Another night of uplate is upon us :) Start time is 11:56pm. Mike joins us straight away, so it doesn't look good for any activity tonight. But the weekly task might help us with that however. Mike launches quickly into the VBB comp, because there are 4 minutes left for people to enter. Mike then goes on to explain the new task. They each represent a country, get dressed into their costume, and get to the podium with the country's flag within a specified time period. We have a look at the house, and everyone is asleep! Mike tells us that they will be woken up however. But not yet! We now go through the first brain teaser of the night.

They decide after a little while to wake everyone up. They are going to play the anthem so they all have to great dressed. Actually it's only Ashalea's song. She seems to complete the task quite easily. They all say they were only just starting to get to sleep too. Ash is unsure whether she picked up the correct flag for her country. Everyone is straight back to sleep! Awesome!!! Ash complains that it's cold out there. She says aloud "Why pick on me!" Wesley hits the nail on the head by saying "I bet they did that for the late night show." Ash goes to get some water over in the kitchen. She grabs some sultanas while over there. While over there, she gets her anthem again! Gold television. She needs to run all the way back over to the house to get her clothes, then run back over to the podium. The anthem stops before she gets there, and they are all upset. BB doesn't say she can get down yet, and so they all go back inside and she is stuck there waiting. LOL. BB finally tells her she can stand down. She throws her hat down saying "I was eating sultanas!" Wes and Trev pick up her split sultana's over in the kitchen. Bree and Ash share a banana. Ash goes back to the bedroom now, and says that her zip keeps getting stuck on her top, and so she thinks she'll do it halfway up and slip into it. Paul and Kane think it's a great idea for everyone.

Over to the kitchen we go, Catherine, Bree, Trevor, Wesley and Ashalea are there. Ash has just joined them. She complains that BB is mean. Cath reckons they will all be tired tomorrow. Wes says that they can do his song till the cows come home, because he can do it easy. Mike cuts in and gives us a clue. Wes and Trev are still in the kitchen counting idea what, ooah yes i do. Counting their reflections in the mirrors. Wes can get to about 17. They decide to try to get to sleep again. They get back into the bedroom and in bed, but then Mike cuts in and cuts to a comm break.

12:28am - Someone wins the $1000. Second game starts up. Time for the first uplate update. He goes on to read emails till the comm break. The next segment starts with more emails. Then goes on about VBB comp. Then back to emails to the next break. Alright, thats enough for tonight. They aren't going to wake them up again.

Where's Warren,