There are two themes I have noticed to this episode: The first is the color red and the second is Deb’s continued naivety. Sit tight while I break the episode down for you.

The episode begins where 7:1 left off. Deb bolts out the door after learning Dexter is a serial killer. Dexter runs after her and she eventually collapses to the ground and does what anyone would do when finding out their brother is a serial killer, pukes! Deb asks Dexter questions and he tries to explain. He asks her to come back in the apartment so they can talk there and she agrees. If I discover someone is a serial killer, family or otherwise, I wouldn’t go back in the apartment with them. How does she know Dexter wasn’t going to slice and dice her and make her one of his blood slides? Once back into the apartment Deb tells Dexter he’s sick and leaves. She doesn’t turn him in or arrest him. Before the scene ended I noticed Deb had done some real damage when going through Dexter’s stuff. Pictures on the wall were crooked, couch cushions were in disarray, etc.

The next day at work the team discusses the Mike Anderson case and how they want the killer caught. Attention then turns to a man who went on a killing spree with his girlfriend 15 years ago, Randall. Deb won’t let Dexter work the case because she wants to keep a constant eye on him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t it drive someone even more crazy if they are constantly followed by someone? He’s not a child, just a killer! Cue Deb and Dexter talking at a boat dock when I noticed that Deb and Dexter’s hair is the same exact color and looks like a bad dye job, especially on Dexter. Deb tells Dexter he’s going to move in with her so she can “help” him, ”cure” him. He reluctantly agrees. If he wanted to kill before he’s REALLY going to want to kill now.

This is where the color red theme comes into play. The first night at Deb’s place, she makes sub-par spaghetti with an unusually red tinge to the sauce. Deb starts asking Dexter about when he knows he needs to kill and what does the urge feel like? He goes into a creepy description about blood running back behind his eyes, seeing blackness, and feeling like he’s going to explode. Deb looks like she’s about to explode and chastises Dexter for speaking of blood while eating her unusually bloody-looking spaghetti sauce. Here’s an idea, maybe you shouldn't serve bloody-looking foods to those with a severe blood preference!

The next day Deb relaxes the leash and permits Dexter to go out on the crime scene in place of Masuka, but only if he’s a good boy. He starts speaking to Randall and gets a little insight as to when he developed a conscience about his killings. During lunch break, Dexter takes a detour to Louis’ apartment since he’s discovered Louis sent him the Ice Truck Killer hand. Once there, Dexter makes fun of his toy collection and finds the paper with his credit card numbers, thus revealing that it was Louis who cancelled his credit.

He gets on Louis’ computer and finds disturbing ranting videos and one where he declares he's going to get Dexter. Dexter hears Louis come in. First he hides then charges toward him demanding to know why Louis is messing with him. Louis looks like he’s about to crap his pants and says he doesn’t like Dexter because he didn’t like his video game which he put his heart and soul into. Dexter is completely dumbfounded that someone would get that upset over a game. Video game, video game! For real! He tells Louis to leave work and stay away from Jamie. Little does he know that Louis doesn’t seem to comprehend the English language or threats. Maybe he should put Louis on his table. The red theme is revisited; Louis has a red couch! 

Dexter returns to the crime scene and Deb drills him about where he was. I’m surprised she doesn’t slip some microphones, video recording devices or a GPS device to track where he is every minute. I can appreciate the fact that Deb wants to help Dexter and become his savior, but it could well drive him crazier than he already is.

Later we see Louis with Jamie at Dexter’s apartment; he knows he has to do something to get rid of Louis. Deb had again decided to cook, uh oh. This time it’s a sub-par steak. Dex says it needs A-1 and drugs Deb’s steak as she goes to get it. Maybe he should invest in some cooking lessons for her. While Deb is sleeping, Dex goes to Louis’ apartment and gives him the “neck injection.” Dexter drives off to the kill site and as he opens the back of his SUV he decides he wants to try to be a better person for Deb.

He calls her for help and soon she arrives. She immediately makes a comment about being so sleepy she could hardly drive. It was the steak, lady! After she leaves Dex takes Louis out of the SUV and leaves him on a park bench. The next day Dexter returns to the crime scene with Randall who is happy to be outside and eating some frosty swirl ice cream. As he’s talking to Dexter, Randall jumps out in front of a gas truck, and in a scene familiar in Final Destination, is smashed to pieces. Dexter says Randall was never interested in the police finding the other bodies. He only wanted sunshine and frosty swirl. I hope the ice cream was good.

Other points in this episode: Strip joint crime junk that, to me, isn’t that interesting. I know the cops want to catch Mike’s killer, but I don’t care to see half-naked women gallivanting around. I’ve also noticed that, true to character, the majority of Quinn’s scenes take place at said strip joint. I think Dexter fans are more interested in how this is all going to play out with Deb. The show would work well for me this season just focusing on that. LaGuerta is nosing around regarding the blood slide she found at Travis’ crime scene. She finds out it’s the same as the ones from the Bay Harbor Butcher scenes. So, not only does Deb know about Dexter, this may be the season that LaGuerta finds out as well. Could she be the next victim wrapped in plastic?

On a side note: Someone needs to hire Angel a speech therapist. I have a hard time understanding him or even wanting to! He sounds like Cindy Brady on steroids. Get the man some help!