1:00 Jordan is the only one awake. She get her swimsuit on and heads to the BY to get some sun and enjoy her alone time.

3:00 Kevin decide to wake up for the day.

3:45PM BBT: All in BY discussing what they can do because they are so bored. Kevin wants to have a water balloon fight, with condoms. They decide just to see how much water one will hold. Kevin says he'll bring out the dental dams too. The girls have no idea what the dental dam is. Kevin says he show them, BB says, "Stop that."

HG want to make a waterslide. They put down towels under the plastic bags to soften it so they don't get hurt for the finale. They wanted to use the pool rafts or the rafts from the pool room and BB told them "Stop that!!!" The wind is blowing just enough to make the bags blow up. Jordan saying it's not working, you can keep going but she doesn't think it's worth it for just using one time. They give up and Kevin says they have the biggest sunbathing blanket. Natalie and Kevin lay down on the towels. Jordan in and out of the house. Debate is now going on whether to wash the towels or just fold them up. They decide they aren't dirty and they wont need them anyway so they are Kevin and Jordan are folding them up.

Natalie calls Kevin a pansy for not going in the pool all season. They wonder if the ducky should be filled or does BB do that.

4:20PM BBT: Kevin going over jury votes alone out loud while Natalie's in the DR. He started with the scenario that he's taking Jordan to the final two, but when he counts the votes, he doesn't win. He tries the count with Natalie, and he still doesn't win. He is in the BY asking “America” what he should do. Jordan takes a shower. Natalie comes outside and Kevin tells her that he keeps counting up the jury votes, he comes up in second place. He tells her all the scenarios, and how he doesn't win in any. Natalie flips out on him, asking if he's thinking about going back on their deal. Kevin says no, he's just thinking. Natalie says Kevin is talking out his ass. Nat visibly upset about Kev’s comments about the jury votes. Jordan walks out to the BY and overhears Nat telling Kev that she isn’t going to keep reassuring him about the votes. Jordan seems ticked off and seems to be wondering why they are talking about this, considering Kev has been telling her that he is not going to keep Natalie. Kev and Nat go to play bad-mitten and Jordan goes to the hammock, looking deep in thought.

6:45PM BBT: Natalie is making dinner. Tonight's dish is halibut. She has marinated in lemon juice and is looking through the spice rack for stuff to put on it. Kevin suggests garlic, sea salt, pepper and basil. Natalie wants more and asks about milk, vanilla extract, and poultry seasoning. Nat comments that since fish is poultry, she can use poultry seasoning (lol), Jordan & Kevin both laugh and tell her poultry is fish! She's trying to make fried rice, and wants to add cinnamon or honey, once again Kevin talks her out of both. Natalie: "So how do I make fried rice, do I just take this rice and fry it?"

7:00PM BBT: Kevin decides he cannot eat the mess that Nat has prepared, so he is making Mac & Cheese. Kevin says the rice is too crunchy. Natalie forces Jordan to try a bite of fish. Jordan; "Uk! It tastes fishy." Natalie: "Like bad?" Jordan; "I don't know I never eat anything fishy."

8:00 PM BBT: The HGs are in the hot tub talking about all the past competitions. Natalie admits that in the food competition where they had to taste and identify the two ingredients, Natalie didn't taste the concoctions, she said they were gross. Natalie talks about the night that Chima and Lydia covered the cameras and windows, and took their mics off. Natalie says she only out a pillow in front of a window, but she got a warning from BB with the others. Another warning she got was for telling Michele she was going on the block, "But I knew I was violating a rule, but it was worth it to mess with that bitch Michele." All through the conversation they get warning for talking about production.
Kevin says that in one competition, Chima's bike was broken and BB wouldn't listen to her when she complained. Kevin thought they were trying to rig things against Chima.

Kevin goes inside to do dishes, then Jordan/Natalie start talking about Kevin. Natalie says that Kevin told her that right now he is just playing for second place but she knows that he really thinks he will win. Jordan says that if she leaves, she will try to make it tie them America will be the deciding vote. Both Natalie/Jordan wonder how America votes, Natalie says that they most likely vote for their favorite and not strategic. Jordan saying that she caught Kevin at the memory wall counting votes on Tuesday. They continue to talk about the game and Natalie brings up what she said in the DR about Kevin and BB tells her not to.

11:00PM BBT: Kevin and Jordan talking in the kitchen, first it just small talk about seeing their families, possibilities of making 1 or 2, and other things. Kevin then starts to talk about how he is trying to let Natalie know that he is probably not taking her because he doesn't think he can win. Both him a Jordan think that she might get America's Vote Kevin/Jordan continue to talk about how they will not take Natalie to the end. Jordan tells him that he shouldn't tell her, but Kevin knows her better so do what he thinks is right. Jordan says that she won't tell her to the day of. She also says it different because Kevin and Natalie are closer. They then start to talk about BB season they have seen, for Jordan she has seen 2 or 3, 5, 7, and 10. They continue to talk about other BB season. Jordan says when she was trying out she saw all these things on YouTube. Jordan also says that she didn't know Julie's name before BB gave them the DVD to watch in the hotel.

12:05AM BBT: Kevin admits he has Poland Syndrome. It is a birth defect that is an absence of a chest muscle. he says he has only a mild case of it. He also had chest implants to make them look more normal, and that is why he is always wearing shirts and doesn't go in the pool because he doesn't notice. He also has problems doing push-up type things because of the lack of a chess muscle. He also says that he doesn't think they a perfectly proportional. Jordan are now comparing how their surgeries were. He said that he didn't want part this to be part of the show, so that is why he is telling Jordan and Natalie now. he then talks about the first time he was intimate with his boyfriend and he acted like he didn't notice the deformity and scars.

1:30AM BBT They start talking about goodbye messages. BB keeps telling them to stop when they go into detail about them. Kevin says that he wasn't asked about the racial comments Braden made, but he was asked about Chima's terrorist comments. BB keeps telling him to stop it and we get FotH. Then they start to talk about the Russell/Chima fight and who said what.
Jordan gets all excited because she gets to she her family tomorrow. They then say don't say tomorrow because they have to go to sleep and wake up and sleep the still have the whole day to go through.
They are now wondering how the final show will go and when they will do the final HoH competition. They also wonder how they will do the jury question this year because it will be live.

3:30AM BBT: Jordan and Natalie are still up working on their craft projects. Kevin in Bed

4:30AM BBT Nat & Jordan in bed