9:30 AM

The Houseguests have received their wake up call a little later than usual for a Saturday. Chima’s late night departure from the house has thrown the schedule off a little (ed. Yes, it’s an understatement). Most everyone tries to get more sleep with the lights on.

10:00 AM

Lydia talks to Michelle in the Kitchen. She compliments Michelle on the strong move her nominations are and is being very nice. Michelle, also being nice, asks if Lydia took part in hiding people’s things. Lydia denies. They note that Chima’s picture is still not gray. Lydia says “If I get evicted, I’m not gonna like scream at anyone. I'm gonna say good bye to people I liked and like walk out the door. There's no point in kicking and screaming. You just look stupid!” (ed. Countdown to irony)

11:30 AM

Kevin talks to Michelle in the Kitchen. He’s being very nice and wants to know if she’s heard anything about what is going to happen regarding the schedule since Chima left early. Michelle says she does not know and that they have usually picked Veto players by now. Kevin feels like he failed with Chima. He warned her that production could sue her, but nothing he said worked. He also notes her picture has not gone to gray.

1:00 PM

Feeds had been out for over a half hour and when they return we learn that there will be an HOH competition and Michelle will not be allowed to play. She is more bummed that she lost the HOH room early. Russ is helping her eat what’s left of her basket before BB takes it away. A camera zooms in and we see Chima’s picture IS gray. Russ says it was her choice. Michelle says she would fight to stay if nominated. Russell tells Michelle he would use the Veto to take her off the block even if he is on the block next to her. (ed. I’m guessing Russell isn’t going to come close to winning Veto this week). Russell makes a final two pact with Michelle and they fist bump it out.

Meanwhile Lydia and Natalie are in another room saying how nice BB is and they get things they ask for 9 out of 10 times. (ed. Quite a contrast from their mood last night). They want to win the HOH for Jessie.

Jeff, Jordon, Michelle and Russell are in the Splish Splash room. They joke with Jeff about ‘killing Jessie’ and how they others kept saying ‘How can you live with yourself?!’ Jeff says he has a good lawyer.

Elsewhere Kevin and Natalie study dates that things happened in the house.

2:00 PM

They hear music being played over the loudspeaker signaling the HOH comp. Jordon excited says, “YES!” and Russell jumps out of bed and says, “Let's do it!”

4:30 PM

Feeds return and we learn that Jordon won HOH. Jordan says Russell and Jeff showing her how to do the golf last night really helped her win. Later we learn Jeff won a trip to Hawaii, Natalie won a phone call, Kevin won $5,000, Russell won a Spa, and Lydia has to wear the red unitard.

Lydia told Natalie she will be going home with that ugly unitard on. She's going to give them all so much grief they will for sure vote her out.

Jordan thanks Michelle for sticking up for her (ed. The first hint something went down during the HOH). Michelle's arm is hurt, she is icing it down. Jordon thought she might quit, but Michelle said I'm not a quitter. She says she was getting a ball and her arm got caught on something.

5:00 PM

We continue catching on that something went down after the HOH. Jordon doesn’t want to announce her HOH when she gets it.

During the comp it came down to Jeff and Jordon, Jeff said he would blow it and give HOH to Jordan. Jordan got two hole in ones to win.

Jordon and Michelle were in the Green room with the door closed. Lydia walked by and threw the door open as she keep walking. Michelle yelled, “Wear your [f’n] leotard, bitch!” This sparks Lydia into a rage. She dumps out beers that belonged to Michelle from her HOH. The two get into a screaming match.

Lydia starts on Jeff telling him if she stays, she's going to win HOH and put him out. Jeff points out, “How are you gonna win HOH when you're the 1st out in every comp!” He then tries to be the peacemaker to calm things, but doesn’t get much help. Lydia, Michelle and Russell keep screaming at each other. Jeff thinks Lydia is drunk since she is slurring words and acting up. Lydia, still yelling, wants Jeff to go in the Diary Room with her to have a confrontation, “If you’re man enough”! Jeff wisely declines and Lydia goes into the Diary Room by herself.

Jeff tries to get Natalie and Kevin to talk to Lydia to help keep her calm and not egg her on. He wants everyone to get along and enjoy the experience. They point out they are not her keeper, but eventually say they will at least try. During this exchange Jeff gets loud saying he has bit his tongue until now, but if they want to make things uncomfortable, he will making things really uncomfortable.

Michelle and Natalie go at it during this exchange. Michelle calling her out about the Green room lie, Natalie adamantly saying it happened. Natalie deflects this into Michelle giving her word to Chima so her dedication to Christianity is over. Russell tries to call Natalie out about comments she made. Natalie denies she said them. Russell backs down and leaves. People continue yelling from different rooms until Jeff and Jordon convince Michelle to just let it go.

Shortly after Kevin talks to Jeff to say that he has tried to calm Lydia but it doesn’t work.
Meanwhile Lydia is out of the Diary Room and Natalie fills her in on what Jeff was saying. She also lets her know it’s ok to pour out the houses milk (ed. Her rule book study session from yesterday yields results!). Natalie wants to get Jeff expelled. Lydia thinks that would be good too so they can stay.

6:00 PM

Jordon is a little worked up in the back yard telling Michelle and Russell that Lydia called her a Ho on national TV yet she's the one giving Jessie [hand lovin]. She thanks Jeff for sticking up for her. She indicates she will nominate Natalie and Lydia but wants Natalie to go.

It seems BB gave Lydia pink hair dye and she is applying it. She tells people that the Veto comp and ceremony will be on Monday.

Russell tells Jeff in so many words that the terrorist comments are really bothering him. This is Russell’s underlying theme most of the evening.

7:00 PM

Natalie and Lydia have a conversation about BB replacing the beer Lydia dumped and then Lydia goes in to put on the unitard, "OK guys! When I come out I will be a new woman!"

Kevin is outside picking up broken glass. We are getting indications that Lydia blew up after the HOH comp and broke something and flipped a table over.

Lydia runs out of the Diary room in the unitard. She has applied a decal across the front that reads "Captain Unitard". She is also wearing gold shorts, a black cape and goggles and to top it all off she is sporting the hot pink hair.

Jordan had been cooking and leaves the kitchen. Lydia runs over, grabs a fork and starts shoveling huge bites into her mouth. Natalie let her know she doesn't have to do that, the food is for all of them. Jordon, Jeff, and Michelle come inside to eat. They and Natalie encourage Lydia to eat but she declines and leaves. (ed. Guess she’s full now).

Jordan thinks they are being way too nice after Lydia insulted them today. Jeff wonders if production likes cleaning up Lydia's mess (referring to the dumped table outside). Jordon tells Jeff, “I appreciate you letting me have HOH before you.” Jeff says she earned it.
Jordon wants to go to Hawaii with Jeff. He warns that he would not go to Hawaii, just to make out. They have fun with the possibilities.

Elsewhere Natalie reinforces to Lydia and Kevin that the Green Room lie is true. She also tells them she can't destroy people's stuff but she can get in their face. She wants to pour water on Michelle. Kevin encourages her saying Michelle acts like that stuff doesn't get to her but he knows it does. He notes that Jeff got pissed when Lydia poured Michelle’s beers out and that kind of stuff will set him off.
8:00 PM

Michelle warns Jordan not to listen to Russell too much. They worry that he will tell things to the other side. Jordan wants to tell Natalie she's going up against Lydia and let her believe Lydia is the target.

Natalie continues going on about the Green Room lie. She wishes everyone could get one chance to go rewind the tape. That incident would be the one she replays for everyone. She would confront Michelle and then keep rewinding and playing it back. (ed. I think she was saying this while Jeff was in ear shot too). She looks forward to her phone call from her Dad. Then after a pause, she throws in it would be nice if her boyfriend could be on it too (ed. They way she added that just seemed out of place to me). Lydia says she looks forward to waking up in the jury house.

Michelle confirms Nominations aren’t until Monday.

Jordon tells Jeff about Michelle saying that Russell wants to get rid of Jeff in the final 4. This does not sit well with Jeff.

The HOH room is open just before 9:00 PM, but we got FOTH for the first part and when we were able to see what was going on, the audio was out. Eventually it is restored just as Jordon is tearfully finishing up reading her letter from her Mom to everyone. She notes a part said, "No curse words on TV, Jordan!" and that it was in bold, so her mom is really mad about that.

We find out she got Mountain Dew, Crush, margarita mix, White Castle burgers, cookie dough, New York super fudge chunk ice cream and white strips. She got a Def Leopard CD. She got short-shorts and slippers. There is a picture of her, pre-boob job, a picture of Grandpa and Grandma, a picture of Jordan and her friend Megan. Jeff is shock that it doesn't look like Jordan. They had a tan and she had her nose pierced.

9:00 PM
Show2 Crawl reads: Tension is at an all time high; The house is divided with Jordon Jeff Russell and Michelle in control; A competition was played today leaving Lydia in a super hero costume which she accessorized with bright pink hair; The nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

When Jeff returns to the HOH from being called to the Diary room, he waits outside the door and scares Russell as he opens the door. Everyone laughs. When Russell returns from his call to the Diary room he tells everyone he asked if they caught Jeff scaring him on tape, but they said they weren’t on camera at the time. Everyone was disappointed and Jeff was skeptical since there are “10,000 cameras in the house.

Jordan tells a story about her and Megan at a beach party where they had to go “popping a squat" and demonstrates. When Megan farted, she laughed and sat into a patch of sandspurs (ed. Trust me, they hurt!) and Megan picked them out of her butt while their pants were still around their ankles.

Later Kevin tells Natalie he would take Lydia off if he wins the veto. Natalie says she plans on winning it. Natalie mentions, “So much for Chima's theory”. She thought if she left the house, Jessie would come back. Kevin asks, “She thought that?” Kevin thinks the only hope is that the other side tears themselves apart. Lydia is there just waking up and Kevin tells Natalie they'll talk later.

Jordan wants Michelle to put some of her pictures up in the HOH because she didn't have the room long.

10:00 PM

Russell and Jeff are out back discussing how Lydia was drunk during the HOH comp (ed. They apparently were given champagne), and Russell thought Lydia was going to hit Michelle so he tried to get between them. Russell says he wants final four with Jeff, Jordon and Michelle. Jeff says that is the plan.

Jordon gives Michelle a spare HOH key and offers to share the room with her. Michelle is touched and says “Team HOH”.

Kevin and Natalie are trying to come up with a way to offer Jeff and Jordon a final four that is more attractive to them than going with Russell and Michelle. This turns in to a marathon session of creating a lie that will help. Natalie coaches Kevin and Lydia on the keys to successful lying.

Natalie says she is planning a speech where she will say to Michelle, “Ronnie was exactly right about you!” and then trash her religious convictions.

Michelle and Jordon chat in the HOH. Michelle doesn’t admit to a final two deal with Russell when asked. Jordon doesn’t admit to a final two deal with Jeff when asked. They hope it’s a Jordon Michelle Jeff final three so they don’t have to spend much time in the Jury with the others.

11:00 PM

Natalie and Kevin are well into setting up the lie they will tell and it keeps developing. It will be that they overheard Russell in Michelle in the storage room saying they want to take out Jeff. Kevin will be the one that informs Jeff of this, because he will be easier to believe. Natalie is working this more than Kevin, but he is slowly becoming a participant in the planning and details of the lie.

Up in the HOH, Michelle tells Jordon there are a lot of fabricated stories in the house (ed. I do so love irony). Jordan says people are crazy in here, don't listen to them. Jordon spills all the ‘messy’ details to Russell and Michelle about Lydia’s extra curricular activity with Jessie. Russell relays the final four talk he had with Jeff earlier. They are worried that a future comp may favor Natalie.

Michelle let them know that Chima wanted to throw hot tea on Russell and how she really meant the ‘terrorist’ comments in the racial way. They agree that Jeff has to win HoH now and they will throw it to him.

Natalie and Kevin continue adding details and further crafting the ‘lie’. Natalie says Michelle is the only person she’s lied to so far.

1:00 AM

Kevin brought back play-doh. He, Natalie and Lydia take a break to make some things they can leave on Michelle’s bed, like a straight jacket or a rat. This was just a brief diversion as they are quickly back at drilling the ‘lie’ point by point, over and over well into the 3:00 AM hour. It only stops because Jeff comes down from the HOH to go to bed. Given the sleeping arrangements (Jeff and Russell downstairs, Michelle and Jordon upstairs), they realize they may have to play things by ear since the carefully crafted details won’t quite fit.

The house goes quiet.

A somewhat confusing but entertaining day in the house. Will Natalie and Kevin get to enact the ‘lie’ and subsequent confrontations they are hoping for? Will Jeff even really care? How will CBS weave Chima’s leaving and the resulting game changes into the show? It’s going to be fun to find out!

As always, ‘Thanks’ to all the special efforts of the updaters to keep it all straight and keep us informed. You are appreciated!