Opening note: So, what will be the outcome of Dan's veto win? Will it stir up a lot of game talk now that Dan has the power? Or will Dan succumb to Ian's wishes as HoH? Will it bring about new alliances or will it solidify old ones? Let's find out . . .

9:30 AM
Frank and Jenn are the first ones up. Frank says that they need Dan to use the veto and then they need to get the votes for him and if Dan doesn’t use the veto then all bets are off. If the veto isn’t used they need to tell Dani that Dan is untrustworthy as he swore on a bible that she didn’t throw the veto and that’s why Dan was mad at Dani and that wasn’t right. They talk about how Dani was drinking a lot last night and was arguing with Shane but at the end of the night she was back in bed with Shane. Jenn won’t trust that Dan is using the Veto until it actually happens. Frank says that if Dan doesn’t vote for Frank after the veto is used the Jenn should not believe him. He will call Dan out about swearing on a stack of bibles.

10:30 AM
All HGs awake!

There is very little game talk the rest of the morning and into the early afternoon.

2:00 PM
HGs are on inside lock down and the cleaning of "filthy house" commences.

3:30 AM
Dan asks Shane if he's down with a F3 between Dan, Danielle and Shane. Shane tells Dan that Joe was talking to Shane and Danielle last night and said he wants a F4 with Joe, Shane, Danielle and Ian. Joe said he's targeting Dan and thinks that Dan has a F2 with Jenn. Dan says that once he uses the POV on Jenn then his debt to her is done. Shane pointing out to Dan that Joe keeps changing his F4 & F3 deals depending on who is HOH and Shane is noticing that. Shane thinks that Joe is making deals with everyone so he doesn't know whether it's better to keep him or get rid of him. Shane then asks if they're getting rid of Frank this week. Dan says yes; basically Dan, Shane and Danielle control the votes. Joe walks in the kitchen and breaks up the talk.

Shane goes outside and tells Danielle that Dan wants to make sure that Danielle forgives Dan. He wants to see where her head is at with a F3 but Shane wants to be in with the F3 with Dan, Danielle and himself. Danielle says that no matter what, her F2 with Shane still stands. Shane says he'd like to see Jenn or Joe in a F3 with them because they can beat him. Danielle points out that they can beat Dan easily too. Shane agrees. Shane says that it would benefit them to have Dan for the social side of the game because he can tell them what to say to people. Shane saying that he hates what Dan did to Danielle but he's giving him the benefit of the doubt in case being in solitary made him overthink things. Shane says that what Dan did was a blessing in disguise because things about Britney came out that he needed to know. Ian says to Shane and Danielle, "We have to get Jenn out next week."

Ian is talking to Shane and Danielle. Shane saying he wants to make sure that Frank is the target. Ian agrees & says that Jenn has to go next. Shane agrees & says that if a DE comes, do they just put up Joe and Jenn straight away? Ian says yes. Danielle says it's 4 of us vs 2 people in the next HOH. Danielle: "It's the 4 of us (Dan, Ian, Shane and Dani) against those 2 (Joe and Jenn)." Shane, Dani and Ian agree that it is best to just let Joe believe that he is with them. Danielle: "Honestly, anyone can beat Dan in F2."

4:35 PM
Dan and Frank are in the backyard. Frank says Mike and I, if that m*fker wouldn't have gone against us, he probably would have made it to the final four. Frank says that Mike and him would not have made it to the final four together. Dan says that Frank doesn't survive that many nominations and not have what it takes to make it to the end. Dan says he doesn't necessarily respect but he understands why some people are floaters. Dan says he understands that that's all some people can do but he hates when people float and they can do other things. Franks says Jenn was floating but she made that big move. Dan agrees and says yeah, and she was unscathed...and she won a comp. Franks says that Jenn is a stud and she has heart. They talk about Jenn having good social game but Frank says she gets a little salty when she is on the block. Dan says he likes Jenn a lot. Frank says she is loyal even thought she did drop Frank and Ashley's name once but he is okay with that.

Frank says the way he plays is no harm no foul. Dan says sometimes revenge is not a good game move. Dan says he is surprised at how well Ian has down physically, maybe not mentally but physically as well, like when he was up against Shane. Dan says that Shane was hurting. Frank says that he didn't want Ian to win but it looks like it could work out perfectly. Dan now comparing this situation to Jerry and how his alliance didn't want Jerry to win but it worked out perfectly because Jerry took out an alliance member that he didn't have to. He then talks about Memphis using the Veto to take him down. Frank says remember, Jenn-money used it, but I am the one that pushed the button (ed. LOL).

5:30 PM
Ian goes inside. Dani is now alone in the hammock. She says, "Right now I'm covered by all angles." Dani wonders if Shane likes her more than a friend. She says, she likes him.

1:00 PM
There is more fighting between Ian and Frank; then, Ian called to the DR. Shane hugs Britney as she cries over his shoulder to comfort her. For the next while, Britney and Dani are in the arcade and Dani comforts her.

7:00 PM
Ian tells Dan that he heard about Ashley and Frank hooking up. He said, he's really glad that he got Ashley out now. Dan says that it bothered him when he watched Ashley with Ian, especially when Ian hurt his ankle and she was rubbing his head. Ian said that she thought she could use him but nope; he's seen this show too many times. They discussed Ashley's eviction and how stunned she looked. Ian says, "You have to understand, Dan. We're playing with morons." Dan suggested to Ian that he needs to try to work on a F2 deal with Joe so that he can get his vote in case he needs it. Ian leaves the HOH. Dan on the bed in the HOH alone and says to himself, "You better watch yourself, little man. Don't get too cocky."

8:30 PM
Joe, Dan, Frank, Shane and Ian are at the dining room table eating. Frank asks Joe what Janelle used to say about him. Joe says that Janelle would look dead in the camera and ask Jokers and Survivor Sucks to start hate threads about Frank. Dan said, "You had to get him (Frank) started on it again." Frank: "I'm not going to get started but it makes her look worse." Frank said that Janelle hated him because he called her out for lying to his face. Dan pointing out that Frank's face is even more red than his shirt is. Frank saying she's a dirty, dirty player and just like I said in her goodbye message, "I'm better at this than you are. That's why you left before jury."

Dan, Danielle and Shane in the arcade room and shake on F3!

11:30 PM
Dan finds some rope, ties it around Ted's neck and hangs him over the balcony!

2:45 AM
There is some game talk off and on the rest of the night, but HGs finally make their way to sleep.

So, is Dan going to use the POV in tomorrow's ceremony? If so, who will Ian put as a replacement nom? Did Ted survive his ordeal? Stay tuned . . .

Thanks so much to the Joker’s Updaters for your wonderful updates; this couldn't get done without you guys!