Another day, another Uplate episode. It's 11:54pm when we get things rolling. Mike explains the new task, which involves a watermelon suspended in the air via a magnet. Housemates must catch it each time it falls. They are allowed to drop it 5 times within the 24 hour period. Mike grows through the first brain teaser of the evening. Paul has decided not to participate in this task. Anyway, through the kitchen. Wesley says that he said to Paul that if he was either of the other nominees he would be extremely happy with his attitude toward this task. He's with Merlin in the kitchen. They wonder if this will make him be evicted. Merlin says it's hard for Terri because Paul is her best mate in the house. Merlin says that Kane will be peeved if Paul goes. Wes says he doesn't think so, he reckons Ryan is his best mate in the house. Mike cuts in and goes through the VBB comp. Now back to the watermelon, Trevor and Ash are standing under it. Kane and Ryan are standing near, talking to them. Mike cuts in and says the VBB winner will get to say Go to drop the watermelon very soon. Ryan says he went to this place and asked to play "underground" pool game. They went down and started playing, and his mate had the next shot and it was a straight shot on the black (8). Ryan took the black off the table, dropped his pants, put a digit 8 on his balls, the guy hit the white, Ryan got up, the white went straight into the pocket and Ryan quickly put the black 8 onto the table. Weird stuff, but he gets some laughs. Mike cuts in and goes to the first uplate update, and then gives the clue to the teaser. Back to the house we go. Bree has joined Trev and Ash who are still standing under the watermelon. They switchover, Ash letting Kane go under it, and then Bree replaces Trevor. Everyone except Merlin leaves, and Bree says "I've been standing here for 4 hours, I want people tap dancing for me!" Bree can't believe that Trevor and Ash have gone straight to bed. Bree doesn't think it will fall. Trevor says goodnight to them, and Bree says "Bree is not happy!". Mike cuts in and says that the brain teaser is closed, and that Caroline will be telling BB to drop the watermelon after the break.

12:17am - Mike explains the task to us again, and then we go back to the house. Ryan is talking to Bree and Kane. Trevor has rejoined them out there during the break. Mike cuts in and we're going to get it to drop very soon. Caroline is on the phone. Alright here is the countdown from 10, lets see....Kane catches it easily, and does a quick lap of honour!!! They give us a quick replay, then back to the house. Kane has locked it back in place, and resumes his position straight away. Merlin says he can't believe he wasn't there for it. Mike interrupts again, this time to give away the first cash of the night. Straight into the second brain teaser, and then comm break.

12:29am - We're in the kitchen, Elle, Trevor and Ryan are there. Ryan says to Elle "your coffee's don't taste right." He asks how many sugars she put in, and it's the correct amount. Ryan asks them what they do if their depressed. Elle says she just has to be by herself, goes to a secluded beach or something and just sits. Ryan says he gets in his car and listens to a Radiohead CD. Mike cuts in here, and gives us a clue for the teaser. Back to the house we go, and we're back outside. We get a little shot of Paul asleep in the corner of the screen, in the bedroom. Bree wants a drink, so takes some of Elle's. Bree can smell hot chips, and Trev says yeh it's the security guard, and it's Hungry Jack's chips. They argue whether the moon is full yet. Ryan says it is because it's the first day of the month LOL. Elle says thats bullshit. We cut to the bedroom and see Paul asleep. It looks as if Terri is also asleep. Comm break.

12:43am - Julie wins the next stash of cash. Next brain teaser gets underway. Uplate update time. Mike tells us the VBB winner, the person is from Tassie Back to the house finally, they are talking about the Don Lane show, but there are more beeps in there than Texas, so we are quickly ushered off to the bedroom to watch Paul sleep again. Comm break.

12:56am - He goes through the brain teasers again, with the clue. Back to the house, we have Trevor, Elle and Merlin watching Kane and Bree with the melon. Merlin is talking to Trevor about some band or something. Wesley re-emerges. He asks if anyone wants a drink. No says everyone. They talk about how Gretel made fun of Trev and Bree on Monday I suppose (missed the show). Elle says she and Ryan will be taking over the task shortly. They have an egg timer to figure out how long they should each be under the melon for. Merlin flips it over and it starts counting down. Bree asks if anyone has any chocolate hidden. Bree says she hasn't eaten for 5 hours, so she is gonna have something after she finishes her 'shift'. Comm break.

1:09am - Tish is the winner of the cash this time around. The last game is started. Bck in the house, they reckon the next 2 evictions will be tough. They reckon it's only about 12am or so. They talk about how they should do this throughout the night. Wes says that perhaps a few of the guys do longer shifts and let others sleep. Bree thinks they should keep going the way they are. Merlin says he doesn't think he needs to wake Cat up. They say she will be pissed off if he doesn't wake her up. They spend the next 2 minutes saying "I spy with my little eye something beginning with W". It gets repetive after the 10th time or so. Ryan wonders why it's called a Watermelon. Bree reminds Ryan that Gretel made mention of them snuggling up on the couch during nominations. Elle decides to go to the toilet before her shift starts, in 6 minutes according to Merlin.

1:22am - Uplate update straight after the break. Back in the kitchen, we have Ryan and Elle standing guard over the watermelon now. They are playing the "I went to the shop" game, a memory game where they each say what they bought, then repeat them all, and add a new one at the end. So far they have bought a Barracuda, a chick's phone number, dirt diggler, an elephant, a fake leg, Gandoph the great from LOTR, and a hot tub! Comm break.

1:35am - Marnee is in Canberra, and wins the last of the money for tonight. She also is told she can do the countdown for the drop of the watermelon. Here goes the countdown from 10.....1........Ryan catches it, even though he didn't have his arms ready. They all come and give him high fives. Action replay comes onto the screen. Back to the house, they are all doing a very weird dance! Bree goes to bed. Elle puts the melon back up in it's spot. Actually, she can't do it, and Ryan does it for her. Straight back to the game for these two. We cross to the kitchen now, Kane is saying something, but Mike comes back on and throws to a package of the D&D Ball at Dreamworld, where Mike asked people who of the housemates were most shaggable. Back to the house we go. Ryan has just bought Kosimoto from the shops - 'he was blind!' LOL. Mike comes back on and says goodnight. Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:44am. Did that not go two hours or my imagination?

Where's Warren?