Dinner, Sunning and a big bit of nothing!

The houseguests slept in today until 11:15. They thought they were still on lockdown in the house, but Adam was really happy when three minutes later they announced the lockdown was over. They then take mountains of laundry outside to wash, all the clothes from the competition that had paint all over them.
They just sit around, do laundry and try to count votes. As of this moment it looks like Adam would take Rachel if he won the HOH, Porsche would take Rachel and Rachel would take Porsche.
BB all day said random things to them, like remember if you win a half million dollars you won’t have to eat peanut butter again. They talk about Shelly and Jeff and Jordon. They are happy the propane tank was refilled too. Really nothing too exciting happening, sunbathing and laundry all day.
Porsche wants a deal with them, that whoever wins takes the other two to dinner, and the second place person would have to leave the tip. They agree to it.

They speculate to what they will get for dinner for being the final three, they hope for lobster and want pink champagne.

They cleaned out and reloaded the fridge with food. (exciting huh!)

The girls showered then got dressed up and put on makeup for their celebratory dinner. For their dinner they got surf and turf and desserts. They were also told the finale would be on Wednesday and that part two of the HOH would be held tomorrow.

They talk all night. At one point Rachel summarized her time in the house. She said since week 1 she was on the block 5 times, won 3 HOH’s and won POV 3 times. She said she was involved each week with evictions.
The house guests played cards then headed to bed at 12:22.

Who will win part 2 pf the HOH competition tomorrow? Will both Adam and Porsche take Rachel to the final. DO they both think they can win against her? Will the jury vote personal or competitive? Who knows only tomorrow will tell. Thanks updaters for filling me in all season! Jokers updaters are the best!