After Mike preaches the usual, we're into Up Late for a Wednesday night. Ash, Terri and Bree are doing neck exercises. They go for quite a while. Ash gets bored and goes over to Ryan, who is walking around the living area playing with his gymnastics thing he used in the mini task today. Ash decides to go over and get something to eat. Wes, Paul and Kane are over there. Paul is making Wes a pizza. Apparently Paul and Ryan had a little argument earlier this evening. Ryan comes over and tries to steal the Pizza that Paul is making - he has no hope though. Paul and Ryan are saying how much they love each other. Wes says he tried to help them sort their argument out earlier, and simply got yelled at himself!

Back to the girls, Cath has joined them. They are talking. They are saying that they have to save the cleanses for special occassions. They seem to have a fair few of them. Bree is going to bed, and Terri looks like she is doing the same. Bree needs to go and get some water. Ohhh, Terri's anthem plays into the house. Good timing that! She easily makes it on time. Paul didn't even bother leaving the kitchen. Bree hasn't gone to bed yet! Paul is dishing out little bits of Pizza for everyone, well the girls at least. Catherine is in the kitchen now and says goodnight to everyone. Bree interrupts everyone and says that she is filling a bottle of water up in case she needs to pour water onto someone tonight to wake them up for the task. Wesley says that he's got another 3 or 4 hours left in him. Paul agrees. Wes suggests they need another 6 pack. Ryan says nah, save it for Friday night. Ryan goes to bed now. Ash is saying in the bedroom how her boyfriend didn't now she was going on BB, but had an idea. Ash never told him, she said she was going somewhere for the weekend. Cut back to the kitchen, Wes reckons it's about midnight, and the start of the late night crew 'represent!'. They say poor Merls has gone. Wes says if they had a bit of Vodka and rum etc, they could stay up till the cows get up. Mike cuts in and we head to the first comm break of the night.

12:10am - Mike gives someone the first cash of the night. Second game is started. Bree is talking about how she reckons she has put on a bit of weight since she has been in the house. She says that her mum told her not to eat the bread in the house, but because the gym is there, she has been able to eat bread and do exercise to burn it off. She also talks about her hair. It used to be straight, and went curly at age 18. She says she used to not eat much at all. She would wake up at 11 or so (work till 1am) and then not eat lunch till about 2pm and then go to work at 4. Since she has stopped smoking, she says she has a heaps bigger appetite. In the middle of this, we cut to Wes, Paul and Ryan, trying to talk in code, but I don't understand at all. Wes is confused as well, then gets it, but Paul, who did understand, is confused after Ryan's latest code word. Ryan says goodnight to the guys and leaves the kitchen. Comm break.

12:24am - Mike gives us a clue that everyone might be doing the olympic task very soon. He also hints that they have already failed the task. Cut to the kitchen, Wes and Paul still up. Wes is saying that he got along with Igor fine. They talk about why Paul got a bit heated this evening. He said he told BB he didn't want to do it and something like that, and BB accepted that. I have no idea what the heck they are talking about actually. They decide to head over to bed. The Olympic task will soon wake everyone up though no doubt :) In the bedroom, Kane is talking to Ryan about how JJJ play music, then the mainstream stations get on board with it. It shits him. Comm break.

12:37am - Someone wins the second $1000. 3rd teaser goes up. Mike again tells us that music could be beamed into the house at any moment. Everyone is almost in bed. Terri is over talking to Ryan and Kane, but Paul is telling her to come back and talk to him. She eventually does when Ryan and Kane start singing something she doesn't understand. When she gets into bed, Paul reckons BB should play Chariots of Fire (the song where everyone must get up.) He says he would be first ready. Terri reckons she could beat him. They say that BB will play it for sure now. But they don't before the break, after Mike says some rubbish.

12:50am - Emails, then uplate update. We return to the house to see the end of a Terri - Paul playfight. Terri, while chucking a cushion at him in bed, knocked down the photo's of Pauls family. Thats a no no! Paul says that if she ever does it again, she'll be in the pool. Terri says that if she was going in, he couldn't chuck her in without him going in as well. There seems to be water everywhere also. Terri must have squirted it at him. Terri changes out of her black night gear, into a dry red one. Comm break.

1:03am - Veronica wins the cash. Uplate update. Back to the house, the lights are out now. Terri and Paul are having an argument about how many words are in a sentence. Paul says she said "I am", while Terri insists she said "I'm". Kane and Ryan start saying 'build a bridge' to try to get them to get over it, and Paul joins in. Terri gets a bit peeved, and Kane goes on to say "Build a f***ing tunnel, just get over it!" All goes quiet, although 2 minutes later, Paul laughs again. Comm break.

1:16am - Anna wins the cash. Although it was strange. They didn't even give a clue after the first time showing it after the last caller. Oh well, not gonna leave sleep over it! Now, we're about to get everyone up. But before, another uplate update. Alright, here we go. Will Terri or Paul get to the podium first? They lie...they lie!!! Instead of going back to the house, we get an Uncut clip...but it was the Rootman adventures, and seeing I haven't watched Uncut, I'm happy! Comm break.

1:29am - Mike's chair collapses or something. Missed it. Now, Mike again tells us that we are gonna get some action very soon. Damn well hurry up people! Here we go! Terri beats Paul, because he gets out there and forgets his hat. Ash puts her tracksuit top on backwards. Only about 3 or 4 make it in time they reckon. Bree is last. They had to fail that one. They all reckon they have failed the task. As soon as it's over, Mike says goodnight. Seems silly that they waited so long, because I'm sure they would still be talking at the moment. Oh well.

Where's Warren?