Cassi accepts her faith, Shelly gives an Emmy performance and Brenchel loses it, again.

Shelly up, made some coffee and stepped outside for a cigarette. Jordan got up and went to the DR but went back to bed. Shelly begins random house chores, washing and putting away dishes, cleaning mirrors, etc.

BB wakes up the HG, when feeds return Brendon and Adam are outside talking to Shelly about TV shows and movies.All other HG are up and getting ready for the day. Cassi has joined Shelly and Brendon, and Rachel is working out on the elliptical. Cassi is telling them about how her Dad wanted to make sure she knew how to load and shoot a a gun in case she needed it.

Talk turns to incidents where people have shot someone in self-defense, and other random gun talk. Shelly brings up hurricanes and how people are under curfew, and Rachel says “How can you be under curfew if you are an adult?” which gets Shelly laughing. Shelly continues talking about the devastation caused by tornadoes and storms in the south.

Adam and Dani are in the bathroom discussing the fact that Brenchel need to go, Dani agrees that they think that winning all comps is what will win it for them and that is not true. Adam states that it is imperative that he win HOH. Dani says that they need to push for Lawon to be the next person out.


Jordan, Shelly, Rachel and Cassi in BY talking about concerts they have been to, just girl talk.
Jeff, Brenden and Adam are in the kitchen.

Inside lockdown called at 11:30.

Cassi confirms with Shelly that she does want to campaign to stay. Shelly tells her that’s fine, she shouldn’t feel bad about that. She gives Cassi a small pep talk.

The rest of the houseguests have gotten up, and random chit chat while they are locked down.

Shelly has a brief talk with Porsche to make sure things voting wise won’t flip. Porsche says she doesn’t think there is any concern, as far as a few days ago, it would be unanimous vote.

Brenden catches Rachel starting to talk game with Porsche and he takes her into their bedroom and gives her another lecture on not discussing game to anyone without him there. Kalia walks in on them and he changes the subject to making her some slop and she says that she is just going to take a nap since they are on lockdown. Dani comes into the room so she and Rachel have another calming down conversation. Brenden returns 20 min. later and he and Rachel start to treat Dani as their relationship counselor and each want Dani to take their side in the disagreement. Brenden is angry that the other HG know that they are fighting and he doesn’t want them to know their business. Brenden and Rachel continue with their argument in the hammock outside and he threatens her that the relationship will be over if he is unable to make her change into the person that he needs her to be. She tells him that she is tired of him bullying her and that she doesn’t want him to tell her what she can do, who she can talk to, etc. She says that she is done with it. Shelly walks over into hearing range and so they stop the convo. Other HG asks Rachel if she is ok and she says that she is fine.

Dominic tells Cassi in the HN room that he has the “most bomb” goodbye message for her, she will be bawling when she hears it.

Dominic and Kalia talking in SR. He says they need to stick together. Kalia tells Dominic to be weary of Rachel, she wants to be friends and hang out with everyone now. She tells Dominic if she goes up next week, he needs to keep her. She doesn’t have any deals, that she only has an agreement with Daniele to just watch each others back.

They make a deal essentially that they will keep each other if either goes up next week. Dominic says out of their two partners he would like to keep Adam. Everyone wants Lawon gone, and they all know week 5, Porsche is gone. They discuss what kind of deal Brendon/Rachel/Jeff/Jordan might have. Kalia tells Dominic she was happy when he won POV. She is getting accused of things because she is hanging out with Jordan, but she is just friends. If it came down to it, she would put Jordan up. Dominic says the same for him, if it came down to it, he would put Rachel up. Both couples have tried to talk to him, they think he is the “X-Factor” to put one or the other on top. They want to just let them fight it out and they can lay low, but at some point, they will have to put Brendon and Rachel up (Brendon would go) and Jeff and Jordan (Jeff would go). Dominic then heads to the HN room to lay down with Cassi.

At 12:15, the lockdown ended. Most houseguests head outside to the pool and to tan, while Brendon and Rachel are in yet another fight in the Parlour room.

They are both unable to come to an agreement on how to play the game. Brendon tells her that this game is not worth their relationship. Rachel tells him that they are on the same team, everyone in the house will turn on them at some point, even Daniele. Brendon says he honestly doesn’t believe that.. she will take one of them to the final two. They start discussing who they can trust - Brendon thinks Kalia would not put them up, because Jordan has her ear. Rachel doesn’t believe that. They have to make sure they are safe in case they don’t win competitions. Rachel asks if he has started counting things around the house. They also discuss whether they can trust Shelly - again they disagree, Brendon thinks she is older and wiser, and knows that they are strong competitors and can carry her far.. Rachel thinks that Shelly believes she is catty, and she won’t forget the argument with Cassi. After the game talk, they make up (AGAIN).

Lawon and Dom are in the kitchen, Dom has stated that he is going to vote with the house and not make waves. Dominic says POV is most important, because if you can win POV, they can’t send you home. They start discussing the scenarios that might have occurred if they came into the house as singles. Adam and Porsche join in for some random chit chat.

Jordan and Jeff in the HOH discussing Shelly getting confirmation from Jordan that she is ok since Cassi is starting to campaign. They start to mention that Brenchel are fighting again.

HG are in the pool, cooking lunch in the kitchen and tanning outside. No game talk for now.

Lawon, Jordan, Kalia, and Shelly outside talking about getting punished. Shelly says she doesn’t spank her daughter, all agree they got spanked when they were a kid, or got the paddle/belt. They talk about how some parents discipline their children.

Shelly and Adam in the BY talking about the fact that Cassi is fighting to stay and Shelly says that she is aware and prompted her to do it.

Cassi leaves Jordan at the pool and joins Shelly, Adam and Jeff on the patio and discusses how much she loves her family and how close she is to her father (again).

All feeds on Dani, Kalia, Dom and Lawon at the kitchen table chit-chatting. They move into the living room where Brendan and Rachel join them and Brendan TRIES to be funny by acting like he is a robot.
Everyone is outside on the patio or at the pool just talking about their home lives.
Shelly and Cassi talk and Shelly questions her regarding the fact that Dick told Shelly in the beginning that Cassi was just playing for a Gold Key.

Cassi tells her that’s a lie and she will confront him at the final show. Shelly tells her that she believes her.

Cassie spending MORE time with Shelly at the jacuzzi, telling her that she hasn’t showered in 4 days and the last time she washed her hair was after the food comp...but she doesn’t feel like she stinks. They talk more about how Cassi wants to stay.

Jordan going to work out, Jeff not feeling well so he is taking a day off of exercise. Dom is making slop while Porsche and Rachel eat. Others are still outside talking about mundane things. Jeff complains about people that don’t fill ice trays when they empty them.
All feeds are on Kalia and Dani in the bubble gum room talking about how they are both irritated with Porsche, they each share stories about her.
Dom and Dani are in the bubble-gum room and Kalia returns to jump into their conversation. Porsche and Rachel are working out together outside.

Porsche tells Rachel “WE have the votes to keep Shelly”.

Jordan and Jeff are in the HOH room, it seems like there is trouble in paradise because Jordan says she is sorry and that she won’t do it again, then she gets off the bed where Jeff is lying and moves over to the couch. Not sure what they were discussing prior to because the feeds were on Kalia at the beginning of their discussion.

Back outside, Porsche tells Rachel about a guy she is seeing outside of the house, she told him to get the live feeds in case he missed her, and how she met his family 3 days before coming onto the show. Porsche tells Rachel she just hopes to stick with them, and hopefully it will help Rachel and Brendon make it farther. She says she wouldn’t be that upset if she didn’t make jury, but wouldn’t want to be 1st/2nd/3rd in. They start discussing if there would be any fast forwards or double evictions, they think there would be one (in addition to Dick and Keith leaving last week).

Daniele, Kalia and Adam in the candy room. Adam is banging on the wall, he says he is looking for a clue, the sorceress (fortune teller) has to be there for a reason.


Jeff and Jordan in SR. They are worried that Brendon and Rachel may try to backdoor Jeff and Jordan next week. Jordan says that Rachel was talking about who might get the “Favorite Player/Juror” prize. Jeff thinks she might want them out so “all of America can focus on Rachel”. Jordan says she’ll pull Rachel up into the HOH to just make sure everything is okay.

Rachel and Jordan in HOH room. Jordan want to make sure that Rachel and them are still on the same page. Rachel laughs at the idea that her and Brendon might go after them. She says that they need each other. Jordan says she will be pissed if her or Jeff makes jury and the other doesn’t and they are separated. She says they have to win HOH, if one of the newbies wins, one or the other of them will probably get backdoored.

Jordan says that Kalia would throw HOH. Lawon told Rachel that he wants to play in HOH. They start discussing what kind of competition it will be - questions, endurance, knockout, majority rules or something physical. Rachel tells Jordan they are good till final 5. Rachel is okay with Adam being in jury, he would make a good decision. Neither of them feel safe with Lawon or Dominic. As they leave HOH, Rachel tells Jordan to not be paranoid.

Houseguest hanging outside on the sofa talking. Jeff hasn’t been feeling well all day, and been crabby. He is talking about why he thinks men should get a few days a month to be in a bad mood too (because of all the women on their period).

Dominic talks with Cassi, asks her if she is planning on waiting until Thursday night to campaign.

He asked if she has talked to anyone. She said that she asked Jeff to talk at some point tonight, so she is just waiting for the word. He tells her she needs to let him know what happens.

After Dominic’s push, Cassi finally starts her campaigning, pulling Adam aside at the jacuzzi.

Cassi says her and Shelly are probably the only two people that are cheering each other on while on the block. They have been spending all day together. Adam tells her if everyone comes to an agreement to keep Cassi, he will vote for her. She reiterates that when she came in, she had no intention of winning the game, and she hesitated whether or not to even come on the show. She came on for her father, and it would hurt him if she went home on Thursday. She asked Shelly if she would be devastated if she went home instead of Cassi, and she said it would hurt but she wouldn’t be devastated. Adam tells her to make her pitch, and see what happens.
Rachel and Dom have been in the kitchen cooking new recipes with the slop, Cassie informs her that one of them (with the garlic) is so good that it is impossible to taste the slop. Rachel went inside to make some more for her.
Everyone except Brenden, Porsche, Dom and Cassi are outside getting ready for scary story time. Dani mentions that they need to wait until Showtime Afterdark before they can start on the stories.
Dominic and Rachel on the hammock with personal talk. In the HOH room, Jordan is getting Jeff to put on a facial mask. Brendon comes in. He asks them where everybody is at.. Jordan leaves. They mention Jordan pulling Rachel up to make sure they are on the same page. Adam said he is good with them, they aren’t sure they trust Kalia, and don’t know if Daniele has Dominic. Jeff says they have a deal with Dominic that he won’t put them up. They try to decide which of the newbies they want to keep on their side for a couple weeks. They both agree they can’t trust Lawon, and Brendon isn’t sure about Adam.

They say they will probably need to put up Dominic/Adam, because if they put up Lawon/Kalia and Dominic/Adam won POV, they would be screwed. The question is whether to keep Dominic or Adam. Regardless, they can’t have any doubt with each other.

Jeff, Cassie and Brenden put on Jordan’s face mask. Jeff and Cassi hang in the HOH waiting for the mask to dry but Brenden ventures out to show the other HG how he looks with it on.

Cassi has come up to the HOH to talk with Jeff and Jordan. Some small chit chat before Brendon re-enters.

A small circus including Shelly, Brendon and Rachel, then Porsche, and then Lawon enter the HOH room (must be difficult to campaign with all this going on). After a while, Cassi gives up.

They begin planning to tell their ghost stories. Brendon and Rachel head to the Parlour room. Brendon wants to think of a ghost story that he can tell. He looks very flustered as he tries to come up with something.

Meanwhile in the HOH, Dani, Jeff, Jordan and Lawon try to figure out what is going on downstairs.. they are watching Brendon and Rachel on the spy cam. They think Brendon and Rachel are fighting, because Brendon looks upset. They start joking about what could possibly take so long, so they send Lawon down to find out what’s going on.

Lawon returns and tells Jeff, Jordan and Dani that he is just trying to come up with a ghost story. They don’t buy it, they think it’s a lie! Jeff goes down to double-check.

Rachel is in the bathroom re-applying her makeup and Shelly walks in and gets confirmation that they are still going to vote to keep her in the house. Rachel said that she just doesn’t want people to think that she voted her out because she’s pretty. Rachel tells Shelly that she hopes that one day she can become as amazing as she is, Shelly tells her that she just made her night.
Shelly heads outside for a smoke. She confirms with Jordan that all is well. Jordan, Rachel and Shelly chit chat for a bit.
Most houseguests in HOH waiting for story time. Adam, Cassi and Dominic sitting on the couch in the backyard. Cassi is trying to see if she has the votes to stay, reality is sinking in as she discusses it with Dom. Cassi tells them that she is upset because Rachel is there to win so she can have a big wedding and she is there for her family. She then precedes to tell the world that she has a brother in prison and he only gets one hour a day of television. She makes it sound as if her family is in danger of being homeless and depend on her. She does tell us that her father does not have a car because she wrecked it. After half hour Cassi tells them that she doesn’t want to discuss it any longer and just wants to not think about it. She goes to the washer and dryer to fold her clothes and Dom goes inside saying that he is going to leave her alone. Adam tries to make her feel better by saying that everyone there will be feeling like she is, and it sucks. Shelly comes out and Adam takes his Que and goes inside to leave them alone. Shelly starts to talk to her and tell her that she doesn’t know how to be deceitful or to play the game the way she needs to in order to win (ed note; please give this woman an Emmy nomination).
Everyone is in the HOH room except for Cassi and Shelly who are outside and Jeff who is in the DR. Jeff returns and Porsche is called to the DR. Brenchel leave to go to bed and Kalia starts to tell her story, which is true (she swears to God). Rachel and Brendan are down for the night.
Kalia, Adam, Porsche and Lawon join Cassi and Shelly outside. Dom and Dani are flirting with each other in the kitchen. Jeff and Jordan go to bed. Dani and Dom get ready for bed but say that they will lay in her room until she falls asleep (cause he is a have not). The others are still outside. Adam, Porsche and Shelly say goodnight to everyone and head for bed.
Kalia and Lawon sit outside and listen to Cassi vent about how much she hates Rachel. 1:53 Kalia says goodnight and goes inside. Lawon and Cassi now go and put their feet in the hot tub and chat some more about Shelly telling her to fight.
Dom comes outside and joins Lawon and Cassi at the jacuzzi and talk about the fact that Porsche wears the same track suit every day and it hasn't been washed since she got there. Dom mentions that Porsche had told him that BB put him in the house for her and that she was very disappointed and that they really got it wrong. They all agree that she is just rude by nature.
The final three finally leave the backyard and go inside and hang in the bathroom for 35 more minutes of boring conversation then they are all off to bed.

Will Cassi be able to pull enough votes together to live another day? Will she even try or just roll over and take it? And just how far will the flirting with Dani and Dom go until one of them gets frustrated? We'll see......