Last full day in the BB house for all HG and the final three are more boring than usual!

Adam is up and goes outside for his morning cigarette, opens the awnings and starts to talk to the cameras. He says "Hello world I'll be coming back to you soon." Puts out his smoke & lights another one. Whispers "this is insane", he makes different hand gestures as if thinking hard about things as he sort of paces. Checks out his cut fingertips from last HOH comp. w/Porsche. 9:02 goes back in & gets recyclables from kit. & goes to storage room, changes mic batteries & gets a suitcase that is in there. Puts the suitcase in the empty bedroom & goes back to bed. The girls still sleeping, (Adam has had a VERY restless night & it continues now.)

All houseguests remain in bed until the wakeup call. Getting up for the day, they are talking about the dreams they had last night, and finale tomorrow.

At 11:30, an HOH lockdown is called. The BB theme song can be heard downstairs. And we go to trivia from 11:45 to 1:45p. During trivia we see a finale image and some preperation being done for the upcoming finale:

Lockdown over. Adam and Porsche are on the patio and he is going back over his statement to her. Says that he has lost all respect for Rachel and he understands that she has to do what she has to do. Porsche says that she still has to win the final comp. They are both upset over statements that Rachel made last night and now say that she doesn’t deserve to win and they have no respect for her. Rachel comes out and they stop game talk. Porsche and Rachel start to tan and Adam mentions that he is going to go into the pool since it is his last day in the BB house. Adam goes in to change into his swim trunks and the girls start to discuss what they will be wearing tomorrow. Before Adam returns Rachel asks Porsche if he has said anything else to her and she tells her “No”.
Adam and Rachel go inside and start to make things to eat while Porsche is outside tanning. He starts campaigning to Rachel about talking him to the final two. He starts stroking her ego and then Porsche comes in after realizing that they may be talking with her out there. She joins their convo and they just start to go over the past comps together. All decide not to play the BB What If Game. All three start to prepare food together, Adam is going to grill the steaks and Porsche is doing something with Jello and Cool Whip!
Food is done and they are all sitting on the patio eating their steak and chicken. Just general chit chat about previous HG. After they all finish eating they start to play cards.
Adam goes to the bathroom and the girls quickly start their game talk.
P: Rachel do you realize tomorrow we're going to have money
R: Oh my god I know but we won't get the checks tomorrow
P: He's trying
R: Yeah I know, I mean he should
P/R begin to bash on him about what he has been saying about jury aspects etc. until he walks out and they continue to play cards.
(thanks to therumpus0 for the update info)
Feeds cut to fishes.
Feeds return, Porsche is shaving her legs in the sink, Rachel is in the shower and Adam is on the seat in the bathroom. They are all discussing what the commentator will be saying at the beginning of tomorrow’s live finale show.
Adam goes outside for a smoke and the girls start talking about how Adam told each of them that if they didn’t keep him that they would not have his vote. Rachel is putting on fake tan lotion and Porsche is going over what she will be wearing tomorrow (for the 13th time today). Adam returns and they all just sit together in the bathroom and chit chat about NOTHING!!!
Adam goes back outside for a smoke and Rachel tells Porsche that she is starting to get stressed about tomorrow. She states that she is just glad that he didn’t win the last comp and that it is them in the final comp. They start to go over scenarios of what would happen if someone else were in the final three. They both agree that if Jordan would have stayed that she would have won the whole thing again so it is a good thing that she is not there. Rachel says that Dani would vote for anyone except for her because she hates her so much.

The HG spend the rest of the evening cleaning out the house of all of their things. Rachel and Porsche take care of the bathroom while Adam smokes outside.

Thanks to all the updaters that worked so hard this season, I could not have done this without you! This was my first time as a recapper and I must say that it was a little more involved than I thought it would be. There were some nights when the HG made it fun and then there were the days that seemed to go on and on forever, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Thanks to Dreamer for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wild and crazy family! Regardless of who wins, here’s hoping that this set of final three are not going to be part of the next BB Allstars!!!