and Lydia tried to sabotage the competition and kept saying wise remarks to him and Jeff throughout the competition. Then Russ once again tries to convince Michelle not to put up Nat to put up Kevin as the pawn. Michelle listened but did not say she would. Then good old loyal Russ throws Jeff (who saved him the day before) and Jordan under the bus and saying to Michelle that she (Michelle) could not win the final 2 against either of them because everyone will vote for them. Michelle asked why he (Russ) had voted for Jessie to stay and Russ said because he is a man of his word (ya like what he had just finished saying about Jeff).

When the houseguests came back in from the have and have not competition, they noticed the table had been replaced with a smaller table. Natalie, Chima and Kevin were talking in the bathroom, they were discussing nominations. Kevin said that he didn’t think that Michelle was putting Russ up, Chima then commented saying that she has to do all the dirty work in the house, Nat said that after POV she was going to throw buckets of crap all over them (MIch, Jeff and Jordan).

Nat corners Michelle in HOH and starts questioning her about where her head was. Nat told her that if she nominated her that she was going against what she told her and Chima (the all girl alliance). Michelle just responded with that is something for me to know, it is a choice I have to make. Nat then told her Jeff would not carry her in this game. She said that this week there will be only 3 votes needed and that she (Nat) would not be sent home(basically telling her she was nominating her). Nat responded with this, can tell you this. i am not gonna sit here and say i am okay with you putting me up. If i win POV i am taking myself off. If I were up against Russ, I will 100 percent believe you don't want me to go home and believe you don't want me to go home and I won't put you up next week. i am looking for people who have directly screwed me. Jeff and Russ have screwed me... not Jordan. (In other words she does not want to be a pawn against anyone but Russ and was trying to tell Michelle what to do). She then goes on and on about Russ and how he was not on Michelle’s side and how he lies etc. Nat then said that nobody would be mad if she sent Russ home, Michelle said Jeff would be mad. That it is that time in the game where you have to put up people that you said you wouldn’t earlier because the numbers have dwindled down. Michelle then said all you want me to do is send Russ home. Then Nat said that if she goes to the jury house that Michelle wouldn’t have her or Jessie’s vote, threatening her with jury votes. Nat then said that by stabbing her she was also stabbing Chima in the back. Michelle responded with telling Nat to stay strong that it was going to be a tough week! (You go girl). Nat responded with that she would reap the repercussions in the game and with God. Nat left and Chima came in.
Chima starts by saying that Jeff and Jordan are two peas in a pod and do not socialize with anyone. Michelle immediately said that she was not going to BS her and that she was not going to like her nominations. Chima asked her if she was nominating Nat and Michelle said she was not going to tell her who she was nominating. She then asked why not Russell, that she would keep her in the game that Michelle was not her target. She then told her that Jeff would not come after her if she put Russ out because she would be after Nat and Chima. Michelle again told her she would not put up Russell, that Jeff would be after her and mad. She said Russ will win endurance and that he would never take a female to the end, that he would take Jeff. Chima then said that she wants Jeff and Jordan out of the game so that they can feel the pain that they feel in being separated from Jessie. She said that Jeff messed up her nominations and that nobody but her has the balls to put up Russ.

Meanwhile Nat went downstairs and immediately went to the rule book to figure out how she can screw Michelle over. She wants to report Michelle for telling her that she was going to be nominated. Also Jeff, Jordan and Russ at this time were in the back yard Jeff said that he hopes Chima was not talking MIch out of nominating her, and Jordan responded that if she did not put them up that it would be hell in there and that she already asked production for tents so they can sleep out back because of them and that she never thought she would dislike people like she does them right now. Jordan said she knows they are on a boycott and not doing dishes etc. Jordan said she didn’t care and she would wash the dishes. Jeff finally got up and goes up to HOH to save Michelle. Jeff interrupts Chima and Michelle saying he wanted to get her laundry and then asked her when she was going to come outside. Michelle said now and walked out with him. Jeff took her laundry outside for her.
Meanwhile, Chima gets her laundry and throws it in on the longest cycle. Jeff got a bit perturbed with her rudeness because his stuff was piled out there. Chima then told Nat she put in on the longest cycle and that she was doing all her laundry and washing it twice just so they couldn’t do their laundry.
Finally at 5pm Michelle was called to DR, we got trivia on the feed and it was nomination time. When the feeds come back we see Jordan, Jeff, Michelle and Russ in HOH talking about how “they” are messing with their laundry. Jeff said that if they Fu&^%d with his laundry that he was going to BBQ theirs. Jeff also wonders why Nat wore a picture of Jessie on her shirt for the nomination ceremony. (Just like the Cappy followers). Jeff then said that Lydia was mad about getting her key, that she took her key and ran, that he knows that she just wants to go to the jury house to be with Jessie now. Jeff then jokes that Lydia would win HOH and nominate herself just to get to the jury house to be with Jessie. Russ then said that he bet that Nat and Lydia would race themselves out the door to be with Jessie first.

We also see Nat reading the rule book and saying that Michelle broke the rules., Her ranting keeps the feeds going back and forth from fish. Nat then tells Lydia that something bad is going to happen to Michelle for what she did to Chima (nominating her) like she was going to get a disease or something really bad. Lydia is real upset (I guess because she won’t be in the nomination chair this week! ). They mock Michelle saying she wants the best person to win.

Finally we confirm that Nat and Chima are nominated.
We then see Chima in bed with the covers over her head (crying) saying now she hates Russ, Michele and Jeff and there is nothing she can do about it. She then starts her pity party, saying why she should stay, she said if she doesn’t win POV she is going home, that she wants to get Jeff and Russ nominated. Nat said no she was nominating Michelle and Jeff. Chima then said that they know she fought off a serial rapist/murderer and that is what they are afraid of. Afraid that she is a fighter. Her and Nat continue to look in rule book and try to get Michelle ousted.
Jeff went downstairs to lie down and said to Nat Don’t touch my shit again; Nat said you talking to me, he replied with you know who I am talking to. He then went into the splish splash room and try to take a nap. Him and Jordan were in different beds.
Lydia and Nat work on making a calendar of events that have happened in the house to help study. Lydia wants to make a song to remember while Nat said she relates everything to numbers.
Jeff got up at 9pm because he could finally eat. He made himself some leftover Chinese food and pizza. He wanted to cook himself a steak but they are on inside lockdown because they are building the VETO competition outside.
Jeff got called to the DR and as he walked by Nat and Lydia we hear Nat say “Ya go to the Diary room so you can get another way to F*&^ Chima, Nat and Lydia. This time we will give him Poo Poo power! He is such a dick. “ Michelle then walks by to get a drink and Nat said “Bit^&, fu*&^ng psycho gives her the finger and and said F^%$ Y*& Michelle. She then tells Lydia that she is going to take buckets of water and pour it all over their beds.
Lockdown over and Kevin the first one that heads outside where there is a new apparatus that looks like the VETO will be about golf. It was a mini golf set up. Nat being Nat immediately said that it was a competition for Russell since he is good at golf. Lydia and Nat start practicing and decide that they will wake up Chima to practice and will hog it all night so the others can’t practice.

When Jordan gets up she notices Jeff stuff moved to his bed. She comes out and asks what happened and Kevin immediately said he had nothing to do with it. That Jeff’s stuff was removed and put into his drawers and once he found it he put it on the bed because he did not want to be blamed for doing it.
Kevin finally wakes up and convinces Chima to go outside to practice. Once outside Nat told Chima that they were going to practice all night and take the balls with when they go inside so the others could not practice. Production tells Chima to go get her mic when she walked into the back yard and she ignores them. Lydia then said to Kevin that if he told the other side what they were doing she would personally deball him!
Meanwhile the others agree that after they eat they need to go out and get some practice. They talk about the things they are doing and how childish they are. Jeff said that he is ready to blow over the laundry because they keep rewashing their laundry. And they can’t do theirs.
Lydia finally gets the clothes out and yelled to Nat and Chima and asked them if they had more clothes to wash. Chima went in and put a pair of shoes and some more clothes into a laundry bag. She then sat on the washer and dryer and waited so no one else could use it. Seems Jeff got a load in while she was getting hers and she was not letting them do anymore. She still does not have a mic on. Chima finally puts on her mic and then yells into her mic that you guys are dicks. Lydia goes to talk to Chima they discuss how they are going to accidently hit someone. Chima then shut her mic off. BB tells her to put on her mic and she attaches it to her waist.
Russ moves into the putting green and Nat scattered, so she was all talk.
Meanwhile, Jordan must have overheard them say they were going to put hot sauce on their stuff, she warns everyone to move their stuff to HOH so it won’t get ruined. Jeff said that he will BBQ their stuff if they touch his stuff again. Jordan said they are trying to get a rise out of you so that you get ejected from the game. Jeff said he was not going to put his stuff up in the HOH room like he is scared. Jeff said that this must be the most miserable staff, that he is not having fun. That they are Bi%^@es.
Meanwhile, Nat stands guard while Lydia ruffles through Russ’s stuff looking for something. They hide Russ’s hat in the have not room.

Throughout the night Chima has a pity party saying she was not the 5th HOH she was the 6th evicted houseguest because of production. She continually swears at production. The three of them make comments and the others miserable.
At 1:15 am we got fish and the fish lasted till 2:45. When the feeds return we notice that Chima is gone. Lydia was begging Nat not to quit. Jeff confirmed that Chima is no longer a houseguest. The others are speculating what will happen next. They think that they will have to replace the nominee and have a double eviction this week. That America will have the 7th jury vote too!
Seems when Chima left she took Russ’s rosary beads. The others hope she did not take anything else. The rest of the night focused mainly on Jordan, Jeff, MIch and Russ. They had general chit chat. Jordan and Jeff did discuss Chima and both agree that she had anger issues.
Nat did say that Chima threw her mic into the Jacuzzi during her meltdown. Nat also said that she was sure that they cut the live feeds once Alison (Grodner) came over the microphones.
By 4:30 all houseguests were quiet and in bed. They were hoping that they didn’t have POV tomorrow since they were up so late with all the Chima commotion. Also they think that they have to nominate someone else. Nat is now their focus to evict (She will join Jessie in the Jury house like she wants and then Lydia will have a meltdown)
What will actually happen tomorrow? Who will replace Chima on the block? Will they play POV with only one nominee? Will Nat and Lydia continue their childish antics? Will Jeff finally get to wash his clothes? Who knows who will melt tomorrow? Till Then ………………………