It's night time on the isle of Balboa
All sleeping except one
Seems Rupert's restless and cannot sleep
For him, the night isn't fun.

He solemnly sits upon a log
and gazes toward the sky
Humbly talking to his dear wife
Which made me want to cry.

Upon the morn, two snakes fetched some water
All the while hatching a plan
They, along with Lill, Ti & Darrah
Would gang up on the Rupert man.

While Rupert was stalking his little shark
And his pals off getting fruit,
Burton & Jon pitched their mutinous thoughts
To finally give Rupert the boot!

Seamail heralded an intriguing challenge
The reward was deep sea fishing
But what is that without pizza & beer!
To win it, each one was wishing!

The challenge was an obstacle course
In which they work as teams
Climbing ropes and ringing bells
It's not as easy as it seems

The race was on with Christa & Darrah
Going against Lill & Burton
Both Christa & Lill slipped & took a dive
In the morning they're sure be hurtin!

Then Ti & Sandra faced Rupert & Jon
Both teams were neck and neck
Then Rupert got snagged up in the ropes
Showing his hoo-hahs as he hit the deck!

Despite his tumble, his team moved on
To face Burton & Lill in round two
The race was tight, it was too close to call
Alas! Burton & Lill made it through!

Lill chose to keep her part of the reward
Not that she wanted to gloat
She simply wanted to have the chance
To ride on a beautiful boat.

Burton opted to give Jon his reward
Which got Rupert onto thinkin
At camp he angrily macheted a coconut
Mumbling about death and things stinkin'

Burton and Jon started talking plans
But Sandra was lurking nearby
She heard about their plans with Lill
Then back to Rupert, she did fly.

Later that night when Lil returned
Rupert whisked her away for a chat
When asked if Jon tried to make a deal
She said "NO" he didn't try that!

The morning brought the Immunity Challenge
Where they got to use blow darts.
For some their aim was quite certain
For others it was off the charts!

Their task was to hit others targets
Knocking them out of the game
When Burton took the blowpipe
'Twas at Ruperts color, he did aim

One by one Burton picked them all off
To claim the coveted sword
I know this is terrible of me to say
But I hope his falls and gets gored!

At Immunity Council later that night
They cast their votes one by one
There's a dreadful feeling in the air,
I'm afraid poor Rupert is done

As Jeff read the votes, my heart sank
My fears had just come true
With five votes nailing shut his coffin
Our dear Rupert's time is through

If you think you're going to stop watching
I'd advise you 'not quite yet'
Next week looks like one heck of a doozy
You'll be glued to your TV set!

For those of you sad about Rupert
Fear not, it's sure to pass
Stock up on your microwave popcorn
And get ready to watch him in A.S.S!!!