Uplate commences when the credits roll at 11:34pm tonight, the first for the week. The lights are out, and everyone is in the bedroom. Aphro immediately complains about someone farting. Now someone has done something to her bed. She can't work out what though, other than "it's different". Mike appears and welcomes us to the show. He has a gust tonight, and Sara Marie (SM) yells out "HI!". Mike does his usual speel about the show, and we are sent back to the house. Aphro really isn't ready for bed, you can just tell. Trevor is talking to Krystal, but Aphro's overpowering voice means we can't hear it.

Aphro wanders over to Merlin's bed to ask him to get up because she's not tired. He says that he is tired however. Aphro says they are getting married tomorrow. No idea what that is about. They begin to whisper, and we can't hear them. Over the other side of the room, Ashalea says "OMG. You touched his penis!" I think it was to Igor, who says "No I didn't!" Apgro asks the whole room who would get up with her if she opened a packet of Jatz. A few yes replies are heard. Meanwhile Trevor has sneaked over close to her, and lies on the floor and then gets up and scares the crap out of Aphro. Mike cuts in there and goes through the first brain teaser of the night. From that, we get outr first uplate update for the night.

After that, we are back to the house. Aphro says she has never been out with a guy who is not older by 10 years. She's talking to Kane. Lots of noise in the bedroom right now. Aphro suddenly says "What are you doing?" Igor says "nothing." Aphro fires back "Are they having sex!?" She is a strange one. Aphro gets up and makes her way to the bathroom. While there, she gets toothpaste put all over her top from Merlin. Back from the bathroom, she says loudly "Suck my dick." Again Igor fires back "Didn't know you had one." She starts fighting with Merlin. She says it's like a whirlpool. Damn she would be annoying the hell out of me if I was in there. She just never shuts up. Merlin comes outside and starts shooting a few hoops with the basketball. He gets 2 in, then misses 2.

Mike cuts in and introduces his first ever guest on Uplate, SM. She says she would do BB again whenever asked. Aphro would annoy her. She sys she has quit smoking of course. Mike tells us that Merlin has kicked the ball over the fence, so we go back to the action. Trev, Ashalea and Aphro are outside too now. They can't believe that he has lost the ball. But it seems they have another one anyway, because Trevor is playing basketball now. Merlin goes into the bedroom to tell everyone. Trev continues playing for a fair bit, and Ashalea walks back to the house from the kitchen. Back to Mike and SM, and SM says she loved BB - it was like a long holiday where they could muck around everyday. She still speaks to Ben, Blair, Bella (Christina) and Peter. They cut to footage of her time in the house, and she laughs all the way through it. "I miss the house." Mike then pulls out a pack of fish fingers LOL. Back to the house we go, but 2 seconds later, BB cuts to a break.

12:06am and we're back. Uplate update number 2 is straight away on. Back to the house then, where we go to the kitchen. Igor has joined Merlin, Aphro, Ashalea and Trevor there. Merlin says he is tired. Soon after he says to Aphro 'What does do you take!?" Trevor says 'toothpaste.' Trevor starts making fun of Ashalea, and Merlin laughs a lot. Mike and SM cut in, and they have the ball now. SM begins to sign it. Winner on the line for trivia, Brett, and he wins the cash. Straight into the second quiz for the night now, where again we go back to the house for a second, before BB cuts to another commercial break.

Mike and SM are in the studio upon our return. They banter between themselves for a few minutes, before they take us back to the house. Trevor and Igor are talking. Aphro is over near the weights area. There is a bride's dress over there- it must be something to do with a task or something. Ashalea is arguing with Igor about doing something in the kitchen soon enough. He was picking his face or something like on the kitchen bench. He leaves, and Ashalea says to herself "Oh god, what a pig. Disgusting." Trevor and Aphro are inside on the couch, and talking about the task. Everyone has 90 seconds to be in position on the carpet for the wedding or something like that. Quickly, Mike gives a clue for the trivia. Trevor decides to go to the diary room, and starts a countdown to when he believes the door will open, but BB cuts away to the bedroom just before the crucial moment. Silence there for a bit, Merlin sticks his head up when he hears some clapping, but decides to put his head back down soon after. Mike and SM cut in again, and say they will read some emails after the break.

12:32am and we're back again with double trouble. Brain teaser is gone through again, with clue, and then we're sent back to the house. Aphro is saying that she changed her tune before she was nominated, but Australia will think she has changed because she was nominated. Igor says we (audience) only sees 30 minutes of a day, whereas they see 24/7 in there. Ashalea says she wants BB to give her a white dress, and is about to go ask, but the others talk her out of it saying they won't change the outfit for her, and it's no hope. Igor is fine with staying or going he says. Aphro wants to stay. Igor says he would like to stay too, but he is fine if he has to go. He says he made it onto the show, and is proud of that very much. Aphro is saying that she was bound to get nominated. She says she was very honest in the time at the house. She says people could sit there and say nothing and get through, but thats not her. "I don't care if I stick out like dogs balls." Please people, vote her out! Mike and SM break in and tell us they have a winner . Nathan from Vic wins the cash, and we head to a commercial break.

12:45 and again we're in the studio. They say they will have a pajama party on Wednesday. They go through a few emails and shoutouts. Back to the house finally. They are discussing whether to call Catherine "Cat" or "Mum." They decide that Cat is much nicer for her, because in this house she is her own person. Aphro changes topics, and says she doesn't think anyone has the hots for anyone in this house. Ashalea says it was embarassing when Gretel asked about romance in the house that everyone looked at Merlin and her. Ashalea says she hasn't flirted with anyone in this house. Aph quickly says "Sweetie, don't tell me you don't like Ryan." She says she doesn't, and then Mike cuts in to give the clue for trivia, before it's time for a break.

12:58, trivia game three is closed. Quickly back to the house we go. Aph says the audience won't be liking her cause she hasn't been 'good' and happy in there for long enough. They wonder what time it is. Ashalea reckons 2:30am whereas Igor says 1am (correct), before saying latest it's 2am. Trev says there is something on the TV, and Aphro turns around. Trev says he'll have the $50 when they get out! Ashalea starts talking about past series of BB, but they all quickly stop her and say "cut" etc to tell her to stop. Apparently thats a no no in the house. Mike cuts in, and Val wins some cash from the trivia. Game #4 is opened for the last one tonight. Back to the house we go. Ashalea is complaining about Igor's latest fart. Aphro and Trevo get up because it's so bad. Ashalea asks him to go outside in future. He says he won't. "Well sorry....but someone's gotta do it." Lovely. Igor decides to go to bed, and the others say goodnight to him. The 3 remaining head over to the kitchen, as we cut to a commercial break.

It's 1:12 BB time, and SM is pleased she gets to keep the ball now she's signed all over it. Brain teaser clue time. Then we go onto our final uplate update. After that, we're off to the house. Ash, Aphro and Trevor still in the kitchen. Aphro is talking about her audition tape. Trev says that for his he was miming a Guy Sebastin song in the car for a bit. Aphro says the questions they had to fill out were so in depth. Trevor says he had to do it 3 times, because he kept forgetting to save his work. They decide to stop talking about that, because it's close to another no no topic. They wonder who BB will call on next to get married for the task. They decide to go to bed though then, and all walk back to the bedroom and get into bed in silence. Commercial break!

It's the final part of the show now, 1:24am. Adam wins the final brain teaser, and says he likes Trevor the most. They plug the 3 phone network, then go on to surf the BB website. Everyone must be asleep. They let SM choose a few numbers, and they flick that camera number onto the screen. Boring. They say goodnight doing the bumdance, and the credits roll as Dreamworld says goodnight.

Where's Warren?