8:25am is wake up time for all of the houseguests. Chima is seen watching her spy cam, however can't find anyone doing anything. Chima then makes her way through the house and searches for clothes in the red room, so far no one has made an effort to wake up this morning. ( A side from Jeff, who has gotten into bed with Jordan, and Michelle who is looking in the mirror and going through cabinets.)
By 9am mostly everyone except Jessie and Natalie are up and about and doing morning activities. Lydia walks into the bathroom stating to Jordan that she has a question, but doesn’t ask it. The house is very quiet with everyone doing morning routines and eating but thenn taking naps.

12:11pm there is an outdoor lock down Kevin is called to the Diary Room, everyone is waiting for the POV meeting. Kevin comes out and does his duty as POV winner. Kevin does not use the POV on anyone on the block. Lydia and Russell remain on the block.
After the POV ceremony Chima and Kevin are seen outside, and as usual Chima begins to talk about Russell and his tactic in the game, Chima states that Russell bullies, befriends, and then backstabs and that is how he has progressed in the game( Kevin states that Russell did it to Ronnie, Michelle, and now Chima.) , Chima says it is kind of different for others and that Jeff and Jordan do not understand Russell’s ways. Chima then goes on to say that she is upset with Natalie for not listening to big brother, when big brother told everyone to look a wake for a little while. Chima says that Natalie does not do what big brother tells her to do.
Later on Lydia joins Kevin and Chima outside and the Russell hate begins again. Chima polls everyone outside about how Russell treats them, Jordan says that Russell has been following her everywhere and that Russell was quite drunk last night. Lydia makes an observation about Russell wanting Jeff on his side. Chima then states that she could have put up Jordan instead of Lydia.
Jessie and Natalie are seen taking a nap head to toe, and Russel is eating a lone. Michelle walks by him but doesn’t say anything to him. Chima says she will be going in shortly. Chima talks about kicking Natalie and Jessie out of her bed because all they do is sleep all day. She then goes to talk about one famous person she would like to meet. ( Sade) Some talk about Michael Jackson is had as well as facebook.

1:39pm Michelle, Jeff, and Jordan play basketball in the pool.
1:45pm Chima explains that Jeff gets called to the Diary Room a lot and that shows that he could be the wizard. Lydia then asks Chima if she could use her scale. They go up to the HOH room together. Chima is pleased with how Jordan feels about Russell, and Lydia says that she does not know why anyone would use the mystery power.
1:55pm Lydia again states that it would be stupid for Jeff to use the power, and then Chima reiterates how upset she will be and how she will go off on the live show.
2:20pm Russell and Lydia are outside talking. Russell is venting about Chima. Russell wants to know why she can say all of that stuff against me and everyone laughs? But... and we get FOTH.
Jeff drinks Gatorade by mistake . Around 2:25pm Michelle is seen topless, her bathing suit top broke. Jeff comes outside and asks if he saw any of her lady goods, he asks why and she tells him. He claims that he is disappointed the he missed it.

3:30ishpm Jordan talks about peaches and nectarines again she is really freaked out that they taste the same.
At 4pm Lydia goes back up to the HOH room and Chima says that she does not do any personal attacks ini the house and then they continue to talk about Russell. They also talk about Jessie’s paranoia. Chima then restates that the women have to stay in the house.
4:42pm While cleaning the fridge Lydia asks Jordan how did they both become this season’s pawns and Lydia says she doesn’t know but she would like to find out.
Around 5:30pm Chima comes out of DR. Jordan says she is making ziti. Jordan cooks dinner and Jeff jokes that he is upset the she decides to cook when he is on slop. There was some talk about Lydia being fake and how being careful about what you say when you are around her.
7:43pm Jordan and Russell have a conversation about the magic powers. Jordan tells Russell she would use the power on him if she had it.
8pm every thing is pretty uneventful. The feeds are on Chima and Michelle most of the time about Russell and Jeff.Chima says that Jeff talks seriously about game, he just walks away and pulls Jordan away from them like they are bad influences. Conversation is also about Ronnie a little but and about his Eviction speech. They both agree that Ronnie needs to meet more people if Michelle is the worst person he ever met.

9pm ( BBAD STARTS) Feeds are still on HOH room and there are talks about Russell having fake fights with everyone. They both want to know if they are in a fake fight so that they don't get offended and can defend themselves properly.
The housequests get modeling clay.
Feeds back on HOH room They agree that Lydia is strange and that Kevin is the more trustworthy than Lydia. Michelle says that Lydia is a liar and Chima considers evicting her instead of Russel. Chima is called to the DR and they both leave the HOH room.
Lydia makes miniature people out of the sculpting clay in the kitchen, and everyone else joins in. There were some small talk about Jessie's paranoia when he was not around between Chima and Lydia and some campaigning by Russell to Jessie. BBAD ends. The house does more modeling clay.
Jeff and Jordan talk about Jordan's personal life, and then some game talk occurs when they talk about how nice Jessie and Russell have been to them. They find it wierd.
Jeff goes to Have Not room, and around 4am everyone is asleep. Very uneventful day.