Jokers: So, has anything interestin come out of BB for ya?
Dana: well, yeah...
Jokers: do tell!
Dana: the cast from bb4 got invited to the vh1 big in 2003 show it tapes wednesday in...that's why I'm here
Jokers: what's it about?
Dana: isn't it awesome??? it's like a year in review/roast type show.
Jokers: aw hell yeah! who all's going?
Dana: very similar to an awards show format live performances and stuff
Jokers: anyone we know?
Dana: as far as I know it's just me, robert, nathan, erika, david and michelle, outkast, kid rock I think?? I don't really know.. but I do know that they're doing a huge presentation of reality stars that's why we're going!! we'll be part of the show
Jokers: <Karen> Have you talked to Jack since the finale?
Dana: yes, jack and I keep in touch...he writes me letters and sends me pics all of the time
Jokers: he doing well?
Dana: we've spoken on the phone too...he's great...and really regrets his comment. he's doing s alabama

Jokers: and you? do you get approached on the street a lot? :) bet you do!
Dana: yes...a ton. probably not as much as some of the "small town" folk....but enough for me
Jokers: Anything bizarre happen? no stalkers we hope!
Dana: it's sooo weird to be eating at IHOP and have a woman freak out cuz she knows's like hey....I'm just eating some pancakes.I like it...people are great.

Jokers: did you watch bb before you did it?
Dana: yep..watched 2 and 3.

Jokers: How did you happen to do BB? Tape?
Dana: I sent in an application and video...yep...for a goof...and it worked.
Jokers: how fast did they get back to you?
Dana: well, I just made the deadline so it was only like 2 weeks...I couldn't believe it

Jokers: <Nann> being a fellow NYer, I was rooting for you. Why do you think so many other hg were against you. I don't think you did anything for that to happen
Dana: I agree with you nann...I think that some people just can't handle the "in your face" NY attitude.I was very upfront w/everybodyand when I switched sides...I did it. Yeah, I'm sure being a snake in the grass would have gotten me farther...ahem ahem

Jokers: <Nann> Dana, did you really apply for previous BB?
Dana: No - I've heard this rumor that I applied to all of them....that's crapola, never did.

Jokers: <lexiebbupdates> Dana are you a Clay Aiken fan?
Dana: am I? I don't really know enough of his stuff...but I've seen his new's aight
Jokers: hehehehe prefer ruben?
Dana: ditto for him. I'm a bit more of a rocker than a popper

Jokers: <Nann> Are you sorry you jumped ship and left the original 8 for the 3 amigos?
Dana: No Nann, absolutely not. I'm happy that I left aligned with them...more honorable than anybody else in that house. in all alliance of 8 was not a good idea.who knew if we were going to like each other (which most of us didn't)...and who knew how we'd feel about the 5 coming in.

Jokers: were you glad no ex of yours showed up?
Dana: ex was very close to coming into the hosue - and then I would have freaked...but now I realize it would have been a huge help. he and I respected each other very much and never would have let each other be evicted...any competition I didn't win...he would have.I would have trusted doubt 100% (whether or not everybodyelse would have known that...I don't know) lol

Jokers: <rockabye> What was the most surprising news after you left the game and got back to reality?
Dana: the most surprising news? when I got back HOME home??
Jokers: yeah! When you watched drs, or whatever?
Dana: diary rooms....I was shocked!!! OH MAN...WHERE DO I START??
Jokers: which ones blew ya away the worst?
Dana: I don't know...I'm just surprised a lot of the shit that people said. I mean...I know I talked shit...I wasn't perfect. But I graduated from the 6th grade a loooong time ago...haven't seen that much "name calling" since.

Jokers: Dana... speaking of Jun... here she is :D
Jun: Hi girl
Dana: nooooo
Dana: heeeey
Jokers: yesssssss
Dana: hahaha
Jun: Hahahahahaha
Jokers: LMAO
Dana: ha!!
Dana: hysterical
Jokers: i saw her butt sneak in. LOL
Jun: Jus wanted to crash and say hi
Dana: I saw that shit too
Dana: thought it was just a fan
Dana: LOL
Jun: oh my god, i'm gonna fall out of my chair laughing
Jokers: rofl we had her last week..
Jokers: I saw the name. LOL

Dana: when are we meeting for that drink bitch?
Dana: soon I hope.
Jun: girl, you don't even know...craziness in my life right now
Jun: definitely though :)
Dana: I'm sure. well, you have my #
Dana: you call when you're ready

Jokers: Jun, you going to that VH1 thingie also?
Jun: anyway, don't mind me...i'm just a voyeur tonight
Dana: can't believe you showed up in my chat...does that mean you're a FAN???
Dana: LOL
Jun: Yeah, I figured I was safe with you now :)

Jokers: <Nann> I heard Kiki from BB3 wanted to get together with you and Jun. Any plans yet?
Jun: she and i have emailed...
Dana: well, Eric from bb3 is coming to the city soon..and we'll all probably hook up.
Jun: THAT would be a good group of NY girls :)
Jokers: that would be happenin! have you met Eric before?
Dana: we've spoken on the phone 100 times...but never met face=to=face yet

Jokers: so dana, you didn't know any BBers prior to BB4? LOL
* Jokerertte thinking of Josh/Erika

Dana: Robert is BACK (ed: he brough pizza)
Jokers: hiya Robert :)

Dana: hey - jun...are you going to vh1 thing??
Jun: nah...they won't pay for airfare/hotel so i said no :)
Dana: aah, i see.
Jokers: cheap of em!
Dana: totally...but i got a cheap ticket and i'm staying w/ it wasn't bad....good excuse to come and hang

Jun: wait, where's robert?
Jokers: she's at Robert's house, Jun :)
Jun: WOAH....
Jun: you're at Robert's?
Jokers: sounds like a damn blast!
Jun: wow.....
Dana: Robert
Jokers: times they change, eh?
Jokers: How's his cute daughter??
Jun: i have a very sheepish smile on my face
Dana: his daughter is the bomb!
Jokers: awwwww :D
Dana: she's so f'n cute. Not here though.
Jokers: amen, with MY language. ROFL

Jokers: LittleSister> Please ask Dana, "Did Bi Brother encourage outrageous statements about your fellow houseguests in the diary room?"

Dana: i wouldn't say that they "encouraged" it....but they definitely "opened" your eyes to stuff that may not have been bothering you as much
Jokers: what did they open your eyes to? ;)
Dana: if you had an issue and it went away...they would "remind" you of it. lol
Jokers: oh nice. ROFL

Jun: Hey, I got a letter from a 12 year old in Ohio and she asked if she could get in touch with Elana...can you tell Robert i'll be emailing him the info?
Dana: he said ok.
Jun: kewl...dana, i'm going to let you go now so you can chat freely with your fans okay? i'll talk to you soon
Dana: k jun...speak with you soon

Jokers: she's funny as hell, btw :D
Jokers: a wild woman outside that house!
Dana: yeah - i like jun
Jokers: who knew? ROFL
Dana: she and i clicked for a reason. well, that's one of the things that I was really upset about
Jokers: what?
Dana: cuz I considered her a friend...and when she said that she didn't...I was a little...are you ready folks...PISSED OFF
Dana: hahah dyin over here
Jokers: awwwwww understandable.. do think it was 'game' tho?
Dana: pissed funny was that segment on bb??
Dana: nah, diary room was not game.
Jokers: damn funny indeed :D
Jokers: Oh I dunno..
Dana: that was alone time...that was - "honest" time...for lack of a better word
Jokers: sometimes i feel they use it for other purposes! Like when BB digs shit out of you ;)
Dana: well people would shit talk in there...and give them something to show on tv
Dana: right
Jokers: so maybe her shit was a bit of that
Dana: but "certain" people got carried away
Jokers: LMAO
Dana: jun and i are cool. now.
Dana: we haven't seen each other yet - but we will.
Jokers: she sure had an evil glint in her eye :)
Jokers: you'll prolly have a total blast!
Dana: look..the truth of the matter is - these people didnt want me to play the name calling game...cuz I'll make you cry. mofos...haha
Jokers: New YORK! yeah!

Jokers: <Lotus> Dana, how was it to be in the sequestered house 'alone'? at least the first houseguest. who kept you entertained?
Dana: the 1st week was tough
Jokers: I bet
Dana: but it was nice.
Dana: refreshing.
Jokers: did you get to leave that house at all?
Dana: i was soooo hungry
Dana: hahaha
Jokers: all that pbj
Dana: we did a little bit...we were under a real lockdown...but we got weekly activiites
Jokers: kewl! like bars?
Jokers: did you run into any fans whilst down there?
Dana: 1 time we got to go to a real bar in puerto vallarta...but too many people recognized her.
Dana: not the town that we were in...but in the bigger cities we did
Jokers: for real? what did they say?
Jokers: pissed AWF that you got the boot early? LOL
Dana: well me, justin, nate, and our "handlers" went to a club...and a lot of people from the UK were there for some reason
Dana: they all knew us - lol
Jokers: OMG that's right.. they were all over Jokers too
Dana: and we couldn't talk to them cuz they would tell us stuff about the sucked.
Jokers: oh that does suck
Jokers: they loved your show
Jokers: they said THEIR bb sucked so totally, they really got into yours.
Jokers: WOW
Jokers: no shit? ROFL
Dana: they were all about the strategies and shit...they loved it. said their's was all about getting naked.
Dana: I said "hmm..can't be THAT bad"...hahaha
Jokers: bwahahahaha and ours wasn't?
Jokers: did you know about the Dave/Amanda hump, when it happened? LOL
Dana: no comment.
Dana: lmao
Jokers: bwhahahahahaha (we have the dang video..
Jokers: 70,000 hits)

Jokers: <gerismum> Was being on the show what you imagined it would be? Would you do it again knowing what you know now?
Dana: i would do it again in a second...and i'd do it almost 100% the same
Dana: it was NOT what I thought
Jokers: what had you thought?
Dana: you see...let me tell you all something...I watched the show last year and the year before...
Dana: so when I walked through the door...
Dana: I expected to see...Eric, Danielle, Jason...Will...whomever - from previous forget that it's going to be 12 NEW peeps
Jokers: LMAO yeah.
Dana: totally weird.
Jokers: not to mention the damn x factor
Dana: I was like "who the hell are you people"??
Jokers: hehehehehe :)
Dana: and when we were standing outside and there was only 8 of us....I was like WTF??
Jokers: god. I'll BET
Dana: and not to mention that everybody was so friggin young.
Jokers: ROFL
Dana: NOT what I all
Jokers: prefer a little more diversity?
Dana: uuhh yeah?
Jokers: Jun agreed with that too
Dana: not cool
Jokers: so DID JOKERS lol
Dana: was a little disappointed
Dana: lol
Dana: romper room
Dana: ha that's what my friends called it
Jokers: erm lol us too... but you were worth the watch ;)
Dana: thanks darling.
Jokers: you, Jack

Jokers: What did you think of the X factor?
Dana: I thought it sucked...the whole premise of the damn show is 12 people that DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER. That was sooo not cool...again.
Jokers: thank GOD!
Jokers: true bb fans were pissed as hell.
Jokers: bachelor revisited, eh?
Dana: ridiculous. It was sooo no big brother
Jokers: exactly.. i never saw the much backbiting, schemeing and so on

Jokers: <lacy> Are you friends with all the house guest now that the show is over?
Dana: not ALL.
Dana: I speak with....obviously Robert, Jee and I talk all the time - I've hung out with him since. Justin...same. um, david and I email a bit....and Nathan and I have emailed once or twice
Jokers: snark!
Jokers: Was gonna ask about Justin next even :)

Jokers: <mop4life> Is Julie Chen in your opinion the best host for BB?
Dana: Julie is a GREAT host...but I want that damn job!!! don't ya think I'd be good at it???
Jokers: YES
Dana: don'tcha????
Jokers: I just erased typing that to ask about justin
Dana: I should soooo be the host of that sucka
Jokers: I swear to god. LOL
Jokers: a little honesty and passion, you would give
Dana: word.

Jokers: So, have you seen Justin?
Dana: um, yeah - went out to Philly one weekend. and he's probably gonna come out to NY soon.
Jokers: good onya! glad to hear.
Dana: we're friends...great friends.

Jokers: <LittleSister> Please ask Dana, "Do you think it was a little suspicious that Erika dated the second place winner from BB1?"
Dana: I do actually...little you?
Jokers: speak little sis :)
LittleSister: TOTALLY!
Dana: I was wondering about that after the show...but eh...whaddya gonna do
Jokers: we found out about it mid show..weren't for sure it was true...
Jokers: then someone posted pics. LOL
LittleSister: I was very dissappointed when I learned of their relationship. It seemed to be so unfair.
Jokers: shades of Belly casting?
Dana: well apparently robert knew all along but couldn't tell us. I didn't figure it out till I got back from Mex
Jokers: must have been quite the shock, for real.
Dana: eh whatever - it didn't help her much
Dana: got her 4 place.
Jokers: LOL yep

Jokers: <Patti> Dana, seems like every year the houseguests lose sight of the "its only a game" mentality and seem to take strategies as personal attacks. Do you think that is what happened this year with Jun and Allie?
Dana: well, that was my mentality - which was why I switched and joined w/the was a good game move. personal attacks - not necessary...absolutely not.
Dana: don't know what they were thinking. but I'm sure they both regret it now.
Jokers: Yep. me too
Jokers: seems one is looking forward to seeing you for sure
Dana: what good would it have done for me to call someone "ugly" or "fat"...or whatever BS they were slingin
Jokers: it's not you, calling names, is it.

Jokers: heard from Allie at all?
Dana: no. allie and i have absolutely no reason to ever speak again. jun and i are a different story.
Jokers: Can't recall if erika spoke to allie..
Dana: who cares
Jokers: but i don't think Jun has either?
Jokers: LOL
Jokers: yeah. I can dig it

Jokers: <Nann> How was your welcome home back to Queens?
Dana: AWESOME!! my friends threw the BIGGEST, BEST PARTY
Jokers: awwwww :)
Dana: every person I've ever known in my life!
Dana: it was sick!!!
Jokers: LMAO! huge?
Dana: the greatest night of my life
Jokers: got photos on web anywhere?
Dana: not from that night ;-)
Jokers: LOLOL
Jokers: I know you're on RealityStars, aren't you?
Dana: actually I have one good one that I'm going to put on my website when I get back to NY
Jokers: so you do have a site!
Jokers: what's the URL?
Dana: well yeah..spamgirl from bb4bbq hooked me up
Jokers: good on her :)
Dana: it's

Jokers: <LittleSister> Please ask Dana, "Is Jee still with 'his girl'?"
Dana: of course...Jee and Carmen still together...I had dinner with them a few weeks ago. She's awesome
Jokers: kewlness!

Jokers: <okok76> Why did you say to Jun on the night of the finale that she owed you an apology?
Dana: because - I felt like some of the shit she said was unnecessary...and after I was gone it continued...I didn't understand that.
Jokers: amen.

Jokers: <KarenAFK> Question for Dana and Jun...Will Ali be invited to the NYC get together?
Jokers: LOL
Dana: negative.
Jokers: hell ali isn't from ny, is she?
Dana: word.

Jokers: <RealityStars> Hi Dana, it's Terry, you owe me a Any luck in the sports marketing area?
<RealityStars> lol no you owe me one.
<RealityStars> lol
* Jokerertte flips y'all a dime!
Dana: I have a couple of things going on...I'll fill you in
<RealityStars> Cool and I have some pics to send back to you.
Dana: I'll call you when I get back to NY...
Jokers: anything you can tell us? ;)
<RealityStars> Sounds like a plan have fun in L.A.
Dana: perfect! now that Nathan's out of the way...we can work on me ;-)
Dana: LMAO
Jokers: out of the way?
<RealityStars> You bet.
Dana: yes, Nathan is all set on
Jokers: kewl :)
Dana: looking pretty as usual! lol...I'll see him tomorrow.
Jokers: you will be there as well?
Dana: blondie
Jokers: tell him hi from Jokers :)
Dana: will do

Jokers: <Nann> Alot of the diary room talks seemed to be staged. Did they tell you what to say?
Dana: no they didn't tell us what to say...they just wanted things phrased a certain way
Jokers: figured.
Dana: they would say things like... "would you say that so and so was like this"...and you'd be like "uuh, maybe" then they'd say well say it. lol
Jokers: rofl!
Jokers: a little prodding.

Jokers: And a rumor for ya:
Dana: k...shoot
Jokers: <j2> Not sure if this has been asked or not, but is Dana dating Eric from BB3?
Jokers: hell i think you said you hadn't met him yet?
Dana: Woo Hoo...Dana would date Eric from BB3...LOL...just kidding.
Jokers: heheheh :)
Dana: we're friends...hopefully I'll get to meet him in person soon!
Jokers: Roddy too?
Dana: never met him yet...he's in LA though I think
Jokers: oooh yah!

Jokers: <lexiebbupdates> Did you ever get the chance to talk to Brandon before he was taken off of the show?
Dana: NOOOO....and what a difference that would have made, right??
Dana: Brandon would have changed the entire outcome of the show
Jokers: ya think??
Dana: totally
Jokers: other than he was, defintiely, hot?
Dana: yes that is true. but also - it would have changed the entire dynamic...nathan would have had some serious
Jokers: oh didn't think of that!
Dana: i did.
Jokers: smart one, you.
Jokers: damn that hadda be difficult.. being a thinking woman in there.. ::::FLEE
Dana: NO shit jokerette

Jokers: <Nann> The show always has 12 hg. This year there were 13. Do you think Scott was a plant to stir things up?
Dana: noooo, nann...I think that they figured with the ex factor - somebody would walk right out...I guess they just wanted to be safe
Jokers: jokers felt so much the same
Dana: thinking in that house was looked at as "paranoia"
Jokers: LOL christ
Jokers: how did you keep your sanity?
Dana: did I?
Jokers: ROFL
Jokers: hell yeah, in comparison ;)
Jokers: at least you didn't pitch chairs!
Jokers: was that scary, btw?
Dana: yes and no.
Dana: scott and i butted heads quite a bit...but I knew he was a joke.
Jokers: the rest looked scared shitless
Jokers: didn't michelle barf?
Jokers: or allison
Dana: I think so.
Jokers: weirdness for real!

Jokers: <lexiebbupdates> Dana what were you feeling when you were forced into voting Michelle out?
Jokers: :( awwwww
Jokers: I felt so badly for her
Jokers: innocent for sure, eh?
Dana: although I have to say...and Robert and I just laughed about this...that was quality tv!!!! lmao
Jokers: ROFL twas :) but the poor thing.. deer in headlights!
Dana: it was horrible...I didn't WANT to do it...I had no choice at the time...and I wanted Erika out - but that wasn't going to happen.I had to go with the majority
Dana: she was better off
Jokers: oh yeah.
Dana: robert and justin's faces were pricelss
Jokers: jee!
Jokers: LOL

Jokers: OK let me ask one more, and we open the room .. thank you SO much for spending time w/us!

Jokers: <Nann> Would you ever apply for another reality show? How about The Bachelorette?
Dana: that would be AWESOME!!!
Jokers: kewl! How about survivor? LOL
Dana: not average joe...definitely bachelorette
Jokers: no hell no! not joe!
Dana: NO SURVIVOR...NO NO NO. HELL NO. could never...I give those people props..seriously
Jokers: you and me both.. ARG.. are you watching it this season?
Dana: amazing race...I'd do fear factor if I didn't have to eat that gross shit.
Jokers: bwahaahahah!
Dana: i catch it when i can.
Dana: love bachelor
Dana: and I do watch average joe...wouldn't do it - but watch it...YOU SEE THE HOTTIES COME IN LAST NIGHT??
Jokers: YES goddamn we did LOL
Jokers: who would you do AR with?
Jokers: gawd, take Jun with you to AR.. you'd walk away with it :)
Dana: I dunno...yeah - that would be cool.

Jokers: OK let me open this so folks can say hello :)
Dana: ok...
Jokers: but lord you give damn good chat :)
<Agumon1982> hello :) hee hee
<Patti> hey dana.....i was wondering how long it took you guys to find out saddam's son's had been killed after you left the house, and were you surprised?
Dana: we found out bits and pieces was sooo strange to hear some of that stuff
Jokers: I'll bet!

<rockabye> What did robert bring you to eat for dinner? Hi robert!
Dana: robert got pizza for din..he says hello
<Nann> not as good as NY pizza, huh?
Dana: negeative.

<lexiebbupdates> Hey Dana... nice chatting with you ... I could see you being a bachelorette !! Hi to Robert too !!

Jokers: methinks there are still questions, Dana ;)

<Steve3> I am sorry that Robert did not win. He put up with a lot
Dana: hell yeah he did...he got the shit end of the stick
<Steve3> I felt so bad for Robert, especially at the end.
<Steve3> Lots of luck to you Dana, and Robert too. Thanks for the chat.

<Jokers8197> i came in late what about justin? I thought you and justin were a cute couple. are you still friends
Dana: thank you 8`97
Dana: who? me and justin??
<Jokers8197> justin is such a hottie how could you give him up

<karismak> Why do you think BB4 was less liked by BBfans than BB2 and 3?
Dana: because bb was VERY DIFFERENT than the others...there weren't 12 became sort of like a soap opera.

<RealityStars> Thanks Dana and Jokerette for a great chat!

<Steve3> Dana...did anyone get stomach sickness in Puerto Vallarta?
Dana: Nope - didn't get sick at all in Mex. thank God

<Patti> 02any serious talk about an all=star big brother like the all-star survivor?
Dana: don't know patti....but I'd love to do it!!
Jokers: oh lord could we cast that celeb bb!
* Patti thinks the mime should be in the all star show too....lmao

Jokers: <FuggyBootnling> Hi Dana! What did you think of Erica's imitation of you on that tape?
Dana: I think that Erika's imitation of me was horrible.
<Jokers2045> it sure was
Dana: I do not chew w/my mouth open. she got the walk ok...but give me a damn break

<Jokers8197> do you think alison and jun keep in touch?
Dana: I don't think that jun and alison will keep in touch

<rockabye> How was the wrap party and the party at Robert's parents' house?
Dana: wrap party was great...unfortunately I didn't stay from Robert's family's party
Dana: :(
Jokers: awwwwww!

<Jokers8197> did anyone talk to ali and jun at the wrap party
Dana: not really.
Jokers: god.
Dana: not that I noticed.
Jokers: the price paid.

<lexiebbupdates> Did you like Jee's imitation of you?
Dana: Jee's was GREAT
<lexiebbupdates> I was cracking up watching him that night !!

Jokers: I liked what Jee did, re his dad, it was truly touching
Dana: yes it was..

<Jokers8197> ali and jun won't do any chats how come
Jokers: hey! LOL Jun was here last week :)
Jokers: Jun did :)
Dana: Yeah, how come Jun's transcript wasn't up on the site jokerette?
Jokers: cause i am, a slow shit :)
Jokers: I am very SLOW! LOL
Jokers: I finally got help. LMAO
Jokers: the one damn chat i personally agred to do..
Jokers: and the fuckign thing was THREE HOURS LONG
Jokers: I did half and passed it to Strk. LOL
<FuggyBootnling> So THAT'S why it's not up yet! I can't wait to read it though.
Dana: Ok guys....I must get ready to go. Dunno why they won't chat??
<rockabye> Ali's busy selling prom gowns on ebay. LMAO
Dana: rockabye LMAO!!!
<Agumon1982> i heard that rockbabye
<Jokers8197> maybe they know everyone hates them
Dana: killing me.
<Agumon1982> reality newslive mentions about ali selling her prom dress on ebay
<Agumon1982> no body would dare to buy her dress

Jokers: and thank YOU do much for comin!
<RealityStars> Have fun Dana, talk soon.
Dana: oh I feel bad about signing off LOL
<lexiebbupdates> it was a great chat tho Jokerette :)
Jokers: no no!

Dana: I'll do another one! any time.
Jokers: Dana, we'll beg you back ;) maybe with robert next time!
Dana: Robert's right here..
Dana: what do you wanna ask him??
Dana: I'll type for him...he's slow.
<Jokers8197> robert from bb4?
Dana: yes robert from bb4 who do you think?? I'm at his house
Jokers: ask if anything came from BB4, for him? opportunites?
Jokers: is he glad he did it?
Dana: robert's doing his thing...enjoying life.
Dana: doesn't really care much about the show.
<Patti> 02what? lol he was soooooo about ratings while he was in the house!LOL

Jokers: seen Jee, has he?
Dana: Robert hasn't seen jee yet

<Jokers8197> are robert and you a couple
<lexiebbupdates> lol
Dana: for this weekend we are!!!
Dana: lol
<lexiebbupdates> that's how rumors start ;)
<Jokers8197> right on
Jokers: roflol lexie!
<lexiebbupdates> teehee ;)

Jokers: are they and Justin still in touch?
<lexiebbupdates> Justin and Jee were together this weekend :)
Dana: yes, they all speak all of the time
Dana: robert needs to come to ny
Jokers: y'all would have a total blast
<Agumon1982> thats cool

<rockabye> Robert do you get to talk to Erika much?
Jokers: good one rocka!
Dana: robert and erika have not seen nor spoken

<Jokers8197> are you and justin still a couple
Dana: justin and i are friends.
<rockabye> oh too bad
<Jokers8197> just friends?
Dana: yeah you know.
Dana: friends...great friends.
<Jokers8197> ahhhhhhhhh

Jokers: and we know Jee didn't respond to Jun's email
Jokers: BB4 didn't help any of the exes, it seems
Dana: um nope.
Dana: lmao
<Jokers8197> does jee hate jun
Dana: I don't think Jee hates anybody - but there are no reasons for them to be friends..they weren't before. ya know?

<Jokers8197> ask robert what he thinks of ali and jun now that he has seen all the tapes
Dana: he said he's just glad that he never has to see them again.
<Jokers8197> ali is acting all innocent now

<Agumon1982> i agree with jokerette while ago i came in here, about stupid x-factor that pissed me and other fellow bb fans
Jokers: ag, absolutly
Jokers: I never saw Jokers go that nuts.
<Agumon1982> yeah its sorta ridicilous
<Agumon1982> we hoping that they better not doing x-factor again for bb 5
Dana: i hope they do an allstar and I get invited..that would be dope
Jokers: yes!
Jokers: who with tho? LOL
<mop4life> You could do a all star Dana...but you gotta control your feelings this time
Jokers: people were righteously pissed that they'd 'ruined' BB
<lexiebbupdates> oh please no more X factor

<Jokers8197> can i ask you one question dana
Dana: shoot...
Dana: and then I have to go.
<Jokers8197> why did everyone in the house have such a potty mouth
Dana: uh oh...
Jokers: peeeeeeeeeee
<Jokers8197> every other word was f or sh
Jokers: sounds like me also ::::::::flee
<Jokers8197> make you guys sound really bad
<Agumon1982> good one question
<Agumon1982> my friends and i heard that hgs said f word alot on live feed alot
Dana: well, i think that the house brings out the worst in get really frustrated and it's hard to control your temper when there are no other outlets.
Jokers: I have the feeling they were being selves, too
Dana: it's really really hard. much harder than it cursing is really soothing??
Jokers: you forget the cameras, too, yeah?
Dana: absolutely.
<mop4life> Oh I understand...but this time you gotta play it differently
Dana: yes doubt...i got it in the bag this time!
<mop4life> good...not that we have this understanding I will bet on you in vegas
<Jokers8197> jun and ali had the worst mouths
<FuggyBootnling> I think it would be fair to say that the pressure of the house f's people up...the show is DESIGNED to do that!

Jokers: Who we cast for bb2? LOL
Jokers: Kent.. rofl
Jokers: I'd PAY to see you and Kent in same house. snark!

Dana: ok, I have to go...but you guys should feel free to go to my yahoo group and give me a shout...and also go to my website - you can get me through there also.

Dana: and jokerette - let's do another chat??? soon?? this was fun!!!
<Agumon1982> cool
Jokers: thanks so for chatting, dana! Absoltuely :)
Dana: thanks MOP you rock!!!
<lexiebbupdates> Bye Dana !!!
<Jokers8197> thanks dana
<Agumon1982> i hope rnl would do chat some time i m not sure ;)
<Agumon1982> we had chat with david lane last week or two
Jokers: hope life goes well for ya, you :D
<FuggyBootnling> Bye Dana!!!! It was cool to hear your thoughts!! Come back again...
<Jokers8197> say hi to robert
<Agumon1982> bye dana
<rockabye> bye
Jokers: and kisses to his kid :)
<Jokers8197> ditto
Dana: will do! guys definitely email me...jokerette - you and phusion keep in touch!!!!
Jokers: we do :)
Jokers: and will!
Dana: nice..g'night guys!!! xoxox