9:43 BB wakes everyone up. It was a slow morning for people to get going since they were up so late the night before. Joe is still lugging around his hoola hoop and performing on demand of the horn. He has gotten a bit better at it. (Truly this is the most athletic Joe has looked all season). When Frank got called in the DR Joe took this opportunity to talk to Shane. HE asked Shane who Ian was going to put up. Shane said he didn’t really know but thought Frank and Jenn with him (Joe) as the replacement nomination. Joe asked why not Dan, and he replied he did not know, and Joe then commented that he thinks Ian and Dan have a deal going on. Joe then tells Shane that the DR said it ws going to be a busy day he thought maybe a have not competition. When Dan gets out of the DR he pretty much said the same thing something was up, that they can’t go back to bed. Then BB tells Frank he can remove his carrot suit!. A bit later Ian is locked out of the HOH Room.

11:15am – The feeds go to the fish for an hour. So once they come back we see that Ian got a Pandora’s Box. He went into his room and there was a Christmas tree set up with presents under it. It said that he could open all these presents but if he did something bad might happen to the house. Ian chose to open the presents which were a bunch of pool blow up toys a couple of blow up swords and a new hammock for the back yard. Meanwhile as he opened his gifts the house guests get a visit for Mr. Pectacular Jessie. Jessie zings them all in his comments and dumps out all their junk food and replaces it with healthy foods. Dan and Frank speculate that Ian got something else besides toys like maybe another VETO or something. Ian denies it and tells them that all he got was the toys and hammock.

Once they go outside and see the new hammock Jenn corners Ian and starts giving him her pitch. Ian barly listens and even interrupts with ya’s and um-hums! Ian then said he does not respect anyone in the game that just cruises and does not make any big moves.

The horn signaling Joe to do his hoola hoop goes off all day. At one point Dan mumbled to himself that he can’t lose this game to a guy with a hoola hoop. He then tells us the viewers that the first person to tweet Chelsea and tell her he loves her will get a free copy of his book.

Dan and Shane discuss the nominations. Shane does not know why Ian will not put up Joe. Dan said even if Joe won VETO he would not use it anyways. Shane then said Ian told him that they should vote out Frank.

Jenn and Frank talk. Jenn said that Ian has been lying for weeks, but she believes that Ian likes her more than Joe and she just kept throwing Joe under the bus. Frank said he tried to talk Ian into working with them. HE does not know Dan is working with them. That if he does not work with them he probably would be going home net week. Jenn just hopes that if Frank wins the POV and they both are on the block that the replacement is Joe not Dan. She feels she can win the votes against Joe but not against Dan. They discuss how they wish they could get Dan out this week instead of Joe. How they could win against Joe in the final HOH and get rid of him there. Dan then joined them and Frank told him that he thinks Ian will nominate him even though he tried to explain to Ian that having both him and Dan in the house will deflect off people want to get rid of him. He said Ian seemed more nervous about a replacement nominee after VETO then actually who he was really putting up.

5:00 Pm we get trivia on the feeds for the nomination ceremony. After an hour of trivia we come back to find out that Frank and Jenn are nominated. Dan and Ian play with some mega blocks that Ian got as one of his gifts. Dan told Ian he did a good job today with nominations, Ian thanked him.

7:40 pm = We again trivia and when the feeds return we see they pulled names for the veto competition. It seems like everyone but Shane will be playing in the POV competition.

Ian cornered Dani and said that she hopes Joe does not win POV and pulls off someone then he will have to put up Dan. He then asked her if she would vote to keep Dan. And Dani said yes she would. They all speculate that the POV is going to OTEV. They also believe that they all can do well in it.

Jenn and Frank discuss nominations and who the target is. Both believe that Ian wants the VETO used and Joe to go up. Frank also thinks that it could be Dan since his key was the last out.

Joe seeks Ian out and asks him if he talked to Danielle and if he will still be safe if the VETO is used. Dan said yes he would be safe. Joe then confirms that if he was to win the POV he would keep the nominations the same. Dan agreed with him.

Frank told Danielle that he believes it will be a double eviction week. Danielle didn’t think so she thinks it will be too much to show on one show. (Guess she does not remember two evictions ago!) Joe then asked Dan if he thinks it will be a double eviction and Dan said it made sense.

Frank and Dan chat a bit,. Frank asks him if it is weird that someone (him) has played in every POV in one season. Dan said yes it was weird.

Dan and Ian whisper and Dan asked him if he thought someone would be leaving on Sunday. Ian said no that there is too much other stuff that they have to show on Sunday. Ian said he thinks the POV will be after the ShowTime show because he remembers that from Dan’s season. Dan agreed.

Frank and Danielle chat and both now think that someone might be leaving this Sunday. Frank said that it would suck for Ian because he would have another shortened HOH. Ian thnks that things are happening fast too and wants to ask the DR if he should move his stuff out of the HOH. Frank said they wouldn’t tell either way.

Jenn tells Danielle that she is nervous because she is on the block again. Danielle reassured her that she will be OK and have the votes to stay.

BB cleaned out all the food in the Storage room and replaced it with healthy foods. So there is salasa but no chips, hummus but no chips etc. They are all bummed. Danielle mentioned it is Dan’s birthday tomorrow and they only have healthy foods so no cake.

The Dr finally told them there will be no competition tonight. So they all were relieved of that stress. Ian said that the competition will be at the crack of dawn.

Dan and Frank talk about Dan being back doored. Dan thinks Ian is too aloof and that it is a possibility since his key came out last. Dan wants to talk to him but can’t seem to get him alone for a length of time. Dan is defiantly concerned; Frank said that everyone has a good chance to win VETO. That it won’t be OTEV because Shane is not playing and he will host it and OTEV has no host. They think it will be a puzzle of some kind.

Dan talks with Ian a bit. Ian admits to him that he also got $1000 card. HE was concerned because he wants to frame the card. Dan told him he was smart not telling people that. They briefly talk about Danielle being the last girl standing, Ian said he wants a guy to win, Dan said odds were in his favor. Dan then tells him to sell all his stuff on eBay and only keep things that mean something to him. They talk about ADHD and how Ian’s parents never wanted him on medication. That he takes out his excess energy in rocking and that is why indoor lockdowns are hell for him. Ian said that his parents realized when he was 2 that he was bright, that he could bring back the card with the first letter of something they showed him. Like if they said Pillow he would bring back the P card. Dan asked him if he graduated when he was 16, Ian said no and that he feels bad about the things he said when he was drunk. Dan said he and Frank will be invited back, Ian said he did not think so, that his live nominations was messed up because he was so nervous and that when he got drunk he said things he should not of said. Dan said they will not show him drunk and it will be OK. Dan said he regrets saying to Ian that he will rat him out during the competition, that he has never lost his cool before in the BB house. Ian said that Frank figured out how close to Brit he was because he gave her a coin during that competition. Dan said he wanted the next HOH real bad. He then asked Ian what Joe would do, and Ian said Joe told him the night before that he can’t stand living in the same house as Dan because he is disgusted about the funeral thing. Dan asked what Brit thought. Ian told him Brit was mad but understood the game move. Ian then said Brit was the only one he trusted but it was OK he would find someone else to trust. Ian said that Brit was the only one that got away with making fun of people. Dan asked him if Brit advised him about him (DAN). Ian said she told him to beware of the Dan mist and to go to the end with Frank or Shane and he would be golden. HE then said that Brit told him the best players left in the house are Dan, Danielle and himself (Ian). He said Brit told him that it would be hard to beat Dan or Danielle at the end. Dan asked Ian what Brit meant about Dan’s mist. Ian explained that he could talk anyone into anything. Dan asked Ian if Joe won HOH and took down a nomination would he vote to keep Dan in a tie. Ian said yes that if he had to break a tie he would keep a quack packer , that the only way he would leave is if someone convinced Shane or Danielle to vote him out. Dan asked him if he would beat renegade with him, Ian said Frank keeps asking him for a F2 deal too because Frank believes that he will win no matter who he stands against at the end. Dan said good night then thanked him for not nominating him.

Ian then gets into bed and keeps mumbling to himself that it just does not make sense over and over.

Who will win this VETO, will one of his nominations remain the same? Will Ian nominate Dan as a replacement nomination or Joe who he has hated all season? Will Ian try to get the next biggest player out of this game? Who will try for this VETO? Will HOH get shortened again, poor guy just wants to blog! Did Dan’s mist work this time? Who knows only tomorrow will tell! Thanks updaters you’re the best on the net!