7:30 AM Boogie is up first with his coffee in the bathroom lounge. He appears to be counting votes on his fingers and sigh's. Frank is up at 8, they talk about how they might possibly get Joe's vote to stay. What they should say to sway him ect. Boogie doesn't like the way that Dan bonded with Ian said his attempt at bonding is more like making fun of Ian's ticks like Rainman and he wants to say something about it. Franks worried about winning HOH he says if he don't win he at least has a shot at Veto. Seems like they know it's going to be a double eviction night tonight. Frank begs America that if they get a vote to vote to save Boogie because he needs him in the house. Starts talking trash on Shane and Joe. Frank puff's himself up that he's smarter than everyone else, he knows the game better than anyone else and he's just the bestest big brother player ever. Says he was going to go into the house saying he didn't know the game and he wish's he would have stuck to that.

10:12 HOH lockdown is going to start soon. Now we get trivia for a few hours

1:00 We see the house guests eating lunch, Ian and Frank are giving each other pep talks. Dan prepped Jenn to pack his stuff for him in case he goes in a double eviction. Jenn is packing her bags. Joe tells her she doesn't have to pack and they both laugh. She keeps packing though. She drops her packed suitcase in the storage room where Boogie picks it up just to see if she actually packed. Jenn's doing the weekly hair cuts for the guys.

1:48 Boogie, Frank and Ashley have a talk. Frank and Ashley flirt. They talk about nominations for a double eviction. They want to put up Dan and Brittany to split the vote and they think they will get a week's worth of safety out of it somehow. They still think Ian is on their side. Boogie is being immature and says he can't wait till his interview so that he can out Joe for not washing his hands and how Danielle is all concerned only with her outward appearance. Boogie bash's Joe and his family some more. Talks about how he's going to try to get Danielle's vote by saying he knows she's really a nurse. Mention the question mark thing in the arcade machine and how it must mean something.

2:10 Ashley and Jenn talk. Ashley is trying to make sure her and Jenn are okay. Jenn's all like you betrayed me in this game and Ashley is blaming it on being dumb and easily manipulated. Ash is afraid she's going to be put up this week. Jenn says there's many bigger targets in the house and they talk about being floaters. Ashley wants to know if it's alright with Jenn if she votes against her tonight. She's worried how it will look if she votes Boogie out. Jenn says she knows Ash is going to vote her out tonight and she should stick with it or it will look like she's a flip flopper.

2:30 Boogie is saying his goodbye's to people and Ian is crying. Boogie went upstairs to cry himself. Ian keeps calling himself a scumbag and crying. Frank talks to him and says that they will win this next HOH for Boogie and avenge him. Frank is trying to help Ian calm down. Boogie has been such a good friend to us both, we really need to win this next HOH yada yada . . Ian agrees.

Then the live show, Boogie is voted out Ian wins HOH and then put up Ashley and Frank, Frank won POV took himself off Ian put up Joe in his place Ashley is the first member of the jury.

7:30 Feeds are back, Ian is worried that Boogie is going to hate him now. Jenn and Brit tell him that he won't because he respects game moves. Dan says that Joe's speech was his favorite of all time. (He did a sign language thing that said I love you, keep me.) Ian and Frank talk in the storage room. Frank says he still wants to work with Ian to get Dan out. Ian says he doesn't know what came over him because he liked Ashley and didn't want her to leave. Ian said he heard that he was expendable and Frank tells him that that wasn't the case that him and Boogie always wanted to keep Ian close. Frank tells him he can correct his mistake by working with Frank from here on out. He then goes to Brittany and Shane and does a victory dance. Brit wants everyone to throw HOH to her, she wants to put up Joe and a pawn to backdoor Frank but if that doesn't work Joe goes home.

8:00 Dani's crying. She thinks America hates her. She's talking to Jenn. They both say they have to gun for HOH hard. Jenn leaves and Shane comes in. Dani tells her that Frank threatened her with the question mark cube before the show if she didn't vote their way something bad would happen. Britt comes in and Dani says if she can she'll throw HOH to Britt next time. Shane and Dani talk about the next HOH they think it will be endurance and they should throw it to Dan or Britt. Supposedly when the feeds were out Dan and Shane had a fight in front of Frank that was possibly staged and then Britt and Shane went to Frank with a plan to get Dan out. Frank then went to Dani with the plan and she told him no and started crying. The plan is to put someone up with Joe maybe a Quack Pack member to hide their alliance and then backdoor Frank if possible. Joe and Jenn are on board with the plan but we don't know if Dan knows this is the plan or agrees with it.

8:30 Frank comes out of the diary room and tells everyone that he might of got a special power. Britt and Frank are packing Ashley's things. Britt says she really wants HOH because its her birthday and she wants a letter from home. Frank asks her if she gets it will she put up Dan. They drop it off in Storage and run across Shane. He tells Frank me and her are down, down like Charlie brown. Frank gets called to the DR again. Everyone is shocked. He says it's because he's popular yo. Britt is happy that Julie confirmed jury for them. Frank comes out of the diary room he was told to have the girls go with him to pick out Ashley's jewelry to make sure he's not grabbing the wrong things. They also told him HOH comp would be sooner rather than later. Ian and Frank talk more Ian says he wanted to throw the HOH but was put in a position where he couldn't and then he was pressured to putting up Ashley and Frank. Frank tells Ian he's like a little brother to him. It's you and me against the world man. Frank says he could tell Ian didn't want that HOH and when he won he made a face like "oh no not good." He tells him big Frank still loves you. Ian gets called to the DR and he bolts out of there. Shane talks to Frank about "poor Ian" and how Ian was really emotional during his brief HOH and was between a rock and a hard place.

9:00 Trivia, they are playing the next HOH.

9:30 Dani is crying yet again, this time to Dan. Dan says this is a good thing that Frank won because he'll put up Joe and Dan, they can send Joe home and then Frank can't play in the next HOH witch will be endurance and they can get him out next time. Crying Dani tells Jenn that Ian is a double agent. Jenn is clearly shocked or at least is playing like she is. Dani says not to tell anyone that she told her.

10:00 Franks wearing the HOH key and he tells Joe that he's not going up and he wants Joe to vote for whoever he wants out of the house. Joe then goes to Shane and tells him that Frank said if he doesn't vote Dan out he's going to be put up. Britt is in Ian's ear she wants to get him to get Frank to put up Joe and Dan and send Joe out. Dan hears about the plan and is not happy about it but seems resigned that it's most likely what's going to happen. *sigh*

10:20 Joe, Frank and Dani are making Brittany's birthday cake. Ian's second guessing his HOH saying he should have put up Joe and Shane to back door Frank. Dan offered to be a have not since he hasn't been one yet this season. Dan says it's cool because it was six on one and they still couldn't get it done. Joe asks Dan if he thinks he'll be on the block and Dan laughs and says that's the funniest thing he's heard all day. He asks Joe who he thinks he'll be up against and he says Shane. Dan says his whole game will come down to this next POV. Joe whispers to Dan that he thinks Dans best chance to stay if he's on the block is if he's against Ian.

11:00 Dans alone in the have not room talking game to himself. Trying to decide what to tell Frank. Rambling on and on about when someone has the power and wants your head what's the best way to disarm them? Says he needs to be attached to Joes hip and talk game with him all over the place. Say's he can't sell out Ian because it won't work and it will mess up his alliance. Trying to figure out how to not get Dani put up against him on the block. Wondering if he should tell Frank to please just take care of Dani once he's gone or if he should ask Frank to put Dani up on the block with him. Not sure if he asks Frank for one thing if he'll do the total opposite.

Ian gets his HOH basket with pictures. He's very excited for it. He gets a letter from his mom. Get's a little teary at the end when reading it. Everyone congrats him and gives him hugs. Shane's then called to the storage room and they tell him that they can't sing Happy Birthday for Brittany because they can't air it and instead they have to sing "for he's a jolly good fellow" because its public domain. Dan says "So then we are singing Happy Birthday" Shane says that if they wait till after 1 AM they can cut the feeds and they can do it. Dan get's with Joe and starts talking game about how they need to get the head hunters threw this round, they think Ian is their best way out because they need to keep Shane because Shane's good at competitions and they may need him to win the POV so they can get Frank out next week.

12:00 Dan and Ian go to get Ian's pictures so that he can show them to Brittany he tells him to go to the arcade room so they can make up a story to get Frank's attention on Joe. When in there Dan tells Ian that he's not going to out the quack pack to Frank. After Ian leaves though he mouth's to the camera, "Yes I am." Tells Ian that he's going to hear from Frank that Joe and Dan are going to sell him out and when Frank tells him this he needs to act super pissed off. The name of the game is to get Frank to think that Joe and Dan are working together and are super tight. Dan lets Britt in on the plan. He then goes and talks to Joe and tells him that they need to talk to Frank and sell Ian out.

12:45 Who wants to see Frank's HOH room? Dan mime's shooting himself in the head. Everyone goes up there. Frank opens some M&M's for Jenn. Dan leaves shortly after to go to the have not room. Dani, Jenn and Britt are up in HOH with Frank. Seems Frank's plan is to put up Dan and Dani. Britt gives him her word that she will keep him safe. She says she's okay with voting Dan out. He asks her how can he trust her not to scumbag him next week. He says he wants to work with her.

2:30 Britt and Dani talk in the bathroom. One of the four of them Britt, Dan, Dani or Shane is going home this week. Dani's sad and scared to go on the block. Dani goes back up to HOH.
Frank tells her that he's probably putting up her and Dan. He says he thinks if she wins veto that she would take Dan down and if she does that she's going to go home. Dani tries to sell out Ian a bit but makes Frank promise he won't say he heard it from her.

Long day in the big brother house big props to the updaters who are the best updaters in the world! Will Dan be able to do this like Judas once again? Is Ian going to totally crack under the pressure of being a double agent? Only time will tell .. . .