Had I not come across it on August 6th on one of the websites that covers Big Brother (along with several other game shows), I wouldn't have seen it.

It turns out that during the live feeds on August 5th, both Jun Song and Allison Irwin had the same complaint. No, these were not the complaints of people who think the house revolves around them. This complaint actually had teeth in it.

They, along with several other of the contestants, have complained that the show's producers are actually instructing them what to say.

In other words, anytime you see something being said in the Diary Room, the possibility exists that houseguests are not stating their true feelings, but are doing nothing more than reading simple lines prepared for them by the producers.

While I was shocked that the producers would let this information be revealed on the live feeds, and therefore made no efforts to cover such statements up by switching to the FOTH (Front of the house), but I am not surprised that such conditions do exist.

The Diary Room, in theory, presents a load of opportunities for the producers to massage the game in the condition they want to take it. They have the means to do so, and the motives.

For example, take the very first round of evictions. Nathan chose to put up to exs, Amanda and Jee. Did any of you notice that Nathan did not have a lucid reason why Amanda "needed to go"?

During that week, while Scott was still in the house, it was revealed on the live feeds that Amanda was told about his BB4 appearance. Therefore, if Amanda was approached, Amanda certainly had to know that Scott was there, despite the producers claims to the contrary.

So the question about whether or not Nathan was a figurehead to the producers whims, is my opinion, very much a fair topic and up for consideration. It's up to all of us to view the programs to decide whether or not we should continue to watch, and we exercise that with our remote controls every night Big Brother airs on CBS.