Jokerette:  welcome David!
davidbb4:  I'm glad to see so many of my fellow peoples here

Jokerette:  How are you?? the thumb??
davidbb4:  like butter
Jokerette:  LMAO! so are your fans
Sarah_: smooth and creamy?
Jokerette:  me included :)
davidbb4:  what exactly does butter feel like
Jokerette:  ohhhhhhh
Jokerette:   ::::flee

Jokerette:  You saw Big Brother 3. How did it compare to this one, do you think?
Jokerette:  (did they use more or less butter?)
davidbb4:  Big Brother 3 was filled with just as many pansies as my house was.
Jokerette:  ROFL
Jokerette:  None of them worth a crap, eh?
davidbb4:  Yeah they're worth a crap, but they all whine so much
davidbb4:  I can't stand that
Jokerette:  Who was the worst offender?
davidbb4:  drumroll please........................
davidbb4:  Nathan
davidbb4:  "I just have to have meat guys" boo hoo
Jokerette:  Now there's a shocker.. did he whine in the jury house??
davidbb4:  How the hell should I know
Sarah_:  oops, Ette
Jokerette:  ROFL
Sassy:  lol
Jokerette:  shit he mighta heard!
Jokerette:  lolol

  <PaulyAceIV> So is Michelle Maradie as overbearing in real life as she was in the final episode of BB4?
davidbb4:  oh yeah. you got to see a little taste of what she is really like
Jokerette:  :)

Jokerette:  <Empress> David ........I gotta say I love you and I want to know what ya have planned for your life right now...hey wanna hook up ?
Jokerette:  Why do I know we're gonna have a ton of those? ;)
davidbb4:  well that's funny because I was planning on hooking up with you so ummmmmmm yeah!
HG13:  LOL, cuz we are!
davidbb4:  only if you're a chick
Jokerette:  She is, she is!
HG13:  She's all chick!
Jokerette:  One who loves to play PRANKS too
davidbb4:  ok cool
Jokerette:  you into pranks? ;)
davidbb4:  are you kidding me. of course!!!
davidbb4:  slow ride...... take it easy.....
HG13: You're asking that of the man who put the elephant and toaster in the bathtub?
* Jokerette drools on keyboard
Sarah_:  that is classic
davidbb4:  a little foghat to start the evening
Jokerette:  did you know your famous video took 60,000 hits on Jokers?
davidbb4:  that's it??? ha ha ha
Jokerette:  rofl! the most famous ass on BB ever! :)
Jokerette:  no, I believe it's actually more.
davidbb4:  hopefully I'll hold the record for a while
Jokerette:  :D

  How did you get cast for BB?
davidbb4:  I met a guy who was casting for it. it was some fluke thing at a party in Venice Beach.
davidbb4:  two days b 4 the finals
Jokerette:  for real? that soon?
davidbb4:  yup
Jokerette:  that was very late to be cast.. were you the last? you think?
davidbb4:  no Michelle was after me
Jokerette:  wow.. Shapiro believes last minute!
Jokerette:  while I'm at it.. did you know you were the first to ever get laid on BB?
Jokerette:  (altho we thought ole shannon did, if I recall)
davidbb4:  that's what everyone tells me. but I wonder who would be considered the first...Amanda or me????
Jokerette:  ROFL! egg? chicken?
HG13:  Top? Bottom?
davidbb4:  or a eggless chicken?
Jokerette:  Did you forget the cams were on, or just not give a shit? ;)
davidbb4:  didn't give a shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jokerette:  good ONYAAAAAAAA
Sarah_:  that mustve been exciting

Jokerette:  <Sillisulli> would you care to try that punching bag stunt on Letterman?:)
davidbb4:  I am recognizing a lot of people from my site here. hello to all shoot the shiters!
davidbb4:  sure, only if I can punch Paul Shafer in the face though.
davidbb4:  I can't stand that guy!
Jokerette:  neither! LOL take a shot for me ;)

  <caitiel813> Did you see Yes, Dear the other night??
davidbb4:  No, I hear it was funny and stupid.
Sarah_:  that's about right

Jokerette:  <n2deep> Will you be doing anything else for TV wanna see more of you, if not what are your plans?
Jokerette:  and she does mean MORE
Jokerette:  snark :)
davidbb4:  how much more do you wanna see. I'm thinking of doing some porn stuff....jk umm I don't know. I'm just screwing around hoping to score a hosting job or something
Jokerette:  You would be a good host.. any particular hosting, in mind?
davidbb4:  anything crazy!!!!!!!

Jokerette:  <ME> Q: Was it your strategy to try and bed every female houseguest of BB4?
davidbb4:  no it wasn't, but I sometimes think it should've been.

  Hey dave :) - quick little business note - I need to call you tonight at 9 re t-shirt page, cool? :)
davidbb4:  yeah cool
Kiana:  k... and these great people are giving me the honor of asking you questions to get some juicy stories from you LOL

  <Mac204> What ya have planned for Halloween?
Jokerette:  (we love juicy!)
davidbb4:  I'm gonna dress up as a sissy and kick my own ass!

  Like... would you like to tell them what Nathan said at the hotel when you asked if he'd visit Michelle?

  <AL> hey Dave, how did you break your thumb?
Kiana:  (if you don't want to answer anything about other houseguests just say next) :)
davidbb4:  oh yeah, Nate just gave me a look of craziness when I asked him if he was gonna visit Michelle.
davidbb4:  I got in a fight with a midget and she kicked my ass!
Jokerette:  all she could reach?
davidbb4:  that's not the only thing she could reach!
Jokerette:  :O

  <caitiel813> Dave will you ever have autographed pics on your site? I'm willing to pay for one, haha!
Kiana:  looked like you and the nurse at the ER were pretty cozy though ;)
davidbb4:  I don't have any pics to autograph, just my t-shirts. sometimes I will send pics for my contest winners though.
Kiana:  I think realitystars will have them though, won't they?
davidbb4:  only when I get the money to have the pics taken of me

  What did you take away from Big Brother? Did it change you in any way?
davidbb4:  ummm, I stole a bunch of those Niagra Balls
davidbb4:  Big Bro hasn't changed me one bit
Jokerette:  what is a Niagra ball??? :LOL
davidbb4:  if anything, I changed BB
Jokerette:  how so?
davidbb4:  remember when they dumped all those balls on us for the veto comp
Jokerette:  oh yes.
davidbb4:  the one that Nate won and fucked up my fate in the house
Jokerette:  ARG!
Kiana:  Anything interesting at the wrap party? I heard you and Arnold fought over a microphone or something lol
HG13:  Sigh....can we lynch him now?
Strkaholic:  I'm first in line :)
davidbb4:  the whole sex thing being broke in the house I'm sure will make next season a whorehouse
davidbb4:  I'll get the rope
HG13:  Hahaha! I'll hold him!

  wyrd999> Its not really a question ... its just to let Dave know that I got his e-mail about the chat (obviously) and I tried to come on line to say hi ... its Meena
davidbb4:  for your q Kiana.........
davidbb4:  Hi wyrd999!!!! glad you made it!!!
davidbb4:  yeah when I got put on stage with the other hg's at the wrap party............
davidbb4:  I stepped in between Arny and the mike, it was kinda funny
davidbb4:  I can'
Kiana:  and made spitting noises?
Kiana:  or something lol
davidbb4:  oh yeah that too
davidbb4:  LOL

  <timbit> If you had stayed in the house ... how would you have handled your relationship with Ali?
davidbb4:  I can't believe Dana won the dirtiest mouth award!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiana:  LOL
Kiana:  at the wrap party Dana won it over Dave
davidbb4:  I would have made her think I was all about her
davidbb4:  I wasn't even in the running
davidbb4:  WTF!!!

  should they know about the umm video clip of Nathan and Justin
Kiana:  the lame one
Jokerette:  ROFL I just ask em :)
davidbb4:  oh yeah at the wrap party...
davidbb4:  there was this gag reel...
Kiana:  you don't have to be pc about it either - you can say it fucking sucked if you want :)
davidbb4:  and they had this whole clip of J and Nate holding hands and prancing on the beach
davidbb4:  I hate the BB editors!!!!
Kiana:  LOL
davidbb4:  I wasn't even in the gag reel
Kiana:  and it fucking sucked, right? lol
davidbb4:  I did so much funny shit in there but I guess they found the other hgs more entertaining
Jokerette:  we saw ALL!
Sarah_:  we saw everything, Dave
Jokerette:  every hair on your cute ass :)
Sarah_:  every smirk
davidbb4:  I don't have hair on my ass
Jokerette:  I'll make sure you get some. :::::;flee
davidbb4:  you weren't looking close enough

  <phusion> Describe each of the houseguests with ONE word
davidbb4:  Nate- girly-man
davidbb4:  Jee gullible
Jokerette:  not for lack of trying!
davidbb4:  Jun jiggly
davidbb4:  rob fidgety
Kiana:  ali bad breath? lol
davidbb4:  Dana -man troll of course!
davidbb4:  Erika- sexy sis
davidbb4:  Jack- thinker
davidbb4:  Justin- clueless
Jokerette:  (We're doing a chat with your sexy sis.. you're more than welcome to drop in)
davidbb4:  ali- mothra!
Jokerette:  ROFL
Kiana:  here is a link to what Dave's t-shirts will look like - order page will be up in a day or two and jokers will link it
Kiana:  LOL

  <DaveIsHot> Hey Dave! If you were asked to, would you be a houseguest on All Star show of Big Brother?
davidbb4:  ohh yeah
davidbb4:  anything for that kind of cash
Jokerette:  :)) good!
davidbb4:  the only bad thing about that is that everyone will know my strategies
Jokerette:  not only the strategies ;)

  <Daveismyman2> Dave do u plan on hooking up with one of ur fans ever??
davidbb4:  my fans?....
davidbb4:  ummm
davidbb4:  sure why not!
HG13:  How soon he forgets......sigh
Kiana:  lol HG13 will be there in 10 hours Dave
HG13:  Hahhaha
Sarah_:  8.5 on Starbuck's
HG13:  I already had a proposal if I take him to dinner
Kiana:  proposition or proposal? hehe
davidbb4:  c'mon over HG 13!!!
HG13:  I'll be there soon!
HG13:  you can call me man-troll II

  <caitiel813> Dave, thanks for e-mailing me back... I appreciated it... do you go to your message boards and check your e-mail every day?
davidbb4:  yeah I check that shit everyday and answer every single one... I try to post on my board as much as possible

  <phusion> Did you visit any websites when you were out of the house?
davidbb4:  I visited a few looking for what was out there on me
davidbb4:  I was curious to see if my dick was on the net
davidbb4:  it was
HG13:  It was?
davidbb4:  lol no it wasn't
Jokerette:  ROFL
HG13:  Link please!

  Dave, the finale editing looked like Michelle chewed you out and you just took it. Did you say a lot more than was shown?
davidbb4:  yeah I said tons of stuff to Michelle and everyone else but they didn't show jack shit!!!
Jokerette:  oooooh anything we should know??
Kiana:  and Dana was pissed about buzzards crotch comment too huh - you said she was PISSED AWFF
davidbb4:  hang on a second
davidbb4:  yeah Dana was pissed.......
Kiana:  he runs contests all the time too, to win weird stuff - so come buy a t-shirt and participate in the contests :)
davidbb4:  she was so mad that jack called her a buzzard's crotch
Jokerette:  she cuss him out? LOL
davidbb4:  she looked at me and just laughed at the psycho bitch remark
davidbb4:  I don't get her
davidbb4:  no cussing
Kiana:  lol she wanted us to do a website for her too
Kiana:  (never)

  <xoangelmariexo> Hey Dave do u like younger women *blush*? Have u ever been to Canada or have any plans too? ;)
davidbb4:  hey angel baby! you know it but not jail bait
davidbb4:  nice pics by the way on my board
davidbb4:  never been to Canada
Jokerette:  good board you have

 <ME> Did Robert turn you on to some Viagra like he promised?
davidbb4:  never got the Viagra

  <ME> If asked, would you pose for Playgirl?
davidbb4:  I don't know. probably not unless I was on the street in the gutter or something

  <caitiel813> which houseguests have you been talking to a lot since the wrap party, and which do you not plan on talking with much?
davidbb4:  I've talked with Amanda a tons. her and I hit it off pretty well. I don't know. I'll talk with everybody but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.

  Dave, have you been in touch with any BB3'ers?
davidbb4:  yup Roddy Danny Jason Eric Chiara josh
Jokerette:  get along with josh? :)
Kiana:  you went to a game with Roddy and josh? what did you think of them
davidbb4:  yeah that fucker is goofy too.
Kiana:  LOL
davidbb4:  we went to a dodgers game together....
davidbb4:  Roddy is still pissed he lost the game, josh is very obnoxious
Jokerette:  did you know Josh did blind Date? 3 times?
davidbb4:  really??
Jokerette:  he sure as shit did :)
Jokerette:  would you ever consider Blind Date? LOL
sassy:  so when can we look for you to be on Blind Date? lol
davidbb4:  if I wanted a career in tv-no to have a fun time-yes
Jokerette:  do you think BB4 was a good thing for a tv career?
davidbb4:  umm ....
davidbb4:  it shows people out there what kind of person you are. it gives you good exposure, that's about it.

  When you went to Vegas last week did you notice more girls hitting on you than before bb4? (besides the nurses lol)
davidbb4:  no, I don't get hit on by many girls. should I be?
Jokerette:  HAH!
Strkaholic: YES!!

  <xoangelmariexo> The houseguest each got to burn an article of clothing of another house guest what would u have wanted to burn and why?
Kiana:  [A word from your sponsor] Visit and buy his t-shirts that are up for sale this week!
davidbb4:  umm I would have shoved Jun in there because I think she'd make a nice snack
Jokerette:  :O

  <PaulyAceIV> If you could have voted in the final, who would you choose: Ali, Jun, or if they had it, none of the above?
davidbb4:  damn I don't know. probably Ali just to piss everyone off. I like to mess with people just for the hell of it in case you haven't noticed
Kiana:  lol
Jokerette:  :D you did a good job ;)

  <Stormi> Hi Dave. I loved you on BB4. Did you know that Jokers has it's own version of BB? It's in it's second season.
Jokerette:  LOL
Jokerette:  no response to that one hehehehe :)
Kiana:  I think I told him I was addicted to the online big brother you guys all run lol
HG13:  I told him about it on the phone today too
davidbb4:  I heard a bit about it but I never actually checked it out. can you win $500,000?
Jokerette:  did you. in that case.. Stormi and Avi are both Jbro hamsters :)
Jokerette:  try a palmtop, hah!
Jokerette:  Shapiro I ain't LMAO
:  a handheld little pc
HG13: Palm Pilot sweets
Kiana:  but awesome for a website game prize
Kiana:  Dave gives out awesome prizes too - autographed bandaids...
Sarah_:  used or new?
Kiana:  funny weird shit :)
davidbb4:  new
Jokerette:  No DNA making the market? LOL

  <avichaiyl> Dave, have you talked to talked to Scott since he left the house.. what are your thoughts on him getting kicked out for throwing plastic chairs in an empty room? (PS, BB4 went downhill when you left!!)
davidbb4:  I think Scott was cool and he got ripped off when they booted him........
davidbb4:  I haven't talked with him unfortunately

  <Mac204> Would you consider participating on Survivor? 1 million dollar grand prize..:~)
Kiana:  Dave actually participates on his own message board and answers emails
HG13: ack!
Kiana:  oops
HG13:  we lost him
Kiana:  wb Dave
davidbb4:  am I good
Jokerette:  damn yes y'are
Jokerette:  LOL
Kiana:  you are typing a hell of a lot faster with your broken thumb
Kiana:  what drugs did they give you? LOL
davidbb4:  um to that survivor q....
Jokerette:  you and Rupert make one helluva team
davidbb4:  that's more of my game. I think the last person alive should win then it would be better
Kiana:  lol
davidbb4:  Rupert??
Jokerette:  it's close to that with BB4 lol
Kiana:  so cannibalism rules apply?
davidbb4:  sure why not
Kiana:  I don't think you follow this season's survivor do ya?
Jokerette:  Rupert in Survivor this time :)
davidbb4:  no sorry

  <KWren> Dave, was there anyone else you'd have had sex with in the house if you hadn't been evicted?
davidbb4:  yeah, Michelle, just to break her ha hahahahahahahahahah
davidbb4:  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaah
davidbb4:  hahahahahahahaahahah
Kiana:  It's up to you to tell this story, but want to tell about her giving out your #?
Jokerette:  do we dare ASK? LOL
Kiana:  I thought that was the funniest story ever!
davidbb4:  what story?
Kiana:  she gave out your number...
Jokerette:  she gave out your #?!
Kiana:  but you didn't know it?
davidbb4:  shhhhhh
Kiana:  til finale
Jokerette:  nm
Kiana:  okay sorry lol
davidbb4:  it'll pop up again
Kiana:  hopefully not
Jokerette:  not in here it won't :)
Kiana:  I'll pay for your number change if it does ;) deal?
HG13: I ate the paper with your number on it!

  <sadfr4w> Has Michelle forgiven you yet and are you still friends?
davidbb4:  yeah she's cool with me

  <caitiel813> what do you think of Jason from bb3? did you, him, and Dani hang out ?
davidbb4:  he seems like a genuine and nice guy. warm and friendly.. you know all the characteristics of a child molester.
Kiana:  LOL

  <travismcgee> Did you attend the party at Robert's parents home....and are they as rich as been reported
davidbb4:  I don't know if they are rich or not.
davidbb4:  they def. live comfortably

  <wyrd999> oh ... and could you add ... he still owes me something about spanking ... (ie a monologue ... a spanking gesture ... his take on it) as he promised he tried on the show but it was edited ..
Jokerette:  I ain't gonna ask about the spanking, neither!
davidbb4:  bend over baby and I'll give you one right now!
Jokerette:  voila!

  <Jokers2868> Now that you have had some time since seeing the 'revealing' BB4 tapes, have you changed your mind about how anyone played the game?
davidbb4:  no. I was clued in to a lot of stuff and after seeing the tapes there isn't really anything that surprised me
davidbb4:  I think everyone played ok
Jokerette:  wow! not even diary rooms?
davidbb4:  won't it be next week on the shirts
Jokerette:  Alli's sneaky diary rooms? LOL
davidbb4:  no the diary rooms were funny.............
Kiana:  a day or two if you're ready
davidbb4:  when I was in there I said a hell of a lot of worse things about everyone but they didn't show any of it.
davidbb4:  yeah I'm ready
Kiana:  I'll have t-shirt site up tomorrow I think and jokers will link
Jokerette:  kewl :) yes.

  <caitiel813> what is the best word in the world?
davidbb4:  Dave!!! no really it's satchmo. doesn't that just sound good?
Jokerette:  RORL

  <ME> Did you meet Brandon Showalter?
davidbb4:  no and if I do I can't wait to call him a dumbass!
Jokerette:  whyso?
davidbb4:  what an idiot
* Jokerette all innocent
Kiana:  LOL
Jokerette:  that call he made?
davidbb4:  he tried calling his girlfriend before the show. that's why he got booted
Jokerette:  not the brightest no.
Jokerette:  Gonna ask you one more...
Jokerette:  then, we let the room at you :) THANK you for this!
davidbb4:  he's a stud though, I think the girls wouldn't have even looked at me if he (Brandon) was in there
Jokerette:  bullshit ;)
Kiana:  yeah right, they ALL think you're hot
Jokerette:  as he'll find out in 2 seconds
Kiana:  ahem 1.1 million hits on your site first three days...
Kiana:  90% women

  Were you a funny guy during your interviews before the show or did you show the producers something else?
Jokerette:  <travismcgee> What does he mean that Scott got ripped off?
davidbb4:  I think they threw him out for nothing........
davidbb4:  everyone acted scared just to get rid of him. he was a damn vote for me
Jokerette:  :(
Jokerette:  OK, that's the official part.. on to the fun!! We loved it, btw :)
HG13:  Thanks Dave!
Jokerette:  Room Open :)
Jokerette:  you give great chat!