Good evening everyone and welcome to another year of Big Brother. BB2004 as we like to call it. Just think, for the next 3 months, you'll feel like stopping by this site to catch all the breaking news, and catch up on an episode you missed via a recap. For the next 3 months, you'll be hooked to BB2004. You'll think, breathe, eat and sleep around the hours that BB2004 is on, so you'll not miss a thing. that only me? Damn!

Onto the show straight away tonight. Program bought to you by 3, Suprise! Mike opens the show with figures on how big BB is globally, then says it starts! 14 housemates, one house, this is BB2004. Shocking opening compared to last year. Same opening credits as last year. 86 days this one will go for. Same music. Cut to 'live' footage, where Mike intoduces Gretel. She's wearing a white pants and top number. Her figure is great, just don't know about the hair. She walks down the ramp to the eviction stage through the crowd. "Welcome to Big Brother - the original and the best". She goes on to say that they will reveal the 14 housemates which will become part of our lives, and the secret. She does make mention that 14 strangers meet and must survive each week together while each are voted off - so I dunno about the secret about the family.

Here is the first housemate - Wesley. Wesley, a 20 year old from Queensland. Described as 'young, cute and a charismatic', he has a ladies demeanour. He was a swimming champion. "I am positive and enjoy being around similar people." He's going to miss his girlfriend a lot - he hopes not to get into much mischief, and would like to be Prime Minister one day. Gets a good cheer from the crowd. Been with his girl for a couple of years, going strong. Dunno about marriage. No kissing for this guy in the house, straight to stage 2! He says he's not a 'mummys boy.' Gretel wishes him well before he is ushered off stage through the crowd back where Gretel began the show. He will not meet fellow housemates till he enters, and he won't enter till BB says.

Next is Terri, a 31 year old registered nurse. Born in London, she moved to Australia when she was eight. Refers to herself as a serial dater. "I am talkative, Gemini, sexy, serious, funny and optimistic" She has represented her state twice for Indoor Netball. She has lost a bit of weight which she is proud of. She has been internet dating in the past. She is more comfortable with guys than girls. She says a lot of stuff she probably shouldn't, but she'll be an angel in the house. Terri is desperately single, she says she wants to find her housemate. She is argumentive. Her internet dating wasn't successful at all. She says that everyone will love her. She is going in to have fun and meet new people. Good luck to her and she is off through the crowd!

Now, a peek of the house. Here is Steve the cameraman, and they go in. One huge bedroom. Pink bathroom. To get back to the house proper, you have to go back through the bedroom. There's the toilet! Wow the diary room is cool! Finger pad to get in, and glass door into the foyer, and then into the diary room with purple chair. Don't worry, you can't see through the second door so you don't know who is in the DR. Kitchen is green as green. One door in the house that is locked, it's outside, and we have no idea what it leads too. So thats the house. It does look a very nice house. Coming up, more housemates coming into the house. Basketball ring I noticed, pool looks perfect, and it all looks great.Comm break.

Back again, where Gretel tells us we are going to find out what the secret is. Next housemate is Paul, a 31 year old self employed builder and father of 2. Describes as opinionated, proud, confident and argumentive. "I am totally open minded with no hang ups and I wear my heart on my sleeve." He is soo satisfied having his two kids. His wife doesn't think he can live without sex. He says he likes to keep active. He doesn't like losing, arguments, sports, anything! Onto the stage he comes. He's well, and not nervous. He went to the beach today, and got a few waves. He says he will absolutely give it to his wife when he gets home (sex), to make it up to her. He's going into the house for experience. Says goodbye to his kids, and up he goes through the crowd, and he vanishes....perhaps forever!

Next housemate is Krystal, a 20 year old from Queensland, works in women's fashion. She is single, loud, fun loving, rebellious and dramatic. "Although I am an attention seeker, I am also a good listener." She believes that the world is a huge stage, thus she's a performer. Her mum believes that Krystal could fall for someone in the house. She is worried that people will judge her straight away and not give her a chance. She is good when she appears on stage. She says she is shy! They've been locked away in the hotel for 4 days. She watched a lot of video's! She says that trouble finds her! She doesn't care about winning, but she wants the experience. She says she is really loud. Off she goes, and we are 4 down.

Next, HM number 5 is Merlin, a 23 year old from New South Wales, promotes musicians. Born in West Hermany, he grew up in an alternative community in NSW. His major passion is his band. "I am slightly arrogant with some quirky and stupid little insecurities." He works for an independent music lable. He is too analytical. He says it takes him 3.5 seconds to do his hair. He wants to sweep his dream girl off his feet as soon as he meets her. He says it's incredible, being on stage. He is looking for his soulmate. Gretel thinks he might be a bit shy. He is prepared for everything that might occur inside the house. Off he goes too, and we are 5 down, 9 to go. Comm break.

Back with Gretel, who quickly introduces the next person to enter BB2004. It's Ashalea, 19 years olf age from Western Australia, who works in a bar. This former model says flirting is one of her best talents. Her greatest achievement is learning Japanese, and she comes from a loving home. "I'm brunette but my friends say I'm blonde." She works also as a part time kindergarden assistant. She hardly wears make up, or was that without makeup...I dunno, missed it! She has a cool car, and likes to drive rounds and pick up guys. She says don't cry cause it stuffs up your mascara. She is a black belt in one of those sports, used for defence. SHe plans to be herself, have a good time, and meet a few new friends. Good luck to Ashalea (pronouced Ashleigh), and she is off through the crowd.

Up next is Igor, a 27 year old self employed tiler is from Victoria. Described as loudmouthed, flamboyant, chauvinistic and 'having no shame' His is single and boasts about his sexual prowess. "I love being the centre of attention." His workload is very heavy. He has his parents to keep care of him. He snores a lot! His friends say he's like a magnet when it comes to girls. He's not bad when he arrives on stage. He has 3 tattoo's. He says he doesn't think he's a babe magnet, but he;ll give it a go inside the house. He would like to win, but experience is his only hope. He would go to Europe next year should he win. He's off now too. Back with Gretel now, who shows us people who didn't make it into the house. Just a heap of audition clips, finishing with someone throwing a TV off a balcony. Quickly a message comes up saying BB condones such behavioir...because then you can't watch BB! Comm break.

Back again. Gretel is inside the control room. Housemate number 8 is Bree, a 21 year old from Queensland, works in radio promotions. She admits she is often sarcastic and often annoys people. "My housemates will either love me or hold my head under in the pool." She lives with 3 of her best friends. She is one of the people who tend to get bitched about alot! She also works as a actor at a restuarant. She doesn't know whether she wants to cry or throw up when she arrives on stage. She is excited! She says she is very upfront. She speaks her mind, a bit like Gretel LOL. She says she is incapable of catching herself a guy! She says her goodbyes and then she is off to the BB Compound.

Next up is Trevor, a 30 year old from New South Wales, is a furniture storeman. He hasn't cut his hair since 2002. He lives with his partner and is devoted to her. "I live taking a risk and I take life as it comes." He says he can lift heavy things! He has a soulmate, the love of his life. Could this guy win?! I reckon he'll go close. He only has one friend, and he spots him out in the audience! He has been with his girl for 4 and a half years. He says he would like to win the money. He's just noticed himself on TV for the first time. This guy is sensational! When asked if he'll win, he says 'yeh probably.' Ah the pick of the bunch for now! There he goes now, off through the crowd.

Straight into another housemate. Aphrodite, a 25 year old from New South Wales, is a professional belly dancer. She is single, confident and vivacious. She talks incessantly, cleanses her face with metho and showers three times a day (woohoo!!). "I'm fun, energetic, alive, competitve." Guys will love her, girls will hate her. She is convinced she is a man trapped in a womens body. She can take off Effie really well. Her mum thinks if will be hard to shut her up. (Looking at some of these names, it's gonna be a lot of fun recapping this year!) She made her dress with the help of her mum. She thinks she will cope OK in the house, but she likes getting her way. She didn't take a friend into the lockdown, cause she didn't want anyone to know. She likes the word "Whirlpool" a lot. She goes into the shadows, and there are only 4 left. Oh....and one massive secret. Comm break.

Welcome back to the launch of BB. So far, we've met 10. 4 to go, so on we go. Next is Kane, a 20 year old from Queensland, is an apprentice carpenter. Described as energetic, cheeky, sporty and confident. "I am passionate about music, easy to get along with and loveable." He really wants to be a professional DJ. He has a toy dog, it goes everywhere with him. He has a girlfriend, and while he will flirt in the spa, she knows he wants her. The girlfriend waxes everything for him every few weeks. Ouch...He tells Gretel that it was the girlfriends idea that he should apply. He hopes to last til the halfway point. Bully is the fluffy toy. He sleeps with the toy everynight. Can we vote him out first!? Please!!!????

Back with Gretel, who gets some applaud from the crowd, before moving onto HM Number 12. Elle, a 22 year old from Western Australia, works in retail. She has a boyfriend of 8 years who recently travelled to Europe solo. This high achiever is feeling emotional for the future. "I'm treading water. I don't know what I want to be." She loves going out, anywhere, anytime. She comes onto the stage, telling Gretel she is nervous as hell. She grew up in outback WA. She says what you see is what you get. She is at the crossroad with her relationship, and doesn't know which way to go. So BB2004 will do for a while! Only 2 more housemates are left. Onto number 13 we go.

Ryan, a 27 year old from South Australia, is an ex AFL footballer. He is competitve, has lots of stories to tell, makes people laugh and enjoys sport. "I'm basically a tall, skinny dork." He hasn't been out with a girl for over a year. He gets mum to come over to vacumn the house every now and then. His friend thinks he would cry at the drop of a hat. He's going to miss his mum. He seems very nervous on stage. He's excited though! He had a T Shirt made up saying 'My knee is fine' or something so everyone would stop asking. He's never lived with a female except his mum, but he thinks he'll be fine. Off Ryan goes, and after the break, it's our first BB Mum.

Back with Gretel, and one housemate still to be introduced. Catherine, a 33 year old from New South Wales, is a seperated mother of two. A Self employed beautican, her ambition is to be able to support her children to adulthood. "I'm ready to take on life's challenges." She was married for 12 years. Being in the house will teach her about herself, and in the process, hopefully find out what she really wants to do in life. She is very busy with her two kids. In on the motorbike, she steps off and greets Gretel. She wasn't nervous at all on the motorbike, but nervous about entering the house. Her mum and dad will be looking after the kids while she is in the house. She hopes she will find out a lot about herself inside the house. Off she goes, and there you have it.

14 housemates down, we're not far away from entering the house. They have still not met any of their fellow housemates. The rules. No contact with the outside world. The Diary room is the only place where BB will converse with the housemates. Still the same nominating rules. Excellent! All tasks are compulosary. Housemates must speak English. BB reserves the right to change any rule, anytime. After the break, the secret!

Back again with Gretel, now outside the house. They meet for the first time, but no speaking...well that lasted a long time! They line up for a few photo's, and in they go! Countdown to 1, and in they go. Krystal is in first. Ryan and Igor sound drunk already when they introduce themselves. Girls have rushed to the bedroom. Krystal says it's all too Austin Powers for her. Ryan is still introducing himself with everyone. Trevor already standing ny himself, but says "oh my god.."They are all in the bedroom now. Still introducing themselves. First bit of swearing in the house! Over to the kitchen for Krystal and Bree....Krystal meets Ashalea, aalthough she thought she already had. The ktichen looks very cool! LOL, they test the temp of the pool water, and are all relived it's heated. Girls already talking amongst themselves. Ashalea mingling with the guys though. They have opened the Champagne. Catherine is already getting advice from someone, the one who made their dress. She said don't be afraid to be herself. Catherine says she will be. Someone says the house is very Mario in Super Mario Bros. Catherine is already back in the kitchen. Trevor, Igor and others are in the bathroom now. Ah the girl is called Afro. Catherine and Krystal are clean freaks! LOL.

Back with Gretel. Now time for the secret. Previously the winner received $250,000. This year it's a cool Million. No relations, no silly X's in the house, it's 14 people who have never met themselves, and it's the same as every other year. Exactly as we like it!

Back to the house now. The guy with kids say if he had to he would leave, but he has a good wife and he thinks his kids will be fine. Mike comes over the broadcast, not into the house, and says soon sleeping arrangements are made. Comm break!

Back to so called 'live action.' Girls decide to have another lap of the house, especially the toilet! Mike does voiceovers again. They go to the bedroom, and sort out the sleeping arrangements. LOL. They all talk so weird! Afro spreaks like such an Effie! Really she does. Igor comes in when they are moving his stuff so someone can sleep next to the toilet, and they get scared. But it's all good. Most of the HM's are in the bedroom now. Afro says "Don't nominate me!" Back outside, Ryan and Trevor are talking. Ryan knows somewhere close to where Trevor lives. Kane joins in the conversation. Krystal and Bree seem to get on really well back in the bedroom. Ashalea is bonding with the musician, forgotten his name. Cut to later, and they are outside. Terri and the musician are talking. Wesley looks like he's sleeping with Igor. Ryan says he couldn't sleep on the end cause everyone would kick him as they went to the toilet. Wesley and Ryan have forgotten names already LOL. That's great.

Wesley and the one in the black top, I'll figure it out soon, Elle! are talking by the pool. They are saying how they both said goodbye to their partners. Elle explains about her relationship issues to Wesley, before we cut to Gretel, who is in the diary room. She whispers that they won't know about the $1 Million till they are evicted. Also, a one hour special tomorrow will turn there house upside down.