Rove runs over time tonight, so credits don't start rolling till 1:56pm tonight. Mike welcomes us to the show, he is wearing a tux, and Sara Marie (SM) is sitting beside him in a weddding dress. He goes on to explain the task this week and says there will be weddings tonight, and people will be woken up. However, first things first, it's brain teaser time. After that, we're into the house.

Kane is on the couch talking to Merlin and Aphro about his friends band I think. They toured Bosnia. They play trance kinda stuff, which Kane loves. Aphro starts talking about a CD she loves from a nightclub in France. She tries for a good 3 minutes to try to remember the name, to no avail. Anyway, she loves it. Camera goes into the bedroom now, and less than one minute later, music is heard and it's revealed that Ryan and Ashalea are getting married. Everyone up very quickly, they aren't doing a count this time though. They get to the alter with heaps of time remaining, and after it's all over, BB says congratulations. It's cold out, and so everyone is straight back inside. Many straight back to sleep. Igor goes to see BB in the Diary Room to complain about the bathroom lights still being on. Ash thinks that she and Ryan are going to get targeted tonight in this task.

Everyone is back in the bedroom, who was sleeping prior to the wedding. Someone asks Ashalea how she feels now she's married. She says she is 'great. But I won't get sex I bet'. Igor comes in from the diary room, and goeas mad at Ryan cause he is using the bathroom so they can't turn the lights out. They think that they shouldn't get drunk until the task is over because they wouldn't wake up in time. Mike and SM cut back in, and give a clue to the brain teaser. Back to the house, Kane is still talking music to Merlin on the couch. He is saying how he bought all his own gear cause he's a DJ and telling Merlin what he has etc and what it cost. He says he had heaps of work lined up before he came into the house. Into the bedroom we cross, and music plays again. This time it's Krystal and Igor's turn. Krystal is quick as lightning, but Igor takes a bit longer because he was almost asleep again. They get through the wedding easily enough, and then BB congratulates them, and once again, everyone comes back to the house, and back to bed. Krystal, while taking the dress off, asks BB to turn the lights off! Igor says there won't be any sex, and Krystal says "I'm all for that one!" They go back to bed yet again.

Bree asks if someone is in the toilet. Krystal is. SOmeone says that she's in there because she needs to vomit because she realised she just married Igor. Mike cuts into the show and runs through the brain teaser and clue again. Back to the houise, and Kane is still talking music with Merlin. Aphro buts in and says she sold a great Apple computer to her friend. She says she has contacts for those type of things. I think she gets them off a back of a truck personally. Commercial break cuts in however at this stage.

Hosts are back at 12:28am. They go onto talk about SM quitting smoking. Brain teaser 1 is closed. Cue the uplate update. Back to the living room now, and the reception goes for a sec....and again, and we're fine now. They are still talking about the DJ stuff. After silence for half a minute, Merlin says he can't believe he is there. That was the shortest cross ever, because Mike and SM are back, and have Nicki on the line, and she wins the cash. The second game is quickly started, followed by a commercial break.

12:48 hosts rejoin us. They read some emails out now. Then give a clue for the new brainteaser, before returning to the house. Aph, Merlin, Kane are still there. Catherine can't sleep so she comes out to join them. Aphro says she knew she would prboably be nominated, but she doesn't thinkthat being emotional is a valid reason to nominate someone. Catherine seems to have fallen asleep already. Aphro says her friends will be fuming at her already because she is up for nomination. Merlin reckons Kane and Ryan have settled into the house the best. Kane says the other night when he went to bed early he was feeling flat. He was missing his girlfriend, but other than that he has been fine. Aphro starts saying something else, but BB wisely cuts to a commercial break.

The time is now 12:59 and we're back. Game #2 of brain teasers is closed. Back to the house. Aphro is talking again! Merlin says if they win the task, everyone will be relaxed and open next week. Aphro reckons she could have put on an act and really played the game if she wanted to, but she would rather be honest and upfront with everyone. Kane says that people would rather watch tension than happy families, so she has a good chance to stay. Aphro seems to say the same things over and over again, I can't stand it! I reckon I've heard this conversation at least 3 times before. Mike and SM save us from this convo and Brendan wins the second lot of cash for tonight. Game three is opened. Comm Break.

Back at 1:08am where Mike cuts straight to the house. Merlin is being technical and trying to explain to Aphro that she is annoying at certain times. Catherine says that Aphro will get pushed away from Merlin if she doesn't start actually listening to him instead of teasing the crap out of him. Aphro says she is not going to put boundaries inbetween their friendship. Merlin says he need 'big personal space.' Aphro just laughs. Cat says that obvisoubly something happened to him to not let people in. Merlin says he doesn't have any deep dark secrets though. Aphro keeps teasing away at him. Merlin says "you can't seriously think this is strenghting our relationship?" Aphro tells him to chill out. Mike cuts in to give the clue, and it's time for another break.

1:20am now and Game three of brain teasers is closed. Cue the uplate update. Back to the house we go again, and still arguing are Merlin and Aphro. Merlin says he likes to joke, but he can't seem to have any sense of normal conversation with Aphro. He says that she frustrates him so much. Aphro suggests that perhaps she was sent in to tease the crap out of him. They decide to all go to bed. Merlin breaks a cup getting up, and heads over to the kitchen. Aphro is just laughing, but Cat tells her it's not funny and that he doesn't find it funny. Cat tells her to leave the guy alone. They all head into the bedroom now. Mike cuts in at this stage, and they have Malcolm on the phone and he wins the cash! Last teaser is started, and you guessed it, it's time for a break.

1:34am and it's time to give a clue for the brain teaser. Then they play with the 3 phone for a little while. They move on to read some emails, before finally getting back to the house, where everyone is in the bedroom, but Aphro is still talking (whispering) to Merlin. She's trying to makes things up with him. She is still laughing though. She says "At least I know you'll talk to me in the morning." She then says goodnight to him and jumps into her own bed. With that, Mike comes back on, plugs the Official Site a bit, tells us the last game is closed, and calls for a comm break.

The last segment commences at 1:47am. Aaron wins the last money on offer for the night. Cut to uplate update number 3! Back after that, it's time to surf the website for a few minutes, before they say there goodbyes, and at 1:56am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

Where's Warren?