"Do I just have a face that nobody listens to? Again.”
The Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who

Tue. July 24, 2012

6:32 AM

Joe is up heads to the bathroom then right back to bed.

8:12 AM

Fish for 10 minutes must time to get the hamsters up and moving.

8:14 AM

Joe is still in bed. Ashley is in the bathroom washing up & brushing her teeth; Wil sneaks up on her & scares her. Both are laughing about it.

Wil & Boogie are in the kitchen. Ashley joins them. Boogie had planned to run & is upset he can’t since they are on inside lock down. Discussing the lock down, Wil thinks it could be a luxury competition or the BB Burglar is back ransacking the backyard (Wil does his BB Burglar impersonation) Wil says it is day 18 in the house.
While putting away dishes with Boogie, Wil finds a broken glass that had already been put away. He asks “how would you like to drink out of that?” Boogie is surprised no one has cut themselves already since they are breaking things all the time. He thinks BB should just do away with all the glass in the house.

Boogie says he wants a luxury competition where they win a movie. BB could set it up like a drive-in, putting cars in the backyard with a concession stand & a big screen TV to watch it on. Boogie tells BB “get on that if you aren’t already doing it”. Talk turns to different movies coming out, Boogie thinks maybe a comedy but no one can think of one that is coming out anytime soon. Boogie looks at the camera & asks “Is Will Kirby coming to the backyard” seeing no acknowledgment from the camera he goes back to thinking of soon to be released comedies-he finally comes up with one “The Watch” about a neighborhood watch. He says he thinks the next thing they will win is the grill.

9:49 AM

Britney comes in & they talk about no one being able to get in the DR yet. She says BB told her they would start being called in 30 minutes after they woke up but still nothing & they are still on lock down. Brit thinks something has to be up.

10:13 AM

Lockdown is over-the backyard is unchanged. Chit chat going on around the house-Brit, Frank & Boogie talking about “How I met your mother” Dan is talking to Joe about spices & asks him which spice is most expensive. Joe says “Saffron”. Ian and Frank are in the storage room changing batteries & getting fish food.

Inside group-Ian, Dan, Danielle, Ashley, Jenn, Frank & Janelle talk about twitter at the kitchen table.

Backyard group-Brit, Boogie, Wil,& Joe are talking about the A&E show “Intervention” & addictions & pain pills. Brit tells them she knows a lot about pain meds from her job. Their talk turns to high profile murder trials- Casey Anthony- they all think she is guilty & got away with murder. Wil says “she cut her hair, dyed it blonde & is does youtube videos. Real classy.” They move on to Amanda Knox, all think she is innocent, (Joe leaves) Wil says she lost 5 years of her life. They compare her to Casey Anthony who screamed about how she was a victim. Boogie says she just didn’t want to be a mom, says it was the night club pictures that convinced him. Brit says “what the hell was wrong with that jury?” quick bits about Michael Jackson’s doctor & Sandusky then they move on to George Zimmerman & stand your ground laws. Boogie says “I f**king hate Nancy Grace” he tells them Lindsey Lohan crashed after being at his club & Nancy Grace said on her show “I will not stop until the owners of Les Deux are charged with serving under aged minors”

Ashley is discussing her outburst last night, with Jenn & how people took it. She thinks people blew it out of proportion. Ashley: “In this house if you fart you s*it the bed.” Says she has to be more cautious about what she says.

12:11 PM

Britney, Ashley & Danielle talking on the couches about how Jenn ran & told everyone about her outburst. Says she can’t talk to anyone in this house & that she should just vent in the DR. Danielle says she feels bad for her. Ashley says she shouldn’t have said anything in front in Jenn . She says she is sick of everyone talking bad about Willie. Says Wil & Janelle got really mad at her last night & Frank stood up for her.

Jenn, JoJo & Shane in the Have Not room. Jenn is talking about confronting people about her part in Ashley’s meltdown getting around to everyone in the house. She tells them that she was honest & didn’t blow anything out of proportion. JoJo tells her Ashley just needed to vent & didn’t know who to talk to. Jenn leaves and JoJo says “weird”.

Jenn giving the same talk to Wil in the kicks room. Tells him she knows Ashley is mad at her, but she heard about Ian & Frank having a F2 deal so she went & asked them about it. She didn’t say anything bad about Ashley but Ashley is mad at her anyway. Jenn tells him she tried to talk to Ashley 2 times about it privately but Ashley refused & that makes Jenn feel disrespected. Wil says Ashley needs to have a filter that this will only hurt her in the end. Jenn doesn’t think Ashley trusts her anymore.
Jenn: “I don’t know if you guys attacked her”
Wil: “Oh my God” he denies they attacked her. “It’s frustrating because she got the key & is safe so that she would feel a part of the team but she doesn’t appreciate any of it.”
Jenn: “I see what you’re saying.”
Wil says he doesn’t trust Ashley & feels she is a liability to him. He thinks Ashley is doing it all for attention. He talks about how close the vote was last week, says Ashley almost voted to keep Kara. Janelle was sitting right next to Ashley & it was still all she could do to convince her to vote Kara out.

12:59 PM

Picture time. They have the camera & are taking photo’s. Frank says he asked them how long his blog should be & BB told him “Well last week’s was just three sentences.”

3:14 PM

Ashley & Janelle are in the HoH room talking. Ashley says she is worried about Danielle, sees her as a threat because she doesn’t talk much & everyone likes her. Ashley says she is her biggest competition, that she is afraid she won’t win competitions because of her. Janelle tells her she can’t win against Ian, Frank or Shane. Tells her “you have to make big moves in order to win” Jani says she will help her. Ashley wants that but tells Janelle “You guys are NOT coming back into the game” Janelle says “but IF we do we have to get Boogie out.” Ashley says everyone needs to chill out about the coaches’ thing. They both agree that Joe is so worried about going home he could mess up but if he quit freaking out he could go to the end. Janelle tells her she could win against Wil but not the other guys. Ashley agrees maybe she could win against Wil.

In the bathroom JoJo is doing full make-up on Shane. He says “powder me up but I draw the line at fake lashes.” He says this shows just how board he is. JoJo talks him into a little lip stick then she starts curling his hair. Shane wants her to put a bow in his hair. They talk about going in the DR together then introduce “Shana” to everyone else. Brit does not like it.

5:39 PM

Jenn & JoJo in the arcade room. JoJo is saying she told Willie he was playing too hard & too fast but he didn’t listen to her. Jenn tells her that she was attached to Willie at the hip. JoJo tries to defend herself but Jenn leaves to pee.
Jenn returns & Ashley comes in to the arcade room. JoJo says she wants to talk to them. She says how it sucks that the girls are dropping like flies. Jenn agrees to an extent. JoJo says the girls just aren’t winning anything. Jenn says that it isn’t because they don’t want to win. Ashley still hasn’t said a word. - Awkward silence-Ashley gets up & says she is taking a break from game talk. JoJo say “it’s not game talk.” Ashley starts to leave when Jenn asks to talk to her. JoJo leaves the room.
Jenn tells Ashley that she didn’t blow anything out of proportion last night. Ashley says that it is sad to say but she thinks it was her own team that blew it out of proportions. Jenn wants to get it all out in the open & move on but Ashley says she doesn’t want Brit, Shane or Danielle to know the two teams are working together that is why she has been avoiding Jenn. Ashley feels bad for JoJo but she doesn’t want to talk game with her. They both agree JoJo is probably going home but things can change. Ashley tells Jenn their teams are giving them bad reputations & she doesn’t play the same way Janelle does & she told Janelle that. She says Janelle doesn’t agree with some of the things she does like crying last night because Janelle isn’t emotional.

6:07 PM

Dinner- the houseguest sit down to eat.

7:59 PM

Janelle & Danielle lying in the round bed in the headphone room talking about after the show. After a bit Jani says everyone was egging Willie on & now that he is gone they are saying they didn’t like him. Danielle says it hurts her feelings when everyone says how they miss Kara when they are the ones who voted her out. Janelle says coaches are not allowed to go to the jury house, she wonders what it will be like. Danielle thinks there will be a lot of drama. She tells Janelle that she feels closer to her team than she does Shane & asks her if Wil or Joe would put her up. Janelle tells her she would tell her team to go after Shane because he is dangerous & will be hard to get out.

Outside Ian, Frank, Wil & Britney are playing Bocci ball. Janelle & Danielle find alcohol & take it outside to show everyone. Two bottles of wine & ten beers. Joe, Danielle, Boogie, Britney & Jenn are the drinkers tonight but they decide to wait until later to start drinking. Danielle just wants wine no beer so she gets the bottle of white wine, Joe gets the red. Ian is excited to see Danielle drink.

Frank is telling boogie about how Wil & Janelle ambushed Ashley in the HoH room for crying last night. Frank says they shouldn’t handle her like that. Wil comes out & joins them, he starts talking about how Ashley really shouldn’t be there. He is still not happy with her.

9:00 PM

Danielle is sharing the white wine with Britney in the hot tub. Joe brings his red wine out & joins them. Jenn grabs her beers & gets in the Hot tub as well. Wil, Jojo & Shane go and sit around the hot tub. Danielle says Brit is on her second glass, that she chugged the first one. Ashley joins them.

Frank & Dan are upstairs playing chess, Boogie joins them. Britney walks by saying she’s going to use the HOH bathroom. Boogie then catches her snagging a beer. She says that “technically” it is an extra. Boogie agrees & has no problem with her having the beer.

In the backyard Janelle & Ian are playing pool & there is a lot of laughing, drinking & crazy stories are being shared.

9:59 PM

Bubble time! Brit, Danielle & Ashley are taking a bubble bath in the HoH bathtub. A tipsy Britney tells them how she picked her team. She calls for Frank then mouths to Ashley “he needs to go!”

JoJo & Shane talk in the arcade room. They think Ashley spent a lot of time with Danielle today. JoJo thinks cigarettes could save her BB life. She believes that Janelle will keep her for her cigarettes because Jani only has 8 cigarettes to last her the rest of the summer. She says everyone is up Janelle’s a$$.

Dan is with Danielle. He tells her they will see JoJo working Frank & Boogie hard tomorrow. JoJo is with Joe now, he is telling her he was thinking about working with her again down the road, her, Shane, Wil & him. Following up on her cigarettes will save my life plan she makes a deal with Joe.

Mean while in the bed room Brit & Janelle talk about Dan throwing the coaches competition. Jani tells Brit he told her & boogie he was going to throw it. Brit says the big move this week is getting rid of Danielle because then Dan will leave.

Brit, Jani, Ashley, Dan, Danielle, Shane & Ian in the bathroom. They talk about Ian having a crush on Angie from BB10. Ian say he would take Michele Noonan out to dinner as long as she didn’t try any funny business. Jani “like what? Strip down & try to bang you?”

Shane & JoJo talking in the have not room. JoJo hates the room she thinks it is the worst one ever. Shane says he values Brits opinion but isn’t going to blindly follow what she tells him to do. JoJo says they need to make that clear to Ashley that she needs to play for what is in her best interests not Janelle’s. She is talking to Ashley tomorrow. They tell each other good night.

12:51 AM

Janelle & Wil in the hammock
Jani: “I’m just trying to think of all the options…you know Dan worries me. I don’t want to mess up on getting him out now while we have the chance”
Wil says as long as Shane is in the house he doesn’t have a chance to win any competitions.
Jani: “I’m really nervous about Boogie & Franks relationship. They are really tight.”
Wil says he trusts Frank, that surprises Janelle. Wil doesn’t think Frank would put him up. Janelle says if Boogie told him to he would.
Wil: “Danielle isn’t going to put us up if she wins HoH”
Jani: “But is she ever going to win HoH?” she doesn’t think so. They talk about the upcoming HoH competition, they are thinking it may be the putting HoH. Jani says Ashley would be good at that one. She needs to be good at something. Wil thinks Ashley is starting to become a liability to them. Jani agrees.
Jani: “Dan, Boogie & Frank working together-no bueno. They will just have to win comp after comp & they will win the whole thing. Wil & Jani both agree they like Frank. Jani “just wish he wasn’t besties with Boogie” Wil thinks Boogie likes working with them. “This week” Jani says. She tells Wil not to trust Boogie, that he is a millionaire & doesn’t need the money; he is there to win the title. Wil says they can get rid of a floater Danielle. Jani “No, we can’t do that; it will leave us in jeopardy for the next part of the game. Jani & Wil both think a twist is coming Thursday.
Wil: “If JoJo stays we are F**cked” he says if JoJo goes Dan & Brit will be down to one player.” Jani leans over & whispers in his ear.
Jani: “I’m nervous about the twist, Boogie works out 3 hours a day while I eat cookies” Wil tells her she can do it.
Jani: “I can’t work out 3 hours a day”
Wil: “You CAN”

1:14 AM

Jani & Joe smoking & talking on the backyard couches. Joe tells her she can beat Boogie. She reminds him that Boogie had beaten her before. She wonders if Dan will actually work with them, then answers her own question “probably not”. Wil joins Jani & Joe- Wil says they could put up Jenn & Ian up. Jani thinks they should leave Jenn alone for now. Both Jani & Joe tell Wil that Jenn really likes him.
Jani: "Ian, Boogie and Frank are really tight" Joe "But Jenn isn't a part of that team" Jani "She is but she isn't" They agree that Jenn knows that those guys could cut her at any time. They talk about possible twists-reshuffling everyone maybe. Jani thinks it may be time for the team to get a little blood on their hands. Wil says he is ready to get a little dirty. Joe laughs “the highlight of my night was getting drunk!” He thinks a bit of drama is better than being bored.

Dan & Danielle in the arcade room. Danielle tells him Janelle told her they were going to keep her , that the vote was going to be 5-1. Danielle thinks JoJo will try & start stuff tomorrow to shake things up. Dan tells her to spend time with everyone. Dan tells her she needs to win HoH, she thinks it would be better if Shane wins. Dan disagrees saying Shane would definitely put her up. She strongly disagrees. Dan just smiles, he isn’t convinced tells her he wants her to win HoH to be completely safe.
Dan says he was worried when Danielle was drinking in the Hoh tub with Ashley &Britney. She tells him she was fake drunk and he should trust her that she knows what she's doing. He says he never thought she could fake drunk though. She says of course she can, her father was an alcoholic. Dan says he didn't know that. Danielle says 'Ye of little faith.' Dan laughs and says he's got a lot riding on his 'little protegee.'
Dan says if Britney gets down to one player, she’ll crumble. Dan says Britney is such a negative person he can’t be around her very much. Dan says he may try to push Britney's buttons tomorrow. Danielle says she was filling up Britney's glass full of wine and only putting a little in her own cup, that's why Britney got so drunk.
Dan says he was aggravated at Britney earlier (when he was getting Danielle to drink water so she wouldn’t be hung over)&
Britney was griping - she thought Dan pulled Danielle aside to talk game
Dan: "I started to tell her to shut up and let me coach my player, & she can go coach Willie. Oh right that's why Willie's gone , because you didn't coach him."

Wil, Joe in the bathroom brushing their teeth & getting ready for bed. Joe finishes up & tells Jani & Wil he will see them in the bedroom. Wil: “Day 18 over and out!”

2:13 AM

Lights out, all house guest in bed & sleeping