Ocean's 11 Meets Survivor in the New Court TV® Expert Reality Show

Impossible Heists™

Five Heists. Two Teams. One Prize.

Imagine watching as someone risks his life, suspended in midair, just inches above a lion’s den. Or rappels down an elevator shaft on a wire that could snap at any moment. Or slithers through a maze of infrared lasers that will trigger an alarm if they are so much as breathed upon. Feeling tense yet? In Impossible Heists™, reality TV meets Court TV when two teams of highly-trained specialists compete for the chance to win $100,000. But winning won’t be easy: the IH experts must depend on each other as much as on their individual talents –including security, climbing and safe-cracking – as they attempt to pull off painstakingly recreated capers, from lifting a $10 million work of art from a well-guarded mansion to swiping a priceless gem from the Museum of Natural History. And, unlike the thieves who originally conceived of the heist, at the end of each one-hour episode, these experts are subjected to a crime scene investigation to determine whether their fingerprints and/or DNA were left behind.

Each team has a security systems expert to guide them through the alarms, locks, and other security obstacles along the way. The teams are rounded out by professionals from a variety of fields, which include rock climbing and private investigation. The Red Team will attack the bank from underground - just like the real gang - while the Blue Team will attempt to enter at street level through a side entrance. In the end, the team that proves to be the most successful will win thousands of dollars in electronic equipment for each of its members.

Narrated by Penn Jillette – well known as the speaking half of the comedy duo Penn & Teller - Watch Impossible Heists on Court TV Tuesdays at 11 PM ET/PT.

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