"You gave me hope and then you took it away. That's enough to make anyone dangerous. God knows what it will do to me."
11th Doctor, Doctor Who

Tuesday August 14, 2012

6:44 AM

Boogie is up, goes to bathroom and puts more drops in his ear then goes back to bed.

7:25 AM

We have Fish- then Franks gets up, goes to DR-When he leaves the DR he goes to the storage room and changes his batteries, muttering to himself about why they called him to DR so early.
Following Frank, Jenn is up and changes her batteries then crawls back in bed with Wil.
Ashley in the kitchen stretching, then she too goes back to bed.

8:41 AM

Fish- Other than the lights being on no change when we come back from fish-everyone still in bed.
Dan in bed asks Boogie how his ear is-Boogie says it’s throbbing and hurts a lot.

9:37 AM

Boogie is awake, changes his batteries and goes out to the backyard. Ian comes out as well. Ian and Boogie lower the window awnings. Ian goes to change his batteries.
Jenn now up in the kitchen. Wil is called to the DR, Danielle changes her batteries then lays on the couch in the bathroom, Britney in the DR.
Wil is in the bathroom, he asks Danielle how she is getting no response he asks “comatose”?

Boogie is doing his morning shout outs to Joe Vance, Will Kirby…talks about his ear infection, he says three seasons & three ear infections, he says his ear is throbbing so he isn’t to happy but….”Mike Boogie coming to you live, day 39 from the Big Brother House.”

10:11 AM

Wil is making breakfast, Joe, Ashley & Dan change batteries while Danielle is still looking annoyed lying on the bathroom couch.

In the Kitchen Ashley says “Boo!” to Wil. He says “Hey Goldilocks” asks how her back is. She says her back is good, feels the best ever tells Jenn she must have magic fingers. She heads to the bathroom and asks Danielle “what’s the matter?” Danielle tells her she is sleepy and doesn’t want to get ready. Ashley asks “for the DR or for Life”? Danielle says “for life” both lay silent on the couch.

Danielle finally is up getting ready, brushing her teeth & tweezing face hairs, smiling in the mirrors.
Frank is complaining about people clipping nails in the kitchen and using the same clipper for finger nails and toe nails. Ashley wants to braid his hair but he says no. It would show his receding hairline and he needs to keep his youthful appearance.

11:32 AM

Wil, Joe & Jenn in the backyard, Wil is saying that Frank was to afraid to make a big move, says if he had taken Dan out everyone would have had a fair chance at the game. Then he asks them to look after Ashley if he leaves. (Janelle asked the same thing)
Thinks nobody wants to take Ashley out because that person would be seen as a villain. The three marvel at the fact they can see Ashley make it to the end and if she does she will win.

Boogie is very upset about the ant situation in the house, seems he went to the DR about and doesn’t like their response.

Franks asks the Back Yard crew if they want him to blog anything for them today----Fish

12:24 PM

Boogie talking to Jenn about his son, says he and the baby’s mother decided not to live together, he sees the baby but doesn’t have him overnights because baby is still sleeping with mom, doesn’t think she has gotten him into a crib yet.

Boogie, Wil & Jenn talking about Janelle throwing food, speculate that maybe she wasn’t getting enough attention at the time.. Boogie says he is no bastion of maturity but he grew out of food fights in the 4th grade; it just ends in a big mess to clean up.

After sitting In silence for a while Wil comments that you can tell you have a really good friend when you can sit together and not say a word and it not feel awkward.
Frank comes out and asks for advice for the blog- they say he can talk about the ants or how hard nominations get once you get to know everyone- Boogie says he can talk about the negativity being out of the house now or that Britney doesn’t clean you her *hit.
Previous to that Wil said he can’t talk about the “gates” Zingbot Gate or Banana Gate.

Frank tells them not to worry his blog will dog Janelle for sure as well as talk about Britney’s marathon poops.

Danielle comes out and says there is nothing to get excited about, she could smile like she always does but then people will want to know if she is smiling at them. Danielle says Frank is blogging right now so pictures will be coming soon. Boogie says she loves the photo shoots. Danielle says she just likes to scrapbook and plans on getting all the pictures off the CBS site and make a scrapbook.
Danielle & Brit say they are so over picture day.

1:19 PM

Boogie is laying on the couch in the bathroom talking to Danielle about his ear infection. She tells him the kids from her “class” will come back and lay their head down. Danielle questions him about what the Doctor said about his ear. Boogie tells her it’s swimmers ear. Danielle tells him that basically it got infected and the drops will help with the swelling. Boogie tells her this has happened all 3 times he has been in the house. She replies he must have sensitive ears. Boogie says “thanks for the tips”

Danielle starts talking about Janelle’s eviction with Boogie. Danielle wonders how much Janelle hates them right now. She says it is the first time Janelle has gone out and met with Julie like that..
Boogie says yes “up close and personal, & now she can blog & chat, blog & chat” Danielle says it was nothing personal but when she got personal with me, she wonders how much Janelle dislikes her now.
Boogie tells her Janelle is probably OK.
Danielle says she can’t believe how vindictive and catty she was… (she is talking about Janelle not herself)
Danielle says she wished Julie would have asked Janelle “How does it feel being one of the best players and being taken out by one of the youngest players in the game. (really Boogie isn’t that young) The two continue their Janelle bashing, saying Janelle was jealous of Kara.

1:56 PM

Camera time! Frank takes a picture of Wil laying out in his tiny swim bottoms, Frank calls him SEXY!.

Britney asks Boogie how many times he has thought about a showmance with Ashley- he says “three”

Shane asks Danielle if she wants to take a picture with him handing her a restraining order….Danielle is NOT amused. (Shane is funny who knew)

Frank and Boogie whisper about Pandora’s Box, all the different ones, how they think Frank will have to deal with it.

2:50 PM

Ian, Joe, Boogie, Dan & Britney on the backyard couches chit chatting.
Jenn, Ashley, Wil, Shane, Frank & Danielle chit chat in the kitchen

Danielle & Ashley in the storage room think that Pandora’s Box is about to happen and that the first one is usually good.

Frank is locked out of HoH and he heard hammering inside- he thinks Pandora’s Box is imminent.
In the backyard they talk about there being maybe 2 to 3 more weeks of have-nots. They believe Frank is getting a Pandora’s Box, Britney hopes that because they are all talking about that BB won’t do it now.

3:28 PM

Indoor Lockdown.

Wil & Ashley in bed playing with the teddy bears. Ashley says she can’t wait to get a “Big Girl Apartment” Wil :“You don’t Have one?” Ashley: No I have a roommate”
Wil says he thinks he’ll stick with his parents for a while yet. It can be tough but he doesn’t mind.

Frank, Boogie & Dan talking about Pandoras’s Box, Franks wants to know if he gets to choose 2 HG to go should he pick Shane & Brit?

Ashley and Wil talk about Britney being really good at being your best friend when you are HoH. Ashley says that Britney and Shane are really close, wonders what Britney’s husband thinks. Wil: “Here’s my Harlot wife.” Both giggle.

Joe, Danielle, Shane & Britney in the kitchen Frank walks through laughing and says quit speculating about Pandora’s Box. Britney jokes, there’s nothing else to do! They all agree production probably gets made about it, Britney says if they heard a cow outside we’d be speculating about it for hours “Cow-Gate”!

Britney is trying to swat flies, Jenn laughing says “I turn the corner and all I see is Brit in the table” Britney says help me find it. Dan tells her “it’s over there” Brit goes after it yells “I got it!, Oh wait no I didn’t”

Dan leaves Britney asks where he is going he tells her he’s going to hopefully “listen” to a CD.

4:07 PM

In the HoH room Dan and Frank discuss how to go about eventually getting rid of Britney and Shane. Talk about the best option for a fast forward, who to put up. They are thinking about putting up Shane and Britney and sending them home before jury.
Dan hates it when Brit gets on “the negative train” says it annoys everyone. Franks says she does it in a funny way sometimes but… Franks says Shane won an HoH that was a crap shoot but he is afraid he’ll turn into a beast, that would be bad for them.

Talk turns to Franks argument with Willie, how it happened and all.

Britney and Shane in the backyard talking about how Ian is in a good spot but they need him for information. Shane asks if Britney thinks he knows about their final 4 deal, she says he doesn’t.

5:38 PM

Britney, Frank, Danielle, Shane, Ashley & Dan outside talking about Joe making chicken Thursday night. Ashley asks “does that mean Wil is being voted out?” Frank says Joe was only saying “if” he is here.

6:18 PM

Wil and Ashley complaining about how fake everyone else in the house is.
Joe goes out to the pool to talk with Brit and Shane. Joe says he would target Ashley next week since she will be voting against him. He feels like he is alone in this game and needs to team up with someone, Britney and Shane are the two he would most like to work with.
Brit and Shane leave and Ian comes out to talk with Joe. Ian asks Joe who he would target next week if he stays- he tells him Ashley and whoever votes against him, and that he promised Frank he would work with him on nominations, so Ian would clearly be safe.
Joe tells Ian that at least he was loyal to Janelle, explains his selling points- he is alone, not a threat and he cooks.

Ian and Brit in the hammock she rehashes her talk with Joe and all his campaigning. That Joe says he will put up Ashley and Jenn if he stays and wins HoH. Both agree they wouldn’t vote for Boogie in the F2.
Ian says he doesn’t deserve to win because he is just relying on Frank to do the work & Ian the thinking for him.
Britney tells Ian she really wants to win HoH, she wants the perks that go with it. Ian says he really doesn’t care about the perks. Brit cautions him not to throw Hoh’s He says he won’t, but if he magically falls off something when just Danielle, Brit and Dan are left she should know why.

Britney goes to the DR, Ian goes inside. Everyone is in the kitchen working on dinner.

6:44 PM

Ian back in the hammock, rocking and mumbling to himself. Running date and saying “floaters nominating floaters! What is this world coming to?”

Ashley and Wil outside, talking about votes-saying Dan, Brit, Shane and Danielle will all for Wil out, that is why Brit is spending time with Ian, so she can get his vote to send Wil home.
They think if it was a tie Frank would send Joe home,and think that Frank really likes Wil a lot. Both believe that Boogie will try and work Ashley because of how he played in All-Stars.

Boogie joins Wil and Ashley outside. Wil tells Boogie that he went to talk to Shane about the vote & Shane told him he had heard Wil was throwing him under the bus. Wil is confused about that and who has been telling Shane this. Wondering if it will influence his chance to stay, especially since Joe has been so calm & is joking around with everyone.

Boogie tells them he is really surprised by Joe too, he thought Joe was the kind of guy that would blow up under pressure. Boogie says he thinks the reason Joe is so calm is he knows he can go right home to his family and not have to go to jury. (covering the fact he wants Wil out)

Jenn joins them and she is asking some of the same questions about Joe, being so calm-Boogie gives her the say response he gave Wil and Ashley.


Britney and Danielle laying on the Have-Not room floor. Danielle telling Brit about Ashley following her around again today. Danielle says Ashley over heard Frank talking about Joe cooking chicken on Thursday. Then Danielle says Ashley had a negative attitude and asked “wait does this mean your all voting Wil out?” Danielle explains how Frank covered the slip and how Ashley was angry & then went and got Wil.
Britney:”And that’s when they went into the arcade?”
Danielle: “Yeah”

Danielle going on about Ashley making comments about “mind, body, & Spirit…blah, blah, blah”
Brit “whatever just don’t say anything please.
Danielle:”She throws Shane under the bus then makes eyes at him.”

Brit calls Franks a tool. Brit and Danielle are talking about how Frank thinks he is the hottest & a favorite in the house. Danielle tells Brit his comments about Julie not questioning Danielle when she was Hoh but Julie wanting to talk to Frank. Danielle says that hurt her feelings.

Brit wants to see Frank as a Have-Not. Brit was mad when Frank suggested they keep the HN’s the same next week by keeping the teams the same. Brit wants Frank to see what it is like- she wants to eat food in his face like he does to the HN’s.

The BB bar is OPEN! Shane brings beer & wine out from the storage room.

Ian, Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, Ashley, Jenn & Frank at the kitchen table. Wil at the counter and Boogie running laps. The HG start joking about showmances. Then they ask about Ashley & Ian. Ash says Ian doesn’t even talk to her anymore instead he hangs with Britney on the hammock, talking for hours. She says Ian and her are not even really friends anymore- they never talk.

Ian brings up that they were in the hammock the other day, Ashley says “but we didn’t talk. You said it was hot, I agreed then you jumped up and left saying you were going in the pool.
Ian says he thinks Ashley feels this way because he has been commenting a lot on Kristen from Season 12, but he doesn’t really mean what he says.

Ian tries to set up a pool hall date w/Ashley, he apologizes to her for different things, Kristen, standing her up, quaking etc.

The group tells Ian he should have left the conversation where it was, he ruined it with Ashley again. Danielle comments that girls don’t like to hear guys talk about other girls.

Britney teases Shane, saying he is a team player, he checks the storage room every night for alcohol, pushes the button to get in there even when he is a Have-Not and can’t drink.

Jenn tells Ian she needs to have a talk with him so he doesn’t keep crashing & burning. She says who would know more about women than a woman who dates other women!

9:03 PM

Dani is working out on the elliptical, Brit & Ian are sitting on the backyard couch. Britney asks Ian if Frank and Ashley were really going on a date later. Ian seeming a bit bothered says “yes, they are planning an ice-cream date locked in the HoH later.”

Brit & Ian both take off their mics and Brit whispers something to him. They make plans about final 3. Ian is worried about Ashley wining Hoh.

Danielle is in the hammock while Wil is sitting on the ground listening to her go on and on about Shane. She rehashes how he was the one who kissed her after the Pirate compition, when she was laying in the water unable to move.

Danielle tells Wil she is going to talk to Shane tonight, she has had enough. She doesn’t want to hear that Shane said anything else about her, then she starts snipping about him talking about Dani Danato, Danielle “I get it, you want to hook up with her, stop trying to say it just to get a rise out of me”

Brit asks Ian how his comments to Ashley have been & asks if Frank just swooped in. Ian tells her that talking to Ashley lately has been like talking to a wall. He tells her it was Ashley who asked Frank on the date.

Brit “you have to just let her know she is the apple of your eye.”
But Ian says he can’t risk it. Then he talks about who she will not put up if she gets HoH.

Boogie is in the living room with Dan & Frank, they can hear Joe yelling his recipe from the kitchen, doing his Cooking TV bit. Boogie “why is he yelling at you guys?” Boogie says the reason he has an ear infection is from living with Joe. Boogie say Joe could be the Jeff Foxworthy of cooking.

Frank asks Boogie if he should “mack one on her tonight”
Boogies says “hell yeah, liven things up in here”
Frank is kidding Dan saying that he drank Dan’s “storage” beer.

Frank kisses Jenn on the cheek because she is turning down a glass of wine so Frank can share the whole bottle with Ashley.

Wil is still with Danielle. He tells her he can show her the underground New York. She asks him if he goes home next week would he watch the feeds.
Wil tells her about his panic attack that he has been having since Friday, He say that something was said in the DR & he snapped- [we get fish].
He says the things he does at home to help the panic attacks he can’t do in the house, that even when he was running in the back yard he felt like a hamster in a cage. (that is a gold medal for Captain Obvious )

On the couches Brit tells Dan about Ian freaking out about Frank and Ashley.. A helicopter does a fly by and the house guests get excited and try to get it to respond.

In the Have-Not room Ian is pacing, rubbing his arms while Ashley stands there in a towel getting dressed for her date, under it. Ian leaves the room and goes out to the hammock with Danielle- he is visible stressed about this date.

Ian thinks if Boogie wins HoH, he can talk him into putting up Ashley & Joe. He is pretty sure he can get Jenn to do the same. The only one he is worried about is Ashley, especially now with her going on a date with Frank. Ian thinks if she should win Boogie and frank would be in her ear, “just because of a *ucking ice cream social”

Danielle asks Ian who he thinks America would rather see in a bikini- her or Janelle. Ian says Janelle. So she asks “between me and Ashley” Ian “probably Ashley” Clearly annoyed at his answers she ask who America would pick is smarter her or Britney.. Ian stalls then says Danielle is probably smarter but he feels America would pick Britney. (SNAP)

Wil and Jenn are at the Hot tub. Wil says at least he won’t be blindsided. He just doesn’t know what else he could do.
Jenn agrees, it isn’t like other people aren’t walking around guilty (about trying to vote Frank out)
Jenn says she will take care of Ashley the best she can, when Wil asks her to. Says if Joe sticks around he’ll have to go through training since they don’t completely trust him. Wil is worried that Boogie & Frank will try and manipulate Ashley using romance.

9:58 PM

Brit and Ashley in the HN room. Briney says she doesn’t like that Wil is going around saying she is in an alliance- Ashley sticking up for Wil says his words were twisted.
Britney says she doesn’t trust Wil, ask Ashley how she can believe Wil wants an alliance with her if Wil is making deals with everyone in the house.

Now Ashley is worried she will be targeted because she went with Wil when he had the conversation about back dooring Dan.

Britney tells her Ian is jealous of Frank going on a date with her. Ashley tells her Ian is acting. But Brit says no, he is pouting, he is really upset.

Boogie is in the kitchen cooking Dan tells him to talk to the viewers- Boogie proceeds to imitate Joe by yelling what items he has.

Britney makes Ian leave the bedroom because there is too much awkwardness about the date. Ashley says the Shane/Danielle kiss will be hard to top in answer to Britney asking if Frank and her are the next showmance.
Ashley says she doesn’t think Frank likes perfume.
Brit “because he doesn’t use anything on himself????”

Back in the kitchen the discussion is about Ian’s mother hating Boogie. Shane’s parents liked Janelle in her previous seasons. Dan’s mother & sister loved Janelle and were part of Jani’s army. But his father liked Boogie.

Joe and Jenn on the couch in the backyard talk about Frank and Ashley getting ready for their date. Joe says there really isn’t any reason to vote either him or Wil out, but one of them has to go. Jenn thinks after the eviction it will get crazy- double elimination maybe.

Dan wants Ian to spell out “I’m Sorry” and a heart to win Ashley back,

Britney asks Wil if he masturbates around the clock in the house. Wil admits to twice. Brit then comments that Ashley may be having sex in an hour. Frank comes in to dry his hair, he smiles at Ashley then says he needs to change and get a little more dressed up

10:37 PM

Ashley is head up for her date- she says she is going early so she can catch him doing something awkward.

Frank says he is cleaning up and goes to get wine glasses. Ashley says she will wait in the “courtyard” Frank then goes to the “courtyard” to pick her up. Ashley jokes about being a bit early because the traffic wasn’t bad. They agree to chug a beer first and Frank complements Ashley on how nice she looks
The plan for later is to go to the ice cream shop or get some cheese cake, Frank “well I’ve got some TV but I don’t have cable so I only get 3 channels”

They talk music and pour the wine. Frank talks about moving to Memphis, Ashley is familiar with Naples where Frank lives so they talk about restaurants and stuff. Ash encourages him to bring “Nana” and move to Southern California. He can surf and he has a great connection with Boogie, they can even stay with Ashley.

Talk turns to house guests and Frank tells her Wil is bugging people, brings up the house vote on Thursday- how will she vote?
Frank asks her if Wil is leaving does she want to know so she can vote with the house. Ashley sounds sad and says she is pretty sure she knows what is happening. She compliments Joe about not being mad at her for voting against Janelle, Joe has been keeping it cool and didn’t expect her to use veto if she won it.

Outside Dan and Ian vs Britney and Shane at badminton. Dan misses a shot and throws his racket- says he is the John McEnroe of badminton.

11:53 PM

The date takes a serious turn when the couple notice that a fish they had been watching do flips earlier is not on his side at the bottom of the tank As they are checking him out they see a second fish is also dying.
Ash “it is breaking my heart because we are sitting her watching him die”

Ashley admits she is feeling good.
Frank pours more wine. He finally gets Ashley to admit if she won Hoh she would put up Ian and Shane. Frank tells that if she were to win she can talk to him because he has pretty good understanding of the game. Ashley tells him what Britney said about it getting harder to nominate people because everyone likes each other.
Ashley says it would be hard to explain her plan to Ian, Frank tells her of course Ian would have his and Boogies vote, Ashley tells him she would never put Frank up & now that she thinks about it not Ian either..

Frank takes her by the hand and says “make out time on the couch.!”
After a bit of making out, complete with a bit of grab *ss, Ashley says “we have to stop” but they go right back to kissing.
They separate and are giggling. Frank comments that both cameras are on them & he had forgotten all about the cameras. He takes a drink then it’s back to making out..

A lot of kissing and giggling going on. Ashley tells Frank that she was attracted to him even before the spin the bottle, and she has secretly wanted to make out with him.

Frank says he feels bad about Ian. Ash says she told Britney it was fake, Ian doesn’t really care. Frank disagrees and thinks Ian was really bummed out.

Just lounging around talking a little strategy, then Frank tells her he wants her to come kiss some more, she goes over and lays down next to him and the kissing commences.

Frank tells he about how mean Janelle was to him. He heard her comment that the tickle monster better not come after her cause he stunk.
Franks says he was rank that night after he had worked out.
He says Janelle was nice to Ashley. Ash said Jani was always talking about showmances, and asked her if she was mad about Shane and Danielle having one.

They talk about Wil masturbating in the house, Frank says Boogie somehow gets it in once a week. Frank says he hasn’t “no way”
He tells Ashley she can sneak up to the HoH later tonight. They can hide under the covers after ShowTime.

They finally get up from the couch and head downstairs so people don’t wonder. Ashley is trying to figure out what to tell people. Franks says to tell people about the fish if they ask what happened upstairs.
Frank asks her to comeback up later. Ash” I don’t know”

Ashley says she feels bad lying to everyone- Frank tells he thinks it’s OK to tell people they kissed, he’ll probably tell Boogie anyway.. he just doesn’t want to hurt Ian.

12:44 AM

Ian comes and asks Frank about the date. Frank says it was good, Ian asks if there was any “smoochie”
Frank “a gentleman never asks and a lady never tells.”

Ashley comes back into the kitchen and starts talking about the poor fish.. Dan leaves the counter so it’s just Ian and Ashley, Saying “I’ll leave you two to talk” (big smile on his face)
Ashley directs Ian outside with everyone else.

Frank comments about how the camera kept zooming in on the fish as they were talking about them. They all talk about how the fish are starved.

Wil is moody and goes to lay down.

Everyone except Danielle, Boogie and Wil go to the kitchen for cheesecake- Shane makes himself and Britney a Protein shake since they can’t have the cheesecake. Everyone compliments Joe, he tells them to think about him on Thursday.

Ian, Danielle & Frank sitting on the Bathroom lounge. While they have been talking Danielle has been looking at herself in the mirror making her make-up face. They talk about the fish dying again Ian comments about “being cock blocked by the fish dying”

1:12 AM

Jenn and Danielle go to the arcade room. Danielle says she has been feeling lonely & the boys pick on her all the time.
Danielle is complains about Shane, shaking his head vigorously when someone asked about a showmance- Danielle feels his response was less about a showmance and more about “no way not with her”, Danielle then goes on to complain about Britney asking her what was bothering her today, was it Shane. Danielle says she is starving, then complains about Dan and says Britney is so negative.

Jenn is encouraging Danielle and advising her on ways she can distract herself when she doesn’t feel so good.

Danielle“Shane is so mean” Then she talks about Trey and what he is seeing on TV & that it isn’t like that with her and Shane. She brings up the Zingbot “restraining order” thing & says it isn’t like she follows Shane around.

Jenn comments that she noticed Shane giving Danielle jabs. Danielle tells her she called Shane out when she was HoH, that she told him he was mean and she cried.
Jenn comments that she is sure the showmance is being blown up on TV because the DR is always asking about it. She tells Danielle that there are a lot of guys waiting for her out there after the show.

2:14 AM

Joe & Shane talking at the table about going for a walk And wondering about the possibility of a double eviction or a fast forward this week.. Jenn, Danielle, Dan And Wil in the bathroom getting ready for bed- Jenn and Wil tell the others good-night. Ian is heading to bed as well.
Dan and Britney are speculating about a guest host for a competition, they throw out Memphis and Rachel as possible hosts since they both live in L.A.

Frank goes up to the HoH alone, he gets into bed and puts the headphones on.

Down in the bathroom Danielle tells Dan he has a gray hair that she wants to pluck- he doesn’t want her to, says he is getting older.

Shane tells Danielle and Dan about a prank he pulled on his mother- he filled the bathtub with what looked like blood and put razor blades all around him and exposed his wrists so she thought he has slit his wrists. Dan thinks that is going to far, both he and Danielle are a bit horrified at the story.

Dane asks Danielle what is wrong, she tells Dan she has been sad all week and he is just now noticing. Tells him she is upset about being lonely, the Trey situation, is she being portrayed as the villain on the show, the Zingbot comment and she is starving and can’t eat. She says she is close to a state of depression.

Brit is telling Shane and Joe that they usually get 2 luxury competitions and how she ended up with more money than Enzo on her season. They talk about how wild the season has been, Willie being ejected and the re-set. Shane says it is already week 5 and no special power- Brit thinks there is no America’s player or the vote would have come out differently last week. Shane and Brit agree if they get to pick have nots they are picking the people who haven’t been have-nots yet.

Brit, Shane and Joe are looking at the black and white pictures on the memory wall. Brit points out that one of Janelle’s team will be black and white soon. Brit “Dan mixed everyone’s keys around” Shane can’t believe it and goes over and starts pulling out keys seeing that some have been switched.

2:55 AM

Shane and Joe go into the bathroom so Joe can petition a vote from Dan and Danielle- he asks Dan what he needs to do in order to get his vote.
Dan says he is open....Joe pleads his case to Dan & Dani. Assuring them safety if he were to win HOH.
Dan asks him how can he offer that to everyone that votes to keep him, Joe tells him he hasn't offered that to everyone.

Joe "I haven't broken my word to anyone in this house"

Dan "So you're saying if I vote to keep you in this house and you win HOH..."
Joe says Dan & Dani would be totally safe. Dan says he is open to that but he'll let him know for sure tomorrow. He thanks Joe for coming to him, he says he hasn't been approached by anyone else this week.
Dan "I appreciate your open lines of communication" He says it has been awhile since they talked game and this is a good first step. Dan also says he is always open and doesn't hold grudges.

Dan says good night and on his way through the kitchen he says “Mornin Chels, love you"

Brit, Danielle, Shane and Joe settle down in the Have-Not room.. they chit chat and start talking about food. Danielle says she would kill for a chicken quesadilla. Shane asks Brit what fast food would be her number 1 pick-Brit "Taco Bell" Danielle has never heard of Carl's Jr. They all talk about different fast food restaurants; Subway, Arby's....

Joe asks Brit what her first meal will be when she leaves the house.

Brit "I'd love to hit up Starbucks but that doesn't count as a meal" Danielle cracks up and says "you and your coffee! I know what to get you for your birthday, a $100 Starbucks card!"

Shane says he wants Chinese. Brit and Joe both say Panda Express is the worst

3:51 AM

Wil is up wandering around the kitchen, he gets a mug from the microwave and heads out to the backyard by himself. He sits by the hot tub dangling his legs and braiding his hair.

Have-nots are chatting about Britney’s season, Danielle called Enzo the cutest “smoking” penguin. Brit tells her Enzo didn’t smoke.

Britney announces “if I ever want to p*ss Joe off I’m going to call his cooking Panda Express” Joe laughs. Then they talk about the fish, they can’t believe it took them 40 days to die.

4:25 AM

Have not room is quieting down and Wil comes in from the back yard and heads to the bathroom.
Wil gets back in bed, all the house guests are in bed. House is quiet- day is done.

(My special thanks go out to the Jokers Updaters, without all of you we’d just have fish)