Avast ye matey’s both far and wide
deVine Pirate sails home with pride
Sailing into Joker’s port
she’s come to give a full report

Her wealth has increased one hundred fold
A fortune lay in her ship’s hold
Gold and jewels too many to count
Her story now, she’ll recount

At first the captains pointed and laughed
When they saw my ship approach their aft
But fierce I was in my desire
To seize their gold for Joker’s empire

Twas easy once they all heard of me
They sailed forth for a glimpse you see
I wanted to prove which pirate was best
They just wanted to see my chest!

So I used the weapons that I had
And plied them on each man and lad
They gaped to see such womanly things
While my crew stole gold chains and rings

We took their shipment of gold coins
While they were intent upon my loins
Then discovered they were stripped bare
By a pirate with long flowing hair

I brought back this bounty to share with you
My loyal fans and Joker’s crew
Joker’s port is a place of peace and rest
So I give to you, this pirate’s chest