8:00 AM
As we check in on the Houseguests this morning, it seems that Dominic and Dani are still stirring in the Have Not room. There are sounds like Dani may be crying.

Shelly hardly has a chance to move about before the Big Brother wake up call.

No time is wasted before they are up and eating breakfast.

They must have had some good wake up music because there is lots of singing (and subsequent feed cuts).

The nominees wish each other well as Adam makes some (you guessed it) Bacon. They note an air of negative energy in the house this morning.

Dominic and Shelly talk about the votes. She’s not sure about Lawon’s vote. Dominic advises if it is in Shelly’s best interest to vote for Adam, he would understand.

10:00 AM
Shelly cleans the Kitchen while most others have gone back to sleep.

11:30 AM
Kalia reports to Dani that Shelly may not vote their way.

Porsche tells Jordan that she might need witness protection after she votes to evict Dominic. Kalia is trying to intimidate her,

Not long after they are on a HoH lockdown. Nothing but a little horseplay and sleeping by the Houseguests.

1:30 PM
HoH lockdown is over and Kalia is in the Purple room telling Jeff and Jordan she will be voting to keep Dominic even though he will be leaving. She tells them it is nothing against them. Jeff does not buy this at all. He knows there is a plan to keep Dominic and it won’t work. How she votes indicates who she is aligned with.

Jeff leaves and Jordan talks to Kalia as she begins to cry, scared of losing Jordan's friendship. Jordan says they can still talk and be friends even if she is on Dani's side.

Even after last night’s plan to flip the votes, Lawon tells Porsche he's not voting for Dominic and Porsche says she isn't either.

Not long after Kalia also tells Lawon that she is voting for Adam because [Dominic] doesn't have a chance and it's risky.

Dani tells Kalia that one of the Veterans need to go this week. Kalia makes a case that Porsche should go or she’ll make it to final 3. Dani now wants to be the only vote to keep Dominic (ed. And it appears she will get her wish).

3:30 PM
Feeds are blocked for the Houseguests to do a run-though of the show.

5:00 PM
We get a little peek at the Houseguests preparing for the live show.
Dani feeds Dominic what to say in his speech. Dominic shared with Dani and Lawon that he is a Virgin.

6:00 PM - Live Show
Dominic was evicted with Dani as the only vote for him to stay. Julie announced the pairs twist was over and everyone (except Rachel) will compete for HoH. We see Houseguests against a big wall that leaned forward. They had two ‘ski poles’ to hold on to and stood on a platform that swiveled from side to side as if the were skiing downhill. Julie informed them the first five to drop would open large snowballs to reveal a prize of $10,000 or perhaps something not so nice. Before going off the air the Houseguests were getting fake snow and ice blown onto them.

7:15 PM

Feeds return and we see that Adam and Lawon have already dropped out of the HoH Competition. Brendon jumps off too after 33 minutes.

Jeff and Jordon talk it over. Jordon is going to last longer than him, so he drops to try for the $10,000. And he got it.

Just the girls are left now.

Jordon can’t hang and drops after 55 minutes.

Brendon Rachel, Jeff and Jordon are openly rooting for Shelly and Porsche.

Porsche falls after 1 hour, 14 minutes. She can be heard crying for a minute or two until she regains composure.

Shelly drops after 1 hour 24 minutes.

Everyone leaves to let Kalia and Dani deal it out. Dani emerges the winner.

There was a nice summary in Updates on the results:
Order of elimination
1. or 2. Lawon somewhere between 6 and 22 minutes. He is a Have-Not
1. or 2. Adam somewhere between 6 and 22 minutes. He has to wear an elf suit.
3. Brendon at 33 minutes. He is a Have-Not
4. Jeff at 49 minutes. He won the $10,000.
5. Jordan at 55 minutes. She is a Have-Not
6. Porsche at 1 hour 14 minutes
7. Shelly at 1 hour 24 minutes
8. Kalia at 1 hour 34 minutes
HOH: Daniele

8:30 PM
Dani and Kalia are cheering and jumping around with excitement in the storage room.

Kalia tries to tell Rachel there is "no beef" with her and Rachel has a tizzy fit, then goes to pout in the Purple room.

Dani hugs Jordan says I’m not going to put you two up."

Brendon with Rachel in the Purple room basically tells her how Kalia and Dani do not matter and to get over it.

Adam is having fun with the fact he will be wearing an elf suit, happy that he will make his mark in Big Brother history. He thinks they (BB) are out right now trying to find the largest elf suit they can get.

9:00 PM
Daniele tells Kalia she is going to try and get a week deal out of Jeff and Jordan. She plans to put up Brendon and Rachel. Her speech will be amazing and long; she has been planning it all week.

Shelly helping Jordan make Slop Pancakes.

Porsche notes to others, "If [Dani] was half the game player she thought she was she would've let [Kalia] get this HOH so she could compete in the next one, but that's how you can tell what an emotional person she is"

10:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl
With a vote of 7 to 1 Dominic was the third Houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house. The HoH was an endurance competition called ‘Big Brother Slalom’. Daniele’s plan to back door Jeff was revealed in a house meeting blowout and is the main reason Dominic was evicted. The duo twists is over, each Houseguest is playing as an individual. The next nomination ceremony will air Sunday night.

Rachel asked to speak to Dani alone. They cordially air some dirty laundry from the past few days and Dani apologizes for things she said and Rachel apologized for things she said. Dani says people from BB8 were horrible and she didn't like them personally, but she has real friends in this house.

Rachel asked why she didn’t give the HOH to Kalia. Dani saying she promised Dominic she would get HOH, she wanted a letter from home, and she wanted to start playing the game. Dani doesn’t close the door on a possible deal with Brendon and Rachel but the conversation ends for now.

Rachel and Brendon head to the Have Not room. Rachel says she would never sell out Jeff and Jordon and is upset Brendon even asked her that.

Jeff and Jordan talk in the Candy bedroom. Jeff said he won't backstab Brendon and Rachel. He knew no one could beat [Daniele] in the HoH comp, "she was never coming down". Jordan is glad Jeff got the $10,000.

Porsche advises to Rachel if they lose Jeff and Jordan to Dani’s side, they will lose the numbers.

Shortly after Brendon and Rachel meet with Jeff and Jordan. They resolve to offer a deal to Dani. If she keeps them, she will be safe next week, maybe longer.

Kalia is pleased with how long she lasted in the HoH (ed. As well she should be). Dani makes note of who was rooting the others on tonight. They made it obvious. She is happy she won so her family/friends watching her can relax.

Dani is in getting her HoH key. Kalia hangs out with Lawon. After the HoH comp she realizes how much the others dislike her.

Just before Showtime was over, Dani reveals her HoH room to the others. In addition to some pictures and framed awards that confused her, she got a whole table full of goodies; food, stuffed animals, lotions, sun screen, and a CD. She opts to read a letter from her Grandmother by herself later.

She let’s Lawon wear her HoH robe. He bounces around like a boxer.

When everyone has left, she sings, “Awwwkward!”

Kalia tells Jordon that she and Jeff are not the targets. Jordon shrugged, "We’ll See"

The four Vets agree that if they make a deal with Dani, it has to be all of them or no deal. Porsche offers to play as partner in place of whoever leaves this week so they can still take out Dani next week (Ed. She really doesn’t want this deal to go through). Rachel says, "Yeah but then one of us goes home!"

Rachel attempts a deal with Dani as the Vets were discussing. But when Dani doesn’t bite, Rachel tries to cut a deal for just Brendon and Rachel. Dani wants to make a decision after talking to everyone. Dani reports the details to Kalia and makes sure she knows Rachel threw Shelly under the bus too.

Kalia tells Dani if she doesn’t take out Brendon or Rachel, they will come after Kalia before going after Dani (ed. Not exactly a good selling point there, Kalia)

Shelly offers to broker a deal for Brendon and Rachel. She’ll point out jury votes and Dani might listen to her. She goes on to say that she has the ability to put who “we want” in the final 2 chairs. (ed. Hmmm!)

3:00 AM
Adam tells Jordan, if Jeff is up (against Rachel or Brendon) we have the votes to keep Jeff.

4:00 AM
Dani, Kali and Lawon have been in the HoH for quite some time and Kalia is talking a mile a minute about the game and numbers and the like.

Meanwhile Shelly is cleaning and pacing near the back door waiting for it to open so she can have a smoke before bed.

Just before 5:00 AM the HoH party breaks up and Kalia and Lawon go get ready for bed.

Shortly after Adam peers out the door to the back yard, waves his hands around in the kitchen and does a dance for the cameras.

And with that the house goes quiet.

Can Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel avoid nomination? Can Dani use this HoH to keep her safe longer? Will Adam make the best costumed Houseguest yet? I, for one, am hopeful.

Thanks to all the Updaters! There was a lot to cover last night.