Dom makes final plea to the Vets to no avail, Dom and Dani spends what could possibly be some of their final moments together.

Shelly is up, makes some coffee, throws some laundry into wash, and sits to have a cigarette. She lowers the awnings over the mirrors and folds some clothes. Now she does a bit of cleaning.

Production awakens all HG and a few are in different parts of the house washing faces, brushing teeth, getting coffee and smoking. Brenden, Rachel and Kalia are informed they will be needed in the DR right away. Adam and Shelly are outside and are shortly joined by Brenden. Jeff returned to bed with Jordan, except for Kalia everyone else remain in bed.
Shelly and Brenden rehash yesterday’s events surrounding Dani threatening them if Dom remained on the block. Shelly also takes note of the fact that last night the two of them strayed away from everyone and just talked/laughed with each other all night.

The only HG awake are Brenden, Rachel, Shelly, Adam, Kalia and Lawon. Shelly is teaching Rachel how to make Slop pancakes. After breakfast there is mindless chit-chat outside.


Brendon and Lawon have a chat about what Daniele said to him last night. Lawon gives him the runaround, but says she asked him what he thought about Shelly. Lawon tells Brendon that he thinks the women are concerned about Shelly. Brendon asks him who he would put up if he won HOH Thursday.. Lawon says he would put up Kalia, but doesn’t give another name. He doesn’t trust her because she is running around behind his back talking about him.

Most of the remaining HG are up and starting their day, not much talking back and forth. Dominic returns to bed with Dani and Jordon is still sleeping. Rachel and Shelly are tanning by the pool.

Kalia is in the bubblegum room quiet talking to Dani and Dom, unable to hear them because Dani has taught them how to whisper w/out making a sound.

Rachel and Porsche tanning by the pool, Dani and Dom still in bed, Shelly sitting on the couch smoking, Jeff, Jordan and Kalia in the kitchen. Adam, Lawon and Brenden are nowhere to be seen. Dom gets up and decides to join the other HG and Kalia comes into the room and has another low whispering convo w/ Dani, Dani leaves and Kalia goes back to bed for a nap.


Jeff walks by Dani and says “Hey best friend” and she ignores him. Seconds later she returns to the kitchen where he is and he asks her if he can help her with anything, she tells him “No, thank you”. He refills his drink and heads back outside. All feeds remain on Dani, Dom, Lawon and Adam in the kitchen as Dani and Dom flirt with each other and then start a convo that makes fun of other HG.
Kalia is now awake from her nap and making herself something to eat. Adam, Dom, Lawon and Dani are still in the kitchen chit-chatting and all other HG are outside.

Dom, Adam and Kalia in the Have Not room having a discussion on what they believe the next HOH comp will be. Dom complains that the Vets all walk around the house like they own it and Kalia agrees and states that they are just there until the Vets tell them one by one who’s turn it is to leave. Adam leaves so that Kalia can give Dom some advice on his farewell speech. She goes on to give him ideas of what to say to the Vets to try to get them to keep him.
Dom goes up to the HOH to talk with Jeff and Brenden. Jeff and Brenden let him know that the reason that he is leaving is because he was aware that Dani (although everyone is very careful not to actually mention her name) threw him under the bus. Jeff tells him that if he would have told him that she had mentioned back dooring him that he would have kept him but that he felt that he was not loyal to anyone except for her.

Rachel joins the conversation and adds nothing except to confirm that the original plan was to keep him. Jeff questioned him as to why he was still hanging out with her after he knew that she had thrown him under the bus. Brenden tells Dom that the only way he would have a chance to stay would be if he and Dani came up there (along with Jordan) and she layed out every single thing she did against them and was truly remorseful. Jeff follows that with the argument that he doesn’t feel like he can trust him with Dani at all because he will never trust Dani.

They continue to try to make him understand that no matter what if they kept him he would still go over to Dani and they have to break up the two of them, since they can’t get rid of her - he has to go. Not for Dominic making an effort, the conversation basically continues for quite some time, looping around to the same result... that the Vets cannot trust Dominic because of his ties to Dani.

Dani speaks with Kalia, but it is difficult to hear. It sounds like she tried to rally Kalia, because after that, Kalia talks to Lawon in the HN room. She tells him that if they want further than jury, they have to learn to trust each other and work together, or they will get picked off.

Lawon says he figured Kalia didn’t trust him since the Keith situation, but he has never talked bad about her. She tells him she told Daniele that she can’t believe that her and Lawon made it passed golden keys, and Daniele suggested that she talk with him and try to mend things. Kalia says she wants to wipe the smirk off the Vets faces. She thought Jeff and Jordan were with her, but the last couple of days it is evident that the connection is gone. She starts crying because losing this friendship hurts her feelings. She said that when the Vets started falling apart, Jeff called her a traitor to her face. She realizes now she is being used for votes. She admits to Lawon that she voted Keith out. Daniele enters the room. They start discussing the conversation upstairs with Dominic, they can hear the yelling. She asks Lawon and Kalia if they can be the “Oreo cookie Alliance” (ed. LOL). Dani asks if they want her to leave them alone to talk, and they say yes. He confirms that he voted to keep Keith. She tells Lawon she isn’t sure who the other person is, but she thinks it is Shelly. She says she has had a gut feeling each time someone left, she knew Cassi was going to leave. Lawon says that the Vets think they (Kalia and Lawon) can’t stand each other. He wants to keep that up. Daniele comes back into the room.

Dominic is still in the HOH with Brenchel - Dani is in the HN room with Lawon and Kalia - Shelly is napping. Jeff and Jordon are on the Patio with Adam filling him in on the conversation that was had upstairs.

The HOH convo breaks up as Dom heads downstairs in a jolly mood, which confuses Dani, Kalia and Lawon. Rachel goes and wakes Porache so they can work out. Kalia and Lawon finally come together as a duo and decide to ride the Dani train. Shelly joins the Patio group and Brenden fills her in on the convo.

Shelly, Jeff, Adam, Porsche, Kalia and Brenden are all outside on the pation encouraging Rachel to do a dance that she did when she was in the 8th grade at a Renaissance Festival. Others join them outside for random chit-chat.

After Dominic gets out of the shower, he calls Dani into the HN room. He tells her not to worry, that he is not upset and that he did not throw her under the bus to the Vets. He didn’t expose any information that they didn’t already know. She asks what was said, and he reluctantly rehashes some (not all) of the convo, telling her they said there is no way for him to stay, they don’t trust him or Dani. They know that Dani was responsible, and he is taking the fall for it, and they cannot risk leaving him in the game.

He says that the Vets have “messengers” updating them on every second of what’s going on in the house - “what are you even doing here, then”.

She tells him that she feels really bad, she knows it is all her fault. At the beginning, she didn’t really trust him, but she began to and truly had intentions of working with him. He says he knows that and she wouldn’t have gone with the plan to BD Jeff if that wasn’t the case.

He tells her it wasn’t ALL your fault. He says “we are still good outside the house, right?” and asks her for a hug, which she denies. He heads out to go play pool, and Dani stays sitting on the HN bed.

While Dani is still in the HN room, Kalia comes in. Dani tells Kalia she wants to cry, she feels so bad because it was 100% her fault that Dominic is going. They start to talk about scenarios. Dani says she feels like she wants to go after the Vets, but she knows if she does that, she will be target #1, and the others will just sit back because they are safe.

She is upset that noone is here to play Big Brother, and they only want to make it to jury to have a nice vacation together. She says if she turns on the Vets, she knows she would go home, but feels like she needs to do that anyways. Kalia tells her that she had a conversation with Jordan, telling her that it is evident that their friendship has changed. Jordan told her that she was just keeping quiet because of everything that is going on - Dani butts in and says “because Jeff put a muzzle on her”.

Dani talks about possibly putting up Brendon and Rachel, telling Jeff that they really wanted to backdoor him. She wants to use the excuse that Jeff and Jordan wanted to make jury, and she will tell Brendon he can “go back to class” because he keeps talking about wanting to go back to school. She says if they do that, she knows Rachel will win HOH and put her up. Kalia doesn’t think it would be smart for Daniele to win HOH, they talk about the votes that would be needed if Daniele was nominated. Kalia thinks that Adam is weak, and will just float with the power. Dani thinks she can beat Lawon in an endurance comp. Neither of them trust Shelly.

Kalia meets up with Dominic after her conversation with Dani, and starts rattling of some of what they talked about. Dominic says he feels like he is checked out, he only has 48 hours of hell left.

Everyone else has been outside working out, or chatting on the sofa.
Kalia and Shelly are on the patio, Shelly is giving K a pep talk and warning her from aligning herself with Dani. Kalia feels lost, she came in thinking she could play one way, and now has no idea what to do. She is careful to tell anything to Shelly, and Shelly says “Have I ever wronged you?” - Kalia then explains that she feels torn, she feels comfortable with certain people (the Late Night Crew) but she is worried about guilt by association.

Shelly tells her that she should do what she wants, but if she hangs around some of the people she has been, she will find herself in a worse situation down the road. Kalia carefully brings up the Dani situation, saying that she feels like Dani has been genuine and upfront with her. Shelly tells Kalia that Dani has done nothing but lie to everyone.. she even told Adam that she could flip the whole house to keep him. Shelly says Kalia can side with Dani or not, but if she does, she better play hard because she will be targeted. They both come clean with each other that they were the two votes to evict Keith.

Kalia and Lawon have another meeting. He says that Dani came to him and told him to watch out, because things are being said about him. He said that is not true. He confirmed that Brendon told him Kalia said she didn’t trust him, which she already told him earlier. They wonder what she has to gain by that. Kalia says that they are going to try to turn them against each other. He says they are on the same page. Lawon says he isn’t going to change his actions, because it will look suspicious. Kalia said she is suspicious about her conversation with Shelly.

Dani and Dominic have a short meeting in the Kitchen, she tells Dominic again that she is sorry and feels bad. He says he doesn’t want her moping around the house while he is here, she can do that once he is gone.

Dani, Dominic and Adam and Porsche play “most likely to”:

Most likely to cry during sex: Adam
Most likely to be a part time model, but take a horrible memory wall picture: Dominic
Most likely to have a two personalities/split personality: Daniele
Most likely to break a bone/limb: Shelly
Most likely to masturbate in the house/on a reality show: Kalia
Most popular: Jordan
Most likely to end up in jail: Dick
Most likely to never wash her hair: Cassi
Most likely to have sex in the house/on a reality show: Rachel
Most likely to have the biggest ego: Lawon
Most likely to be in a dental advertisement: Keith

Rachel comes in to give her “most likelies”.. the fun stops there.
All the guys (except Lawon) are playing pool and all the ladies (including Lawon) are sitting on the patio chit-chatting. No one is talking game, just relaxing and enjoying a quiet evening. Kalia starts one of her stories, Jordan is the first to escape, Rachel follows and within seconds Dani jumps up and almost runs into the house. Minutes later Porsche tries to smoothly escape but is caught midstep and stands there for a couple more seconds. Kalia finally ends her story and Lawon goes inside while Kalia goes over to where the girls putting pillow cases on the throw pillows. Kalia starts to sing and we are given a brief escape by production.
Dani changes clothes and gets ready to lay in bed with Dom and quiet talk for the remainder of the evening. Dom is in the HN room changing into his pj’s and talking to Lawon about the fact that no matter what, he is going home and it was an accident on Dani’s part and she feels so bad about it. Dani brings extra blankets to the HN room for the pajama jam. They (Dom and Dani) settle in and he starts to rehash the conversation he had in the HOH with Jeff and Brenden. Kalia brushes her teeth and then joins the pj jam in the HN room. They start counting votes hoping that they can find a fifth vote if they count it over and over again.
Rachel and Porsche are laying in the Parlour Room chit-chatting.

Dani, Dominic, Lawon and Kalia now all trying to come up with any possible way for Dominic to stay. Dominic says if we can get votes from Dani, Lawon, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly, we can vote Adam out. He wants to “rally the sheep against the sheperds”. They don’t think they could get Shelly, she is shady and lies. Dominic and Dani stay in the HN and continue to try to work something out.

Jeff goes to bed where Jordon has already been waiting for him almost an hour. They just enjoy the quiet and lay there for about 15 minutes then they both get up and go to the HOH. Jordan vents about how she is irritated by Dani. Brenden and Jeff start to use jelly beans to decide what happened on what days in the house. Jordan chimes in with her anger with Kalia and Lawon as well. They create a calendar of jelly beans, to go over the important dates in the house to prep in case of a quiz HOH competition.

Shelly, Kalia and Lawon outside on the patio chit-chatting.
Brenchel, J/J upstairs in the HOH room studying for upcoming comps.
Dom and Dani in the HN room low talking.

Kalia, Porsche and Shelly are on the patio discussing what Dom might have said to the HOH when he was up there today. She is concerned that he may have thrown one of them under the bus. Shelly tries to calm her down and make her understand that nothing he could do would help him now because it is done. Shelly points out that he threw Cassi under the bus to save himself, he has no loyalty. Porsche comes out and confirms that she is voting to keep Adam and not Dom. Adam walks outside to have a cigarette and the convo stops and moves onto mindless chatter. Shelly goes inside and then all feeds go to the HOH room as Rachel is called to the DR.
Shelly goes to bed. Dom and Dani are soft whispering and down for the night. Kalia and Porsche go to bed and start talking about their ideas for the upcoming HOH.
Brenden, Jeff and Jordon sit up in the HOH while Rachel is in the DR and rehash over the possible reasons why Dani wanted to backdoor Jeff. The bat back and forth numerous reasons to try to understand.
All feeds move to the pajama jam with Dom, Dani and Lawon. Dom is sure that he will be able to convince Shelly and Porsche to vote to keep him and will work on them tomorrow. Lawon tells him that they will tell him that they will give him the vote but then they won't do it.

Chatter in the HOH breaks up, and Jeff and Jordan head down to the Parlour Room for a little relaxing time together, some random play and chit chat.

Jeff and Jordan appear to head to bed, and we are back with Dani and Dominic still chatting it up in the HN room. There is a lot of play talk and little game talk. Lawon comes in to let Dani and Dominic know that Jeff and Jordan have been scouting around and know that they are together. He says "They are watchin' you, boo'. They both think it is ridiculous, but the mood gets a little more somber.

As Dani leaves, Dominic talks to Big Brother... "I hate this cast. Hey Big Brother, I have an idea - let's cast 8 spineless jellyfish to go against 6 people who are gonna play hard and play together all the time. Great idea, Dom... let's put you in there to try and lead them so that you get targeted. Perfect! Then, let's have one of the 5 strong people say 'Hey let's play together', then try to split the other side of the house, but that's okay, who gets blamed.. oh, Dom does. Yay!"

Dani comes back to spend quite a bit more time with Dominic. They discuss some more about the possibilities of Dominic staying. It leads to very playful banter, but that is as far as it goes. It appears they know they are spending some of their last moments together in the Big Brother house.

Dani finally sneaks out of the HN room, trying not to awaken Jeff, and both her and Dominic go to sleep.

Can a last ditch effort be made to herd the sheep as one unit? Or is time just about up for Dominic?