9:12 AM Shelly is the first one up, she changes her batteries brushes her teeth and starts doing laundry. Around 9:30 Big Brother get's on the speaker and asks her to go inside that they have to do something out side for a few minutes so she goes in. At 9:40 the outside is back open and she's outside folding laundry.

Around 10 AM the houseguest's get the wake up call but it only woke up Brendon, Rachel and Adam, the rest seem to still be sleeping. At 10:40 Rachel and Brendon have a talk with Adam about him wanting to be on their side, Brendon tells him the reason Cassi went was because she was telling people to go after them and anyone who does that is going to be a target. Brendon tells Adam that he likes him and wants him to be able to be there for his birthday. They ask Adam who he would put up if he got HOH and he says Lawon and Kaila because they've done nothing so far to stay, Rachel says picking a side makes you a player and not a super floater and we all know how she feel's about floaters, "Better get a life vest!" They tell him that he can't tell people that he has the votes to stay. They tell him that Dominic already has a pact with them that he'll be their puppet and take out whoever they want but that Brendon isn't sure that they can trust him and if Adam can make them trust him then they will keep him around. I think Shelly was outside listening to this whole conversation as well. Adam tells them that they can trust him and that his actions will speak louder than his words, and then he goes in the house. Shelly tells Brendon that Adam is a good guy and that he just wants to be accepted by the group.

11:20 AM Brendon and Shelly have a talk. Brendon thinks Adam would be a good guy to have on the jury and Shelly agree's saying that he will vote for a competitor. Rachel asks her if she had any part in telling Jordan to backdoor her and Brendon. Shelly says that was all Cassi and she had no part of it. Shelly says that the person she votes for will be someone who is a good competitor has a good character and charisma with her jury vote and that Brendon and Rachel know that she has their backs, she invites them to get rid of her by saying the first time I tell you I'm going to do something and don't do it vote me out! She says to Rachel that if she starts getting worried about her to come and talk to her face and that Rachel gets parinoid sometimes. They talk about Porche and say she's not really with anyone but that she's got some sort of feelings for Dominic and that she was trying to get Dominic to sleep with her last night. The subject then turns to Kalia and how she's disrespectful to people including production and we get tree's! Shelly says that she told him she used to be bulimic and that he noticed she does eat a lot. Rachel and Shelly both agree that they hope she's not lying about that because it would bother them because of what Matt did lying about his wife last year. They think she must be rich because of the way that she acts.

12:00 PM out comes Jeff and he talks about hair cuts. Rachel offers to give him one and he says he's nervous about that. Brendon tells him he shouldn't be nervous that she's good at it. Brendon then makes a funny saying that he doesn't understand why the diary room asks him to take his pants off for diary sessions. Him and Jeff both share a laugh. Dominic offers to help Jeff with his hair once he's done eating his cereal.

12:30 Rachel and Jordan have a conversation about Dani. Jordan says that she doesn't want Dani to win HOH this week because she's making her nervous. Rachel informs her that Dani was pushing for Rachel to backdoor them this week just like she was pushing for Jordan to backdoor them last week. Both of them can hardly believe that at only week 3 she had already flipped on them. Rachel thinks if Dani wins HOH she'll put up two newbies try and win veto and then backdoor Jeff or Brendon.

12:34 Kaila is talking to Dominic saying how bad she feels for Jeff that he's getting backdoored and how she feels so bad for Jeff and Jordan because she know's they want to be in the jury house together. Lawon walks in and they change the subject real quick.

1:10 Dominic gives Jeff a hair cut in the bathroom. Jeff says that Dominic is being so gentile and they joke about how this is going to look on the show. Jeff asks Brendon if he's going to be trimming up his hair too or should he clean up. Brendon says not to bother because he's going to do his hair next but Jeff says he's going to sweep up some anyways.

1:30 First Rachel asks Brendon if they can work out by running up and down the spiral stair case. He says no because she's so clumsy she's going to fall and get hurt. Then Brendon is knit picking at the way that Rachel is doing the dishes. He keeps going over them and putting them back in the wash water and he tells her that the way she does dishes worries him. She tells him to leave her alone and go do his hair but he doesn't leave. They end up making out. After that he starts telling her that her skin is too white and she shouldn't ever go out in the sun. She tells him that she uses SPF 45 every time she goes out. He says that she's not perfect and she could be missing spots. Clearly he just doesn't want her going outside. This seems to be a pattern with them, her wanting to do things and him shutting her down by being controlling and manipulative red flags abound. At 1:45 she is helping him cut his hair and he's being very OCD about it and freaking out. Adam walks in and Brendon asks him who cut his hair. He told him Porsche did it and Brendon ask's him if he can go get Porsche to cut his hair. Rachel jokes about getting Dani to cut his hair and he says that Dani is the kind of girl who would mess it up on purpose and not tell him about it and laugh about it behind his back. He tells Rachel that if she messes up his hair he's going to cut her hair in her sleep. Now he's getting even more worked up and bringing up a hair cut she did over a year ago and botched up. Dominic and Porsche are commenting trying to keep it light.

2:37 We have Jeff and Brendon talking and we learn that because of her Dominic is the one who's supposed to go this week. Jeff is angry that her plan was to backdoor him this week and the goal is to get her out next week. If they do she won't even make it to the jury. Brendon tells Jeff to limit the amount of information that Jordan know's and Jeff says sure he already know's that and that Jordan is just playing the sympathy card of "Oh I just want to make it to jury with Jeff" and then Brendon tells him that him and Rachel are going to call everyone into HOH today to see what's up and Jeff is supposed to meet him there in fifteen minutes.

3:00 Dani is talking to Rachel trying to convince her to put up Jeff and Jordan. She's trying to convince Rachel that Dominic is on their side, Rachel is being very quiet. Dani is really laying it on thick saying that they have the numbers and if they keep Dominic they are golden. Rachel says that Brendon is afraid that Dominic could beat him in competitions to witch Dani's brilliant answer is that's "So stupid." Dani is telling Rachel that her friend coached her on all these tips and tricks to do later on in the game with numbers and how Rachel really really needs to listen to her. Dani says that Dominic threw the veto this week to show them that he's loyal to them but Rachel doesn't seem to agree.

3:00 We have Jeff and Brendon in HOH and Brendon is telling Jeff that Dani is the one who thought of backdooring Jeff this week. Both guys are really angry since she did try and get both of them backdoored who can blame them? Even still they are thinking ahead that they need to tell Dani a story to keep her from getting mad that they plan on taking Dominic out this week. Brendon wants a story to say when he doesn't use the power of veto. Jeff says to put it all on Dominic somehow but they need to act like they are cool with Dani still so that she doesn't suspect but he thinks she already know's something is up though. Brendon wants Jeff to play nice with Dani and joke with her and act like they are friends to make it seem like they are not on to her. They agree that if she wins HOH next week they are both going up on the block.

3:38 Rachel joins the boys in the HOH room and gives them the run down of her conversation with Dani, she says she mostly asked questions and agreed with her. She tells them how Dani told her that Dominic threw the veto. They give her the run down that they have to get rid of Dominic this week and all get their story right so that Dani doesn't catch on. Brendon tells Rachel to make sure that Porsche is in line with them still.

3:44 Shelly and Dani are talking and Shelly asks her what's going on between Dani and the other veterans. Dani says that she doesn't know but thinks if they made it to final 5 she would be the first one out. Dani is saying how she doesn't trust Dominic and how she doesn't feel like she has any real friends and how the couples are going to be voting blocks on the jury. . . hint hint. . . Shelly is saying how she's really going to try hard for HOH this coming week. Says she really wants a letter from home and she feel's she's on the short end of the stick with her alliances and needs the win. Shelly asks Dani if she thinks she has the guts to go against the other veterans and Dani gives her a little history lesson in what she (see also her and her dad) did in her season. Shelly says that Jeff and Jordan are only playing to get on the jury and that they are sweet people. Dani agree's the conversation ends with Dani saying that she's glad her and Shelly are on the same page.

3:50 Rachel and Porsche are in the hammock and Rachel's giving her the whole we want to work with you speech. Porsche is saying she would so rather be final three with Brendon and Rachel, Rachel says that's true but for right now they really need to work together. Porsche tells Rachel that Shelly is very smart and should go soon, she also reveals that she thinks the two votes in the first week were Shelly and Kalia! We have a winner folks!

4:15 Jeff and Dani are in the candy room and having a little small talk. Jeff calls her his best friend and then teases her saying why don't you believe me that your my best friend, best friend? He goes under the covers to change his shorts and she leaves. Awkward.

4:30 Jeff and Jordan go into the storage room to talk. He tells her about Dani's plan to backdoor them this week, Jordan is shocked. Jeff tells her it was Dani's plan and not to worry. Jordan's next question is "When are we getting rid of Dani?" and Jeff tells her next week. He tells her to keep talking to Dani and being nice so that she doesn't get suspicious and say that they just don't trust Dominic. He says it was a stupid move on Dani's part and that she's filling Kalia's and Shelly's heads with idea's.

4:30 Dominic and Kalia are talking in the kitchen Kaila wish's there was weed in the house. Dominic says he never smoked weed and she assumed that he had because he's from California. They both talk about how pissed off Jeff is going to be when he get's backdoored.

5:00 Dominic and Lawon are talking in the have not room about the amazing spectacular Dani and how she ruled her season. Dominic says that he's going to try his hardest in the endurance HOH competition.

5:55 Dani runs to Rachel about the conversation that she had with Shelly. She says the only person she can tell is Brendon and if she tells anyone else that she'll kill her. They go up to HOH so that Dani can throw yet another person under the bus. She says that Shelly's big plan is to win HOH this next week and get Jeff out of the house. After she's done lying about that she goes on to complain about how Rachel and Brendon made deals with Dominic for nothing if they are going to get him out of the house. Rachel keeps up with the "we don't trust him" thing and then Brendon enters the room. Dani starts in on him with the same complaint, he says that Dominic is making deals with everyone else in the house, Dani push's to find out who and he tells her Jeff, Dani says "Shocker" She goes on to say that she trusts Dominic 100%. She says if she get's HOH next week she's going after Jeff. She's pushing hard for Brendon to use the veto and put Jeff up but he's not going for it. Dani then threatens them saying when she gets her HOH she's going to do whatever she wants because they won't listen to her now! Brendon leaves and Rachel says that she doesn't think there's anything they can say to Brendon to get him to use the veto. Dani's getting really worked up and saying how mad she's going to be if Dominic goes home this week. She's mad that they had her try and get in good with him just so they can send him home and she feels like she's wasted her time. She said she doesn't care if Adam goes home this week but if Dominic does she's going to be very angry. Shocker. She leaves.

7:47 PM I guess someone put it in Kalia's head that it's possible her and Lawon are going up so now she's all worried about it. She asks Jordan if they did go up would she be safe? Jordan doesn't commit to anything and tells her to go ask Brendon and Jeff. Brendon ignores her but Jeff asks her where the hell she got that idea from. She's really freaking out. Looks like its going to be a long crazy night tonight folks. Jordan tells her that they are all going to talk together later tonight. Kalia tells Jeff that Lawon is gunning for him. She goes out to the hammock and tells Dani that she's thinking about throwing her under the bus about her plan to backdoor Jeff. Now Dani is wondering if Brendon and Rachel are going to call her out about it tonight at the meeting. She's now trying to think of a cover story in case that happens.

Not much going on of note but at 8:30 Adam asks Jordan if Jeff asked her to marry him would she say yes? She says of course I'd say yes but we'd have a few things to work out first. I assume one of those things would be what state to live in After that Dani goes to talk to Rachel who is working out and asks her if Dominic is safe. Rachel says that he doesn't have the votes to stay. Dani doesn't understand how that's possible and names Kalia as someone who would vote for him to stay and Rachel asks her if she's sure about that? Dani says yes. Now throwing Kalia under the bus to see if Rachel will bite and put up Lawon and Kalia to save her precious Dominic. Then she tells Rachel that Jeff keeps saying bad things about her like calling her sketchy. Rachel says he's never said anything like that to her, and Dani says that she's hearing it from others in the house. Dani gives a small guilt trip saying that she won't be mad if Dominic leaves just disappointed because she spent so much time working on him. She walks away and it seems to have sunk in with Rachel. She's looking off into space thinking about something and looking concerned.

Rachel and Jordan have a conversation where Jordan asks her why Kalia was pumping her for information thinking that she's going up on the block. Rachel says that they told her that on purpose because they are trying to scare Lawon into telling them about all the secret alliances. We find out the real thing Rachel was worried about is she's wondering if they have the votes to get Dominic out. Jordan tells her she thinks it's going to be a tie, if it is then the HOH breaks the tie so not to worry.

8:47 Adam comes out, the house guest's got booze. One bottle of wine and a six pack of beer. Around 9:00 Rachel and Jordan find a bee that's hurt and Rachel goes and gives it honey so it won't die. She says well at least if he does die we gave him one last meal. Awe! The honey seemed to revive the bee as it starts walking around. Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel are all watching the bee walk around. Jeff says wow man we must really be bored! Rachel wants to give the bee beer now so it can get drunk before it dies. What a humanitarian! The bee tries to fly but can't. Everyone feels bad for him.

9:30 The two veteran couples are in the backyard talking about how Dani is going to react if Dominic get's evicted.

11:00 Jordan and Shelly have a talk about Dani. Jordan doesn't understand why she's acting like this especially because she's not a target, Shelly replies that she's going to be. Jordan wonders why Dani always goes running to Rachel and wonders if she thinks Rachel really believes her. Says she's going to be mad if Jeff gets out before her and thinks it's only because he's a guy. Jordan informs Shelly that Dani has been throwing everyone under the bus today.

Many house guests are having talks about sex and relationships, must be time for big brother after dark?

1:00 Dominic is trying to save his butt with Rachel and Brendon. They talk votes Rachel doesn't think that Dominic has enough votes to stay. Dominic throws Adam and Shelly under the bus and says he's not really after Jeff it's just that Jeff threatened him once. Brendon doesn't want to backdoor Jeff because he thinks Jeff will win something soon and they will be safe that week when he does. After Dominic leaves Brendon starts doing a happy dance. Rachel asks him why he's doing that and Brendon says because he's playing a part that everyone believes.

3:00 Most everyone is asleep except Brendon and Rachel, Rachel tells him that their power move is getting Dominic out this week and keeping Jeff and Jordan. Brendon gives her a pep talk and tells her she's beautiful.

4:30 Lawon and Dominic talk votes and Lawon tells him he will be Dom's eyes and ears if the veto isn't used and they have to get him the votes to stay.

Finally everyone is out for the night! So who's Dani going to throw under the bus tomorrow? Will the veto be used? Do these newbies even stand half a chance? Only time will tell. Thanks to all the updaters you guys are doing an amazing job!