Does Bill Have A Hidden Agenda?

Until this most recent episode, it had never occurred to me to question the reason Bill gave Sookie blood on the night she was attacked by the Rattrays. I have even read all of the books, more than once, and never questioned that incident. But Eric’s comment about it being convenient that Bill gave her blood after having just met her has me wondering a few things. Keeping the books out of it (unless the series and the books correspond), I’m going to explore some of the thoughts that have been churning in my head since Sunday. Though I know some of the answers to these questions, I won’t spoil it for the non-book readers.

First of all, in the second scene with Bill and the Queen, he did not mention Sookie or make reference to her. (In the first scene, she is feeding and he declines to join her. He makes no mention of why he is there to see her.) When he says, “I really need to get back to …”, the Queen interrupts and states, “Nonsense! Sookie’s not in any trouble, you would know it.” How does she know about Sookie? He didn’t tell her. And how does she know of the blood bond between them? For that matter, why would she care if Sookie was in trouble anyway? Hmmm, doesn’t that kind of make you wonder?

In the third scene with the Queen, she and Bill have a more in depth discussion about the maenad. Bill accepts, though reluctantly, the Queen’s offer of drinking blood from one of her humans. He tells the Queen and the human girl that is present that he only feeds from Sookie. It is obvious that this revelation surprises both the Queen and the girl. My question is why? Are they surprised that Bill has such an intimate relationship with Sookie? Or, does their surprise come from the fact that Bill is only willing to feed from Sookie? Or, are they surprised that Sookie would allow Bill to feed from her at all? Then she asks, “Why on earth would you do that?” She seems quite irritated about it. Why would she even care? It’s becoming quite apparent that something is going on, but what exactly we don’t know yet.

Finally, in their fourth scene together, we learn that the blonde human girl is Hadley. In season 1, Sookie mentioned a long lost drugged-out cousin named Hadley. Well it seems Hadley found her way into the Queen’s good graces. Hadley asks Bill how her cousin Sookie is doing. He tells her she’s good. (They obviously know each other and know that the other knows Sookie.) This would explain how the Queen knows about Sookie. The extent to what she knows about Sookie hasn’t been revealed, but the implications are boundless. So does this mean that Bill knew about Sookie before he returned to Bon Temps? Yes. But it doesn’t explain how they know Bill has actually met Sookie, or that Bill actually has a blood bond with Sookie. Then Bill tells Hadley not to contact Sookie; that it’s best they not keep in touch. Why would he say this? Why would he want to keep Sookie away from her cousin? He knows how much she values family yet he has never mentioned knowing Hadley to Sookie. Obviously, there is more to this than we have seen and I have to say that it doesn’t sound good.

So now we come to Eric’s conversation with Bill outside of the Queen’s mansion. He implies that Bill giving Sookie his blood was very convenient. Well, what if it wasn’t convenient at all? What if Bill, seeing an opportunity, took advantage of the situation? No, Bill could not have foreseen that the Rattrays would attempt to drain him, nor that Sookie would come to his rescue. But he’s been around for awhile, 175 years, and would assume that the Rattrays would retaliate against Sookie for beating the crap out of them. When Sookie asked him to meet her after work the next night, maybe he purposefully chose to be late to see if his assumption proved true. Perhaps he was hoping the Rattrays would ambush Sookie as she left work, giving him the opportunity to come to her rescue. Maybe he watched them beat her and only stepped in when he realized they meant to kill her. Giving her his blood would “bind” her to him. But for what purpose you might ask. Well, Eric obviously wants Sookie for her “gift”. He sees the advantages of having a telepath under his employ. So why wouldn’t the Queen want the same thing? From the information gathered at the Queen’s mansion, it’s obvious that she knows about Sookie from Hadley. It’s also obvious that Bill and Hadley know each other and that Bill knew of Sookie before arriving in Bon Temps. This brings us to the question - did Bill actually go to Bon Temps to seek Sookie out? Seems plausible, even probable. But this question leads to another – did Bill seek Sookie out at the Queen’s request or just out of his own curiosity? Well, from certain episodes in Season 1, it seems clear that it would have to be at the Queen’s request. Particularly, the episodes in which Bill declares to Eric that “Sookie must be protected” and “If anything should happen to Sookie, you’ll be sorry” (or something to that effect). He says this more than once and Eric becomes suspicious of Bill’s “attachment” to Sookie. Eric actually says at one point, “Now that sounds like an edict, but it couldn’t be because I would know about it.” (An edict is a decree or proclamation issued by a sovereign or other authority. So if Eric didn’t issue it then that would mean the Queen did, if in fact there was an edict to begin with.)

All of this has me thinking that Bill had a hidden agenda prior to meeting Sookie. What that agenda is has yet to be revealed. But I think we have seen enough to come to our own conclusions. If this is true, then their entire relationship is based on a lie, one of his making. Regardless of whether or not Bill has actually fallen in love with Sookie, this is one deception that I do not think she would forgive. And now that she knows the effect Eric’s blood has on her, don’t you think she will start questioning her attraction to Bill? His blood would have the same effect on her (though not as strongly as Eric’s) and her libido did seem to kick into high gear after that night. If she hadn’t been given his blood that night, would she have started a sexual relationship with him so quickly? I don’t think so. But that’s just my opinion.