Critiques of the Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live - Premiere...

- It was way too fast paced and hectic - I doubt many people were able to cook along without huge issues, cutting themselves etc.

- The flambee really bothered me. Everything I've ever learned says to pour the liquor OFF of the flame to prevent getting a fireball in the face and then either relighting the burner or putting pan back on the flame. I think this was a recipe for disaster.

- The steaks and potatoes of the finished product looked way undercooked. The steaks were this unappetizing grey and did not look seared at all. The potatoes were still white.

- The final presentations looked like crap. For the pasta he has strands of pasta hanging over the side of the plate. For the master chef I would have expected slightly better. 10 extra seconds of effort to make it look nice.

- The Tiramisu looked great.

I'm all for the Cookalong - it's a fun neat concept. However, he needs to make it a bit more realistic with maybe pre-chopped ingredients specified on the shopping list and maybe simpler recipes with less ingredients. It just appeared way too frenzied and that turned me off.

I did not attempt to cook along, I was just watching this from the couch.

What say you fellow JU members?