Another week of BBUL, and Mike starts us off with a brain teaser. Perhaps their asleep? Actually no their not, we go to the house now, to the bedroom, where Elle, Ryan and Kane are talking. Kane is telling them about a trip he has planned. It involves Canada. He talks about the club on the Gold Coast where he DJ's, but also how he would like to DJ round the world. Ryan is very interested, but Elle has gone away from them. Mike cuts in to talk about VBB comp, but after that, we're back to the boys. Kane says he loves being in control, which he is while DJ'ing. He says he loves people looking at him, thinking what he's going to play next. Kane encourages Ryan to do something, but says not next year because he wants to give AFL a real shot. They are talking about some country oversea's (Bali I assume, actually no it's Thailand) where clothes are dirt cheap. Ashalea is very excited about going there! They suggest going over there with a spare suitcase, empty. Ryan says he'll take the BB one! Mike cuts in again and gives us a clue for the teaser. Then he decides to play an uplate update. Back to the house we go, this time to the couch. Wesley and Merlin are talking. Wes wonders how good the viewing is for the public. They are talking about Catherine I think, but I don't understand what there getting at. They say Kane was in good form last night. Merlin says he had a great convo with him. Over to the kitchen everyone goes. Bree, Ashalea, Wes, Merlin and Elle are there. Merlin says he is excited that people are staying up later. He says Wes is starting to step up. They decide to have a Milo. Merlin says the afternoon nap is really good. Merlin says the late night TV show is on 11-1, so they need something to watch! Merlin reckons the best convo's come from the night. Wesley refuses to eat toast at night. He doesn't want to start. Elle reckons she is getting a few pounds on, she just keeps eating cause she can't find anything she really enjoys. They say they are looking forward to real food again outside of the house. Cut back to the studio, and Krystal is there. I think it's pre recorded though. Comm break.

12:05am - Brain teaser is closed, back to the house. Terri is plucking her pubes....yuk. Finally, back to the kitchen we go. Trevor has joined them. They discuss that they thought the pancakes were great to eat, and also when they had the coffee machine. Nothing go past real coffee they think. Elle is still worried about her gaining weight. Trev reckons he's lost some while he's been in there. While all this, we still have the small screen watching Terri. Mike cuts in, and Rebecca wins the first $1000 for the night. Game two kicks off. Back to the kitchen we go. They discuss Gretel's interview with Rove before BB started, and the 16 housemates images. Bree knew she was on in straight away. She obviously knew she was going into the house by then, but she picked herself out. Trev says he knew who he was. Some missed it and asked if anyone taped it. Bree says we'll be soo sick of seeing ourselves on TV by the end of this. Merlin brings up an interesting question; he asks "when would you think they will bring intruders in?" Of course, at that point, we are off to a comm break.

12:18am - Brain teaser clue time. Another uplate update. Back to the kitchen. They talk about how BB hasn't given them a task yet. Merlin says that while it's a little thing, a task in here gives them so much to think about and to spend time on. Wes says it would be good if they showed us a whole day of Simpson's episodes. Elle reckons it wouldn't be good TV. Merlin says that they probably couldn't show any of the stuff when they quote movies or anything. Elle reckons that Gretel likes Ryan! Elle says she might be going this weekend. They say how they can hear the crowd yell out when Gretel is about to announce the evictee. Elle says that perhaps her fight with Ryan the other night will mean she will go - because all the girls on the outside love Ryan and so they might vote her out. Comm break.

12:31am - Someone wins the $1000. Now onto part two of the Krystal interview. Back to the kitchen finally. They talk about what they will have for breakfast. Only Elle, Trevor and Wesley are there. They hope for a good task tomorrow. In the bedroom, apparently ugg boots are ok to go out in over in Adelaide. Ash can't believe it. Mike cuts in, and gives a clue, and we're away to a comm break.

12:44am - Mike is back in the studio, Go through the brain teaser again. Back to the house, Bree and Ashalea are talking in bed. Lights are out. Bree is talking about living with friends, she loves it. She says to Ash never to live with guys! Ashalea says she moved out when she had her trouble last year for about 6 weeks, but just when she's gonna tell us why, BB sends us to the kitchen. Elle explains that once she had her own house, she had an afternoon quicky with her man, and while in the middle of it, his mum walked in and Ryan (the man) took the doona across the room leaving Elle on the bed starkers. She was soo embarrassed. Cut to a nomination package now. Comm break.

12:57am - Terry is on the line to win some cash. Move onto the final brain teaser of the night now. Into the kitchen we go, and before I can figure out what they're talking about, Mike cuts to another nomination package. Elle is talking about some people she knows. Mike cuts in and gives a random task for Virtual BB. Since it closes at 2am, the word, Terri, will be useless to most. Comm break.

1:10am - Go through brain teaser with the clue one last time, then back to the kitchen. They are talking about school. Nothing very exciting at all. Elle reveals she worked at Toyworld. Ashalea comes back to the kitchen. They decide to have more Milo and start eating again. Ashalea says that everyone in the bedroom is now asleep. Another uplate update. Comm break.

1:23am - John is the final winner of the cash tonight. Back to the house Elle is talking about her sister. She says she is good at everything. Her sister wants to be a primary school teacher. She is a good netballer. Trevor says he is a lot darker than the rest of his family, the rest have nice olive skin. They cut to the last nomination package. Back at the house, the boys reckon that the State of Origin game will be on this Wednesday. Mike says goodnight for the night, as does Dreamworld.

Where's Warren,