Once more, I see the blue police box flying through the wormhole and the familiar music of one of my favourite shows. It has been far too long. Finally, the BBC brings back a beloved icon in sci-fi history.

The family gathered around and we were humming the music, cheering. Watching a spinning Police Box until we saw it, the new logo, DOCTOR WHO!

The first episode of season 27 starts off with some fast-paced music and shots of busy London. We meet Rose, the latest of people destined to become the Companion to The Doctor. Just what mischief shall she find?

Like any good Companion, she finds herself in quite a jam within the first five minutes of the episode. A door slams, locking her into a room. You just have to hate those doors that are self-locking from the outside. Then mannequins come to life and you realize just who it is . . . ahhh, living plastic, a classic. It is not a Dalek, but how much can you ask for in the first episode?

The Doctor appears out of nowhere, mysterious and vague as ever. He grabs Rose's hand and dashes her to safety in a wild race through the building. A deft flick with the sonic screwdriver, a lack of explanation, and he sends Rose to safety while saving the day with one cheesy sparkling doodad the prop masters slapped together.

However, with an attack of a flying arm and later a man-eating garbage bin, you know this is it. Doctor Who has returned, in all its goofy glory. However, one must complain at how normally this regeneration occurs. Where are the wild and crazy clothes? Hopefully, he will find something extremely strange and eccentric soon.

The chemistry is there from the get-go. Could we have another Tom marrying his Romana's? You could believe it with the sparks flying.

The TARDIS has seen a bit of an upgrade. I guess, with the last jettisoning of something, there was room to expand? Nevertheless, it still looks a little makeshift and like The Doctor has found himself busy with haphazard repairs.

We have not seen the Doctor since 1989, unless you want to count the heinous FOX movie in 1996. Never fear, we get a wonderful catch up for all those of the next generation who have had to grow up in a world devoid of The Doctor. As soon as Rose hit the internet to search the strange man she met, you knew you were in for the ride of your life.

Yes, my friends, he is back. The Doctor has finally returned to save us from ourselves and our dreary lives. Grab yourself some Jelly Babies, throw on your scarves, and jump into the nearest Telephone Box and prepare for some exciting adventures where the science is never quite explained, danger is nipping at your heels, and you never know where, or when, you will end up next.