We cross to the house straight away tonight and first thing we hear is Wes saying "....is f**king gay". Interesting! Most laugh, Ryan says "that's a bit harsh Wes!" Bree says "Wes!" Wes can't believe he said it either. They all have a laugh about it. Paul says he has heaps of surfing friends who are gay. Ryan asks how many, and Paul says 10. Ryan says he has a few, so does Bree. Ryan says "I'm not gay, but I've kissed a guy that was." All are in bed waiting for the lights to turn off. Paul wonders how long the batteries last for. Not one minute later, Ash enquires about the same thing lol. Reggie is in the studio tonight with Mike, and he says that Ash has had a few arguments with people today. Bree and Ash said that they think that Monica has changed a bit since last night. When we return to the house, they are all saying goodnight to each other. 3 minutes later, Ash says "Who farted!?" Everyone says not me, but Wes doesn't, so Bree says "oh Wes..". Wes says "I think that Metamucil is cutting in". Silence for a few minutes, before Mike comes back. Uplate update. Mike does a magic trick, then an Uplate update. Seeing all housemates are asleep, that'll do it for tonight.

Where's Warren?